Tremor Universe



For awhile all is quiet in the Nevada desert...Then a small little mouse crawls across the landscape. It pauses as it's little nose smells out a puddle of strange liquid. It rushes to it and quickly lapse it up-


Shouts a hawk as it swoops down and swallows the mouse whole. It then flies on it's way...But something's wrong. The hawk lets out a groan as the Mix Master the little mouse swallowed begins to work it's 'magic'. The hawk flops to the ground and continues to groan as it sprouts a mouse-like nose and tail-


A grotesque Gem monster devours the hawk! The beast doesn't hesitate long before ambling on it's could still sense it's 'true prey'...and they were still so very far away-


Up pops the Graboid to devour the beast whole...

...Several weeks later...

Ronaldo wandered the outskirts of Beach City toward a nearby cow pen. He brings his camera up and begins to record. "Where most people see a bunch of dumb cows, I see a bunch of gasbags pumped full of who knows what kind of garbage so they can be turned into cheap semi-smart bombs by the government! And who knows what other secrets lie buried beneath this desecrated cow-hole!?"


The cows screamed in terror as they were all devoured by a giant snake-like creature that was covered in multiple gem shards criss-crossed all over it's body.

"Our worst fears have been realized!" Shouts Ronaldo to the camera as he runs away. "The Sneeple have joined forces with the Diamond Authority!"

The Gem Graboid ignores the minor vibrations of the small prey and focuses on where it's instincts have been driving it to the last several weeks...Right into the town of Beach City...



AN: I know it says "in-progress" but really I just don't like boxing myself into a corner. For now this is more of a one-shot that I might continue one day...but probably won't.

But, hey. Feel free to use whatever elements you want from this, if you want! Or maybe give me ideas?

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