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Edward's POV

Damn, this is the end!

I thought as I dropped to the floor. I was dizzy and I could feel the numbness enveloping me as the blood drained from my body. I wouldn't see any of my friends again. Not even the bastard Colonel Mustang. Alphonse...damn, I failed Al! After all of those years, I never got his body back. But, even if he didn't get his body back, he would try and get me back first...oh no. Oh hell no! I am not letting him kill himself just to get me back!
"Brother!" A voice exclaimed and I felt myself get lifted. I felt the cold form of my brother holding me up, but I was starting to lose the ability in my nerves.
"Al, don't...bring me back..." I whispered. Just managing to get out those few words felt like I was getting stabbed over and over again, damn. It hurt like hell!
"But brother!" Alphonse exclaimed. I knew he would try and bring me back; I would smack him upside the head if I could, but I just smirked. Or, at least smirked as much I could.
"Al. Just keep living okay?" I murmured as my vision began blur, but I could still see Alphonse nodding his head. If he had his body right now he would have been crying hysterically.
"Goodbye...Alphonse." I whispered as I lost sight of him and was surrounded by white light as I lost my consciousness for the last time.

Alphonse's POV

"Brother?" I asked quietly. Brother's eyes were still open, but they had glazed over. "Brother?!" I whimpered and shook him, but he was limp in my lap.
"So, the Fullmetal Pipsqueak finally bit the dust." I didn't look up as I heard the mocking voice behind me. I stared at Brother and I just couldn't take it anymore. I whipped around as I stood up.
"You killed him!" I screamed. "You killed him you...you..."
"So the tin can is angry, now is he?" Envy sneered.
"You're going to pay for killing my brother!" I shouted and ran while I slugged Envy. I heard a loud crack and a thud on the ground and I saw that blood was spilling out of Envy's mouth and his jaw was disfigured.
"You little bastard!" Envy choked, "You're going to go on a little trip to the gate. Sorry, but it's a one way trip!"

Edward's POV

I was surrounded by light, but I knew where I was.
"So, alchemist, you're back I see." A voice asked and I smirked.
"Like I had a choice. What do you want now?" I retorted and there was a small laugh. I turned around to see the origin of alchemy: The gate. A familiar figure stood in front of it; the same one from my nightmares. A being made out of light, but had a flesh right arm with a flesh left leg which had once been my own.
"I'm here to offer you a proposition." The being said and I tried to hold back a snort.
"What sort of proposition? I'm dead now, so what is there to offer me?"
"Your brother. Something you've been trying to get since your little accident." I froze and my smirk dropped.
"What do you want?" I growled and the Truth smirked.
"If you don't take the proposition, you'll get to see your mother again, along with other friends of yours like Nina, Hughes, or anyone else that you've known that have ended up leaving the living world." I clenched my jaw, damn! He was making this too hard!
"What if I take your proposition Truth?" I asked and Truth grinned.
"If you want your brother's body back for him, you will have to give up your soul to the gate." My face paled. Give up my soul? Hell no! But...to get Alphonse's body back...
"So I would become one of those little black things inside of the gate?" I asked warily. Who knows what could happen to me?
"Yes, but then you would know everything: everything about the universe, alchemy. Everything you could possibly imagine, but only while you are in the gate." The Truth replied. "And I would give your brother's body back without harming his soul and I'll even put his soul back in his body too since you're exchanging a great deal this time."
"Damn it." I muttered. I would have to choose fast...

Alphonse's POV

I couldn't believe it. I had completely beat Envy to a pulp. I never felt this angry ever before in my life! Just as I threw my last blow at Envy, military officers showed up and I could see the horror stricken faces. I knew that if I arrived at this point to see Edward Elric in a bloody puddle with a hole in his chest and a suit of armor beating up a green haired homunculi to the point you couldn't recognize it then I'd be shocked too.
"Alphonse?" Riza asked warily and I fell to my knees while officers rushed to either Brother, me, or Envy.
"Alphonse, what happened?!" Riza asked, worry evident in her voice.
"Brother is dead." I whispered and I pointed over at Envy, "He killed him..."

"Edward..." She murmured, looking over at Brother's body.
"He said not to bring him back." I whimpered. "But I really want to! They put a philosopher's stone in me Hawkeye, I can bring him back!" She looked back over at me with despair in her eyes.
"Alphonse, you need to respect your brother's wishes. Let the dead stay dead." She said quietly.
"But...Brother! Why him?! Why did he have to die?!" I exclaimed. I looked over to see Envy being dragged away; still a bloody mess and a sheet now covered Brother's body. Rose had been escorted out, and I don't know what happened to Dante, but I didn't really care at that moment. I would have to deal with her later.
"Everyone has to die at some point." Hawkeye said quietly. "I think Roy might be dead too."
"Colonel Mustang?!" I exclaimed.
"He went to take care of the Fuhrer." She replied in a quiet voice.
"I'm sure he's still alive Miss Riza." I said, still not wanting to believe that another one of my friends had died. Mustang was pretty much as close to a father as me and Brother got, no matter how much Brother would have denied it.
"I don't know Alphonse..." she replied. "I just don't know..."

Edward's POV

"I promised to do whatever it took to get Al's body back and I'm not breaking the promise now." I said and the Truth smirked. Whoever said the 'the Truth will set you free' clearly had not actually met the truth. It would be more like: 'The Truth will be willing to take anything away from you if it follows the laws of equivalent exchange.'
"Alright, then come forward and we'll do the exchange-"I cut him off.
"But, on one condition." I interrupted and Truth stopped smirking, "I want to be the one to go and give Al his body back." I was determined to be the one to get his body back over all these years. I had to let him know I hadn't failed him and I didn't break my promise. The being smiled and chuckled.
"Still as determined as you were in life, Elric. I will let you do that, since you will be with the gate soon." The giant doors crept open and I could see the black void inside and I flinched. Black arms spilled out and I almost stepped backwards, but I smiled to myself as I saw a human form be pulled from the depths of the gate and laid before my feet.
"You get only a few moments Elric and you're going in a spirit's form." Truth said and my vision went black...

Edward's POV

"I just don't know what I'll do now without Brother..." I sighed and Riza nodded and gave me a sympathetic look, but it didn't last long because the whole room began shaking violently.
"EARTHQUAKE! EVERYONE GET DOWN!" Riza yelled and the officers ran for shelter while I ran for Brother's body. Riza held me back
"Alphonse! It's too dangerous!"
"I don't care!" I shouted and broke out of her grasp. I ran to Brother's body, but from across the room, there was a bright light. In contrast, I felt weaker and I saw light pouring out from inside my armor. I looked and my blood seal was glowing!
"Alphonse!" Riza shouted and ran over to me but I couldn't reply. My legs buckled and I lost control of the armor. I was slipping away, until I was gone.

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