The son of the golden fruit meets the pickled warrior chapter two

Author's note: Hello there everybody this is DSrider here to bring you the second chapter of my collaboration with Nickster891

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(Helheim forest Yu's point of view)

Oh this is not good. One of the Overlords. And not just any one of them but Demmushu, The most ruthless and aggressive of the lot.

"Okay, what the hell is that?" Nick asked still trying to pick himself up from the leaves and the dirt. I was about to explain but before I could the scarlet Overlords leapt from the rocky mound upon which he stood and tried to behead me. But Nick pushed me out of the way, but he himself gained a small scratch on his left arm for his troubles. I ran over to him and saw the injury, the small vines starting to grow. But before that, "Alright you scarlet bastard, I was hoping to save this for another time but I think I need to test to see if this works." I told Demmushu as I swapped my Sengoku Driver for a purple coloured Genesis driver.


After I had made demmushu sod off I dragged Nick to a cave to bandage his arm. And as soon as I had I made a fire. Some time later Nick woke up. "What the hell was that?" Nick asked me as he pulled himself up to lean on the cave wall to see me tending to the fire. "His name was Demmushu and he is one of the only surviving inves that still retains his conciseness on this planet." I told Nick who looked at me quizzically "How did you know, oh yeah you're from the future." Nick realised.

I smirked at him for a moment before I said "Unless you have a Genesis driver I'd recommend you keep wearing your sengoku driver until you can get that wound treated." I told Nick as he held his bandaged arm. "Funny you should mention that."Nick said as he pulled a Genesis driver from his pocket "Yeah I do and I see you have one too but in purple, is there a colour option in the future for these thing?" Nick asked taking note of my unusually coloured Genesis driver, which I forgot to switch back to my Sengoku driver. "I thought it would match my energy lockseed better." I said as held up said energy lockseed. "Is that what I?" Nick started to ask but I interrupted him "Yep." I confirmed, I then stood up and walked to the mouth of the cave "I don't think me coming to this Sekai was an accident but if so who opened the gateway between our worlds and for what purpose?"

(Scene Break)

Soon, my father I shall avenge you. And then nothing will stop me from fulfilling your dream. All the sekai's will be mine. So swear's Bujin Guardian!"

Author's note: and so the villain for this crossover is revealed my self and Nick had some fun thinking this up because I thought since Yu is Gaim's son why wouldn't his Bujin sekai counterpart be Bujin Gaim's son as well.

We hope tat you enjoyed this chapter and we will see you again soon but until then sayonara.