Chapter 2 Curiosity killed the cat, but did satisfaction brought it back?

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The night was young and alive in the red light district in one of the areas of Japan. Night clubs for all ages, sex shops, strip clubs, bars, Adult theaters and many more were all explored under the dark sky where only the moon and stars as its witness. Persuading whispers of temptations drew lonely men into open doors. Quiet promises to sooth loneliness drew singles to drown out their sorrows. Seduction in every corner. Sin lurking in the shadows. Lust stirred with a dash of desire and a hint of regret filled the air. Yes, this is the night life of the red district.

There are many prestigious clubs that drew attention of many. For high class people to low income men, there were a lot of choices to satisfy every individuals pick of poison. One that stood and chosen more than others. Filled with an air of acceptance as well as the teasing aroma of sinful seduction, one would step in and be introduced... into a new world all of its own.

"Welcome cute little souls~!" A tall red headed devil greeted with a Cheshire grin as he bowed elegantly to the two new girls that timidly walked through the doors of 'Snakes Sanctuary'.

"Don't be shy little ones~" A red headed Angel continued with a similar grin but was a tad gentler.

"Come join us at a table~" The devil dressed man purred as he placed a hand behind one of the girls back, the twin Angel doing the same with the other.

"We won't bite..." The Angel smirked at other.

"Well.. Not harshly" The two host chuckled darkly as the two girls blushed in embarrassment when they were lead to a curved couch by the wall.

Gently nudging the two girls in between them, the two twins grinned in a similar way. The one on the left side of the girls dressed as the devil had two curved horns resting on his temples, sharp fangs that peaked out from his lips as well as black tattoos decorating his neck and upper jaw to give him a unique look. A slick black suit that had the first two buttons of his dress shirt loose. Just to give everyone who looked, a tease of flesh and hint of seduction. The Angel dressed twin had a glowing ring floating above his head (the girls just assumed it was a party trick or something). A similar tattoo on the other side of the Angels jaw, but instead of black it was silver. There were no fangs peaking from the angel's lips but his eyes had a soft glow in them, that drew in innocents that stared too deeply into them. A similar slick white suit fitted the twin. Loosened shirt held the same seductive pull as the devil. But what most don't realize was that was more dangerous because many would easily be pulled to the Angel than the Devil.

The twins grinned widely at the blushing customers. "We are the Kawasaki Twins little souls." The Devil introduced with a small open smirk.

"You may call us anything you prefer, but if not then you can call me Shigehiko" The Angel told them with a smile.

"And me Fujiwara" The devil purred when he leaned in to the blushing girl beside him.

"It would be our pleasure"

"To serve you tonight."

"So please little souls"

"Tell us what"

"You desire tonight."

The girls were red with embarrassment and confusion by how open the twins flirted with them and why they called them 'souls'. Arms hanging behind their shoulders and leaning into their personal bubbles. The twins were secretly amused at how cute and green the girls were, and was heavily enjoying their time lightly teasing them. One of the blushing girls looked around the club and noticed that all the workers and hosts were dressed up in different costumes. The servers only had small wings and tails trailing behind them either being angels or demons. The Hosts however were fully dressed as angels and demons, entertaining the customers that came in to enjoy their time.

Seeing the observation and curiosity in the girls eyes Shigehiko let out a soft laugh. "Wondering whats with all the dress up little one?" He asked, gaining her attention and a hesitant nod.

Fujiwara hummed "Well since Halloween is at the end of the week"

"Our beautiful boss lady decided to have us dress up as a fun event this week."

"Lucky for you beautiful mortals." The angel continued for the devil, "You came at the right time."

The two chuckled at the increasing blushes from their customers, but silenced and snapped their heads in towards the direction of a sudden shout of one of the female hosts.

"I said let go of me sir!" The woman harshly pulled away from an obviously drunk stubborn male that was trying to pull the hostess closer.

"Don't be like that! I just want a little taste!" The customer leered in a demanding way, reaching up to grab the workers wrist once again, but was stopped when a another hand went to grab his own. "Wha?" He slurred confusingly.

"Excuse me sir." A well dressed red-headed devil smiled darkly at the male. "You're time with your host has run out."

"If you would kindly leave without resistance." An angel appeared on the other side of the restrained customer with the same dark wide smile.

"Then we won't call security to show you out." They both said calmly, but was brushed off when the man pulled his hand away from Fujiwara and took an unsteady step back and glared.

"Who the fuck are you to interfere?" The drunk growled and puffed up his chest in an arrogant way "Do you know who I am?!"

"No." A calm smooth voice interrupted the mans would be speech. All eyes turn towards the figure who spoke. Seeing a well dressed raven haired man with two demon horns on his temples as well as a Halo hovering over his head, making it an obvious sign that he was the owner of the club. He wasn't just dressed up as only an angel, but a devil as well. Even though he dressed in a costume, many customers understood that he ruled this club and all of its workers in it, no questions asked. A few sharp tattoos painted his left cheek and his emerald eyes glowed in anger and power. "I don't know who you are... And frankly I don't really care what a worm like you do for work."

"Hariku-sama" The hostess that who had been harassed whispered with a small smile of relief. Hariku smiled reassuringly to his employee and waved the twins away to tell them to go back to their customers. Seeing that they did, his eyes slowly turned back to look at the unsteady man.

Either drunk or with stupidity the man didn't back down and instead took a step forward. "Who the fuck are you? Huh?! Is that little bitch your whore?!" The customer foolishly insulted, making green eyes narrow.

Snapping his fingers in a quick movement two large men dressed as demons grabbed hold of the man and quickly dragged him him away with muffled shouts and protest. Once the disruption was dealt with Hariku changed his demeanor and smiled kindly and politely to the audience who had witnessed the scene.

"Please forgive the sudden commotion everyone. As apology for such a rough scene I would like for everyone to have one free drink of any choice. Please, do continue to enjoy your night." He said smoothly with a small bow, easily turning and disappearing through the door the security men had walked through. Leaving everyone slowly returning back to their activities. The hosts returning to their jobs in reassuring and serving their customers as if nothing had happened.

Harriku growled under his breath as his annoyance increased due to the interruption of his research he was doing. Three days. It's been three damn days and that irritatingly piercing golden eyes STILL lingered in Hariku's mind. Curiosity burned inside of Harry like gas to fire. Who was this man? What did he do? What was his business? Did he work in the underworld? What were his dirty secrets? Questions over questions piled inside of Harry's ever curious mind, and to satisfy those questions Hariku started to search up on who was the golden eyes male.

After the first day he found out that those sharp golden eyes belonged to the multi-business owner Asami Ryuichi. A muggle who graduated from the highly prestigious Teiou University, majoring in Economics and Business. Asami was one of the top five students that had high honors and positive recommendations from many well known business owners. Birthday August 4, Height at 186 cm, weight 78 kg, blood type AB, shoe size 28 cm. Wait shoe size? Hariku was confused on why there would there be Asami's exact shoe size in the information he had found. Who would want to know your shoe size?

Shaking his head, Harry had then searched deeper into who exactly Asami Ryuichi was. There were rumors of Asami dealing in shady deals and business with the underworld. Seemingly having connections with underworld leaders in China, but no solid evidence were really found by the authorities. That fact had the wizard both impressed and frustrated. How was it possible to have connections with the high leaders of underworld China if Xio ling - the third leader of the Triads- said that she didn't know who he was.

A pause and a sudden hit of realization had made Harry growl in anger at how easily Xio Ling had tricked him. That woman and her need for entertainment annoyed Harry to no end sometimes. Adding with no real background of Asami's past had Harry more exasperated.

The second and third day of research, Harry had found out all the businesses that Asami owns. A bit surprised that he was the owner of the highly known club Sion and club Fixer. Harry was a little jealous of how easy club Sion grabs all the high politicians and CEOs, making him envy and needy of all the secrets that are spoken within those walls. Information and secrets are key essentials when lurking in the underworld, that Harry had come to appreciate during the years of his own business.

Digging deeper into the internet Harry was taken aback when he suddenly stumbled upon a bit more information on his target. Asami had left Hong Kong for a mysterious reason after two years, and was now raising his own business. The reasons for being in Hong Kong were rumored to connect to the drug Syndicate Baishe. Before Hariku could read anymore information about Asami, his office door was quickly knocked on and then opened by a flustered server, telling him that there was a problem going down with one of the customers and hostesses.

So now, after dealing with the small problem on the main floor Harry calmly walked down the hall leading to the lower floors. Reaching the end of the long hall and opening the door, Harry came too see that the man who caused all the ruckus in his club on the floor coughing and out of breath. He was already beaten down with a broken nose and swollen eye. Yang, the first muscular large male who had his bulky arms crossed over his chest, nodded in greeting to his boss. He had red horns perched on the top of his head and a chained skull necklace, and fangs to complete the threatening look.

"We found out that he's a low income worker that apparently works for a small construction company." The deep tenor of Yang's voice made Harry hum and hold out his hand. Easily understanding the huge security guard handed Hariku the company business card and wallet, ignoring the grunts and yelps of pain from the man that was getting beaten by Shin - the other Security guard- who was similarly dressed as Yang. It was funny to see the two intimidating men dressed up like the rest of the employees in the club. Even more funny at the fact that it was the girls that forced them to dress up for the clubs themed week.

"His cellphone?" Question the Deviled Angel, as he looked through the newly known Yamada Hiroshima's wallet.

"On the side table, Hariku-sama." Yang intoned obediently earning a nod.

"Alright. Enough Shin." Harry commanded looking up to see his guard take a step back from the beaten harasser with bloodied knuckles, a wide grin stretched on his lips. Though not as bulky and huge as Yang, Shin still manages to hit very VERY hard to his opponent. Harry had gained both their attention and respect when they had heard that he had taken down a Yakuza group single-handedly when one of the girls were suffering abuse. That girl was their little sister. Harry was intrigued and curious about the two when they had come to thank him personally for saving their younger sibling, hiring them on the spot as bodyguards, when they asked how they could repay him.

Now after two year of working under Hariku, he gained both their trust, loyalty and friendship. Harry couldn't be more satisfied with better guards in his club.

Huffing at finding the information of Yamada, Harry wasn't a all impressed with what he found. Assuming the man had just gotten a promotion or raise if his earlier words were to go by. The wizard walked up to the half conscious man and crouched down to grab his hair and roughly yanking it so that he could face him. A gurgled whimper from Yamada made Harry clench his fist tighter so that swollen eyes weakly open to face him. "If you walk into a normal host club, Yamada-san" Hariku pleasantly started as he stared into pained eyes "There is a rule that states that harassment towards hosts or hostesses will be dealt with by being thrown out of said club." Tilting his head to the side and narrowing his eyes to stare down at Yamada in anger "For my clubs, however, if hurting and harassing anyone that works under me... they'll suffer a much more harsher punishment."

Yamada whimpered in pain when his head was tilted back in an even more uncomfortable position by Hariku.

"You not only harassed my angel Yamada, you insulted her as well by calling her such unsavory things." Glowing green eyes pierced through Yamada, causing a cold shiver course through his already weak body at the sight of the restrained anger aimed towards him. "There are a few things I hate more than anything in this world. Being manipulated, being controlled, and finding out that someone who's under MY protection get hurt." Harry growled softly as he slammed Yamada's head to the ground earning a loud grunt "No one hurts what is mine little worm. Especially by someone as small as you." Slamming the pathetic man's head to the floor once more to knock him out Harry pulled away and shook his head in light annoyance. "Throw him out Yang, Shin. I'll have Emiko take care of the rest. Banning him from the red light district and having him fired from his job should teach him a lesson."

The two men nodded silently. Picking up Yamada by the arms and dragging the passed out man out the door to the back of the club throw him outside in the alleyway.

Now alone, Harry walked over to pick up Yamada's cellphone on the table an walked out the room to head back to his office. One of the best ways to destroy anyone's life nowadays is through technology, or more specifically going through their personal information via cellphone or computer. It pleased Hariku because it was the fastest way to deal with annoying pests that sometimes wander in his club.

Finally reaching his office Harry took a seat in his comfy leather chair behind his desk and connected Yamada's cell to his laptop and waited for it to load. While waiting he looked up when he heard his door open and saw a beautiful brown haired woman walk in with a tablet cradled in her right arm. She had the similar costume as the rest of the women hosts in the club as an angel.

"Everything has been taken cared of Harry. Dealt with the pest and everything is going smoothly with business tonight." Looking down to the tablet and confirming the profit of the night she nodded.

Releasing a loud sigh of relief, Hariku smiled with gratefulness to his childhood friend. "Thanks Hermione. Any lingering problems with my angels?" He asked with concern for the hostess that had to deal with the worm.

Shaking her head in negative Hermione smiled at the tone of worry in Harry's voice. "Everything is fine Hariku." She told him but then remembered something else. "Oh! I need your final signature for the building that I've selected for the club near the southern district Harry. We can look at the details and structure of the building before having workers and designers start working on it."

Hariku groaned softly. "We'll need to have Fred and George watch over the sanctuary and entertain the customers on Halloween then if we want to take care of the new club details quickly then." Even after so many years Harry still hated Hallows eve to his very core.

Hermione rolled her eyes and sighed quietly at her bosses reluctance on doing anything on the 31st of October. It took her two years out five to actually realize that Harry wasn't really exaggerating when he says that its a day that Fate makes him her bitch. Hermione and a few others had tried their best in preventing anything chaotic from happening to Harry, but they had failed spectacularly so far. Don't ask about the details. Just trust Hermione when she says that Harry doesn't look for trouble, it just finds him.

"Worried Hariku?" Emiko asked while she passed her tablet for Harriku to sign on, tilting her head to look at her best friend's expressions closely.

Releasing a sigh and tiredly rubbing his faded scar on his forehead Harry shrugged. "Yes, but can you blame me for being so?" He asked in which Hermione shook her head to say no. "I already have a bad feeling in my gut telling me that something will go wrong or completely unexpected."

Furrowing her brows, now concerned "Should we move the day to next week Harry?" Hermione asked looking at her closest friend.

Harry was silent for a few minutes before he finally shook his head and replied "No. There would be no point in stalling any longer than planned Emiko." Signing the contract on the tablet to finalize everything Hariku handed it back to Hermione with a sigh "Only two more days till the 31st. I'm wary about it but business comes first."

Emiko stared at Harry before sighing as well and nodding "Alright." She said turning to head to the door but stopped to look back at Harry, who felt a shiver run down his spine on seeing that and playful smirk aimed at him "Before I go, don't forget that tomorrow's theme is animals. So don't bother trying to hide from the girls okay, Hariku-sama?" Hermione remind her boss with a silent threat in her eyes.

Not bothering to wait for an answer or excuse Emiko walked out with a quiet shut to his door. He may be the owner and founder of all his clubs, but Hermione was the one who took care of structuring his business. Its why most workers call her boss, because anything if of that financially or physically goes wrong with anything that has to do with the clubs? Hermione knows it, and deals with it quickly and skillfully like a top ranked professional. It scares Harry sometime on how good Hermione is at her job, but he doesn't regret it.

Shaking his head to clear his wandering thoughts Harry looked back down to see if the information from the cellphone had completely loaded to his screen. Seeing that it was the wizard started to look through the files that were shown. Going pass useless and unimportant information Harry felt a bit put out on finding nothing good so far.

After five minutes of clicking away, Hariku instantly perked up with interest when he finally stumbled on a video message that had the word 'FILE: 2874687-548836'. It was the only one in Yamada's cell that peeked the wizards attention. Getting ready to click of the video Harry suddenly paused his movements over his mouse when his magic tingled through his fingertips. His lips twitched into a small frown when his instincts whispered in this mind. Telling him that something unpleasant is in that video message if he opened it.

After years of listening his instincts, it would be obvious for Harry to just ignore the video file and move on to other information he might find, but... Harry wasn't sorted in Gryffindor for no reason. While his instincts had gotten better in detecting any threats, his curiosity for the unknown had increased as well. Emiko had all but given up on trying to control his untamable curious nature when ever it reared its head. The prospect of thrill in finding a new challenge or adventure or even just a new secret never seem to tire Hariku out. The battle between instinct and curiosity was a fierce one for the emerald eyed raven every time his magic tingled up to warn him like this. Now facing with the same battle going inside his mind Harry scowled in decision on whether to open the video message or not.

A long agonizing minute passed before curiosity had won inside Harry. Quickly giving in and clicking the file to open up, Harry was struck in total shock at what he saw.

Sharp golden eyes. The same pair of golden eyes that had been haunting his mind for three days stared right back at him with an amused light shining in them. A knowing smirk stretch onto smooth lips in a knowing way that had Harry's eyes widen in disbelief.

"No way..." Hariku whispered in incredulity as Asami leaned back in what looked to be his office chair. Dressed in a designers three piece suit, hands folded and leg resting over the other like a royal would do when looking down at someone. Harry was struck in his place at the sight jolting out of his shock when he heard a baritone chuckle that caressed his ears like silk coming from the screen.

"It looks like a curious little kitten has stumbled into something he's not suppose to." Asami purred as he leaned back to stare at Harry's eyes deeply, which, in the wizards mind was impossible because this was a video MESSAGE. Snapping his attention to what Asami had said Harry's beautiful emerald eyes furrowed slowly into a growing scowl. Did this bastard just call him 'kitten'?!

The Sion owner tilted his head to the side, somehow making it seem that his eyes grow sharper. "You've been looking up information on me for a few day now curious cat. That's a very dangerous thing to do if you don't want to be caught."

"How did-?"

"I ALWAYS know who searches information about me, Akamatsu Hariku ." Asami interrupted him. Answering the wizards unspoken question before he could even say it aloud. "I have to admit though. I was surprised on how quickly you went to work when we only have made eye contact the night before." The mocking smirk on those lips made Harry's eye twitch in growing ire. "Three days under observation has me quite impressed on how you run your business Hariku. Very well maintained." Those word were spoken which made Harry freeze once more in alarm.

That was when he realized that he had been made for a fool. Secretly manipulated from the very first night he started looking up information on the high class club owner. That man he punished not an hour ago, Yamada. He was a spy for Asami. There was no doubt that there must have been two different spies that had come in for Asami, but Yamada was most likely told to be confront Hariku tonight, and like a well played actor. He did his part and completely fooled the wizard in the easiest way in gaining his attention. By harassing what is his.

Harry felt his magic ripple under his skin in growing anger. Bright swirling green eyes now glared fiercely at his computer screen as if wishing to burn the man in the video, but knew that even with his magic he couldn't. Those eyes flashed with power when Asami just smirked back at him, as if knowing what his reaction would be.

"I'll let you off just this once for digging into my business Akamatsu since I received information about you as well" Asami's smug look made it obvious to Harry that the other man had more information about him than he does on Asami. "But let me give you this only warning curious little kitten."

Harry's magic started to spark and crackle in the air around him when Asami had once again called him that cursed word. His anger and displeasure rising at the tone the older man took, but it also had Harry's curious attention.

"Don't pry for any more information about me and my business." Asami narrowed his golden eyes in warning and command while Harry glared back in defiance at the screen "If you do... Then you will be punished." Golden eyes shined with challenge as Asami smirked at Hariku.

Harry's anger snapped and his magic surged in a huge pulse within his office, instantly killing anything electronic in an instant. Feeling a small bit of satisfaction when his computer screen was pitch black, shutting off his view of Asami Ryuichi from his sights.


Harry hated being manipulated. After everything he went through in Britain's Wizarding world Harry detested being controlled by others. He had enough manipulation in his past to last two lifetimes from that old man Dumbledore already; who had spectacularly destroyed his childhood. He escaped Britain's leash for a reason, but to be made a fool in his own club, here in japan, by this Yakuza of all people?

Harry won't stand for it.

Frowning deeply, Hariku crossed his arms over his chest and leaned back in his comfy chair, deep in thought. Harry could stop where he was right now. Calm his anger and magic down to a simmer and stop his pursuit on the Golden eyed man ... But being fooled so easily by Asami and listening him like an obedient little minion won't do at all. No... not at all.

Hariku Akamatsu, or formally known Harry James Potter, doesn't take shit from anyone, and Asami Ryuichi isn't an exception.

Soft lips curled into an eager evil grin and Emerald colored eyes shined with eager anticipation. Asami Ryuichi won't know what hit him once Harry has his revenge.

No one makes him look like a fool and gets away with it. No one.

Two days later

"Over here?"

"Move those to the corner!"

"Where do you want these?"

"That goes in the back. Next to the other boxes."

Harry released a long sigh of exhaustion when he took a seat in one of the small chairs in the corner. Looking around, hired workers swiftly moved furniture, supplies, and other important boxes for the newest club in different areas.

Having on deciding to take care of everything today by having all the new imported designs be set up since the early morning of the 31st had everyone frazzled and flustered. Being so busy with his newest club set up had Harry's worry sit in the back of his mind. Too busy working to worry about the date of the month made things a little bit easier for Hariku as he gave out orders and helped around here and there. Even his plans on revenge on Asami was in the back of his mind right now.

After the night of watching the video, Harry had ignored Asami's warning and decided to look even deeper into the man's life. Finding a bit of information about his shady deals and his connections with the high CEOs and politicians in Asia. Slowly forming up some kind of revenge to let Asami know just who he messed with was apparently taking longer than he expected it too due to the hectic plans for the new club. Hermione had scolded him on the second day for being on his computer too long and not helping out the others. So plans of revenge were pushed back and the club prep was pushed in front.

Now resting for a bit, Harry closed his eyes to relax for a while, but then heard two sudden yelps from his right. Snapping his eyes open he flinched when he was splashed in the face by two different colored liquid. Coughing at the abrupt surprise Hariku wiped his eyes to look up and see two paled red-headed twins staring at him in horror.

Scowling at the clumsy idiots Harry growled in annoyance at the mess now on him "Shigehiko... Fujiwara..."

Hearing that scary tone from their boss they slowly backed away "A-ah... Well will you look at the time..." Fujiwara stuttered as he looked at his naked wrist

"W-we're late for that meeting for that thing right Fuji...?" Shigehiko stammered while he backed away from Harry who stared at both of them

"R-Right you a-are Shige..."

The workers of the club had stopped to watch the amusing the scene between the twins and their boss. The usual entertainment whenever the twins fool around and get in trouble with Hariku.

"Fred... George" Harry murmured in a dark voice that had the twins tense at that tone. Paling even further at the thought of the punishment that the emerald eyed wizard would definitely bestow upon them.

Quickly scanning their surroundings Fujiwara spotted the closest exit He glanced at his twin in a silent signal. Right before they could escape from Harry's wrath. Harry suddenly started coughing violently before falling to the floor in a faint, drawing startled shouts of his name from those around him.

Slowly coming too Hariku groaned softly in nausea. Shivers racked his entire body as he weakly opened his eyes and shakily sat up. Looking at his surroundings he realized that he was in his new office private room, where he had set up the day before. His closet through the door in the corner, the bathroom right next to it. His office door to the right of him and a small desk right by the head of his queen sized bed with a glass and pitcher of water resting on it.

"Thank goodness you're up!" Emerald eyes turned to see Emiko walk up to his side with relief in her eyes. She reached up to feel his forehead making him sigh in pleasure at the warmth.

"What happened Hermione?" Harry mumbled as he gratefully took a pepper up potion. Downing it in one go, sighing in relief when the dizziness of the room steadied and the pain in his head vanished quickly.

"The twins had accidentally split two experimented potions that they were working on" Emiko explained as she sat beside him with a blank stare that had quickly made Hariku tense at the expression.

"What happened to me Emiko." Harry spoke softly in demand.

Hermione stared at her friend for a moment before she release out a long sigh of reluctance. "I did a scan on you after you had fainted and the results showed me that your magic has drastically decreased until it was near a squib level."

"WHAT?!" Harry shrieked in growing horror.

"It's only temporary though!" Hermione quickly reassured her panicking friend "I did another scan and had found out that your magic is steadily albeit slowly increasing. Guessing a rough estimate if your magic continues on growing you'll be at full 100% tomorrow morning."

Speechless and a little more than shocked Harry plopped back down with a groan of annoyed resentment. "Where are the twins right now?" Harry asked as he covered his eyes with his arm.

Hermione, this time, scowled in her own annoyance. "They apparated out after telling me what happened to you"

Glaring at the ceiling, Harry's eyes gleamed when he thought of the punishments he'll inflict on the Fred and George when they show up later.

After a long moment of silence between the two. Harry released a sigh of resigned acceptance at how his luck on the 31st of October was always horrible. "How long was I out?" He asked, sitting up and over the side of the bed. His energy returning to him once the pepper up had completely sunk in.

"You were out for most of the day Harry, but I handled everything just fine." Emiko was now standing by the edge of the bed, her tablet in her hand as she looked at her report. "I sent everyone home once everything was where it's suppose to be."

"We're the only ones left in the club?" Harry asked as he slowly stood up, just in case he was still weak, and walked over to his closet to get a fresh clean dress shirt, since he was shirtless. Glancing back to see Hermione nod "Even Yang and Shin?" he questioned, a brow quirked in disbelief, which was answered with a sigh.

"Ami wanted them home tonight, and you know how weak they are when faced with their sister's puppy eyes." Hermione rolled her eyes that held a hint of mirth.

Harry snorted and shook his head. "Aren't you heading home too then Emiko? I can hear the exhaustion peaking in your voice." He looked over to his child hood friend to see her falter slightly.

"But Hariku you're still-"

Smiling in fond exasperation Hariku walked over and plucked Emiko's tablet from her hands and turned it off. "Go home Hermione. I'm a big boy. I can take care of myself you know."

Hermione hesitated and looked into Harry's emerald orbs to see the stubbornness in them. After a few minutes of battled wills Hermione was the one to give in. Releasing a sigh of defeat she smiled softly at her boss before nodding. "Alright. But you better call me immediately if you feel even a little bit sick or even dizzy!"

Harry rolled his eyes again in fond exasperation while he walked Hermione out his room, office and finally to the entrance of the club.

"Are you listening Harry?" The brown haired witch looked at the raven with narrowed eyes.

Harry smirked "Of course I am Emiko. Now enough nagging." the wizard easily pushed his sister ,in all but blood, to her dark blue 2016 Chevy Camero. "Go home and get some rest love. I'll be fine by myself."

Reluctance was still clear in Emiko's eyes but Harry just smiled reassuringly. "Alright" One last sigh the witch got in her car and started the engine, rolling her window Hariku smiled

"Goodnight Hermione."

Hermione huffed and smiled in return "Good night Hariku-sama." she said before she drove off, leaving Harry standing in front of the club.

Finally alone once again the raven haired wizard released a loud yawn of exhaustion. Looking around to see that a few people were still awake and having the time of their lives in the red light district, Harry narrowed his eyes when he felt a tingle run through the back of his neck in warning. Stilling completely and tensing his body to defend he glanced back to check his back, but saw that there was nobody there. But that didn't make him lose his guard. Scanning the rest of his surroundings, emerald eyes widened in stilled shock when piercing golden orbs locked onto him through a crowd of wandering people.

A slow smirk stretched on those familiar lips with dark amusement. Eyes sharp and knowing, causing Harry to tense even further, but it was too late. A rough hand shot out from behind him and a cloth covered his nose and mouth. Struggling to pull away Harry's vision started to dim and blur as he unconsciously inhaled the fumes on the fabric.

Body weakening and energy draining the last thing Harry saw were those golden eyes staring at him with hunger. His last thoughts before he passed out were

"I fucking HATE Halloween."

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