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Harvey finished the last of his drink and slammed it down on to the counter before calling to the waiter "Can I get another over here?" Harvey ordered, "I'm sorry sir, I am unable to serve you as you have had one too many" the waiter replied. "Do you want my money or what ?" Harvey argued

"Sir, if you refuse to leave I will have to get the body guards to escort you" the waiter explained

"Ffine i'll go" Harvey muttered before turning around and walking out, 'I'm sorry sir, you've had one too many' Harvey imitated, 'Did he not know who he was?, "He's Harvey Specter the best closer in New York" he exclaimed. He was angry, no furious, his life had gone down hill with in 2 months and now he found himself alone and stupidly drunk. He had spent his last three days binge drinking after he had finally wrapped up his last case working in Pearson Specter Litt, Jessica had decided to keep' Specter' because it showed strength with in the firm which is what they needed and she was sure Harvey would be back after he had a well deserved holiday away from the firm. Mike was still at the firm after the miss understanding with the police about the wedding venues but Donna had sorted it out weeks ago, thinking about Donna immediately made Harvey feel what can only been explained as metaphoric stabs in his chest because Harvey was so sure he had a piece of rock instead of a heart,after all of those years of bottling his feelings up because of his pride and ego which was more important than admitting how he felt and with out a doubt with out Donna by his side all those years ago he would have never reached named partner. He could see everything much clearer now but it was all too little too late Harvey though 'Or was it' Harvey had a strange euphony and in that moment he did not hesitate to call a cab from the busy streets of New York to take him to Manhattan. Donna had not spoken to him since they had argued, and now Harvey realised how alone he was, he had never grasped the concept of making friends unlike his associate Mike, he went around believing that the majority of people were against him, he had trust issues,he knows that now but back then it was different, he was an obnoxious dick. Harvey thought often about why Donna had decided she wanted to work for him, the first time he met her he was mesmerised by her she was different than all the other girls he had met, she was Donna. All of this thought of Donna made Harvey realise this was not the best decision, after all, last time they spoke it ended of bad terms.

2 months ago.

Harvey was walking back to his soon to be ex office, after sorting out Mikes issue to finish off some paperwork, before retiring home for an uneventful weekend. As Harvey drew closer to his office he notice it was not vacant, that's when he seen the fiery red head sat in his chair whilst looking out of the window. He was so happy she was there and glad that she was looking the other way so she couldn't see the effect of just seeing her, for what felt like the first time in weeks, even though he had passed her earlier that day, had on him. It was just not the same not being able to watch her from my desk all day Harvey thought. Harvey being Harvey had contemplated placing secret cameras out side of Louis' office just so he could ensure Donna was ok working there, but there were only two reasons that stopped him from doing that, one – he couldn't stand seeing her work for Louis, and secondly Donna being Donna would notice.

"Donna" Harvey greeted her

"What took you so long ?" Donna question still looking out at the sky-scrappers.

"Oh just the signing of Mike's police forms, why? How long have you been waiting?" Harvey asked hoping that he hadn't kept her for too long, then again he thought it must be important for Donna to have waited, Donna never waits it would have disrupted her whole schedule.

"Seriously Harvey, were you ever going to tell me or do you just expect me to know because 'I'm Donna' well I'll tell you this I as sure as hell didn't see this coming." Donna replied now turning to Harvey with bloodshot eyes.

"I was going to tell you, but I didn't get chance to" Harvey explained, he could see she had been crying and boy did he feel like a dick because he knew he had been the one to make her cry and he had never intentionally meant to hurt her.

"Didn't get chance, Harvey! You passed me earlier, a few weeks ago you would have came to me and we would have discussed this together and I would have helped and advised you on making a decision and now, well now I get to hear it from Jacob." Donna answered back she was angry so very angry with Harvey after him not telling her he had made name partner he had promised to always tell her everything that happened in relation to him, her or the firm and now he had just gone and broken it.

"Donna I couldn't have exactly blurted it out when I seen in the corridor and who is Jacob and how does he know ?" Harvey questioned

"Harvey, you wouldn't have to have told me in the corridor if you had consulted me on your thoughts before hand and that's exactly my point, Jacob is a nobody well he's not a nobody he's Jessica's third assistant but that's practically a nobody, Harvey you promised me you wouldn't let me ever find out something from someone else when you were named name partner"she retorted.

"I'm sorry you had to find out like that Donna and I'm really sorry I broke that promise to you, that's the last thing I would have wanted to do"Harvey reasoned, 'she could hear the sincerity in his voice but how often is he going to do this to her of all people' she thought.

"No your not Harvey, if you really did care about me, you wouldn't have even thought about quitting with out speaking about it to me. I really thought we could make this 'friends 'thing work but how wrong was I, this is the second time in two weeks you've treated me like a stranger and Harvey you have no idea how much that hurts" Donna countered

"Fine then, I didn't want to come and tell you because I was ashamed" Harvey recounted

"Bull shit, Harvey Bullshit, how has you quitting made you feel ashamed, when I was told by someone else you have no idea how bad of a friend that made me feel, it felt like it was my fault that I hadn't been there for you. However, when I did find out I was obviously hurt because you did not have the courage to tell me yourself, but I was so proud of you for putting others before yourself and I was even able to tell you"Donna yelled

Harvey was surprise at Donna's tone of voice, she was really upset she had never yelled at him like this before and Harvey was annoyed that she thought it was ok to come and scream at him when it was none of her business, it was his, Jessica's and Louis' not hers.

"Donna you were the one that left me remember? Not the other way around and quite frankly its none of your business" Harvey shouted back

"Fine, good bye Harvey it was nice knowing when you weren't a complete Dick but those days are well and truly over" Donna croaked, tears forming in her eyes

The realisation of what he had just said hit him and he grabbed Donna's arm "Donna.. I'm so sorry I didn't mean"

Donna interjected him before he could finish "Sorry for what Harvey? The truth?,you can't take that back now Harvey at least I know where I stand with you, now can you let go off my arm" Harvey released his grip on her arm and Donna walked out of his office, "Donna please" he whispered as he watched as the best thing of his life walked away.