Two Weeks Later…

Tori's Point of View

"So let me get this straight, since you're students don't understand the basics of method acting, and they also think that it is stupid and outdated, you challenged them to stay the night here where they have to keep in character or else they are banished for the apartment?" I carefully reiterate my dad's plot to him and he smiles brightly nodding his head causing me to shrug my shoulders. "Alright, but I want in."

"You see I knew you would—Wait, what?" His smile drops as my last statement finally settles in his mind.

"I want in. I am not spending the night with Aunt Holly and Uncle David, they creep me out and whenever I'm around they look at me like sad little puppies, like they wish they were my parents. It's weird." I shake off the haunting feeling of them watching me whenever Sikowitz was at work and I was too young to be alone.

"I don't know about this…" His voice trails off and I hold up a bag filled with fresh coconuts. His eyes go straight to the bag and I smile to myself knowing that I just won him over. "Okay, fine you can be apart of it. Here, draw a character from this bowl." He shovel the bowl towards me and I take the one on top.

"Do you want me to read this out loud or keep it to myself? Who wrote these any ways?" I slowly unfold the small rectangle not wanting to read it before I have his final answer.

"You can keep it to yourself, and my students wrote them… Someone accidentally wrote two and I was just going to randomly throw one away before announcing who would get each role, but I guess you got lucky, now as much as I love you, you need to get going before my students show up to receive their roles. I'll see you at home." He turned away to walk to the front of the Black Box Theater and I finally stole a look at the character written on the small sheet.

A very flirtatious female, who has no sense of personal space, and is fascinated by any person who has a British accent.

I roll my eyes before tucking the small piece of paper into my back pocket. I haven't played the role of a flirt in a while, but if Sikowitz is inviting over the group of students from his birthday dinner that I can only hope that the olive-skinned boy has a character with an amazing British accent.


"James, I need a guy's opinion. How do I look? Be honest." I ask as I emerge from my bedroom. I finally settled on wearing a black dress that alternates between mesh and solid fabric, covering my chest and hips, but leaving very little to the imagination. The skirt of the dress is loose enough to create the idea of pleats and the hem barley reached three inches above my knee. I look up to make eye contact with him and his lack of response tells me all I need to know.

"Tori, I think you should change into something a little more… modest." He finally chokes out the words and I roll my eyes.

"Well that's the issue James…" I slowly close the distance between us and place my hand on his chest. "I'm not Tori, I'm Crystal, and I think that this dress is perfect." I smirk at him and turn around to grab my heels from the closet.

"It's not to late to back out of this… We can still go to that concert." He calls after me and I try my best to hide my annoyance.

"Why would I want to back out of this? I haven't been given to test my acting abilities in years, and this character that I was given is perfect. My dad is finally allowing me to be apart of his other life. Now you can go home and wait to go to your concert, or you can stay here and wait." I slip on my shoes and before he has the chance to answer there is a knock on the door.

"I'll get the door, you go let Sikowitz know that the guests are arriving." I tell James, as I stride past him and straight to the door. Show time.

I open the door and I'm greeted by a pair of deep brown eyes and extremely fluffy hair. I bite my lip in hopes of suppressing my smirk, but I know that he can still see it.

"'Ello miss, name's Malcolm Winchester Figglesworth. How are you this very fine evening?" He smiles and pulls me into an embrace. Once he lets go I take his hand and walk him over to the living room. Thank god he has a British accent.

"I'm Crystal. Crystal Waters. And I must say, my evening has taken a turn for the better since you showed up." I look at him through my lashes, a soft smile plastered on my face. He wears a smirk of his own as he pulls my body closer to his.

"Is that so? Well then Ms. Waters, I am very glad I was able to make it today." His eyes bore into mine an for moment I forget that we've only met once before.

"Oh! Guests! I'm so glad that both of you could make it tonight. Please make yourself comfortable." Sikowitz's voice snaps me back into reality, we take a few steps back from each other, and a small tinge of pink rises on Malcolm's cheeks. Before Sikowitz can comment on our still very close proximity, there is a soft knock on the door. "I'll get that, you two take a seat and continue to get to know one another." The older mans voice grows softer as he walks towards the door. Malcolm takes a seat on the couch and Crystal sees the perfect opening.

"Is this seat taken?" I ask, my voice is soft and shy although my intentions are far from that.

"No it's not, love, in fact none of these seats are. The better question is where do you want to sit." His voice is indifferent, but there is a playful smile on his face.

"Good." I smirk before sitting on his lap and turning my head to watch his expression. At first he seemed surprised but in the end he seems as though he could care less that I chose there.

"Are you sure you want to sit here lass? I mean an actual chair would probably be more comfortable." His voice wavered a bit and that was all I needed to know that I was winning this battle. I slowly adjusted myself so that I was practically straddling him.

I move my head so that my mouth was centimeters away from his ear. "Oh I'm more than comfortable." I slowly pull away and see him struggle to regain his composure.

Somebody clears their throat and I look around to see that the once empty room is now filled with the familiar faces from the restaurant. I smirk and reluctantly remove myself from the Englishman's lap.

"Ms. Waters, do you have your character slip?" Sikowitz asks and I give him a quizzical look, my fingers are still laced with the fluffy-haired actor.

"Character slip? I have no idea what you are talking about? I do however have this torn sheet of paper with your address written on it." I walk over to him and hand him the rectangular scrap that has my persona written on it. I give him a small smile before my eyes land on James.

"Well hello there, I don't think I've introduced myself. The name's Crystal Waters, but you can call me Crystal." I wink at him stopping inches from his face.

"What no pick up line? So I can't call you mine?" He wiggles his eyebrows and I playfully hit his chest.

"Now why would I lead you on, I mean you're cute and all, but not the complete package." I bite my lip and lower my eyes so that I'm staring at his lips.

"And who would be the complete package?" The British accented student speaks up and I turn my attention to him, yet again pressing my body flushed against his. I bring my lips to his ear and lower my voice so that only he can hear.

"You." I gently brush my lips against his.

"Who they hell is this skank?" A guest screeches and I sigh turning around to face the souther girl next door.

"Jade, I'm sorry, but you broke character. You must leave." Sikowitz tells the farm girl and I can see the rage build in her eyes.

"And you're telling me that she hasn't?" She yells back at him and I can hear his sigh.

"No she hasn't, now Jade, I hate to ask you again, but you know the rules." His voice trails of and the girl stomps over to the door before shooting me another death glare. She throws the door open and slams it behind her.

"Well that was interesting… Does anyone else hear a fly?" Sikowitz asks as he leave the kitchen with a fly swatter in his hand.

"Did he just pull that from the fridge?" Malcolm questions and I turn around to face him again. I smile to myself as I notice that his lips are now lightly colored red from my lipstick.

"That color fits you." I smirk wrapping my hands around his neck. He gives me a confused look before releasing what I meant. He reaches to his lips to wipe the pigment off and I let out a small laugh.

"Maybe you need to replace it then." He smirks and as I'm leaning in there is a loud crash and we both turn our head to see what happened.

"Sikowitz, are you okay?" The curly-haired boy with glasses runs over to the now broken window and the acting teacher just laughs.

"Robbie you broke character. Have a good night." Sikowitz responds as he climbs back into the apartment and Robbie sighs and heads to the door.

"Grandma, I'm in the middle of a competition." another voice tries to mumble into the phone.

"And now you lost the competition, sorry Andre, maybe next time." Sikowitz yells from the kitchen and the owner of the voice also leaves the apartment.

"Well it looks like there are only three of you left. James, what are you still doing here?" The teacher looks over to his nephew and the blonde lets out a frustrated groan.

"Well I though Tori was going to join me tonight, but it seems like she stood me up. And now I have a ticket that is going to go to waste." James glares at me and I smirk at him, one of my arms still wrapped around my target of the evening.

"I'll go with you." The redhead speaks up and Sikowitz sighs.

"Cat, you broke character."

"Yay!" The girl rips the small amp from her waist and throws it onto the table before wrapping her arms around James and leading him out the door with her.

"Alright then, Beck it looks like you won. You are more than welcome to stay here tonight, same with you Victoria, but I am going to bed. What ever you do do not look in the cabinet under the sink in my bathroom. Goodnight." Skiowitz retreats to his room and I turn to face Beck.

"Congratulations, I guess I should give you your personal space back now." I remove my arms from around him and start to walk away.

"You were the girl who sang to Sikowitz two weeks ago, right?" His eyes seem to be filled with hope. I bite my lip and nod in response. Smooth Tori, real smooth. "Aren't you dating Sikowitz's nephew, James?" I take another step back, but he takes a step forward.

"No, we're just friends. But aren't you dating Jade West? I mean, that's what James told me." I take another step back and he matches my movement.

"No, we broke up two weeks ago." He responds and he locks his eyes with mine. I take a third step backwards and I feel my back hit the wall. Shit. He uses this to his advantage and closes the space between us. "This is going to sound crazy, but I couldn't get your voice or your face out of my head these past two weeks." His face was right in front of mine, it would take very little effort to lean my head up and kiss him, but I stay in place. His eyes eyes glance down at my lips and I know that we are thinking the same thing. "I'm going to do something that could possible get me hurt in the long run, but I don't care." he breaths out the words before crashing his lips against mine.


Author's Note: Hehehehe yay, Bori fluff. I have no idea where this came from and I have no idea if you guys will even like it, but I had to take the chance. I didn't want Tori to be a cop like she was in the original episode because the gang didn't know her well enough to create that character for her, so instead I had someone slip in two characters (perhaps hoping to get it or hoping someone else wold get it). That being said, I know Beck didn't really follow his character perfectly, but it appeared like that because Tori was always throwing herself onto him. But next chapter will be fun because keep in mind, the only reason why Sikowitz isn't acting like Tori's dad is because he doesn't want his student to know that he has a daughter, but once his students are gone… I think you guys get where I'm going with this. As always feel free to leave a review, or not it's up to you. And I will see you all for my next update. ~Kelli.