Chapter 1 Mix Gold and Green. What do you get?

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"Chinese language"

*"You're an adrenaline junkie Harry. Even after the war has been won I know that you will soon feel restless and tense with energy. You need somethin that would excite you.. That would keep you entertained."

"What do you suppose I do then Hermione? People here want to tie me down. Keep me in a leash."

"Then leave." She suggested.

"What?" Surprise.

A Smile " Leave and go travel the world Harry. See the sights of the magical world as well as the muggle. Meet new people. Escape to have your own life."


"When you find yourself Harry. Tell us so we can be free with you too."*

*Three years later


"What do you think of opening up a Host club?"

"... I would think you have lost your mind and needed to be checked up in the nearest hospital for even suggesting something so stupid and crazy."

"Aw! Come on Hermione!"

"No Harry."

"Fine, how about a regular night club with a hidden Host club underneath."


"Come on 'Moine! I Heard that the twins have been a bit restless and I know that they would agree to join in on the plan."

"And this has to do with me how?"

"Well... we need someone who will be able to handle the finances and all that jazz."

"Don't you already know how to handle that Harry?"

"... Well yes but.."


"Please Hermione? After three years of it all I feel like this will be the right choice for me. I just know it."

"... Fine"*

Two years later

A soft sigh passed through his lips as he watched the party go on. Bored out of his mind he sipped the last of his champagne and scanned the area around of happily chatting business people. The large party was for some charity that had many high CEOs, politicians, and guests mingling around each other. While Harry James Potter - now known as Hariku Akamatsu - stood bored out of his mind.

Invited to this gathering by his Chinese friend Xio Ling, who was the owner of the third highest trading route, he had made his donations and greeted a few people who he knew, before finding an empty spot to blend into the wall.

Seeing that things wont be any different for a while Harry grabbed another glass of champagne from a passing waiter and took another sip. His thoughts going back to his business and the plan of expanding again to Kyoto.

Two years. Two year since he had started his club business Harry had grown to a chain of night clubs in japan and in growing Asia. As his work continued to grow to a rising business, Harry had steadily come to understand the world around him more and more. Well to be more precise, The underworld.

It was impossible for Harry to avoid that world after slowly becoming known. When he had realized that, Harry had started to observe. Gather information on who's, who. What did they do, where did they stand in the business food chain, how they got there and just how dirty they truly were. As he learned Harry had started to notice that his own business had become a sanctuary of the sorts for those that needed it.

Deals were made, meetings were met, sketchy trades were set up, Harry was fine with it. He listened and took in the information but he never interfered. As long as what was his didn't get involved and hurt, he was fine with just observing.

After one of his girls had almost gotten raped by a high politician that had failed to succeed in making a business deal. Harry's bodyguards had interfered and took the man to an empty room where Harry himself had beaten the man half to death, then throwing him outside of his club, for the world to see.

Not a day later the tabloids had reported the man's attempted rape and hidden business deals that the world didn't know about. Drawing outrage from the public, a divorce from his wife, scorn from his colleges and total loss of respect from those that knew him. Because of hurting what belonged to Harry, Harry had completely and instantly destroyed the man's life in a single blow. And he had done it silently and quickly, like a snake striking in an instant and killing it in a matter of minutes. Ruthlessly and quietly.

Harry didn't care what shady business others had. As long as what belongs to HIM didn't get hurt in what they were involved with then he was fine with it.

After that scandal, people from the high food chain understood Harry's silent rule in his clubs. Their secrets were safe within the club owners walls as long as they don't step over the line and involve his workers.

That silent rule that Harry had set had earned a lot more business than expected. Secrets were kept and he was respected for it. Hermione had pointed it out to him but he had shrugged and just said that it was fine as long as they followed the rules. Plus, It was better business.

Now after Two years of steadily rising business, Harry was planning on building a hotel resort with a hidden club underground, but there was a were a few walls they needed to take down first.

Humming Harry took another sip before looking up and scanning the party around him again. Jolting lightly in surprise when he was pinned to his spot by sharp golden eyes that stared straight at him.

Confused, Harry discretely looked to see if there was anyone else around him and when he noticed that he wasn't he looked back up to see those golden eyes flash with amusement and lips tilted into a smirk that had Harry a bit annoyed at its arrogance.

His own Emerald eyes narrowed at the golden orbs that stared at him. Which had then caused the small smirk on the others lips to grow larger, as if finding this reaction funny. This time Harry frowned lightly and glared at the amused face, now looking on just who the hell the man was.

He stood tall around 6'1 wearing what looked like a custom made three piece suit. Observing more closely Harry could see that the male was the perfect balance of bulk and athletic (Probably had rippled abbs Harry thought absentmindedly). Hair elegantly slicked back for the high class sophisticated look. Sharp firm jaw, high cheek bones with piercing golden eyes.

Wait... golden?

Harry narrowed his eyes and stared straight into those sharp gold eyes. Thoughts ran through his mind on just who this man was and if he was a creature or not. An elegant brow quirked up at him making Harry realize that his observance was too obvious, causing him to lightly blush at his slip. The amusement shining in those golden eyes seemed to be mocking him, and that made Hariku scowl even more at the tall mans observing.

Preparing to give his own imitation of a 'Snape-Death-Glare' an elder politician had taken the man's attention away from him, making Hariku feel unsatisfied with that small confrontation. Scowling -pouting- Hariku huffed in mild irritation he finished the last of his drink and went to find Xio Ling to say his good byes before leaving. It was getting late and he needed to be up early tomorrow. Well it was only 10:50 but its no one's business to keep him here any longer.

Spotting his prey, she stood tall at 5'8, long silky black hair was pulled back in the corner of her ear by a unique designed comb, falling smoothly down to her upper thighs. Wearing a traditional Chinese dress that exposed her right leg, revealing the beautifully elegant dragon that curled around her smooth skin. To those that were part of the underworld it showed her status of the triad leaders. But to those that didn't know of the underworld... well it is a beautifully made tattoo that showed her independence, strength, and most of all, Loyalty.

"Xio Ling." Harry smoothly walked up to his close friend, politely nodding to the men who were with her before hand. "It's getting late Ling. I'm heading home for tonight" He fluently spoke to her in Chinese with a small smile.

"You didn't find anything interesting tonight Hari? I would have thought you would since this is such a big charity party." Xio Ling said as she briefly nodded with a small farewell to the CEOs that were talking business with her and looked at the raven. She tilted her head subtly when she noticed that he had hesitated a little. "Oh? So you did find something?"

Shaking his head Hariku sighed in faint annoyance "No. Just something that irritated me." Looking around Hariku had spotted the man that had irritated him with his smirk and gleaming eyes, talking to an elder male across the room. The emerald eyed wizard glared at the man, and as if feeling his scathing look golden orbs turned and locked onto his once more. Then smirked again in the same way that had Harry bristle at its arrogance. Releasing an unconscious growl and fierce glare at the man's audacity, Hariku didn't noticed the surprised look from Xio Ling at how he was unusually acting. Knowing him and learning his past from Hermione, Xio Ling had heard from her that Harry had slowly gotten control of his impulsive anger and now had good control of emotions. But seeing Hariku now so easily riled up, it had surprised her. Following Hariku's eyes her eyes widened even more at just who her friend was glaring at.

Asami Ryuichi, the top underground Yakuza lord. Only at the age of 30, Asami had build his empire in the underworld. Creating many business chains from hotels, restaurants, resorts, and even private clubs exclusively for high class people. In the underworld he ruled an iron fist in japan. Keeping a close eye on drug trades, profiting and trading overseas with other leaders it was dealt with quietly and fluently. If there was a traitor in his line of business, the rat wouldn't be seen, heard ever again. Never to be even thought of. There was a reason why Asami Ryuichi had gained both fear and high respect from many. His charisma and persuading words as well as his strong firm control of his work made many willingly serve him.

Xio ling had great respect for the man since she had a few business dealing with him, but she was greatly surprised that Hariku didn't know of the powerful man with what to do with Hari's own business. She'd expected that her friend had already met him, but it seems like she was wrong.

Looking more closely at her friend, Xio Ling couldn't help but feel a small sadistic part of her light up at the prospect of keeping information from Hariku. After all... Hari had valued information since the start of his job. Keeping what she knew of Asami from him tickled her to no end. It's been a while since she had something entertain her and the triad leader felt like things were about to get even more interesting with The top underworld lord of japan and the Sanctuary Snake.

Inwardly smirking she curiously tilted his head "Hari?" It took all Lings strict self control to hide her amusement that was about to be shown in her eyes from seeing the irked expression in those bright emerald eyes.

"Xio Ling. Who is that man?" Hariku asked as he looked at his Chinese friend with a small frown.

"Who? She asked with a confused look when he faced her.

"That man. Over there on the other side of the room talking to Hamada-san of the Construction Corp." Hari titled his head at who he was talking about and Xio Ling pretended to scan the room before landing her sights on Asami. "See him?"

She nodded. In her mind she was laughing at the situation of how ironic it was to know that Hari; the owner and keeper of secrets of the underworld. Doesn't even know the top king of said underworld in japan. 'God this is going to be too funny.' She thought

"Do you know that man?" Hari interrupted her thoughts as he looked back at Asami with the same small frown.

Xio ling had to bite her tongue from laughing at how adorable Harry was acting and instead frowned and shook her head in negative. "No. Why? Did something happen between you two Hariku?"

Hariku stayed silent for a few moments before sighing and shaking his head. "No Ling. Nothing happened." The club owner shook his head before smiling to his friend and planted a polite kiss to her cheek and a small nod to her "I'll see you next month Xio. Be safe on your way home okay?"

Xio ling chuckled with a smile of her own and nodded to her friend. "Of course Hariku, you as well. Do keep in touch with me this time love. I get bored with so much monotone business sometimes."

Hariku smirked with a fond shake of his head. "Only you would find leading a part of the triad boring Ling." He laughed quietly sharing amused looks with the beautiful woman before lifting her hand and placing a gentlemanly kiss to her knuckles. "Good night Xio Ling." He said smoothly before turning and disappearing in the crowd, leaving the party.

Xio ling smirked and let out a soft chuckle as she finished her wine, knowing that someone was approaching her from behind. "I'm curious onto why you have shown so much interest in my friend Asami-sama... Also on what you did to get Hari to react to you like that." She spoke in clear Japanese to the drug lord behind her. Turning around to meet amused golden eyes.

"I have done nothing but observe him if you're curious Xio Ling." Asami spoke with his smirk still tilted in his lips. Skillfully and elegantly lifting up his own glass to sip his drink. "I've heard rumors from many of our associates about a sanctuary that is the perfect place to hold meetings and hide secrets that need to be hid."

"Oh?" Ling quirked her brow but her eyes gleamed with interest.

"Yes. I've heard of the exclusive Snake's sanctuary but it hasn't captured my interest in the past. Until a small nuisance that had been pestering me a a few weeks ago, suddenly had his company had crumbled into bankruptcy. The last place he was seen as a growing CEO, he was seen in a popular high class host club."

"Hmm..." Xio Ling hummed in thought as she remembered Harry telling her about a cocky pathetic little worm trying to inappropriately touch his younger workers. Bribing Ami with his drugs and almost sexually harassing her. Hariku had dealt with the scum like all the rest of those that forget to know their place in his territory. Destroying and obliterating their lives a day after he half beats them half to death. "Curious no?" She smiled slyly as she looked into Asami's eyes.

Asami chuckled at Ling's playfulness and Xio ling smirked lightly. "I'm willing to give you limited free information to you Asami-sama. If, that is, you're really curious of my precious little snake."

Asami was surprised and with the small twitch of his lips were a give away Ling didn't mention it, but lightly placed her glass down on a passing tray.

"You know better than to say it is free Xio ling. After all these years we've known each other." The tall man spoke knowingly making the Chinese's lady chuckled quietly.

"Well... Future entertainment will most likely be my payment if what I thought I saw between you two was right, Asami-sama."

"Oh? And what is exactly is that Xio ling?"

The triad leader smirked and tilted her head "You are a predator Asami-sama. There is no doubt about that." She chuckled and shook her head when she remembered Hariku's bristled glare "Hariku on the other had is a unique type of predator. He cares not for someone who was weaker than him. Finding someone who can't best him in taming him isn't worthy of his time... and pleasure." Xio Ling's smirk grew as she looked up to Asami's gleaming eyes that shined with interest ad well as something darker that she couldn't really place right now. "Tonight when I noticed that small interaction between you two... Hariku had reacted to you. Trust me when I say this Asami-sama..." Xio Ling smiled mischievously and turned away "Hariku. Never. Reacts."

Not seeing The Yakuza's expression when he soaked in that information, The beautiful woman looked back with a smile. "Good night Asami-sama. I'm looking forward to our future business meetings and the results of our deals." She nodded and gracefully walked away. Meeting up with her bodyguards and leaving the party.

Asami stood there in deep thought as he drank his wine. His eyes sharp but held a gleam of something while his mind ran through the words he had heard. Thinking back to the bright Emerald eyes that had sparked a challenge in him when they glared fiercely at him. It had amused him as well as perked his curiosity when he had observed the beauty from afar. Lithe form that held both grace and hidden strength as well as speed. Hair darker than black and eyes that put the brightest emerald, Asami had ever seen, to shame. When meeting those unique eyes with his own, he couldn't help but smirk at how utterly bored the male had looked. But when those eyes had darkened slightly and glared at him he was then intrigued. A challenge. Wanting to see more of how those eyes will react to him Asami had purposely provoked the now glaring male. Chuckling softly in amusement on how he easily succeed, the older man was surprised that he was being checked over by the Emerald eyed raven

Something inside him purred darkly at the brief thought of capturing the defiant creature. It's been a while since someone had the nerve and guts to stand up to him.

A hunt. With what Xio Ling had told him, Asami knew he was in for something interesting if he pursued this little game. He smirked. Things were definitely going to be interesting from now on.

What Asami didn't know that with the start of his hunt everything is going to change for the both of them.

Two worlds both begin to intertwining as an invisible red string of fate ties Harry Potter and Asami Ryuichi together.

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