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Chris POV:
I went to bed when Aviva came and asked me if I wanted to test her new invention.
"What is it about?" I asked
"It is a machine able to show the true personality of who test it..." She explained me.
"It's better not Aviva...You should ask Martin or Jimmy..." I said and then I closed my door and opened the window... The moon was beautiful... No one can know about him... And what he want from me...
I went to bed...
in the dream/Still CK's POV:

I found my brother crying
"Brother? What is wrong?" I asked
"Get away from me you're monster!" He screamed.

Then I left him and looked to the rest of the crew. I found them in the ground bleeding. They were dead.

"You killed them cause I killed them…" A voice behind me told me. And when I turn around… I saw myself with red iris. My darkest side… He walked to Martin and raised the staff. The blade mode was on. Fearing seeing the worst…

"MARTIN!" I shouted when I was awake.

"Are you ok bro?" Martin came to my room.

"Yes. Just a nightmare…" I told him. He left the room. "My worst nightmare"

Next morning… Aviva POV:

I was telling the anothers what happened last night.

"He just refused! I don't know what hit him."

"I can't justify what he did. And I know him since he was born!" Martin stated. "And I woke up at the middle of the night cause he had a nightmare… Something is really wro-"

Then Chris entered in the main room. We just have simulated that we were doing nothing special.

"Talking about me… Right?" He asked.

"Yes… Can you explain what happened last night?" I asked.

"NO! *Argh!* I'm out of here!" He said leaving the room. I looked at Martin with an What-just-happen? face. And he gave me a I-have-no-idea face. He was surprised too.

Chris POV:

I went into the garage and entered a secret code to my secret garage. Nobody knows about it and Aviva think that this is not being used… But she is so wrong. I use this place to train to not hurt my friends and control myself. My darkest side could be very useful in the future but for now it's a dangerous personality.
"Good evening, Chris. Do you want to train?" T.A.I asked
"Yes please. Nivel max." I requested
T.A.I. was the Tortuga's Artificial Intellingence. Aviva don't know anything about her.

When the Tortuga systems were activated...
"Ouch!" Aviva cryed holding her finger tightly. It had a cut and a bit of blood fell on the keyboard. All the systems were off.
"Good. Now i need to make everything again..." Avivas shouted.

Back to the present... After the train...
"Ok. Now the test. If you destroy the villains and not the good ones mean that you're ready." T.A.I. explained.
"Lets go." I said. Everything went black for 5m. When I woke up I saw all my friends holograms in red. And all the villians holograms asking for mercy.
"Test failed. You hit all the good one and the evil ones still there. I'm sorry." T.A.I. lamented.
"That's ok.. "I respaw. Failing the test is definitely not good. If I was angry I could destroy everything or hurt someone!

I went to sleep. Another nightmare... But a different one...


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