Chapter 3 Captured and Devoured

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"Fuck... Head's pounding..."

That was the first thought Harry's fuzzy mind came up with as the wizard slowly came too. The first thing he noticed with his eyes still shut was the soft sweet fragrance that wafted through his nose. It was vaguely familiar to the wizard, but with his still hazy mind it wasn't coming to him. The next thing Hariku noticed was that he couldn't move. Quickly realizing that his arms were uncomfortably tied behind his back, with what felt like leather. He was tied up and that had the wizard instantly tense, his mind becoming more and more clear.

His legs were tied and spread in a wide position making it hard to move at all. A tight leather strap wrapped around his upper chest, and when he twitched his wrist they tightened, so it was clear to the tied up male that the leather binds were connected together. Shifting his body slightly the wizard then stilled when he felt something around his neck. A collar. Harry growled softly. He had a collar on his neck and when he tried to move his head, something tugged him still. Eyes still shut and breathing slowly to try and get his senses more clear, it was right then that Harry had finally noticed one specific detail he seemed to have missed. He was naked. Naked and clearly tied up.

Alarmed and a little more on guard, Harry tried to think back on just what happen to him. Where he was and how did he get here. Remembering that today was suppose to be the day the decor and supplies for the new club was moved in and set up. Then he remembered the two troublesome twins spilling their damn potions on him. Then fainting before he could punish the redheads, later waking in his room located in the back of the club, sadly finding out he's been temporarily turned into a squib. After that he walked Emiko out, reassuring that he was fine on his own and seeing her off...

Then it suddenly clicked in his mind.


He was within the crowd before Harry was knocked out. He was there, and he knew that the Yakuza captured him.

"Shit." inwardly cursing and now awake more than ever, Harry tugged on the binds that held him in his place even harder, cursing both his luck and the twins to oblivion for the situation he's in. Growling in frustration when the leather didn't budge, the wizard closed his eyes to try and feel his magic. Breathing in the incensed air Harry felt a hot burning shiver run down his neck down to his spine making him snap his eyes wide open.

"What...?" The aroma in the air was now thick with incense that spread through the entire room.

Straightening his posture as much as he could Harry opened his eyes to look around the room to see just where the fragrance came from. Spotting a unique incense jar that was sluggishly emitting a thin smoke, sat on a desk located in front of the bed along side it was an unused ashtray, and closed drawer that had a suspicious feeling coming from it. Seeing what he was sitting on he looked down and saw that he was on a large queen sized bed covered with white silk. Nothing special about it, but it didn't stop Harry from feeling dread fill his entire being.

Fully awake and completely aware of his situation, the wizard squirmed to get the binds loose, but released a quiet whimper when the straps around his chest accidentally rubbed his nipples. Jolting upwards, startled by the sound that escaped his own lips, Harry was now sweating with nervousness and heat, his body starting to become more aware of each any every single touch and caressed of the white sheets beneath him and the leather straps around him. The back of his mind quickly and alarmingly guessing just what he was inhaling in the air.

Harry wasn't a virgin, far from it. Having a few lovers in the past; two coming from the underworld, so he knew the feeling of drowning pleasure and burning heat that sizzled through his entire body. Even though he had experienced what he was feeling right at this moment only once before, he remembers the unrelenting heat that tortured him with an unfulfilled satisfaction.

It was aphrodisiac.

Blood heating up making the wizard tremble with the growing need. Emerald green eyes started to darken and Harry became more hyper aware of everything around him. Snapping his head up to where he heard a door opening. Regretting it instantly when his head shot up, biting down on his lip to contained a mew; the straps pleasurably tightened around him. Eyes squeezing shut when he trembled at the wave of unwanted heat that ran down his body.

Stepping through the white door and closing it behind him Asami breathed in the incense that was lingering in the air. Attention instantly focusing on his trapped prey when he heard a retrained whimper doming from bitten lips. Golden eyes gleamed with dark amusement and sadistic pleasure at the sight before him. Seeing that the aphrodisiac was quickly kicking in the lithe body, Asami walked over to the burning incense and smothered it in its own ashes. The drug was already in affect so there was no need for any more to linger in the air. Once done Asami sat on the edge of the only desk in the room and focused his gaze at the prize in front of him. Having a clear view of his tied up victim before him had pleased something dark inside the older male. The smug air around Asami was so very obvious to Harry and that spark greater annoyance and anger towards the man. Muscular arms crossed lazily over his chest as his eyes scanned the trapped from intensely.

"I see that you're already awake." Asami stated obviously and smirked wickedly "Good. Your punishment can begin."

"Bastard" Harry managed to growl out weakly, the glare aimed at the taller man would have killed him three times over if it were possible, but it only seemed to amuse him.

"I did warn you to stop prying into my business Hariku Akamatsu" Asami informed with a smirk towards his prey. Casually pulling out a pack of cigarettes from his pocket and lighting one up for himself.

"Y-you sent spies t-to my clubs..." Harry managed to get out until the fire inside him flared, making him squirm in discomfort. "Dammit.." He cursed weakly as his body was becoming this way in front of those predatory gold eyes. "You had no right!" The wizard snarled with gritted teeth. Like hell he would listen to a bastard who would purposely send men to harass his own just to get his attention. Warning or no.

The Yakuza quirked a brow as if saying that he shouldn't be so naive. "An eye for an eye little snake and you just didn't listen." This time Asami's tone of voice had Harry stiffen. "But since you're so insistent on wanting to know just who I am... I'll give you what you want, as your punishment." After taking in a long drag he placed his cigarette on the edge of the lone ashtray and exhaling smoothly, smirking darkly.

Harry didn't like the sound of those ominous words coming from the older male. He flinched away when Asami's rough palms came into contact to his burning skin. Slowly, sluggishly, gliding and caressing each and every free skin that was exposed to him. From his inner thighs... slim waist... taunt stomach... smooth chest... sensitive nipples.. and soft neck. They traveled and left shivers in their wake, leaving the body beneath the touches burn. The cooling large hands made Harry shiver with pleasure, but his mind protested loudly which had the wizard bite down his lip to hold back any noise that begged to escape. His body was exposed so completely to the other man. Nothing was left hidden to Asami and it made Harry feel a trickle of fear run through him. This was the first time he felt so vulnerable in front another person, to helpless and unable to do anything. His magic couldn't save him from what was to come this time.

"Still so stubborn Hariku-kun" Asami was only amused at the still headstrong male and leaned down to lick a wet trail from Harry's neck up to to his ear. Biting the soft shell of the flesh before sucking it teasingly to sooth it. The soft restrained moans coming from the younger club owner had Asami crave to expose more of those delicious sounds. "Are you scared?" He asked with amusement.

"Like hell! L-let go you pervert!" Harry cried as he tried to struggle away from Asami's wandering limbs, unwillingly releasing a shiver when those hands ran over his sensitive nipples. His heart raced in growing panic and fear but also something that made him angry. Arousal.

His traitorous body starting to tingle and unwillingly he started to harden, making Asami chuckle into his ear. The hot breath of the other male had Harry tuck away, but the binds around him had halted his movements from getting too far away. Everything was burning. It was too hot and too uncomfortable and Asami's hands were the only cruel relief from it. The drug was already making his body sensitive to everything that touched him. The silky sheets beneath him, rubbing him in an unintentionally sensual way. The leather ropes keeping him in place tightening and rubbing against his skin in a painfully delicious way. He released another unintentional whimper when Asami had nipped a sensitive area below his ear and sucked it till he knew it was red.

"I've only begun touching you and look..." Asami's fingers slid down to Harry's straining member. Taking hold of him and stroking it once to hear the raven release a cry of surprised pleasure. "You're already so wet." The seductive taunt made Harry mewl pathetically. Precum leaked from the tip of his member while Asami teasingly stroked him slowly. Golden eyes darkened as they intensely watched each and every shiver, tremble and flinch he caused.

"D-Don't touch me!" The drugged wizard hoarsely demanded as he failed to pull away again. Helplessly releasing a loud moan when Asami bit his neck harshly and rubbed his leaking tip "B-Bastard-!" The weak curse was silenced when a hot breath ghosted over Harry's sensitive skin and the strokes on his cock was steadily rose. The unwilling moans and whimpers escaped his soft pink lips when Asami increased the speed of his strokes. His eyes never leaving the lewd form of the club owner in front of him.

"Your body seems to be more honest than your mouth Hariku-kun" The yakuza mocked into the pink ear that he mercilessly bit and sucked on. "You're nothing but a little slut." He growled deeply, smirking with dark pleasure when he felt Hariku's member twitch in his hand. "Oh? Did you like me calling you little slut Hariku-kun?" Asami purred with sadistic joy when the wizard shook his head in protest.

"No! L-let go of me you- Ah!" It was sudden and unexpected when Asami squeezed. Forcing Harry to cry out, arching upward into an abrupt orgasm, coating the mans hand with his release. Slumping down weakly and panting out of breath. Shivers of post pleasure ran down his skin while his heart thundered within his chest and left him breathless.

Golden eyes gleam with satisfaction and craving desire as he licked the slightly bitter taste from his fingers. The sight of this raven haired male was a beautiful sight. Sweat coated the slim lean body, soft pink lips parted as labored breaths escaped them, and those expressive emerald gems of eyes were beautiful when they sparked with growing anger and dark with lust. So very beautiful.

"It looks like you have no control at all" Asami mocked as he looked down at the weak figure. Smirking when Hariku looked up to glare weakly at him, not knowing that with that glare it only fed Asami's desire to see them lost with both pain and pleasure. "It looks like I'll have to teach you some control little snake" Asami inquired as he pulled out a black leather string, not waiting for Harry to see it before he skillfully tied it around the base of his cock.

"N-no-!" Hariku struggled again, but it was a weak attempt since his first release had left him tired and tingly.

Still at the mercy of the Yakuza, he jumped a little when his already wide legs were spread apart even further by Asami. Sharp golden eyes zoned onto Harry's pink entrance smirking at the sight of the tight hole "Such a beautiful view"

Harry tensed immediately when he felt something wet and cold pressed against his hole. His eyes widen and his mouth opened to protest, but instead a cry of pain escaped when Asami pushed in an egg vibrator inside of him. His body fell limp from the action, body shaking from the confusion concoction of stinging pain and lingering pleasure. Harry felt the heat grow and spread through him, turning the pain into growing arousal when Asami clicked the vibrator on with the attached remote.

"Does it hurt or does it feel good?" Asami smirked as he glided one hand on up from Harry's waist slowly up to his left nipple pinching it roughly to pull out another cry of pleasure. " You should have listened to my warning curious kitten." He reminded the tied up male but what he earned was another scathing glare even though they were a little hazy from the aphrodisiac.

"Y-your men hurt one of my own." Harry snarled as he tried to clear his fuzzy mind. His strength keeps coming back to him on random bursts before leaving him weak again from the drug. This time Harry had energy to glare at Asami, remembering that pathetic worm that the yakuza sent to harass his girls. "No one hurts what's mine."

"Such fierce protection." Asami sounded impressed, picking up his cigarette from the ashtray and taking in another drag. Eyes dark with sadistic pleasure at the sight of the lewd being in front of him. Feeling the burn of anticipation swell inside of him on what he's about to do. "But I wonder who will protect you from me?"

Harry froze and his eyes widened when he saw the Yakuza lift up the remote with a cruel smirk and clicked it on to 'MAX'.

"AAH!" Harry screamed at the violent wave of pleasure wracked his body. Moaning protests spilled from his lips as the vibrator was pressed up against his sweet spot. His eyes were gathering tears of both pain and pleasure when he bit down onto his lip to stop his moans. Failing when he tried to push out the offending toy, only for it to go deeper into his tight channel.

"N-no! T-take it out!" He demanded, but it came out to pleading. Unintentional moans escaped his plump lips and Harry hated himself for being this way in front of Asami's piercing gaze. Faintly seeing the intense hunger in those golden eyes Hariku squeezed his eyes shut to try and focus on controlling himself.

Asami watched closely as Hariku struggled to fight the multiple sensations, silently enjoying his smoke as well as the show in front of him. The strong stubborn will of Hariku had Asami both impressed and amused at the fight. But when he saw the tears rimming those beautiful emerald eyes it had a fire flare with desire and triumph. Though those small mewls and moans were urging him to give in and deliver his punishment to his prey. Controlling himself Asami's eyes gleamed with mirth when Hariku bit down on his lip to restrained the uncontrollable sounds escaping until there was now blood.

Harry was helpless to the continuous vibrations. The aphrodisiac muddled his mind but it also made him feel so everything so clearly. With the mixed sensations causing chaos inside of him it didn't stop the growing hate and annoyance he felt towards the yakuza. Biting down on his lip the sharp pain had distracted him a little from the waves of pass through him. He didn't want to give the Yakuza the pleasure of hearing his voice or see his tears, but angrily knew that it was futile to do so. This man. This beast... He wasn't worthy. He wouldn't give into this man no matter what.

Asami wasn't worthy of having him.

Clicking off the toy Asami chuckled when Hariku sagged in his leather restraints. Breathing heavily from the exertion Harry could only remain limp to re-catch his breath. The sight of blood, sweat and tears combined together in best way possible had Asami's cock twitch within its confines when he focused on the sight in front of him.

"You growl so fiercely... but I wonder if you can purr for me" Asami questioned with a smug smirk, snuffing out his cig before reaching out to caress the flushed face of Hariku. Trailing his fingers under narrowed emerald eyes down slowly towards the abused lip. Brushing his thumb to wipe away the blood that painted those soft lips.

That was when Hariku took his chance and struck. Snapping his head, he opened his mouth and bit down on the wandering thumb as hard as he could. Feeling a moment of triumph when he felt Asami's hand flinch as well as feeling a little bit of fresh blood touch his tongue. But the small victory didn't last when the nerve wracking vibrations unexpectedly assaulted his entire body causing him to cry out. Releasing Asami's thumb, Harry wasn't prepared when the vibrator violently attacked his prostate. Forcing him to moan protests and release helpless mewls as his mind slowly descended into the burning pleasure.

Asami stared at his struggling wanton prize with a dark golden gaze. Examining his bleeding thumb he let out a nonchalant hum before licking the blood from his wound, unbothered by the taste of iron. Focusing back to the trembling the lust in the elders eyes darkened at a particular lewd moan escaping from the younger male. His lips quirked into a smirk when he saw Hariku's cock leaked with precum, eagerly begging to be released but unable to. He was planning on prolonging the punishment for the feisty male, but it looks like Hariku is eager to go down to the main event.

As those unrestrained moans escaped Asami reached out to grip Harry's chin firmly. Just enough for those eyes to open and focus on him. When those glassy dilated emerald eyes opened to locked onto his own orbs, that was when Asami surged forward and sealed their lips together into a deep hot kiss. He plunged his tongue into the moist cavern with hunger he didn't even expect to have. Mapping each and every corner of the sweet mouth with purpose, as if claiming his new territory and taking in its prize without hesitance. Swallowing all the whimpers and mewls that escaped, Asami tilted Hariku's chin higher to kiss his prey more deeply. A dark hunger sparked inside him when he felt Hariku's own tongue tangle with his own. Failing to push the invader out it had instead caused Asami to nip and suck on the wet muscle drawing even more moans.

The thought of biting the offending appendage passed through Harry's hazy mind, but he was too slow when Asami gripped his chin tightly and delved even deeper into his mouth. Drowning and coaxing out more unwilling moans from the wizard. Golden and emerald both locked with one another and never backing down as the heated kiss continued. One dilated with dark lust and a hint of cruel enjoyment. The other hazy with pleasure but a whisper of hidden defiance.

It didn't last long because emerald eyes snapped wide when Asami cruelly pulled out the vibrating toy in one swift movement. Causing Harry to pull away from the kiss and toss his head back to release a loud cry. His member twitched with an unsuccessful release and that had the wizard whimper pathetically at his restraints.

With his lips swollen and abused from Asami's kiss Harry was left breathless and panting for air. He couldn't cum because of the leather string tied around his cock and he could barely think straight now due to the aphrodisiac steadily working through his body. He could taste Asami's blood on his tongue mixed with what he guessed was his own too. But beneath that there was also the hint of spice and smoke lingering inside as well.

Mind a bit blank and breathing heavily, Harry didn't notice Asami unhooking the the collar from its place and tossing the toy to the side. "Since you're so eager. Shall I give you your punishment now?" Asami smirked as he unhooked a few buttons of his dress shirt and tugged Hariku onto his lap. Harry was still dazed and therefore couldn't even answer the yakuza, much less struggle from his wandering hands.

When Harry had a bit more awareness returned to his mind he tensed automatically when he felt a something hard and thick pressing up against his entrance through thin fabric. Even though he could now move his head freely, his legs were still bound and spread on either side of the yakuza thighs. The leather cuffs on tied on his arms were still uncomfortable, but that didn't distract Harry from the fact that his face was too close to Asami's. Chest to chest and faces so close that their breaths mingled, the only though that passed in Harry's mind was 'Intimate'

It was too intimate and that had fear trickle in Harry's heart and mind. Those golden eyes pierced into emerald orbs, a still moment held both males in their place until Asami's lips slowly grew into a sly smirk. Harry's heart skipped and then raced with dread when Asami pulled him flushed against his muscular body. One strong arm easily lifting him up earning a yelp, pressing unintentionally closer to Asami in fear he might fall backwards. The smaller male automatically tensed in Asami's arm when he heard the clinks of a belt loosening and shivered when he felt something hard pressed against his tight entrance.

"No-!" Harry tensed up when he felt Asami's hard cock tease his hole, the arm holding him loosening making him slip a little bit lower. His body shook with fear? Anticipation? Harry was sure as hell convincing himself that it wasn't either. If he struggled then Asami's arm would let go and then-.

"I did warn you little kitten" Asami reminded when he slipped two fingers inside the hot tight body, chuckling huskily when he felt Hariku jump at the rub of his sweet spot. "You should be pleased with yourself Hariku-kun" Asami purred huskily as he pulling out his fingers and grinned darkly "You're punishment will be more pleasure than you have ever experience in your life." Asami lined up against the twitching entrance and pushed the head of his cock inside. Harry released a needy moan, but quickly grit his teeth to restrain himself when he slowly sunk lower, taking Asami inch by inch.

Gasping heavily when Asami slid deeper inside of him there was pain at the wide stretch, but it was overwhelmed with the pulsing heat up his entire body. There was a tight grip on his waist, contradicting with the loose arm wrapped around his back. The sluggish descent was burning with frustrating pleasure and pain that had Harry mewl and squirm within the hold. He was in the losing battle attacking his body as well as his mind beginning to drown in the burning pleasure.

It was too big.

It was too deep.

It wasn't enough.

It was too much.

It hurts.

But it hurts so... Good...

Harry's lips parted with a stuttered gasp when he was suddenly released, gravity doing its job, making Asami thrust deeper inside of him. His arms ached uncomfortably behind his back, but the shocks of unwanted pleasure that shot up his spine overwhelmed him. Unable to stop his own body from squirming on Asami's thick cock, mewling as it perfectly rubbed against his prostate. Feeling so completely full for the first time in his life. Not even his previous lovers had filled so deeply, stretch him so fully.

Asami's eyes darkened with desire as Harry's twisted expression of pleasure and pain. Feeling the ravens delicious walls spasm around him. Licking his dry lips when those darkened forest eyes look down at him, swimming in lust but there was also a small spark of defiance. Smirking with dark amusement and pleasure Asami glided his hands to grip Hariku's arse. Spreading those soft cheeks apart to trail on finger at the entrance where they connected. Feeling the hole quiver around him and seeing Hariku bite his lip to stop his moans.

"Look... You're swallowing me completely." Asami murmured with a pleased smirk, shifting his hips to rub against Harry's weak spot to hear the amusing whimper that had escaped those soft moist lips. A husky chuckle earned a hazy but defiant glare. Even with his cock fully submerged in the tight channel and drugged with aphrodisiac Hariku still had fire burning inside those beautiful green eyes.

A shiver of desire and hunger ran down Asami's spine when the kitten finally growled out its anger.


Still defiant even after everything, it was obvious in Asami's mind that pleasure would be Hariku's downfall soon. Smirking at the insult, Asami gripped the slim waist and lifted Hariku up until only the head of his cock remained inside, then he released his hold. Golden eyes darkened at the sound of protesting moans of his prey when he continued to pick up and drop him on his throbbing member. Buried to the hilt with every drop, the angle managing to dig into Hariku's prostate fogging the wizard brain even more.

Harry's cries of pleasure coated the air when he was continuously lifted and dropped on the thick flesh inside of him. Protests, whimpers, demands to be released, and moaning mewls of pleasure were spoken, and cried out from Harry's soft lips when the speed of Asami's thrusts increased. Fingers gripped his lithe waist were bruising and the heat between them was scorching as Asami plunged into the the wizard with controlled strength but dark hunger that left the other breathless.

Asami watched every expression that bled into those lost emerald eyes with growing fire. The tight heat that clenched around his aching shaft had him craving for more of it. Mere of the delicious tight heat. More of the beautiful wanton moans. Just more.

Harry, who was moaning and writhing on Asami's lap, was taken out of his dim daze when the hands that helped him move stopped. A confused sound escaped his throat and Asami chuckled huskily at the adorable sound.

"So much defiance and yet you release such a needy sound" The Yakuza purred darkly before lifting Hariku off completely and tossing him onto the bed earning a yelp.

Landing on the soft bed on his side Harry's sight blurred for a moment at the sudden throw. His vision quickly cleared when he felt the bed near his feet dip from Asami's weight and before he could even voice out the strong man gripped his ankle and pulled him closer. Large hands gripped his hips and in an instant Harry was roughly turned to his stomach and the latches on his legs were released, giving him free reign to spread even further apart. His arms were now more noticeably awkward and Harry couldn't stop the pained whimper when he shifted from his spot. Though his legs were free Harry had no strength to move from his spot leaving him vulnerable to Asami

"Does it hurt?" Asami asked with a mocking smirk, admiring the sexy view of the wizard completely exposed to him. He softly laughed when he earned a familiar hazy glare from the younger male.

"Go fuck yourself!" Harry yelled out but quickly silenced himself when he saw the wide smirk on Asami's lips. Regretting opening his mouth the wizard tried to squirm away, but before he could do that he felt a familiar hard flesh press up against his tight ring of muscle. Ready to protest he released an unadulterated scream of ecstasy when Asami slammed straight inside the tight channel burying himself to the hilt. Fingers sharply dug into the lithe male's soft flesh as he pulled his hips back and thrust forward violently, immediately setting a quick pace. Sweat gathered on Asami's fore as he relentlessly started to ram into the tight hole, growling softly with pleasure when he watched his thick cock slide in and out of the fiery figure.

Harry had no more will to protest as he was being fucked with every inch of his life. Protesting words slipped out from his lips, but it was pointless babble when Asami buried his cock into the tight heat and simply grind against Harry's prostate, choking out a small mewl from the male. He was helpless from the drowning pleasure consuming his body not even realizing that his hip were shaking and pushing back on Asami's thrusts. The only pain that held him to the world was the cruel leather string wrapped around his weeping member, stopping him from having the relief of release. Mewls spilled from his swollen lips when he felt as if Asami reached even deeper inside of him. The noises that escaped his throat obviously told the yakuza of his pleasure, his helpless struggle and his drowning ecstasy setting his body aflame.

"It looks like you can purr for me after all" Asami chuckled darkly, but he didn't receive any coherent reply from his prize. Not that he expected any, when he started changing the tempo of his thrusts from short pumps of his hips to deep brutal thrusts that had Harry bounce with every plunge. Grunting he felt the walls around him tighten, Asami knew that Hariku was close to release. With the way that tight hole clenched around him Asami already knew he wouldn't last longer either. Knowing they were close to the end Asami upped the pace of his thrusts mercilessly. Pounding the wizard into the mattress Asami released the lock of Hariku's cuffs, huffing out a weak laugh when he saw those slim fingers helplessly grip onto the silk sheets instead of attempting to push him away.

"L-let! Nn-ah AH! Let go!" Harry pleaded between his moans he was so close but the binds around his cock help him back and it was starting to hurt. Tears escaped his lust filled eyes as he shook his head to and fro, not realizing that his hands were free to do it, too distracted by the vigorous thrusts abusing the deepest spot inside of him. It was too much to handle, everything was too much so please. Please. please-

"Please, please please!" Harry cried out as his member twitch with another failed release. Whimpering pitifully he tightly gripped the silk sheets until his knuckles were white.

Asami smirked smugly at the begging tone he earned from the lost male, licking his lips when he felt the familiar tightening of his own approaching orgasm. Knowing that he had won his prize Asami reached under and tugged on the strap earning a eager mewl. Before gifting the emerald eyes minx his release Asami squeezed the dripping member in his hand to gain Hariku's attention.

"Remember this moment Hariku-kun. This pleasure and pain I give you tonight." Asami purred while male beneath him, just knowing that even within the suffocating pleasure Hariku would remember his words. His fingers teasing the already straining member, trailing down to where the leather strap and giving it a small tug earning a loud whimper. "Though you hold the secrets of the underworld at your fingertips." His thrusts grew rough and the sweet cries from beneath him grew louder "Curiosity always kills the cat." He leaned down and harshly nipped the delicate earlobe in front of him, huskily whispering into the ear "So if you're planning on diving in deeper to satisfy your curious needs." Squeezing Hariku's member rewarded Asami with a lewd mewl and the tightening squeeze around his cock as he plowed that tight hole. Feeling the familiar burning tightness of release approaching. "Be prepared to face the consequences and punishments along with it." With that Asami finally untied the cruel leather bind that had stopped any relief for the lithe male.

Harry released a silent scream as his orgasm attacked him with vicious force. White blinding spots blurred his vision along with his tears and his body gave large shiver when it seized and tightened around Asami, pulling out a grunt from him. It was intense. It was sudden. It was the most strongest orgasm that Harry had ever experienced and it drove him to see, hear, feel everything in a single moment around him. Trembling and releasing one last whimper he felt Asami bury himself as deep as he could and shot his hot load inside his spasming hole before he gave in and passed out from exhaustion.

Not seeing the satisfied smirk, and dark golden eyes staring at his form. Nor feeling the soft kiss on the back of his neck and rumble of Asami's deep chuckle.

He was already lost to the world.

The comforting tingle underneath his skin was the first thing Harry felt when he started to drift into consciousnesses. Then it was the sharp pain of his lower back and ass that had him bolting up in awareness. Instantly cursing Merlin to hell and back with regret when the pain just stabbed him harder.

"Fuck fuck fuuuuck!" Harry moaned in pain when he fell back on his stomach rubbing his lower back with his hands. When the ache dulled a little Harry released a soft sigh of relief and smiled in happiness when he felt his magic slowly ease his pain, but that didn't last long. Memories of previous night rushed in his mind like a tidal wave and that had Harry frozen in his place. Every single detail was crystal clear in the wizards mind and it had his magic spark and snap around him like ember.

Anger rose inside of of him twisting with his magic in the air before it snapped and vanished, leaving Harry to sag in the bed feeling only annoyance in its place. Remembering the words Asami told him before he passed out a part of Harry could only agree that they were true. Though that part was a very very tiny part of him that did. A larger part inside of him annoyance towards the irritating self-important sadistic Bastard that managed to capture him and-

Harry growled with agitation when a flash of Asami's smirk entered his mind. It sucked. Being captured so easily, stripped vulnerable, and then taken in the most primal way possible. It may have been the best sex he had in his entire life - not that he would outwardly admit it- but it irritated him that it came from a man as egotistic and manipulative as Asami Ryuichi.

Slowly sitting up again Harry was inwardly glad that the sharp pain from before was now only a ghost of what it was a few minutes ago. Now more awake and focused Harry saw that he was still naked, but the BDSM equipment were gone. Lifting his hand up to touch his neck he released a relieved sigh when he felt that the collar that was on him was no longer there. Moving to the edge of the bed Harry stilled when he felt something trickle out of his ass. Reluctantly turning his head he grunted in disgust on seeing cum leaking out of him.

Tired of everything that had happened to him in one night Harry waved his hand to clean the cum out of him, then snapped his fingers to summon his clothes to him. Looking around one last time he felt the urge to burn and wreck this room to shreds, but Harry knew it wouldn't fully satisfy a violent need to destroy something. So instead, the wizard wrapped the large silk sheet around him and apparated with a loud crack, too pissed to conceal the sound.

Appearing in his private bedroom in Snakes Sanctuary Harry relaxed at the familiar comfort of territory. Carelessly dropping the sheet around him and waving his hand to banish his clothes home to clean later. Harry smiled when he felt his magic weaved in the air already doing his bidding even without words. The bathroom shower turned on to the perfect temperature making Harry thank every deity for hot water. The paperwork on his desk he was suppose to do the night before already being filled out with his signatures and the right information, which the wizard was grateful for.

As things got organized Harry moaned in pleasure and bliss when the hot water rained down on his lean fit body. His muscles sluggishly loosen until he sagged against the cold tile wall like a lifeless doll. Not moving from his spot, Harry tried to gain his bearings and sort out his thoughts through his occlumency barriers. The anger he held dimmed into a simmer and the memories of the bastard was pushed to the side. Once everything was sorted out Harry felt tired but also clear minded.

Out of the shower he cast a drying charm on himself before flopping on the bed like a rock, humming in satisfaction at the feel of the soft fabric of his bed. Before he let himself be taken by sleep Harry wordlessly cast the spell tempus to check the time. Glad that it was only 6 in the morning he had at least 5 hours of sleep before Hermione would arrive to the club and wake him. By then he was sure he would come up a way to punish the twins to please a small vindictive part of him for what they did.

After all. If he can't have his revenge on Asami Ryuichi, why not direct it to the other two red heads that also made his night horrible?

A week passed and the Snake Sanctuary was lively as ever. Well dressed hosts and hostesses mingled and pleased their customers with conversations, smokes and drinks. Everyone was enjoying their time in the host club except for two identical men. Who stood stock still in the middle of the room holding two 10 pound buckets of water in both hands in front of them, tape placed on their mouths silencing them, and a sign that read 'Do not Feed Puppies'. With those wide pleading eyes shooting to anyone who looked at them, it was clear why the sign said "puppies". But even though they silently begged with wide eyes no one would dare remove the tape on the twins lips because their "owner", so to speak, was sitting not far from them entertaining their guests.

Emerald eyes shinned with polite light as the lithe male conversed skillfully with three girls that sat around him, but they sharpened and pierced the twins in their spot whenever Harry sensed that their arms were lowering. Sending a small electrical shocks to their elbows each and every time they slacked. Harry was still a bit angry about what happened. Banning the twins from pranks for three weeks and having them endure different punishments in between seem to temper down the powerful wizards ire.

"Hariku-sama?" One of the women sitting beside Harry drew him out of his musings and earned a small smile and encouraging hum of a question. "Will you tell us why are the puppies being punished again?" She cutely tilted her head which earned her a soft chuckle.

"Well," Harry smiled charmingly, brushing a strand of hair behind the now blushing woman's ear and then looking straight towards the twins who were sulking. "The two puppies were misbehaving again and happened to spill something very dangerous on someone, causing that person to become sick. So as punishment, they have to sit still and remain in one spot for the entire night."

"Oh no!" the three girls that surrounded Harry exclaimed with worry which had the owner smile reassuringly.

"Don't worry though beautiful ladies. Everything is alright now." He calmed them with a smile, sending another shock towards Georges elbow when his arm lowered without looking. "The two deserved to be put in time out right?" He asked with eyes that held no manipulation whatsoever, gaining firm nods of agreement.

Laughing quietly and reaching towards a glass of wine Harry stilled his movements when he sensed something in the air. Looking up he frowned heavily when the club doors opened and a hooded man staggered inside. His magic tingled under his skin and his mind whispered something familiar to his ears. 'Yamada Hiroshima'

"Excuse me ladies" Hariku kindly excused himself with a smile and calmly stood up, taking slow steads towards the cloaked figure. Knowing that Shin and Yang now stood alert and aware of a present threat they discreetly shuffled in the shadows to approach. The clubs employees and guests unfortunately noticing the owner moving fluidly towards the stranger had their conversations dimming into a quiet murmur and curious eyes.

"Welcome to Snakes Sanctuary sir. If you would like to receive our services I would kindly ask you to remove your cloak before your time." Harry politely instructed with a professional smile, his posture relaxed and unguarded, but if anyone really knew him he was anything but. Hermione who stood on the other side of the room stood up with a frown feeling Harry's magic brush her skin to notify her that something was wrong.

Emerald eyes lightly narrowed when he didn't receive any outward response from Yamada. Looking closer to the covered figure Harry could see the form shaking with repressed emotion. His magic tickled under his skin before Yamada released an enraged roar lunging at him with a knife at hand. Loud cries and startled gasps sounded in the room at the attack, but was quickly replaced with relieved sighs and words on seeing Hariku alright.

When Yamada had sprung on his attack, Harry was ready for it. Side stepping the jab of the sharp knife, grabbing the offending wrist, kicking the front left leg and twisting the arm perfectly had Yamada pinned to the ground in a painful position. Harry's eyes flashed with anger at the male beneath him, digging his knee into the man's lower spine and pulling his arm back, gaining a grunt of pain from Yamada and the release of the knife. Shin and Yang quickly appeared on either side of him with a tremor of "Hariku-sama" and a light bow of apology for not appearing fast enough. Without and worded orders, Shin quickly picked up the knife and had it discarded out of reach while Yang grabbed Yamada's arms within his large hands and roughly pulled him out from under his boss gaining protests.

Standing up and brushing invisible dirt from his pants. Hariku looked up to observe Yamada, now that he had his hood down and was restrained by the muscular Yang. He wasn't impressed with what he saw. Dark bags under blood shot eyes. An eight o'clock shadow and disgusting alcohol breath had Harry scrunch his nose with distaste. Not wanting to even speak to the disgusting scum Harry shook his head and waved his hand n a silent order to toss the man out to the streets.

Turning back around with pleasant smile on his lips he bowed to his customers. "Please forgive me for the disturbance tonight everyone. Everything is alright now so please-"

There was a loud grunt behind him and a startled shout of "Hariku-sama!" from a few of his employees. Sharply turning, Harry's eyes widened when he saw Yamada holding a different knife and quickly coming towards him with a crazed glint in his eyes. Yang was holding his stomach in pain and Shin knew he wouldn't be able to reach his boss in time. Too slow to move Harry faintly knew he wouldn't block fast enough, but that didn't stop his magic from flashing a shield in front of him. Before the knife could come into contact with his shield a different large hand shot out to instantly grab Yamada by the arm and slammed his body down onto a nearby table.

"You should know better than to let your guard down so quickly... Hariku-kun" The rescuer scolded with familiar amusement, smirking with mocking light when golden eyes saw Hariku's bright emerald eyes widened in stilled surprise.

Asami Ryuichi in all his smug glory, restrained Yamada in his place easily and doing it without even scuffing his three piece suit. It instantly irritated Harry at the sight.

Glaring at the older male Harry was about to open his mouth to give Asami a piece of his mind, but he was quickly silenced and shoved to the side by a grateful head manager. "Thank you so much for saving our boss Asami-sama. Nights like these don't usually happen and we would like to apologize that you had to experience, much less help in dealing with the problem on your second night here."

Harry started at Hermione with incredulity when he saw her bow politely like a professionally towards Asami. He didn't know what shocked him more; the fact that Hermione was thanking this damn smug bastard, the fact that she KNOWS this damn smug bastard. Then the shock of the two facts lost to the realization that Asami was at his club for two nights already. Disbelief was clear in his eyes when he stared at Asami.

"It's alright Emiko-san. Its always unpleasant to deal with troublesome problems like these, so it was no problem in handling it instead of doing nothing." Asami smoothly reassured Hermione with a smile, looking to the side towards a large man that was obviously the Yakuza's bodyguard. "Suoh." With that the buff male nodded and silently took the struggling Yamada out and finally out of sight.

"Will you continue to enjoy our services tonight Asami-sama? It will be free for the rest of the evening to thank you again." Emiko informed the handsome man, but Asami shook his head in negative.

"Its best that you reassure and carry on the night without me. I have business to deal with now." Asami directed Emiko's attention to the whispering crowd that was still watching the group. Amused to seeing the flush Hermione quickly moved to calm and reassure the employees and customers.

"You have some nerve coming to my club" Harry finally growled out in a whisper when the two were alone. He had glanced to see if Shin and Yang were alright, inwardly glad that they were now preoccupied by a worried little sister, before looking back to scowl at the smirk aimed at him.

"I kept an eye out on Yamada when he started experiencing the aftereffects of your punishment towards him." Asami smirked when he saw Harry frown at his words.

"Why? Didn't he work for you?" the wizard asked confused. Didn't Asami send the man to harass his girls under his orders?

"He did. His last job for me was to observe your club and somehow gain your attention. The way he gained your attention was all his own doing." The Yakuza casually informed the stunned club owner, pulling out a cigarette and lighting it between his lips "I suspected that he would target your club after what you had done to him."

Harry furrowed his brows and looked into the golden eyes to see truth in Asami's words. Instead of feeling complete relief that the yakuza didn't order any harassment towards his girls, Harry's annoyance spiked a little higher for a different reason. "Please don't send any more of worms into my club. I would rather not deal with such problems every night. Especially dealing punishments towards YOUR underlings." He crossed his arms in a huff and glare to the man, twitching when the smirk on those firm lips stretched upward.

"I'll keep that in mind little kitten." Asami taunted, inwardly chuckling when the emerald eyed man bristled at the nickname. Before he could hear a lashing from the beautiful male Asami reached out to brush his fingers lightly on the smooth pale neck, pleased when he earned a shiver in return. "But expect me to return to have a few important meetings of my own in one of your rooms. Until then try to keep out of danger from being too curious. After all you may be caught and be punished again"

With one last smirk Asami walked passed the frozen wizard without a second glance and left Snakes Sanctuary. Harry was stock still for a few moments even after the yakuza had left. Snapping out of his stupor when the words of Asami finally sunk inside him he scowled. Asami had the last laugh again and it just agitated him so much. Closing his eyes and steadily breathing to control his emotions Harry released a heavy huffy sigh. not wanting to linger in his ire towards Asami.

The bastard really was a cocky arsehole if he thinks he could order the wizard around like he owned him. Harry inwardly frowned when he felt his magic spike anticipation of a challenge, but he easily ignored it by shoving thoughts of Asami to the back of his mind. Seeing that his club was back in function he walked back over to his eager customers, not before sending a zap towards the still punished twins.

The night had turned into an interesting one which had two men acknowledged deep in their minds, though they won't really admit out loud.

The game of cat and mouse had begun.

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