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Story Start~

It was to a quiet morning that Headmaster Ozpin entered his office. It was rather impressive with its spacious layout, polished furniture, and floor to ceiling glass windows that lined the entire rear wall. The view beyond was spectacular; Beacon's main campus and the City of Vale beyond that. It was still a little unreal that the school now belonged to him. The premier training facility for Hunters in all of Vale, hundreds of fresh young students to mold into the finest warriors, and they were all his!


As if the sound had physically hit him, Ozpin lost a minute amount of poise, his shoulders slumping ever so slightly.

Well, almost all his.

"Oz! You left me behind! Again!"

"I thought you were right behind me," he answered calmly, still trying his best to maintain the picture before him. However it kept cracking with every word the woman threw at his back.

"Excuse me, it was you who just walked off in the middle of the conversation we were having with Headmaster Steig-"

"Ex- Headmaster," Ozpin corrected with a small smile.

"My point, you ingrate, is that he kept rambling to me for ten whole minutes after you left! I could barely handle him for half that when he was our History professor."

"Now, Glynda, there's really no need to cause such a ruckus this early is there?" Ozpin said after a second, turning to face the woman with his trademarked "Hunter's grin", a sure lady-killer with his slightly wild, dark brown hair. The image was somewhat ruined by the pinky he was vigorously digging in an ear. "After all, you've gotten a wonderful position at this beautiful school. Not to mention a great boss!"

And he laughed.

"I hate my life."

And so it began...

Chapter 1: First Move

"You wanted to see me, Professor Ozpin?"

"Ah, Yang, thank you for coming. Please, have a seat."

Yang let out a small breath, her eyes moving from Glynda Goodwitch, who was standing near the large windowed wall at the rear of the office, to the back of Headmaster Ozpin's head. His need for the dramatic could really be less than appreciated at times like this.

"If it's all the same I'll stand, Headmaster," she said stiffly. Well, considering it looked like she was about to be tossed out of the school… She was already rapidly going over recent events and checking if any of them could warrant her expulsion. In all honesty it wasn't looking promising.

"Hmm…" Ozpin turned slightly to look at his deputy and asked in a low but still audible voice, "Glynda, does she look nervous?"

"Perhaps if you'd simply turn to face the girl you would see for yourself."

"Now, that's no way to speak to the Headmaster, don't you think?"

Seemingly forgotten, Yang held back rolling her eyes as they began to go at it. It was incredible that the rumor of the two being secretly married was just that, a rumor. They bickered like a couple, that was for sure.

"Glynda, I really don't think-"

"Headmaster, just turn around."

Grumbling, Ozpin finally swiveled around to face his student, only to cause said student to let out a poorly stifled snort of mirth.

There was a hand print covering one side of his face.

"Oh, did she hit you?"

The moment it left her lips Yang wanted to blast herself with one of her gauntlets.

Ozpin, however, merely chuckled. "Though at times I'm sure she might desire to do so, Glynda has never been able to lay so much as finger on me once."


The sound of Glynda's hand passing through the space the Headmaster's head had just been occupying was rather loud.

Unconcerned, Ozpin continued, "As it happened though, I fell asleep against my hand." He gave Yang a measured look. "Really, you don't need to be so worried. I'm not going to kick you out of the school."

A knot of tenseness loosened in Yang's shoulders, letting her relax a little-

"I'm pulling you off your team."

"What!?" It was like she'd been gut punched. In a heartbeat Yang was leaning on Ozpin's desk, face now feet away from its owner's. "What have I ever done to deserve that?"

"Well… everything, I suppose?" Ozpin's words had Yang regarding him in pure bemusement, so he elaborated, "Yang Xiao Long, you are far too good to be kept where you are. It isn't a punishment."

"I, uh… oh." It wasn't often the Headmaster gave compliments like that. Yang stood up straighter. "But still, Sir, that's my team."

"As admirable as it is to hear you stick by your comrades, they perform leagues below your level. Your presence is the only thing that has allowed them to remain, not only together, but ultimately alive. And while I wouldn't say that the past two years haven't been productive for any of you, it is time for a change."

"And my partner?"

"He will go through the process every other unfortunate hunter goes through when he or she loses a partner, ultimately getting him another. If the situation repeats he will likely be encouraged to find another combat school, and failing that be sent home. This won't be the first time it's happened. Does this bother you?"

"...Do I have to see him again?"

"Perhaps in passing, but no, not if you don't want to."

"Then it's fine with me. Just... restrict him to guy partners, will you?"

Glynda sighed slightly.


"No, but he's still a creep. Two years living with him was more than enough."

"Duly noted. Now while your future was the main purpose of the decision to move you out of team RYNO," said Ozpin, motioning to the seat once more. This time Yang took it. "I have another incentive for the move."

Yang blinked as a scroll was put in front of her face by Glynda. She took hold of it automatically, realizing that there was something familiar on the screen. Rather, someone.

"Ruby?" she asked, looking over the holographic display of what was likely her sister's transcript. "Why is- You mean she's coming here?"

"She is," Ozpin confirmed.

"But she's still got another two years after this one at Signal," said Yang, frowning.

"She's been accepted for the start of the next year," Ozpin explained. "Professor Qrow has been doing his best to give your sister as normal a school life as can be, however the Board at Signal is unwilling to keep her another year, let alone two, she's just too far advanced for her peers. Not to mention her… Well, in any case, Ruby Rose is being pushed to graduate two years ahead, hence the situation. Qrow came to me and here we are."

"Well I'm glad that Ruby as somewhere to go," Yang said with no small amount of relief. While they were only able to maintain thin strands of contact the past couple years, she still loved her sister dearly. She had no idea such a thing had come up. "I take it you want me to look after her?"

"Quite so, but there's a bit more to it than that. Glynda, if you would…"

"Of course." Glynda made a number of quick gestures over her personal scroll before making a flicking motion to the one Yang was holding. Another face appeared in the same manner as Ruby's had been displayed, once again with a transcript alongside it.

"Weiss Schnee?" Yang said slowly, eyebrows raised. "As in the Schnee family?"

"Miss Schnee has been home schooled until now," Glynda explained, which would account for the vast lack of certain information that Ruby's had. "However she has applied to Beacon and been accepted with distinction."

"Considering who she is, I'd like to put her in a good team," said Ozpin, leaning back in his seat. "I've known Schnee for a long time, and if there's one thing he's most certainly done as a father it is to raise incredibly capable daughters. Weiss has the potential to be a great huntress, but only in the right environment will she truly flourish."

"Makes sense," Yang reasoned, milling the idea over. It wasn't as if she couldn't handle it, and it did sound interesting. Maybe even fun. "What about the last member?"

"There isn't one. At least," Ozpin continued at the look on Yang's face, "not one that we've picked for the team. There are a great number of excellent students coming from primary facilities this coming school year. I suggest you keep an eye on the entrants."

"Anyone in particular I should be looking out for?" she asked, giving the scroll a small twitch.

Ozpin nodded, motioning for Glynda to send over a list of students. "While practically all of these students have excellent admission test scores, there are some that are coming with quite a bit more to them than just grades. For example, Pyrrha Nikos was at the top of her school in pure combat, while Cardin Winchester holds his school's considerable record for physical strength. Perhaps not something quite your caliber, but worth noting all the same. Even Jaune Arc, whose family has produced more top notch hunters and huntresses than any other individual, is a potential diamond in the rough, average scores notwithstanding. Whoever it may be, think about how you'd like to round out the team and go for it."

"All right." Yang let out a long breath. It had been a rather changing fifteen minute conversation. "About the partner situation…"

"You are free to pick whoever you like out of the team," said Ozpin with a nod. "While an uncommon situation, I doubt there would be anything wrong with having your sister as a partner. If you'd like to, of course."

"Uh, actually I'd like Ruby to pair with the Schnee girl. Weiss," Yang added, remembering the name. "I'll take whoever the third one is."

"Very well, we'll arrange for them to land near one another." Ozpin made a note on his scroll before looking back at Yang. "And you?"

"I'll find my way," she said, a grin making its way onto her face for the first time that meeting. It had been ages since she'd seen that part of the Emerald Forest. "Was that all you needed from me then?"

"Yes, you may go. Copy the information from that scroll to your personal one later and drop it back here when you can."

Yang almost made it to the door before Ozpin called out to her.

"By the way, Yang. Please keep this all under wraps for now. The change will happen during the month break."

"Got it."

Ozpin let out a sigh as the door clicked shut.

"She took it pretty well. It isn't often we forcibly break teams, let alone partnerships," said Glynda.

"Yang is one of our finest," said Ozpin, turning back to the large window behind him. "No matter the situation, she will rise to it. Besides, not all teams work out. To not know this would make us idealists at best and ignorant at worst."

"She'll likely get a lot of negative attention for what will look like her being pushed back two years. She is going to have to stay an additional two years for the team to remain together."

"Any negative attention will come from those who do not matter. Additionally, I will give her the choice to graduate on time if she desires, though considering her sister is in it she likely will not."

"Yes, but-"

"Glynda, stop complaining, it'll be fine."



It was with an almost lazy swipe that Qrow beheaded the final Beowolf of the pack. Well, almost final. The true sole remaining Grimm had taken flight back into the thick trees, coming into view every second or so farther and farther away.

"Honestly, it you're going to ambush us, at least follow through," he said gruffly, spinning his scythe so that the blade came up behind his back. With a thump it clicked into place in his pack where a number of other blades rested, detaching and allowing the weapon to regrow the spare few extras that turned the length of the handle into a bolt action rifle. "Damn Grimm ate my toast too…"


Qrow let the muzzle of the rifle dip slightly, watching the Beowolf drop like a stone. The little bits of its head that had been liberated from its body were visible even at this distance. He hadn't been the one to shoot it though.

"Ruby! What did I say about using that thing?" he half shouted into the trees, knowing she hear him perfectly clearly even over the still echoing gunshot.

"Sorry, Uncle."

Qrow, long used to his little girl's ability to practically be able to appear out of air and rose petals, simply turned to face her. She was almost cute, in her red and black outfit, complete with the hood and silver add-ons. The corpse of the Beowolf she had clearly dragged back with her kind of killed it though.

"Ruby, for the last time stop tinkering with the output of your gun. You could put down a small Nevermore with a well placed shot from it over a year ago. There's no need to take it out and my eardrums at the same time. Everything else in between while we're at it."


"And why do you have another dead Beowolf? I don't even think that one was in the group that just ambushed us," he continued, now curious.

"Bone bullets," was the immediate reply. "This one has strong bones."

Ah. She had said something about trying to mix Grimm bones and dust, but he hadn't really been paying attention at the time. Without any type of interference the stuff would disappear on its own. Some of the earlier ones were already mostly gone. Young Grimm vanished almost immediately after death in some cases, and the old ones could be around for days. As if it took longer to erase the mark they'd etched out over the course of their long lives.

"Well, this camp isn't really usable until all this vanishes, so I'm going to go take a nap over there." He pointed in a random direction. "Come get me when it's clean. After we rest for tonight we'll make the final stretch, sound good?"


And with that, Ruby had walked off, heading to one of the larger dead Beowolves on the ground, the one she'd brought dragging behind her limply. Qrow had a fleeting memory of when she used to wear all white. Just like a little angel... until she bisected a Grimm and ended up painted red in its blood. He was the one who'd ended up getting her into black and red. Blood simply didn't show up as much, case and point.

Reaching a suitable grassy spot, Qrow slid off the blade pack and rested it against a tree, his rifle following it. If anything came up Ruby would take care of it. Anything too much for her to handle and she'd probably still handle it. Terrifying and incredible. Dust he loved that little girl.


"So what is it?"

Qrow turned to his companion with a calculating look.

"What makes you think there's an it?"

"We never visit Mom's grave together unless you've got something serious to tell me," she said evenly. "What is it?"

Qrow let out a sigh. Ruby could be pretty sharp when she wanted to be.

"You're graduating from Signal this year. Congratulations."


Qrow felt a chill run through him that had nothing to do with the cold air coming off of the sea, far below the cliff.


"It's not your fault, Uncle. You can't help it if they're afraid of me."

And there it was. The crux of the issue. Ruby was… an unnerving existence. Forget about the fact that two people he was close enough with to consider them his own siblings went and had a kid. Ew on that, by the way. Each on their own were incredible in their own right. Any child from them would have been something else entirely. Just like Yang was.

But Ruby was different. That day he'd saved the two little girls caused both of them to change. Yang was for the better, but Ruby…

"I've never asked, but I do wonder… are you afraid of me, Uncle?"

Qrow paused before he let out a bark of laughter, ruffling the girl's hair affectionately.

"Afraid of you?" he said, still chortling. "Not likely. How could I be afraid of my little Ruby? Besides I'm only afraid of stuff that's stronger than I am."

"Like Mom."

"Exactly so."

"Dad as well then."

Again Qrow laughed. "Of course not, you think I can't take Taiyang in a fight? I taught him everything he knows!"


Qrow grinned, making to ruffle her hair again, but she was too quick for him, stepping out of his reach. It was interesting to see things from Ruby's point of view. Given almost any situation she would name himself as her father figure, simply because he'd basically raised her after her mother died, an event that happened very early in her life. However, her actual father was undeniably the strongest in existence, simply because he was her father.

"Are you afraid of Yang's mom then?" she continued. If he'd been anyone else he wouldn't have been able to detect the faint curiosity in her voice.

"Most certainly," he affirmed. "Ready to head back?"

"We still haven't finished talking about it," Ruby reminded him.

"Ah, that's right." Qrow scratched his chin for a second before speaking. "Like I said, this is your last year at Signal. They're forcing you to graduate early because you're too strong, and frankly scary, to remain here. I've already talked to Headmaster Ozpin at Beacon. You'll go there starting next year. Full scholarship."

"Yang goes there," said Ruby simply. While not a proper response to what he'd just said, he knew her well enough to understand that she approved with his choice.

"I'll expect you to get along with her, else I'll come over and remind you of what our training used to be like."


Qrow just sighed again. Yeah, it would take a lot more than he could offer to bring out the little girl in her. Hopefully Beacon could.


"So, you're really doing this, aren't you?"

Weiss rolled her eyes before turning to face the one who had so abruptly intruded on her reading.

"That's what the bags are for, Winter."

"You mean this stuff?" Winter tapped the two suitcases that Weiss had packed over the last few nights. "What did you take, two spare outfits? Maybe three?"

"You're hilarious, really."

"Seriously I'd pack something like this for a couple weeks, not four years," she persisted.

"You make it seem like I'll be cut off from home forever. It's not like the White Fang will be raiding packages to a bunch of school children." Winter frowned at her word choice, but Weiss ignored it. "Shouldn't you be doing something right now?" she continued. "The next Director of the Schnee Dust Company surely has more important things to be tending to, I'm sure."

"Oh, come on you know that isn't true," Winter argued, leaning back on the arm of the nearby couch so that she fell backwards onto it. Her skirt easily flipped up, exposing her underwear for all to see. Fortunately they were in Weiss's room so...

"I wish people could see how immature you are," Weiss said with a small smile, though she hid it with her book. Okay, so her sister still could make her grin. Not like anyone needed to know that. "If Father saw you he'd banish you from the family."

"Yeah right, then he'd be left with you to take over everything. He'd sooner leave it all to Hilda."

"Unfortunately, I'd have to agree with you there."

Both girls snapped to attention, an astounding feat considering one had been sprawled out on a bed and the other partially upside down on a couch.

"Good afternoon, Father," they chorused. Winter's face was red with embarrassment.

"Oh, dear, if only you could see your daughters, acting like I was their drill sergeant rather than their loving father. What did I ever do to deserve this?"

"Everything," Weiss grumbled, though not soft enough to escape her father's ear. However, he only chuckled in response.

"Weiss, you know my opinion on this Huntress business…"

"Thoroughly," she said flatly. Literally years of arguments.

"However, like your mother, I could never really force you to do anything you didn't want. My only advice is to find yourself strong allies. The weak have no place at your side."

"As if I'd do anything else," she replied with a sniff. "I take it my ride is here?"

"That's right. Hilda is waiting downstairs. You won't have anyone to take care of your things when you get there so you might as well start here. Make me proud."

And with that he left, the door clicking shut behind him.

"He is, without a doubt, the worst father there is," said Weiss after a few seconds, grudgingly moving to her luggage. At least they had wheels. Maybe she could ice the staircase and slide them down?

"And the best," Winter added, moving to help her sister. She was going away to school after all. Might as well be a little nice to her.

Weiss just smiled faintly.

"Yeah, and the best."


The first thing Blake Belladonna did when she woke up was make sure her bow was perfectly fixed on her head, covering her extra pair of ears. There was really no reason to fear it falling off, particularly with the way she'd tied it, but it was a ritual she'd gotten into years ago and would likely continue for years to come. Stockings came next, though she paused when she caught her reflection in the mirror on the door.

"I need to start wearing pajamas again…" she sighed, eying her mostly nude form. Hotels were wonderful for being as careless as one could be. As she understood it, entire teams lodged in the same room at Beacon. That was potentially three boys sleeping in the same room as her. Three horny, teenaged boys.

Yeah if that happened she'd probably drop out. Note to self, team up with girls. Period.

Continuing to dress, Blake amused herself by imagining a boy she was dating undressing her and reaching her bow, only to walk off at the sight of her cat ears. Considering how varied people could be about Faunus, the reaction could get rather laughable. Or depressing. Ugh, why did she do this to herself?

Her scroll beeped a couple times, notifying her of the time. She had thirty minutes to pack up, check out of her hotel room, and catch the airship to Beacon Academy.

"Time to start a new life."

Or at least, that's what she'd been telling herself for the past few months. Now relaxing on one of the many airships that had been docked to receive the new Beacon students, she really only saw more of what she was used to. Humans everywhere and Faunus sticking to groups off to the side. Well, it was still nice to hope for something a bit different. The past few months she had spent White Fang free certainly helped to give some more perspective to her life. It wasn't as if the whole world was wrapped up in their never ending war with Schnee.

Speaking of said company, was that one of the Schnee daughters? The girl was almost fully surrounded by students, clearly enthused to be meeting such a celebrity. Not that either daughter of Ivan Schnee were actual celebrities, but there was virtually no one who hadn't either heard of or used some sort of Schnee dust product. There was also the fact that she was sensationally wealthy, likely the driving force behind all the attention she was getting.

A number of chimes echoed over the com system, bringing her attention back to her surroundings. A holographic projection of a pretty blond woman had taken the place of the news that had been running for the duration of the trip.

"Hello, and welcome to Beacon. My name is Glynda Goodwitch…"


A/N: So, there it is. The beginning of a story I really have no idea what I'm doing with. Sort of not really, that's a bit more accurate. Anyway, recap for those of you who want the changes I've shown in plain English, Yang has already been at Beacon for TWO years when the others show up. So she's FOUR years older than Ruby. Where does that put her? 19? Idk. Doesn't really matter.

Second is that Ruby is NOT the chipmunk she is in the show, at least not on the surface.

So let me know what you think of the idea, writing style, etc. Should be fun.