Nana: LAST CHAPTER! YAY! I have a surprise on the final!

"I'm not afraid of you anymore." I (Chris) said. "What about a deal?" I look at my friends and they leaved.

"What is it about?" Dris asked

"We turn into what we should be all this time. One single person. I tell them that you leaved and when I'm angry you can do what you want. Deal?" I asked


Back to Tortuga/Aviva POV:

Chris woke up and got up.

"Where is Dris?" I asked.

"He is gone. Forever." He said. I walked a bit more and I hug him.

"*Pst* Lets leave these two alone..." Martin whispered and those 3 walked away.

With Dris gone everything was right now.

3rd person POV

It ended…

"My foolish brother! His now at their side?! Oh, Christopher… Martin always hated you…"

The end!

Sequel coming! XD !