hey party people! just wanted to preface this by saying, i realize i haven't updated this story in almost five years and no this isn't the ~heavily awaited~ sector nine reapings (you can cry, you have permission) it is actually a summary of what would have happened if i ended up finishing this… because spoiler alert, i won't be. i have d&d now and that's actually good in my humble opinion, but i wanted to offer some closure on this story. since i only did 2/3 of the reapings, i'm gonna summarize who the last eight tributes are real quick then we will get onto the rest of this shiz.


Vinyl Endray (18), Sector 9 Male: Spoiled rotten rich kid who loved the Games until he befriended an avox and now wonders if change is an option.

Laurel Selkirk (16), Sector 9 Female: Her father and mother died when she was very young so she lived with her grandmother until she died and now she is a homeless scammer.

Brysen Lorino (13), Sector 10 Male: He grew up poor since his father left the family to become a Peacekeeper and now he is extremely independent and he loves mythology.

Cavanaugh Jones (17), Sector 10 Female: She's really sarcastic and doesn't want to be shown up by the boys. Her brother died and now she takes care of the family.

Mars Hargeon (16), Sector 11 Male: He's a "bad boy" who smokes and drinks and is in a gang in one of the more poor neighborhoods, though he doesn't actually want to hurt anyone.

Savannah Callahan (14), Sector 11 Female: She is obsessed with the Games and is really shy albeit morbid. Most of her friends abandoned her for more popular people which made her upset.

Mykal Cormac (17), Sector 12 Male: He is emotionless and cold and doesn't mind hurting others. He is in love with a girl named Laila and killed somebody so that he could have better chances with her.

Kaia Linnett (17), Sector 12 Female: She really wants to feel loved and is afraid of dying alone. She wants nothing more than to be as beautiful as her mother.


Lalo Ayers (1M), Ryder Greene (6M), David Anderson (7M), Mars Hargeon (11M) and Kaia Linnet (12F) form a pseudo Career Pack due to them being the strongest Tributes, though Mars plans to eventually betray them. They get into a fight with Grayson Kie (3M), which ends in them deciding to truce before the arena.

Grayson Kie (3M), Vitality Winters (6F), Rena Moore (7F), and Lino Arkus (8M) form an alliance together. They tend to argue with the Careers often.

Jason Country (5M), Vinyl Endtray (9M) and Brysen Lorino (10M) form an alliance together. Jason and Vinyl are very protective of Brysen and see him like a little brother.

Kuna Grace (1F), Antigone Valance (2F), Magenta Firewall (3F), and Cavenaugh Jones (10F), form an alliance. Kuna and Cavenaugh fight often, yet there is a bit of homoerotic tension between the two of them. Aurora Blanketswig (4F) tried to join the alliance but was rejected after she acted spoiled.

Panthons Ester (2M) and Anthony Castalette (4M) form an unlikely romance. Things progress quickly by the Games and they become attached at the hip.

Luna Roper (5F) and Savannah Callahan (11F) argue often during Training.

Aurora Blanketswig (4F), Luna Roper (5F), Calicia Austritus (8F), Laurel Selkirk (9F), Savannah Callahan (11F), and Mykal Cormac (12M) go into the Games as loners. Mykal is seen as the biggest outlier threat.



As they are approaching the Cornucopia, David throws Lino to the ground before choking him to death.

A fight breaks out between Antigone, Magenta, and Laurel. Laurel is able to fatally stab Antigone, which results in Magenta using Antigone's body as a meat shield which allows her to disarm and kill Laurel.

Panthons throws a knife into Savannah's head in order to protect Anthony.

Mykal bashes Grayson's head against a rock several times.

Jason suffers a sprained ankle injury as he runs away from the bloodbath.

Calica and Kaia get into a fight which ends in Kaia's death.

Ryder decides to leave the Career Pack, killing Vinyl in his rage.

Day 1:
and Lalo ambush and kill Brysen. Jason is unable to fight back due to his ankle injury.

Panthons and Anthony consummate their love inside the Cornucopia.

Day 2:

Mykal is chased by a mutt of a clown and is eventually ripped apart limb by limb.

Tensions only rise between Kuna and Cavanaugh, leading Magenta to truce and leave the alliance.

Day 3:

Aurora approaches Panthons and Anthony. After she kills Panthons, who dies in Anthony's arms, the two engage in a sword fight which leads to Aurora stabbing him as she bleeds out, resulting in both of them dying.

Mars tries to betray David and Lalo by stabbing them in their sleep, but it backfires and results in his death.

Day 4:

Vitality and Rena fight against Jason and David, leading to Jason's death.

Day 5:

Kula murders Vitality in order to impress Cavenaugh and prove her loyalty.

Day 6:

A feast occurs at the cornucopia.

David kills Ryder after he kills Lalo.

Cavenaugh stabs Rena to impress Kula.

Day 7:

No deaths occur.

Kula and Cavenaugh get into a duel with swords, but neither die and the two of them make up and make out.

Day 8:

David bashes Calicia's head against a rock after he is threatened.

Magenta gets into a fight with Luna, killing her.

Day 9:
The fight between Kula and Cavenaugh comes to a head when Kula pushes her off a cliff.

Day 10:

Clown mutts roam the arena to push all the remaining Tributes into the center of the arena.

David feeds Kula to one of the mutts before killing the mutts around him.

As he is distracted, Magenta approaches and kills him.

Magenta is the Victor of the 2nd Capitol Games!


24th Place: Lino Arkus, Sector 8 Male
23rd Place:
Antigone Valence, Sector 2 Female
22nd Place: Laurel Selkirk, Sector 9 Female
21st Place: Savannah Callahan, Sector 11 Female
20th Place: Grayson Kie, Sector 3 Male
19th Place: Kaia Linett, Sector 12 Female
18th Place: Vinyl Endtray, Sector 9 Male
17th Place: Brysen Lorino, Sector 10 Male
16th Place: Mykal Cormac, Sector 12 Male
15th Place: Panthons Ester, Sector 2 Male
14th Place: Aurora Blanketswig, Sector 4 Female
13rd Place: Anthony Castalette, Sector 4 Male
12th Place: Mars Hargeon, Sector 11 Male
11th Place:
Jason Country, Sector 5 Male
10th Place:
Vitality Winters, Sector 6 Female
9th Place: Lalo Ayers, Sector 1 Male
8th Place: Ryder Green, Sector 6 Male
7th Place: Rena Moore, Sector 7 Female
6th Place:
Calicia Austritus, Sector 8 Female
5th Place:
Luna Roper, Sector 5 Female
4th Place:
Cavenaugh Jones, Sector 10 Female
3rd Place:
Kula Grace, Sector 1 Female
2nd Place:
David Anderson, Sector 7 Male
Magenta Firewall, Sector 3 Female

a/n: well that's about it! im so sorry that i never gave anybody closure on this story but i hope that we can move on now, i guess. i got pretty busy over the years and by that i mean i completely forgot that fanfiction existed and again i apologize sincerely with my entire dick and balls. congratulations to magenta firewall from sector three for winning, she is the real poggers champion. she was a fan-fuckin-tastic chara, and it's a major shame that i never got to tap into that fine ass reservoir of potential. thank you mister will aka ripple237 for submitting her to me and everyone else who submitted too i guess yer kinda cool

okay that's out of the way now so I can full commit to d&d in this bitch. poggers

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