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"Hey, Dr Adams, you are Harvey's Doctor aren't you?" Mike asked as he tapped the Doctor on his shoulder. Josef simply nodded and with that Mike continued "well I think you need to come and check on Harvey, you see he remembers me but not Donna" Mike explained, "Donna? Is that Mrs Specter?" the Doctor asked. "Err yeah, yeah that's right. He remembers me his associate of 5 years but not Donna, um his Wife, who he's known for over 12 years. How can that be possible? He loves her, well he's meant to love her. How can he just forget her?". "Sir this is not uncommon among patients, my guesses are that it's just short term Amnesia, in which he can only remember things that have happened more recently rather than years previously. I will be finishing my rounds and then I will come in and check on him, in the mean time I would just keep interacting with him. Is it just Mrs Specter he doesn't remember?" he questioned. "Umm I am not sure, only me and Donna have been in to see him yet, we didn't want to overcrowd him with everyone" Mike said. "Well in that case I would suggest that you let him to see someone he has known for the same time as his wife and another person he's only known for a few years just to ensure that my diagnosis is correct, but it could just be that Mr Specter is tired, he has been through a lot in these past few hours. Always keep in mind that he has been through a brain injury, anyway I've got to see to my other patients, ill visit him shortly." Doctor Adams explained as he continued with his work schedule. "Ok, thanks for your time" Mike called out after him.

Mike then thought it was best to go and tell the others what Harvey's Doctor had said instead of going back in to speak to Harvey, he knew Donna was very worried about him and maybe this bit of information would bring her some comfort, he thought. Donna was sat in the same place, no one had seen her like this before, she was very reserved but you could see she was struggling, the whole thing with her and Harvey had taken its toll on her and now with the accident she wasn't coping very well. "Hey so I have some good and bad news" Mike explained and before he could finish Donna was out of her seat, her eyes began to fill with tears. "Mike what's wrong? Is it Harvey? Of course it is what was I thinking, Mike tell me what's wrong! What's wrong with Harvey?" Donna cried, "Hey its ok Donna" He said as he drew her in for a hug, she reluctantly lent in. "Harvey's ok, it's just that he remembers me, but I spoke to his Doctor and he said that he just might not be able to remember you because he's suffering from short term Amnesia. He also said that we should let someone he has known for a while go in and visit him just to make sure that he is suffering from it, so it's either out of Jessica or Ray to go and see him." Mike explained. Donna was shocked that he could remember Mike but at least it meant that he was ok, she hoped that it really was short term, what if he never regained his memory of her? She couldn't bare that. How hard would it be for her to watch the man that she lo-cares about not remember her.

"If it's ok with you Ray, I would like to go and see Harvey" Jessica stated as she rose from the chair. She hated it when people would say that she was like his mother because she wasn't. She was far too young to be Harvey Specters mom, but she had always seen him as her kid brother because most of the time he was a pain in the ass but that was just Harvey. She would take a bullet for that arrogant son of bitch and she's pretty sure he would do the same for her. "Of course, I'll be on my way then, can I give any of you a lift? Donna? Mike?" Ray asked, it was the least he could do he was sure his boss would appreciate it. "Mike, I think both you and Rachel should go home. I'll call you if there are any updates" Donna stated. "Donna, are you sure? I think you should go home too or at least let me stay as well" Mike wanted to say that it would be more beneficial for him to stay there since Harvey knew him and therefore it would be more comforting for him to stay there. Donna however interrupted him before he could finish "No, its fine. I can't leave him, even if he doesn't know who I am. He will probably be sleeping and he will need someone to talk to in the morning and you will be no use if you are exhausted" Donna explained. Both Mike and Rachel knew there was no point in arguing with Donna. She had made her mind up. "Okay, we will be in first thing tomorrow morning unless anything happens" Rachel told her as she pulled Donna in for a hug as Mike gathered up his coat and followed Ray out to the car. "I love you and I know Harvey will be ok. He was just probably sleepy when you went to see him" Rachel assured Donna. "I know, thanks for everything Rach. I love you too. Now you best go your fiancé is tired" she replied as she withdrew from Rachel's grasp.

Jessica walked into Harvey's hospital room with no hesitation. "Hey, you had me worried for a minute or two. The thought of having to go through all that paper work and interviews to hire a replacement was painful" she joked. "I'll have you know that I am irreplaceable" Harvey remarked. "I'm glad you're ok though, you are a very lucky man" Jessica said. "Yeah, I know. You can sit down Jessica, I know I've got a bandage on my head but I'm not a mummy reincarnated" Harvey mumbled as he motioned her to sit down. "It's nice to see that you haven't lost your humour but I'm not staying, visiting hours are almost over and you are only allowed one person to stay with you. As much as I'd like to stand here and chat, you've got to rest and I've got to go to the firm to ensure everything is running smoothly because if you haven't heard the best closer got run over." Jessica replied. "Yeah I heard, ok well it was great to see you Jessica, but my boss always told me not to go to see people empty handed, so if you could bring some alcohol next time that would be great" Harvey informed her. "A simple Good night would have been suffice, but maybe if you are lucky I'll bring some grapes for you." She retorted as she went to leave the room he bid her a good night and as she turned around the last thing she saw was his Cheshire grin.

When returning to the waiting room Jessica was more apprehensive, how would she be able to tell Donna that he remembers her as well, but she had to be the one to deliver this somewhat good,bad news. "Donna" she greeted her. Donna didn't need to reply to her before she continued, "He knows who I am" she added "but as soon as I left Harvey's doctor was on his way in so hopefully we will have some answers soon." Jessica finished "That's good" was all Donna could utter. Of course it was good that he could remember but it wasn't good for her, she needed to speak to him about everything and how could she try and reconnect with someone who doesn't even remember her? She thought. "Donna do you need anything? Because if not I need to stop by the office and pick up some work up and then make some arrangements for Pearson Specter Litt." Jessica asked. "No, you go, thank you for everything Jessica" Donna replied. "You know Donna even before the accident Harvey didn't know how lucky he was to have you, maybe when he comes to his senses he will finally realise, Good night" Jessica's words were very comforting, little did Jessica know that she was extremely lucky to have Harvey too.

Donna was of course now fully and mentally prepared to see Harvey again, but maybe, just maybe he would recognise her this time. As she drew closer to the room she could see Doctor Adams checking Harvey over, she then quietly opened the door and made her way over to Harvey. "Hey, you're back?" Harvey greeted her, "Yeah, how are you feeling now?" she replied. Before Harvey could answer her question his Doctor had already asked him another "Harvey do you know this women?" He asked, "No, well yeah, I met her earlier, but I don't remember her before the accident" Harvey explained. "Ok, well I do have a diagnosis, but would you prefer me to tell you alone or are you comfortable with your wife being present?" he asked. "Um, no it's fine, my wife um she can stay" Harvey answered. "Ok, so it seems that you, Mr Specter, are suffering from amnesia. In this case it may have been brought on by a traumatic event, not only the accident but an emotionally traumatic event that you are wishing to forget about. I am very hopeful that your memory will return fully but I don't know when that will be. Other than that considering everything that has happened you are in good shape and in the next few days we will look at allowing you to go home." He explained. "Thank you Doctor, is there that I can do to make my memories return?" Harvey questioned. "Well they should return on their own, but talking helps" he replied before leaving Harvey's room to see to his other patients. Donna and Harvey were now left alone. There was silence between the both of them. Neither of them could think of the right words to say. Harvey was in a state of shock, his thoughts raced through his mind he was married and he couldn't even remember his wife, what if his memories never returned? He would never be able to remember their wedding. Harvey knew she was important to him when he first saw her. He could tell he loved her, so why would he not remember his own wife? Donna also used the silence as time to think. Why hadn't she corrected the doctor earlier? Why didn't she tell Harvey there and then that she wasn't his wife? What had she gotten herself into? She thought, maybe she should tell him now the doctor had left or would that only make Harvey even more confused?

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