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Riza's POV

"ALPHONSE!" I screamed, there was a light coming out of his armor and I had no clue what was happening. Even though I didn't know what to do, I couldn't let another comrade die because I wasn't there to help them. I ran over and pulled off Alphonse's helmet and I saw what was glowing: his blood seal.

"Shit." I murmured as I watched the seal erase itself and as the light dimmed, the armor fell in a heap next to Edward's body. The Elric Brothers are gone, both of them in one night. The fourth friend that had been killed in the past year or two: Hughes, Mustang, Edward, and now Alphonse. How I'm still alive with all of this grief, I have no clue.

"Lieutenant!" I raised my head to see a large gate in front of me in the old ballroom.

"The...gate?!" I murmured and memories rushed into my head.

"I'm able to use alchemy without a transmutation circle because I've been to the gate. It's what keeps Alchemy going." Edward said as Mustang smirked.

"A pipsqueak like you seeing the gate? I don't believe it."


So this is what Edward was talking about! There was a loud creak as the doors began to open and I scrambled backwards, unsure of what was about to happen. It was pitch black in there, but when I looked closer, there were millions of eyes staring back at me.

"It's okay Hawkeye. Don't be scared." A voice said and my face paled. It couldn't be him! His body is lying right next to me!

"Hawkeye!" I snapped back from my panicked state to see someone standing in front of me with someone in his arms.

"Take care of Alphonse for me, okay?" Edward asked. He was translucent but he was still able to hold onto the person in his arms.

"Ed-ed-Edward?!" I exclaimed and he smirked.

"Don't worry about me. Just take care of Al for me. I'm not coming back this time." He set the boy in front of me and I could see the family resemblance between the two.

"Edward, before you go...is the Colonel there with you?"

"Colonel Bastard? Like hell I would let him annoy me in the afterlife! He's still in the living, thankfully." Edward laughed. I sighed a breath of relief and noticed Al's eyes fluttering open and staring up at me.

"Hawkeye?!" He exclaimed and I smiled and nodded my head towards Edward. Alphonse followed my gesture and gasped,

"Brother?! You're here?!"

"Not for much longer Al. Just thought I would finish that promise I made to you." Edward said with a smile but it turned to a frown when there was a noise heard from the gate. "Damn, they're calling me back already. Alphonse, just keep living, okay? Every time you do alchemy, think of me okay? I'm finally going to be the one controlling alchemy now." His frown turned to a smirk.

"You're staying in the gate?!" Alphonse exclaimed and I was confused, he was staying in the gate? There was another side? My thoughts were cut off though,

"Yeah Al. That's what I promised when I was offered a chance to get your body back. But I have to go Al, my time is up. Make sure to bury me next to mom, okay?" He said and turned his back to us and began walking back towards the gate.

"BROTHER! I'M GOING TO MISS YOU!" Alphonse cried and Ed waved over his shoulder before the gate closed behind him. After another bright light enveloped the underground ballroom and the gate was gone. Leaving no trace of it ever being there, but there Alphonse was, sitting in front of me in his human body.

"Brother..." He whimpered and I gathered him into a hug,

"Alphonse, it's going to be okay."

Edward's POV

Damn. The last time I saw my brother and my last time seeing Amestris on my own again. But, Al had his body back, and now it was time for me to give Truth my part of the bargain. I found myself back in front of the gate and Truth smirking at me.

"I've given my part of the deal. Now it's time for you to join us." The being said with a smirk and I sighed.

"Yea I know. Become part of the gate, yada, yada, yada."

"Goodbye, Edward Elric." Truth said as the gate opened and the little black beings latched onto me and dragged me into the dark abyss. However, this trip was different than my last. Instead of the beings trying to tear me apart, they seemed to wrap around me. I looked at my hands and the black abyss crept up my limbs, consuming them as I was being changed. I only smiled weakly, thinking of my life in Amestris as the Gate consumed the rest of my body and soul and then...there was nothing.

Alphonse's POV

It's been a year since I regained my body. I was pretty malnourished and skinny, but I was alive! Thanks to my brother...Oh Edward! After Riza got me out of the old underground ballroom, she had me move in with her. She had become like a mother to me and I was happy. Soon, I started to get healthier and after about 4 months, I was up to normal standards for a 15 year old. Plus, Riza had said that Brother knew that Mustang was alive, so we ended up traveling all across Amestris looking for him. I knew Riza was dedicated to Colonel Mustang; plus if I didn't go, I would most likely be looking down the barrel of her gun. It took us about another 6 months to find him. He was staying alone in a cabin up in the northern parts of the country. Apparently, after he killed the Fuhrer, he never used alchemy again and, during the fight, he lost an eye. So now Mustang was wearing an eye patch over his left eye, the same sort of style the old Furer used to wear it like. When I told him this, he became pretty angry, let's just say I never mentioned it again. Of course, the Colonel was surprised when he saw me back in my human form, but seemed pretty depressed the Edward was gone. So, Mustang agreed to leave the Military and Riza joined him, due to most of their friends either being too injured to be in the military or they had resigned. This past month, we had traveled back to Resembool and Winry welcomed at least Riza and I with open arms. We all visited Brother's grave, and it was raining that day. If Brother was still around, he'd be complaining about water seeping into his automail. Like he asked, we buried him next to mom. I was still trying to grasp the concept of him not being there, and every once in awhile I would have a nightmare like on stormy nights. That's when we were normal. Now there was only one of us left. I was the last of the Elrics.

Someone's POV

How long has it been? Seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, years, even centuries! There was no sense of time here. What was here now was what there would be. There would be times where the others and I would see light and there would be a person standing there, gaping at us. We were envious! How dare this person of the light come and disturb us! We would grasp him and drag them in, their screams would be useless against us. We were powerful, no one could defeat us, yet, once in awhile, there would be a person who would make it back to the light, no matter how much we clawed at them. We could see both worlds and we regulated who would live and who would die. It was a simple life, but it was a glorious and powerful force to do so. However, the humans of the opposite side of the gate managed to get through us, not alive, but through. How they did so without our alchemy, I have no clue, but it does not matter. We would stop their futile attempts to cross through us without their payment. For their misdeeds, we took their lives. But there was one human that seemed to spark some interest for me, which was odd. The others and I think as one, but we are individuals held together as one being by our individualities. It's just as I had learned, One is all and all is one. Wait, how do I know this? I remember a human teaching it to me...but how? I have been here for eternity! How could I know a human? But when the one particular human went through us, I hissed in anger and slithered forward towards him.

"Bastard." I hissed and the human turned to look at me and his face was in shock. This male human had dark gold hair and a beard and wore glasses, I thought I recognized him, but I shoved the thought away. I was with my brethren and my brethren were with me. Everything was right.

"Edward?!" I froze. That human had exclaimed a name and I unconsciously froze. How does that seem so familiar. Wait! As I tried to think, memories erupted in my mind and my hands held my head.

"Don't worry Al! We'll get your body back and that's a promise!"

"What do you want now Colonel Bastard?!"



These memories, they're too much! I can't stop them from flooding into my mind.

"Edward? Is that you?" The male human asked and I looked at him.

"Hohenheim, you bastard." I muttered and he looked at me. I realized that this wasn't where I was for the past thousands of years. I had been human! I was Edward Elric damn it! I hadn't noticed that Hohenheim was slipping away from me and back towards Amestris' side of the gate.

"GET BACK HERE YOU OLD MAN!" I shouted and he smiled weakly.

'Try and get out Edward!" he shouted before I lost sight of him. I shook my head and looked at myself. I was a gate creature now. How the hell was I supposed to get out of this mess. Sure, I made a deal with truth and I had fulfilled it, now to wrap it up and get the hell out of here! I made my way through the rest of the gate creatures towards where my bastard of a father had come in. I couldn't go back Amestris. If I went back there I would wake up 6 feet under the ground in a coffin. I don't know what other people like to wake up to, but that certainly wasn't my preference. After hours of searching, well, I have no clue how long it took, I found the opposite door. Oh well, gotta give it a shot! I clapped my hands together and slammed it against the ancient wall and I could feel something peeling off my skin as I saw the blue light of the transmutation working against the wall. I looked down to see the black covering that had encased my body was coming off, and I saw my old clothes and automail arm and leg. Or at least I could tell they were there, but hell! I was actually glad to have them back! There was a loud noise as the gate began to open and I smirked. I could hear loud yelling from the light and I didn't care where it went. I dove into the warm light before I could be sucked into the darkness again.

Damn, my head hurt! Where the hell am I? I opened my eyes to see hundreds of people staring at me and, as I looked around, I saw I was lying on a stage and there were people on stage with me. There were rounds of thunderous applause and I had no clue what was going on.

"Awesome special effects!" One girl shouted from the audience.

"Yea! That's gotta look extra real! It's an awesome cosplay!" Someone else shouted.

"What the hell is a cosplay?" I muttered and the other people on stage were looking at me in shock.

"Um, he's not part of our cosplay." One girl said. She was dressed in Amestris Military attire, wait, WHAT THE HELL?! I looked around at the people on stage and they were dressed up as people I recognised! There was Hawkeye, Havoc, Colonel Bastard, Winry, and Al?! There's even someone dressed as me!

"WHAT THE HELL IS GOIN ON HERE?!" I screamed and everyone just stared at me.

"What's going on?" A person yelled from the audience and the me actor shrugged,

"I don't know! He's not part of our cosplay." Cosplay? What the hell is a cosplay?!

"He sounds like Edward Elric!" A girl yelled.

"He even has an awesome costume!"

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN COSTUME?! THIS IS MY ACTUAL OUTFIT! I SHOULD KNOW BECAUSE I EVEN WENT WITH WINRY TO THE DAMN STORE BEFORE I JOINED THE MILITARY AND WORKED FOR COLONEL BASTARD!" I shouted and one by one, the people in the audience started to grin. There were murmurs around all of the people but I couldn't tell what they were saying. Then, as if it were on cue, they all screamed.


"WHO ARE 'YA CALLING SO SHORT THAT HE COULD BE SMALLER THAN PLANKTON IN THE OCEAN?!" I screamed. No way in HELL was I letting these bastards get away with calling me short, but when I actually calmed down enough to look around, all of the audience and people on stage had looks of amusement on their faces and wide grins while only a few fainted. What, was I a street show now?!

"Show us your automail!" A girl cried from the middle of the audience and I sighed.

"How the hell do you know I have automail?" I asked.

"Because you're Edward Elric. Or at least, you dress up like him." The girl yelled back and at this point I was getting frustrated.

"Fine." I sighed and took off my right glove and rolled up the sleeve of my red jacket and saw the shine of my arm and the crowd roared in applause. Who the hell were these people?!

And so, Ed's nightmare begins!

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