Kierstyn Weathers, granddaughter of Eliah Tunderstorm

As soon as I step outside my burgundy, sheltering house, the cold winter air bites at my face. Blonde hair frames around my round, childish-shaped face like a mother's arm around her child, fitting perfectly together. I wrap my striped, loose scarf around my scrawny neck further. Today was my first day at being Head Gamemaker, and I wasn't here to fail.

Walking across the streets, I see my destination. It was a bright, blinding building that today's adults use for transportation. It was the only one in the small, wondrous sector of Ten. Yes, the Capitol had sectors.

Sector Ten was my favorite Sector, out of all the ones to choose from. The first one is too wild and shiny. The second is even more insane. Sector Three always get most of the technology from its pairing District, and after a day of being outside there you have an immense headache. While Sector Four is one of the less crazy and more nicer ones, if I lived there I would get packed down with inhabitants asking for Hunger Games gossip. Every single day.

Yup, it was pretty horrible. The list goes on like that, until I decided to stay in Sector Ten for a while.

Right when I stepped into the place, I knew it was going to be amazing. I told myself not to get my hopes up too quickly, but it happened. The people there minded each other's business, the neighbors were friendly, and they didn't wear as much shiet as they do in Sectors One and Two. In fact, they even celebrated past traditions. If I didn't know them better, from first glance I would've thought I walked into the past. Before the first rebellion and all that.

I quickly snap back to reality before I could walk into a wall. I scurry inside the building full of…


That was the mode of transportation in the advanced world of today. Children used electrical hoverboards and such, while the more mature ones find a building like this one and find their destination.

I extract a key from my pocket. The Gamemakers Headquarters could not be bothered by common Capitolites gushing over the wonders of the Hunger Games. The key was there to unlock a door at the end of the hall, a door for where all the Gamemakers go.

There was always a security guard placed in front of all the locked doors. Once again, normal people couldn't come barging in and interrupt some government thing. I show her my key as she nods and opens the door.

My heeled boots click on the floor, slowly and steadily. When I was about sixteen, I learned how to use a teleporter… at least tried to. I ended up stepping into the portal and disappearing into a completely different place. That was only because I didn't calm my mind. My mind was bouncing with vitality and that messed up the system entirely. Hey, I never said Capitol technology was flawless.

I forced my head to go into a blank, hazy whirl. As I look in the portal, I could see my hazel, earthy colored eyes stare back at me unblinking. I might've been the only Capitolite ever that didn't wear contacts, but I liked my chocolate and pine green mixed eyes.

Taking a deep breath, I put one of my feet into the swirling pool of aqua and ultramarine. I repeat the process until my whole body in enveloped into the portal. I think of the Gamemakers Headquarters. This is where I want to go.

Quick as a flash, my surroundings change and I am in a blue and white room full of people. Most look at me normally, while a few smile. I grin back and hold my hand up in a wave. Expectedly, some Gamemakers huddle together in hushed tones, glaring at me as they speak.

Narrowing my eyes at them, I can hear a bit of their conversation.

"Granddaughter of that Eliah guy…" " she's a psycho as him…" "...'course, Michael, it runs in the fam-"

"Ahem," I announce rather pointedly, sending them a threatening look. "My name is Kierstyn Weathers, and I'm am this year's Head Gamemaker."

The Gamemakers all look at me expectantly. Once sneers quietly, but I hear it. I plaster on a fake smile. 1… 2… 3. Don't let him get to you.

I take a seat at the end of the grand table. "I am here to improve the Hunger Games, as you all know. Does anyone have any ideas?"

A woman raises her hand. "State your name," I declare, my voice offering no quiver.

"Terra Elestran, ma'am. May we have an Egyptian arena?"

I pretend to consider this when really I already have the answer. It was no. "Thank you, Terra," I finally say. "Next."

More Gamemakers hold their arms up, eager to speak. After half an hour of getting through all the hands, there are no more left. The ideas they had were unoriginal, as terrible it is to admit. The arena will end up being an Egyptian desert with cloud islands if this goes on. I pray for someone else, anyone else to offer a brilliant idea I can actually use.

One last hand goes up almost hesitantly, and I almost jump with the chance to call on it. "State your name."

"Michael Ivory," he smiles crookedly. "The 76th Hunger Games was a brilliant success. Why was it so amazing?"

I have to think about this for a while, and truly think about it. Suddenly it hits me.

"It was the Capitol Games," I mutter quietly. "But what does it have to do-"

Michael's eyes flare with excitement. "The children Capitolites were sent into the arena to fight to the death. Everyone was eating it up, even the families of the tributes and the Districts, of all places. In fact, it is the 152nd Hunger Games- exactly 76 years after the first Capitol Games."

I smile almost automatically. "Thank you, Michael. All of your contributions will be put into consideration," I lie. Only one of them was going to actually work, and it was Michael's. He has brilliant ideas that will get him places in life.

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