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Chapter 29: Ministry

Kakashi stepped out of the fireplace, surveying the room for potential threats. He had not landed in the Department of Mysteries; instead he had been spat out into the familiar atrium. The tall ceilings, marble flooring and rows of lit fireplaces looked much the same as it had back in August. The only difference was that the place was completely empty. Kakashi did not like it; that could not be a coincidence. Even with how late it was getting, there should have been at least a few late workers wandering about.

Potter popped out of the fireplace behind him and joined him in looking around.

"Where is everyone?"

Kakashi did not answer him as the rest of the kids came through the fire.

"Come on, guys, we need to take the lifts," Potter turned to say to the group before he began leading the way.

Kakashi stuck close to him as they sprinted down the hall. They passed the water fountain and reached the grey box from before. The pitiful security they had last time Kakashi was here was absent and the foreboding feeling only grew. They crammed themselves into the metal box and Kakashi found himself between Potter and Neville. He took a chance to glance at his friend and found Neville was already staring at him, his face painted with guilt.

"I'm so sorry, Kakashi," he whispered to him.

"What?" He whispered back, equally as quiet so the others in the lift did not stick their nose in. The box itself was making a horrible rattling sound which helped to cover their voices. "For what?"

"About before," he insisted. "I promised I was okay about your secrets and then I flipped out when I found out. I'm an awful friend."

"Neville." Kakashi glared at Lovegood and the youngest Weasley as they turned to look at them. They quickly turn back around. "You are not an awful friend; you were surprised. We can talk about everything later, okay?"

Neville immediately nodded as the door opened up to the ninth floor. A disembodied voice suddenly spoke up.

"Department of Mysteries."

A black door stood in front of them down a short corridor; Kakashi eyed the flickering torches as they moved along. Potter stopped shortly before they reached the door.

"Maybe someone should stay out here...as a look-out or something..."

"It is safer if we remain as a group," Kakashi disagreed. "If we separate, it will make the smaller group more vulnerable to attack and I will not be there to assist them. We proceed as one."

Kakashi would much prefer none of them to accompany him but they were here now; he just had to protect them to the best of his capability. That would be much easier to do if they were all in his line of sight. Potter nodded, although he lacked much of the confidence he had back in Umbridge's office, and opened the door. As they entered the dark room, only lit by the torches on the walls behind him, Neville shut the door. They were plunged into almost complete darkness as the tiny, blue candles on the wall radiated barely any light.

"Granger, use Lumos."

She startled next to him before quietly muttering the spell, her wand abruptly shining a bright white light around them. Kakashi took in the multiple doors, set in the circular walls around them. Potter moved to say something but a loud rumbling interrupted him. Kakashi moved his hands into the tiger seal, prepared to raise a doton shield. The walls began to move around them, the blue lights little more than a blur. Kakashi stayed in a defensive position as the floor remained stationary.

The doors finally came to a halt and Potter charged forwards.

"I'll know it when I see it so we'll just have to check each one."

Kakashi did not have the time to tell him what a terrible strategy that was before the boy had swung open the door directly in front of them. As the group moved forwards to join him, Kakashi raised his hand, warning them to stay put. He entered the room behind Potter, his eyes immediately drawn to the brains in the green container at the end of the room.

"Is this the room?" He asked Potter who was looking around curiously.


Kakashi grabbed his shoulder and pushed him back out into the dark room, slamming the door shut behind him. He grabbed a kunai and carved a large 'X' into the wood.

"I could have used a spell to do that," Granger said pointedly. "There's no need to damage Ministry property."

"It serves the same purpose," Kakashi shrugged, putting his kunai away.

Soon enough, the walls began to spin again and Potter settled on a different door. It led into a large amphitheatre, with long stone benches circling the room, and a stone dais sitting in the very centre. The black veil that hung in the empty space beneath it fluttered slightly in an invisible breeze and Kakashi had a very bad feeling about it.

"Who's there?" Potter instantly demanded, scrambling forward over the benches.

Kakashi had not heard anything but almost immediately after Potter had spoken there was a whisper in his ear.


"Minato-sensei," he breathed out, staring at the rippling veil.

That was his voice; Minato-sensei was in there. There were other voices overlapping and Kakashi could swear he heard Kushina-nee's and Rin's mixed in there as well. It was his father's voice that led to him taking a few steps forward.


"Come on, guys, let's go!" Granger's voice broke his trance although the whispers still tickled his ear.

"Can't you hear it?" Potter called back, still approaching the veil.

"I can hear them," Lovegood spoke up, gazing in awe at the dais. "There are people in there."

"There is nobody there!" Granger's voice rose in fear. "There's nobody talking!"

Kakashi shook his head, trying to think why Potter, Lovegood and he were the only ones affected. As the answer abruptly came to him, he shoved Lovegood towards Granger.

"Get out," he ordered. "I'll get Potter and Weasley."

The redheaded boy had followed his friend and Kakashi sprang after them, hiking Potter over his shoulder and grabbing Weasley's sleeve. He dragged him to the door, ignoring Potter's protests. It was only when the door had been slammed shut that he let Potter down, the boy shoving him away as he regained his footing.

"What the hell, Kakashi?" Potter demanded, straightening out his clothes.

"That veil will only spell tragedy for those who approach it," Kakashi said, scratching a slightly different 'X' into the door. "The only ones who could hear it were those who could see the Thestrals; those who had seen death. That is not a coincidence."

As the realisation hit them, the walls began to spin again. As Potter tried a locked door, Kakashi opened another. They were running out of time.

"That's it!" Potter rushed over to peer over Kakashi's shoulder. "This is the room!"

Kakashi stared into the dimly lit space. Clocks of every shape and size adorned every surface, all ticking at alternate times. As they moved quickly through the room to the other side, Kakashi steered them away from the bell jar. If there was anything he was learning about the Department of Mysteries, it was not to touch anything. As Potter opened the next door, Kakashi heard him mutter beneath his breath.

"This is it."

Kakashi prepared for a fight as the kid around him drew their wands. The room had shelves as tall as the ceiling stretching as far as the eye could see. Dusty glass orbs lined the shelves in every direction, harsh blue light flickering across their surfaces.

"So where's ninety-seven?" Weasley whispered to Potter, his wand wavering in the air.

"That's fifty-three," Potter muttered back. "So ninety-seven has to be this way."

Potter led the way down the stack, Kakashi remaining as close as possible. There was limited room for manoeuvring around this space; it was ideal for an ambush. It was a short time later when Granger spoke up.


The area was empty and Kakashi sighed.

"He is not here."

Potter whirled around to him.

"He has to be! This is where I saw him in my dream!"

"It was a lie," Kakashi stated firmly, getting ready to shove the group back the way they came. "We must go."

"Hey, Harry," Weasley suddenly spoke up. "This one has your name on it."

Everyone followed his gaze to the orb on one of the middle shelves. Kakashi read the name and Voldemort's plan became clear. As Potter took the orb off the shelf to the protests of Granger and Neville, Kakashi turned, facing the intruders.

"Very good, Potter," Lucius Malfoy sneered. "Now turn around, nice and slow, and hand it over to me."

Harry clutched the glass tighter as Malfoy held his hand out.

"To me, Potter."

Ginny gasped in horror next to him as six or so lit wands pointed in their direction.

"Where is Sirius?" Harry demanded, trying to ignore the rising panic. "I know you have him!"

"The little baby woke up fwightened and fort what it dweamed was twoo," a woman's voice mocked in an awful baby voice.

"Potter still has much to learn about the difference between life and dreams," Malfoy sneered, still holding out his hand. "Now, hand over the prophecy or we start using wands."

"You will not do anything," Kakashi suddenly spoke up, drawing all eyes to him. "You will not risk the orb."

"You need to keep your mouth shut, filthy muggle," Malfoy snapped. "You've caused the Dark Lord enough trouble over the past few months. I am sure he'll be pleased when I present your corpse to him."

"He's right, though," Harry realised. "You need this thing. That's why you haven't attacked yet; otherwise I'm pretty sure we'd be dead already."

Malfoy's face twisted in fury.

"Accio proph-" The woman screeched but Harry was ready.


Harry threw up the shield but lost his grip on the glass orb. Kakashi swiped it up before it could hit the ground and shoved it back into his hands.

"Bellatrix! I told you, NO!" Malfoy thundered. "If you smash it-!"

"Why does Voldemort want it anyway?" Harry dared to ask, trying to find a gap that they could run for.

Malfoy actually paused for a moment.

"You don't know?" He asked incredulously. "Dumbledore really never told you?"

"Told me what?"

Before Malfoy could answer, the woman interrupted.

"You dare speak his name?" Bellatrix shrieked. "With your unworthy lips, you dare besmirch the name of our Lord with your half-blood tongue-"

"He's a half-blood too, you know?" Harry replied recklessly. "His mother was a witch but his dad certainly wasn't. Has he been going around telling people he's a pure-blood?"



Malfoy intercepted the dash of red light with his own spell.


Kakashi muttered to Harry.

"When I give the signal, duck and run," he said. "Do not lose that orb."

Harry tried not to let the surprise show on his face as he passed the message back to Hermione.

"Fūton: Daitoppa."

Kakashi heaved a great breath of air that shook the shelves, dropping the rest of the glass orbs to the ground and rattling the shelves as they began to fall. Harry covered his head with one arm, the prophecy snug in his other as he raced forward. He couldn't avoid all the shattered glass and fragmented wood that fell on top of them but he hoped that meant the Death Eaters couldn't either. The world was a symphony of glass breaking, misty figures speaking ancient truths and the howls of raging men. Harry could barely see two steps in front of him and as a hand suddenly grasped his shoulder, he tried desperately to shake it off.

The hand vanished in a cry of pain and Kakashi appeared next to him, Neville and Hermione not far behind. Ron, Ginny and Luna had sped past him at one point and as he spotted the barely opened door that they had come through, he lunged for it. He hurtled over the threshold, landing on the ground beside Neville as Hermione turned to the door.

"Colloportus!" She gasped and the door sealed itself shut with a squelch.

They took a moment to catch their breath; Harry then noticed something.

"Where are the others?"

He could have sworn they had passed him, running in this direction.

"They must have gone the wrong way!" Hermione gasped for air, her face pale and sweaty.

"They will be fine," said Kakashi nonchalantly, as he pressed his ear against the door. "They are after you, Potter, ad that orb you are holding. As long as we have that, the enemy will focus on us, not them."

"Aren't you supposed to be keeping everyone safe?" Harry demanded. "What happened to sticking together?"

Just when he thought Kakashi might be good, he turns around and does something like this. He really did only care about his mission. Kakashi shot him a look and Harry resisted the urge to back down.

"I sent a clone to find them." Kakashi turned back to the door. "Now, we need to move. The enemy is going to figure out where we are any moment."

They had almost made their way to exit when the door flew open with a violent bang. Harry found himself immediately shoved under a table next to Hermione and Neville, the abrupt change of scenery startling him for a moment. He then realised Kakashi hadn't joined them in hiding.

Kakashi stood facing the two Death Eaters, his black knife in his hands.

"Well, well, look who's decided to be all brave," one of the men mocked. "You know you have a target on your back, right? Our Lord was not best pleased that you took out four of our men. Anyone who takes you down will earn His highest favour and you're just presenting yourself to us on a silver platter."

"Let's just take him down, Macnair," the other nudged him. "Potter is bound to be nearby."

Harry tried to keep his surprise quiet as he recognised the man as Rookwood. The man from his dream that used to work for the Ministry.

As Macnair raised his wand, Kakashi launched himself forward.

"Avada Kedavra!"

Harry held in his yelp as Kakashi ducked around the green light, allowing it to hit one of the desks instead. Kakashi reached the closest man and tore his wand from his grip, launching him over his shoulder as he did so. The Death Eater hit the stone floor with a sickening crack and did not move, lying eerily still. Kakashi shoved his wand into a pocket somewhere. This gave Rookwood time to retreat and cast a spell.


The shinobi leapt over the slices of wind, back-flipping further away from the man. The Death Eater did not let up, appearing to not care if his spell hit the prone form of his ally.

"Deprimo!" "Confringo!"

Kakashi danced around the holes that were blasted into the floor and the walls, some of the rubble banging into the desk they were hiding beneath. A glass cabinet shattered nearby, scattering sharp shards across the wrecked floor.

"Bombarda!" "Bombarda Maxima!"

The fiery blast blew up the table next to them and as the man continued releasing fire balls, Kakashi continued to dodge. A part of Harry wondered why he did not bother putting up a shield of some sort but the rest of him was too busy trying not to panic at the explosions and debris being thrown far too close to them.


A blue light emerged from the end of the Death Eater's wand and he heard Hermione scream next to him as it was directed right at them. Kakashi rolled in front of the technique, slamming his hands on the ground.

"Doton: Doryūheki!"

The stone quickly erupted into a wall right in front of the shinobi. Kakashi remained in a crouch, his hands pressed to the floor as the spell hit; hunks of rock were blown into him as the blue light expanded into a large explosion. Dust kicked up around them from the debris and Kakashi vanished in a puff of smoke.

The dust lingered in the air as a terrified shriek reached them, followed by a wet, gurgling squelch before falling completely silent. Harry dared to crawl forward, rising to his feet to see what was happening as the quiet continued. He peered through the thinning dust to see Kakashi drop Rookwood's body to the ground, blood starting to seep into the stone floor around the man's head. As he got closer, he saw Kakashi's knife stuck firmly beneath the man's jaw and his wide, scared eyes stared into Harry's own. The memory of Cedric's eyes looking exactly like that ran through his mind and he tried to swallow the sick feeling that rose within him.

Kakashi tucked another wand into his pocket.

"The other one is still alive," he said, turning to them. "Dumbledore did not want the deaths of these men; he wanted them to stand trial. However, he wanted your safety more so."

Harry stared at the shinobi for a moment before his gaze swept the room. Glass shards, stone rubble and splinters of wood covered what little of the floor had escaped the spells. The floors and the walls were covered in ragged holes and most of the desks lay in pieces. The wall Kakashi had created was almost completely knocked down, the top only reaching Harry's knees now. Some parts of the room were still on fire.

Kakashi hadn't even thrown a single spell; the only time he had done something other than dodge was raising that wall which Harry suspected he did more for them rather than himself. The guy had beaten two Death Eaters; Harry, Hermione and Neville didn't have a scratch on them. Kakashi himself only looked a bit ruffled, with a small scratch beside his visible eye from the wall's debris. The shinobi had not only beaten two fully grown wizards but had done it while protecting three people and with barely a scratch.

Harry suddenly didn't dare to think about how this might have gone without Kakashi here; maybe Dumbledore had a point with this whole protection thing.

"You killed him," Hermione spoke up, her voice barely a whisper.

"It was him or you," Kakashi replied firmly. "I will not compromise your safety just so this man can be sent to prison instead of put in the ground."

Harry turned back to stare at Kakashi, his eyes almost comically wide. Hermione and Neville stood next to him, taking in the damage in shock.

"I knew you were good," Harry admitted faintly. "But not this good."

Kakashi threw him a look of his own.

"Voldemort's men are powerful and violent, but not precise," he said, looking back into the room of orbs. "One good hit is all you need to win a fight."

Before Harry could say anything else, Kakashi began to usher them to the exit once again. Voices floated over to them and Harry picked up the pace, emerging into the dark hallway once again. They had made it halfway across when two Death Eaters emerged from the other side of the corridor. Harry slammed into a door on his left, the others quickly following as bursts of purple light flew towards them. Kakashi slammed the door shut and pushed them back but before any of them could do anything, the two Death Eaters cast their spell in unison as the door flew back open.


Harry was thrown back and his head hit the wall, his vision going black.

Kakashi cursed as the spell shoved him back into the wall, the quick impact into the stone surface jarring him for a moment. He had not had time to throw up a defence against it and that annoyed him. He quickly rose to his feet, shaking off the dull ache from the arm he landed on.

Neville had disappeared somewhere behind the desk and Granger was buried beneath a pile of books. Potter was slumped against the wall beside him, slowly stirring back into consciousness. As the Death Eater screamed to alert his allies to their location, Granger sent off a spell.


Sound no longer came out of the man's mouth and the other man shoved him out of the way, raising his wand. Kakashi finished his hand seals.

"Raiton: Raikou Boruto no Jutsu!"

A burst of lightning emerged from his outstretched hand and leapt towards the man in front. As he cast a hasty 'Protego', the lightning moved through the barrier, hitting dead centre on the man's chest. The Death Eater jolted and his wand flew from his grip as his limbs seized. He slumped to the floor, his limbs still twitching. Kakashi had not put enough chakra into the technique to kill but who knew what kind of tolerance these wizards had. It was not a problem he could dwell on as the other enemy waved his wand.

A purple flame sprung from the tip and Kakashi lunged, just barely able to haul Granger out of its way. While he was doing that, the Death Eater kicked out at Neville who had crawled out from under the desk. Neville howled in pain as the blow broke both his wand and from the sounds of it, his nose.

Fury rose up within him and Kakashi threw his useless wand at the man like he would a senbon. It missed his face and continued behind him. He moved through hand seals that were instinctive by now after so many years and swapped with the wooden stick. He reappeared behind the man and grabbed his head. With a sharp twist, there was a loud crack that sounded throughout the room in time with the clattering of the fake wand as it hit the ground. He let the man fall to the floor and took a deep breath.

Dumbledore would not be happy with him; so far he had killed two and the others he left alive would need intensive medical care to recover. However right now, he was beyond the point of caring. The man had made unreasonable demands of him all year and expected him to pull off contradictory feats. It was ludicrous that Kakashi was expected to put down the enemy without harming them.

His mission was to protect Harry Potter and by extension the rest of the students. That meant ensuring that the enemy did not pick themselves back up to strike at them when they were least prepared. That was one of the first lessons they were taught in Konoha and Kakashi had seen enough preventable death during the war to follow that rule to the letter.

He was done being a puppet on a string; Dumbledore would no longer hold his mission pay over his head as he blatantly broke client protocols. If the headmaster decided to backtrack on their deal once the kids were delivered safe and sound, then Hogwarts would be missing another teacher. Konoha did not take deal-breakers well.

He stepped over the body and knelt beside Neville, moving his bloody hand away from his face. He channelled the green healing chakra as he reset the boy's nose. He kept in his sigh of relief as Neville did not appear to fear or be disgusted by him. Soon enough he was healed and Kakashi moved on to Potter's head.

"You know you're not supposed to throw wands," Potter joked weakly, keeping his gaze averted from the prone forms of the Death Eaters.

"I do not see another use for them," Kakashi replied quietly.

This prompted a laugh from Potter but Kakashi knew it was more from shock and his head injury than any real humour. He did the best he could with the injury but he was no medic nin; he would just have to watch the boy a bit more closely. He turned to Granger who had hauled herself from the pile of books.

"I'm alright," she waved him off nervously. "How did your spell make it past their Protego?"

"It was not a spell," he shrugged, rising to his feet.

Her gaze kept going back to the dead men on the floor.

"It was quick thinking, silencing them before they could call for aid," Kakashi continued. "There may be a soldier in you yet."

He had intended it as a compliment but Granger just hunched further into herself. He had no idea why; any genin or academy student would be pleased with that sort of praise. He shook it off.

"We cannot linger here," he said, checking the now deserted hallway.

The kids followed him quietly and soon they were back in the circular room. As the walls span around them, Kakashi noted that his 'X's were still carved deeply into the wood.

"So which way do you reck-" Potter began to say before he was interrupted by a door slamming open.

The two Weasleys and Lovegood stumbled out and collapsed on various parts of the floor. Kakashi's clone jogged in behind them, slamming the door shut. Kakashi nodded to him before he dismissed the clone, taking a second to sort through the memories he had just absorbed. Two Death Eaters had chased them to a room of planets, it appeared, but from the looks of it the clone had managed to hold them off. It had not killed them as he had done but as he scanned the kids, they were relatively unharmed. That was good; he had no intention of breaking his promise to Weasley-san. He would keep her kids safe.

He ushered them to their feet as the other kids crowded round them. Their reactions to his presence were varied but none were positive; only Neville shot him a glance of gratitude but Kakashi could see the tension in his frame. There was not much he could do about that right now; this was the first experience of war these students had ever been exposed to. They may have fought the odd enemy and battle in the past but no one knew better than Kakashi how little that would compare to the real thing.

People got hurt and people died; if you were lucky, it was your enemies and not your allies. It was better that they learnt that hard lesson while he was here to cover them instead of facing it alone and unprepared.

"Where should we go?" Potter spoke up. "We know which doors we've already been through but we have no idea which one gets us out of here."

"Then we choose a door we already know the contents of," said Kakashi, trying to think through which would be best. "They are going to find us and we should pick a place that we have seen before; one that would be the most ideal to stage a battle in. It is preferable to going into another environment completely blind."

He chose the room with the stone dais, despite his misgivings about hearing the voices again. It was the largest, most open space; he would have room to maneuver and a centralised position to defend. As he herded the group towards the door, another door burst open.

"There they are!" the woman shrieked.

She and the other man began to shoot red lights and Kakashi cursed as he only just barely avoided them. He could not throw up a shield without letting some of the lights get through to hit the kids in the time it took him to make one and that was the last thing he wanted. He hated turning his back to attackers but right now he had to focus on yanking the students out of the way of the spells.

He had shoved the last of them through the door frame as one of the spells slammed into his shoulder. His knees hit the ground as his vision went black for a moment. He vaguely heard Granger shouting 'Colloportus!' but the sound was muffled, as if from a distance. He tried to open his eyes, only seeing a grey blur as his eyelids kept sinking shut. Kakashi tried to stumble away from whoever was gripping his arm but as Neville's reassurances reached him, he allowed himself to be supported as he tried to fight the lull of unconsciousness.


Kakashi lurched up, light and sound snapping back into focus. He took a second to orientate himself as he stared up at Granger, her wand pointing at him. He stood unsteadily, nodding to her, as he assessed the situation. Malfoy, Bellatrix and another Death Eater surrounded them, the pair from the planet room quickly joining them although they looked worse for wear. This did not look good.

Harry panted harshly, holding the glass orb in front of him, his grip painfully tight. He stood just in front of the stone dais as the Death Eaters surrounded them and descended slowly down the stone steps. His friends stood in their own circle around Harry as Hermione managed to rouse Kakashi from that stupefy spell. A part of him was amazed that Kakashi had been coherent at all; normally anyone would be completely knocked out from that spell.

The shinobi rose unsteadily to his feet.

"Your race is run, Potter," Malfoy called down to him smugly, his mask cask aside. "There is no escaping us now."

"Stay back!" Harry threatened, waving the orb around. "I'll smash it!"

"And then there will be nothing stopping us from killing you all," Malfoy sneered. "It seems we are at an impasse."

Kakashi stepped out in front, motioning Ron and Ginny back.

"You are wrong," Kakashi announced firmly. "You are at a disadvantage."

Malfoy let out a mocking laugh as Bellatrix cackled nearby.

"Are we now, Mr Hatake?" he scoffed. "You may have taken out some of us but you have mere children who are more of a liability than an asset. You have already proved to us that you are willing to sacrifice yourself rather than let us hit one of the children."

Harry didn't have time to be offended that he had been shrugged off before Kakashi started doing something.

"Doton: Tsuchi Nami no Jutsu!"

The shinobi slammed his hand to the earth and Harry watched wide-eyed as the ground beneath them began to move like water. It was like the Great Lake back at school; the tossing and turning waves that rocked up against the shore mimicked here in what should have been immovable stone. The area around the dais remained unaffected but as the stone benches moved up and down with the undulating waves, the Death Eaters cried out as they lost their footing on the moving earth.

Kakashi kept up whatever he was doing as the floor continued to move in waves radiating outwards. Harry had no idea how he was doing it, with no wand or magic to be found, but he had to admit the sight was incredible. He didn't know of many spells that could achieve this but the ones he did, they were beyond NEWT level.

The waves ceased as Kakashi lifted his hands from the floor.

"You will all stay back here while I handle this."

Harry was not the only one who took offence to Kakashi's words.

"Hey, we can help!" Hermione yelled indignantly.

"Yeah," Ron agreed. "This is what we've been training for!"

Kakashi didn't even turn to look at them as he surveyed the Death Eaters getting to their feet.

"This is what I am here for."

Kakashi shoved up his headband and paused for a moment. It was long enough for Harry to stare at the sight. Kakashi really hadn't lost it; in its place of a matching grey eye was a red one, with three black spots surrounding the pupil. The eye almost glowed in the dim of the room. He promptly vanished and interrupted Harry's study of what must be the Sharingan, from what Ishihara had said, and reappeared behind one of the unnamed Death Eaters.

He quickly rendered him unconscious and dodged around the spells shot at him from the other Death Eaters. Harry was transfixed by the sight of Kakashi dodging and he couldn't help but admire the way he took down the Death Eaters one by one. It was so fluid, not a single movement wasted, and Harry was beginning to truly understand why the Order had been so wary of having a shinobi around. He felt slightly nervous at the thought of there being whole village with people like Kakashi.

The shinobi had said earlier that one good hit is all that was needed to win a fight and the shinobi followed this philosophy to the letter as the third Death Eater hit the deck. Spells were useless if they couldn't hit the target; Harry didn't know why this hadn't occurred to him before now.

"I will not be taken down by a filthy muggle!" Malfoy yelled, shooting off spell after spell.

Kakashi dropped the man he was holding as Bellatrix turned to face Harry with a mad gleam in her eyes.

"Go for the kids!" she screeched.

"But the prophecy-" Malfoy yelled back.

"Will be of no use if we are not there to present it to the Dark Lord!"

Harry grasped the orb closer to his chest as he cast a Protego, barely diverting the red stunner that bounced off the shield. Kakashi cursed, reappearing in front of Harry in a puff of smoke. He raised another stone wall and Harry let out a frustrated huff.

"The wall won't be able to deflect the explosive spells," he insisted. "We can help! Protego will provide more protection!"

Kakashi may have been some incredible fighting machine or whatever but it was painfully obvious that he didn't have magic. He couldn't defend or deflect any of the spells like they could. His dodging method would have worked beautifully if he wasn't so busy trying to protect them too.

"Ishihara should have called Dumbledore by now!" Hermione pointed out. "The Order has to be coming to help! We just have to hold out."

"The odds of her actually passing on that message are slimmer than you think," Kakashi glared, Hermione actually taking a step back at the intense gaze of the red eye. "There are only two left; I can handle this."

At his words, there was a loud bang and pieces of the wall rained down on top of them. It was followed by multiple other bangs and pops and the wall began to crumble around them.

"Even you can't fight all of them alone!" Neville finally spoke. "Bellatrix is dangerous!"

"And they don't seem to care about the prophecy anymore," Ginny added quickly. "Our only leverage is gone!"

As more debris fell on them, Kakashi swept his gaze over them.


Before someone could raise another complaint the sound of spells hitting the wall stopped and the yelling started. Harry dared to peek over the almost decimated wall to see Sirius and Lupin holding their wands towards Malfoy, the blond man's face twisted in fury as he reluctantly dropped his wand.

Harry climbed over the wall and ran towards them, ignoring the calls behind him.


The man looked over to him, smiling, before his face melted into horror.

"Harry, look out!"

Harry stopped running and turned to see what Sirius was staring at. He didn't even have time to use his wand as he dropped the orb in shock, the glass shattering against the stone floor. The blue light was heading right for him and in the distance Bellatrix was laughing maniacally as she shot off more spells, slowly backing away to one of the exits.

He closed his eyes instinctively and threw up an arm, knowing it was futile against an expulso spell. There was the sound of impact but Harry didn't feel anything. He opened his eyes, the horror sweeping through him as he watched Kakashi hit the ground hard, clutching his stomach.


Fūton: Daitoppa – Wind Release: Great Breakthrough

Doton: Doryūheki – Earth Release: Earth-Style Wall

Raiton: Raikou Boruto no Jutsu – Lightning Release: Lightning Bolt Technique

Doton: Tsuchi Nami no Jutsu – Earth Release: Mud Wave Technique

This concludes the twenty-nineth chapter.

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