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Chapter 5 Finding Yourself

It was a beautiful morning in Ponyville and Yuya was just getting out of bed in Twilight's castle. But Yuya was not happy when he woken up. He recently started to think about more about what Shun had said about it being impossible about making everyone smile through his dueling.

In fact he recently discovered he needed to entertain people through his own dueling instead of like his father. Since his father was the creator of entertainment dueling. Through his duel with Jack Atlas he told him speak with his own dueling.

He discovered that Pendulum Summoning was of his own and that he was the Pioneer of this new summoning method and that he needed to show people that as the pioneer of this new summoning method that he was truly worthy of the Pioneer of the Pendulum and that he created a whole new summoning method for other people and future people to use.

Then that is when he created his own dueling and showed Jack his entertainment dueling and the whole city in the Synchro Dimension of where there people united and smiled and brought joy to the city.

Then Yuya begun to think what if he can't make anyone smile like of like he done in the Synchro Dimension and then Yuya begun looking through Yuto's memories of the time Heartland was attack by the Fusion Dimension seeing all of the XYZians scared faces of there beloved city getting destroyed and people beloved family members being turned into cards.

Ever since he fused with Yuto and with his duel with Isao he wasn't really himself. All that he could remember from that duel was darkness. The same went for his other duels to in his own Standard Dimension he remembered the poor people that got turned into cards right him front of him all he could do at the time was think of all the anger and hatred he had against them.

Then he thought back to his time back in the Synchro Dimension before he united the dimension. He remembered of how horrible of how the tops and the other people in the stands including some of the commons to loved all the violent things that the duelist on his duel runner would do to the other duelist probably with the other duelist injured or worst.

He remembered how much the crowd was cheering on how much he hurt the other duelist in his duel with Duel Chaser 227. Then he remembered on how much he hated so much on how the crowd could love that.

Then just as Yuya was recently looking back on the memory he got another memory with a man a few years older than he was and he had silver hair and he was riding on Odd-Eyes and he having fun dueling against his opponent when he accidently hurt his opponent.

Then people stop and saw what happened then they cheered at what they saw and they loved it. Then that memory just stopped and then Yuya got a glimpse at four dragons this man had Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon, Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon, Clear Wing Synchro Dragon, and Starve Venom Fusion Dragon and that is when the memory just stops.

Then Yuya was confused by those memories like who was that man and why did he have Odd-Eyes and Dark Rebellion and those other dragons of Yugo and Yuri.

Then Yuya got out of bed and went to looked out the window of Twilight's castle's that is when Yuto came out of Yuya and sensed his distress. 'Yuya are you ok?' said Yuto.

Then Yuya saw Yuto and said "To be honest Yuto not really." sadly. Then Yuto became hesitant for a moment then thought of Shun and then got a little mad 'It's not because of what Shun said to you is it if it is I will much to make sure to give Shun a good talking to and beat him up for good measure for him talking to you that way!'

Then Yuya laughed and then got a face of sadness said "Well it is a little of what Shun said to me, but lately I been thinking about what if I can't make very one smile with my dueling and also scared to in a way."

Then Yuto got a little worried for Yuya then said 'How so?' "Well it is a little hard to explain." said Yuya. "Um, Yuya I think I understand we both now share the same body and I can feel the same things you are feeling sadness, happiness, or being angry or sometime like that. So I think I have a little understanding on how your are feeling and also I caught you snooping through my memories. So I definitely know what is going on because you usually don't through my memories without my permission, so what is wrong?' said Yuto.

"Alright, you got me Yuto well it's just that lately I've been feeling a great darkness inside me and it has really been bothering me and it has something to do with every time if I get mad or if you get mad we end up in this berserk like state and it feels like something or someone is taking us over." said Yuya.

'I think I get where you are coming from I have been recently worried about that lately too.' said Yuto worried. "Do you think if has something to do with are dragons?" said Yuya.

'I don't know it might be possible because I remember the first time we met and when we both summoned are dragons were calling out to each other when we summoned them and if seemed like they both wanted to be together and for us to be as well.' said Yuto.

"Well, whatever the reason I'm glad we are friends don't get me wrong the others are nice to talk to its just nice to let out with friend." said Yuya.

'I'm glad we're friends to and I really learned a lot from you to like never giving up and always keep smiling no more what.' said Yuto with a smile on his face.

"Thanks Yuto." said Yuya. 'No problem Yuya. Also Yuya I have a question.' said Yuto. "Yeah, Yuto." said Yuya. 'Well I was like wondering are you able to talk to all your monster spirits and to be able to see them as well?' said Yuto.

"Yes, why do you ask Yuto?" said Yuya. 'Well I was just wondering because I could only talk to my Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon and see him in his spirit form and for my other duel monsters I couldn't for some reason and now since I'm fused with you I can talk to all of are duel monsters in both are dueling desks but mostly your deck and oh by the way Stargazer and Timegazer magician are good guys to talk to.' said Yuto.

"Speaking of them two where are they anyway?" said Yuya wondering what happened to his loyal magicians. 'Who knows with those two maybe there just exploring around Twilight's castle or maybe there right outside the doorway watching over you while you were sleeping or something." said Yuto. (Little did Yuya and Yuto know they were just out the doorway.)

Outside the doorway with Stargazer and Timegazer Magician...

"Achoo!" said Timegazer Magician. "Bless you Timegazer." said Stargazer Magician. "Thanks. Do you think Master Yuya and Yuto are talking about us again?" said Timegazer Magician.

"Probably you know those two." said Stargazer Magician.

Back with Yuya and Yuto...

"Your right that is something that those two would do." said Yuya laughing a little Yuto as well. 'Have Stargazer and Timegazer been with you for a very long time?' said Yuto wandering."Oh yeah ever since I was little when I was first building my deck. When I first saw them it felt that we met for each other and that they were always were meant for my deck." said Yuya.

Always ever since Yuto could remember had a very close bond with Dark Rebellion being able to talk with him and see him in his spirit form and unlike with his other monsters he didn't really have much of a bond with them to be able to talk with them and see them like he did with Dark Rebellion. Well, before when he wasn't a spirit and when he was fused with Yuya he couldn't see duel monster spirits but when he hold Dark Rebellion's card he felt the close bond he had with the card.

Yuto smiled a bit and floated down to Yuya who was sitting on the bed and said 'Wow, Yuya you must care a lot about them.'

"Yeah I do, but its not just them I have a close bond with all my duel monster spirits. In fact, ever since my dad disappeared 7 years ago I started being able to see duel monster spirits. My dad is the one that gave me my Performapal deck and he was the one that taught me how to duel." said Yuya starting to look a little sad.

Yuto noticed Yuya starting to look a down when he started to his father. Yuto started to think a bit Yuya had the same last name as a person he knew from Heartland named Yusho Sakaki that appeared out of nowhere one day with a new style to dueling no one thought of before making people smile and making other people want to try out dueling and try Yusho's style of dueling. He was even a duel teacher to his close friends like Allen Kozuki and Saya Sasayama. But then a few years later the Fusion Dimension invaded Heartland started to attack everyone and everything in sight. He heard from one of his allies from the Resistance that during the attack the man disappeared during the attack. Could that man be Yuya's father? No it couldn't be it, probably is a coincidence that they have the same last name.

Yuto snapped out of his thoughts when he notice when Yuya got out of his sadness. "Sorry about that. Its just that every time I mention my dad I also get a bit sad that he is around. But I do kind of find it odd that after dad left that I can see duel monster spirits." said Yuya.

'Its a odd, but maybe from your deck they were feeling the same feeling you were and some how that triggered some kind of reaction or something that cause you to start seeing duel monster spirits?' said Yuto.

"Who knows? Whatever cause me to start see duel monster spirits I'm glad I was given the ability otherwise I would never have gotten to talk to Stargazer or Timegazer or even Odd-Eyes and my duel monster spirits as well." said Yuya.

'Well, I'm happy for you Yuya. Before back when I had my own body I was only able to see and talk with Dark Rebellion when was in his spirit mode. I wasn't able to talk to the rest of my duel monster like you were able to Yuya.' said Yuto.

"Do you know why you were only able to talk to Dark Rebellion back then?" said Yuya. 'To be honest I had no idea. But now that I fused with you I can talk to all my duel monster spirits even yours to.' said Yuto. "Really?" said Yuya.

'Yeah, they said they even have there own world they come from to called the Spirit World from where they get summoned from when there is a duel. I even been there a few times my self." said Yuto.

"What?! Your telling me they have there own world!? I thought they only just stay in there cards!?Also what do you mean you been there a few times before!? " said Yuya.

'Yeah, I was surprised myself to hear that they had there own world to. They even have there own home they live in Spirit World. To be honest this world kind of reminds me of the Spirit World expect all the spirits land is split by there different attributes and types and there 3 leaders were call the Egyptians Gods.

'Oh, they do lets just say that there cards are proof that you are there master or something and when there owner plays there card its summons them to our world its like a master and servant pact to prove you are the master I guess. To be honest its kind of hard to explain. '

'To explain your last question the first time I had to go to the Spirit World I kind of had no choice because Dark Rebellion ended telling his leader that he got a new master normally that wouldn't matter because humans would switch or give there cards to different humans all the time. But with us Yuya when I gave you Dark Rebellion are souls ended up fusing somehow but still gives me the ability to move around when I'm a spirit. After I fused with you I somehow woke up inside of your pendulum necklace confused and alone I was met with Dark Rebellion and was told to come with him to meet his leader of his land I didn't know what else to do so I went with him. I was told by his leader the Winged Dragon of Ra that she has heard of a case similar to ours kind of with her master but then she told me that with her masters case it was with her master having two souls in one body kind of like with our case that her original master's soul came from an Egyptian Millennium Puzzle later she found out that only have of her master's soul was in the puzzle and half of her master's soul was reincarnated into a person and that eventually the two of them separated. But she never heard of two souls becoming one becoming one before. But she told me that she would try to find a way to help us. Then she gave me a pendulum necklace similar to yours Yuya then she told me that the necklace could take me to the Spirit World and that I was welcome in the Spirit World any time to visit.

'Then with the other few times I visited during that time was when I was visiting with Stargazer and Timegazer at there places hanging out with them at there homes.' said Yuto.

After Yuto got done answering his questions Yuya didn't know what to think he was speechless and a few minutes Yuya snapped out of it and Yuya decided to ask one more question.

"Hey, um, Yuto was Dark Rebellion happy with me becoming his new master at first because I don't remember summoning the first time because during that duel I didn't remember anything?"

'To be honest I can't remember when you first summoned Dark Rebellion neither, but I do remember Dark Rebellion saying that at first he wasn't thrilled with the idea of having a new master since I have been his master for so long and him use to being my main monster summoning in duels and with him being a sign to protect me, but then over time he started getting used to you being his new master." said Yuto.

"Well that's good, but what do you mean he was signed to protect you?" said Yuya.

'Well, you see the 3 leaders of the Spirit World decided whatever 3 main monsters or below you the master used the most would be assigned to protect that master.' said Yuto.

"So there like my guardians looking out for me basically like my other duel monster spirits its just that I have a closer bond with Stargazer, Timegazer, and Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon." said Yuya.

'Right basically.' said Yuto.

"You know what I think I'm starting to have a much stronger bond with Dark Rebellion ever since we fused. Because one night I caught Dark Rebellion sleeping with me in bed in his spirit form." said Yuya laughing a little.

'Ha! Really? But now that you mention I think that I might have a stronger bond with Odd-Eyes now to because that one time I caught Odd-Eyes sleeping with me .' said Yuto laughing a little to.

"Well at least its a good thing that are dragons are both getting along with each other and with us to, especially with the other dragon's master." said Yuya smiling.

With Twilight and Shun in the Kitchen...

Both Twilight and Shun were in the kitchen making breakfast for others and they both were putting out plates for everypony and everyone

"Hey, Twilight?" said Shun. "Yes Shun?" said Twilight. "You wouldn't happen to know where Yuya is do you?" said Shun. "Oh, Yuya he is still asleep." said Twilight. "Really? I thought he would be up by now." said Shun.

"Yeah, but remember he had a tough day yesterday and well he probably is sleeping in because of what happened all yesterday and so are the others probably." said Twilight. "Oh, yeah makes sense." said Shun.

"It's just that every time I look at Yuya I see him as Yuto, but I know that he is not Yuto but I still think of him as my friend Yuto." said Shun. "I know, but wait didn't you say Yuto was gone and after that strange light why did you say Yuto?" said Twilight.

"To be honest I think that Yuto is somehow in Yuya as a spirit or something like that." said Shun. "WHAT?! How is that even possible?! Also how do you know that Yuto is in Yuya?" said Twilight. "Because one time that I accuse Yuya of stealing Yuto's Dark Rebellion XYZ Dragon card. I saw Yuto in Yuya and Yuto told me that Yuya was an ally." said Shun.

"That is very interesting, but wait do your other friends know about this as well?" said Twilight. "No actually I haven't told them and I really don't think it is a good idea either. Also only you and me are to speak of this." said Shun. "But your friends are going to find out sooner or later." said Twilight.

"Yes, but for now this is just between you and me." said Shun. "Oh alright." said Twilight.

Then Twilight and Shun went back to setting up for breakfast. Then as Twilight was starting to set up the stuff for breakfast again Twilight heard something behind her and then got scared really bad.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!" said Twilight being very terrified. Then she heard a very familiar laughing and it was from Pinkie. "Pinkie! What are you here in the morning in my castle?" said Twilight.

"Oh, hi Twilight! I just wanted to come by and see what you were up to and I also wanted to see Yuya. Also in want to see Yuya's Entertainment Dueling to see him

make everypony smile with his dueling like he said he did before. Also in a way he is like me in a way where we both love to see people happy and smile. Also Blah blah blah blah..." said Pinkie continuing to random on and on.

"Does she usually talk a lot?" said Shun. "Oh you have no idea Shun." said Twilight.

Then Pinkie started to talk again and said "So do you know where Yuya is?" Then both Twilight and Shun both looked at each other. Then Twilight said "Um, he is sleeping right now."

"Really? Thanks I think that I'll wake up Yuya." said Pinkie happily as she bounced away.

"Do you think that it is a good idea to wake up Yuya now after you told me not to?" said Shun. "It should be fine its been almost two hours since I told you that and I think that everypony and everyone is waking up anyway." said Twilight.

"Well if you say so." said Shun.

Outside the doorway with Stargazer and Timegazer Magician Guarding Yuya's doorway...

"Do you think Master Yuya is ok in there he has been in his room for a long time and he should be awake by now?" said Stargazer. "You worry to much Stargazer he is probably just still sleeping in." said Timegazer.

"Want to bet?" said Stargazer. "Oh your so on." said Timegazer with determination. But just then both of them heard a bouncing noise and it was coming near them.

Then both of them stopped there goofing around and got serious. Then Stargazer said "What do you think it is?"

"I don't know maybe it's Princess Twilight?" said Timegazer. "I hardly doubt that based from what I saw wandering around this castle I seen her have a very large check list of her daily schedule so I hardly doubt that she would be randomly walking through the hallways of this big castle." said Stargazer.

Then the bouncing sound got closer and closer. Then Stargazer said "Look I have an idea I will try to scare them a bit by firing a blast from my sector."

"WHAT?! Are crazy what if you end up killing them and what if they end up seeing us?!" said Timegazer being mad. "Don't worry it won't be that large of a blast and besides even if it does end up hitting them they'll only end up being stunned a bit and end uppassing out from it probably. Also remember we are like ghosts remember other beings can't see us except for Master Yuya and Yuto." said Stargazer.

"And you thought I was crazy with me coming with crazy ideas." said Timegazer.

"Well at least I don't play pranks on the others such as a certain Tuning Magician." said Stargazer with a sly smile under his mask covering his mouth.

"Hey, that was one time and you know it! I now know not to cross Tuning Magician or not to point fun at Master Yuya once and a while she is around!" said Timegazer.

"And we all know not to cross her and how much she looks up to Master Yuya as a big brother." said Stargazer. Then both Stargazer and Timegazer imagined Tuning Magician all big and scary with a mad look on her face. Then both of shivered at the thought of facing Tuning Magician's fury.

Then once they were both done talking among themselves they noticed that the bouncing sound had stopped.

"Um Stargazer?" said Timegazer a little worried. "Yes Timegazer?" said Stargazer being a little worried as well.

"Do you hear anything?" said Timegazer. "No actually." said Stargazer. "Exactly I don't here that noise no more." said Timegazer. "Then we better be prepare to protect Master Yuya." said Stargazer. Then Timegazer nodded and both of them brought out both of there weapons.

Then just then Pinkie came out of no where and surprised Stargazer. "Hi, there my name is Pinkie Pie what's your name!?" said Pinkie. "AHHH!" Scaring Stargazer that he accidently shot from his sector and it shot out of a window in the castle and it hit a random bird in the sky.

Then Stargazer slowly turned to Timegazer's gaze and said "Is she talking to us?" in a terrified voice still creeped out of what occurred with Pinkie.

But before Timegazer could answer Pinkie Pie came out of nowhere again and frightened Stargazer again. "Of course I'm talking to. Why wouldn't I?" said Pinkie appearing behind Stargazer's back.

Even Timegazer was starting to get creeped out by Pinkie Pie's randomness.

(Hey, Leafy to let you know it is not easy doing all my randomness is what you call it. It is serious business and it is to be taken seriously.)

("What Pinkie can't you see I have a story to write to right I have no time for your randomness today!?")

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("Pinkie don't you dare bring Deadpool into this!")

{Somebody say my name?}

("Don't even start with me Deadpool!")

{Alright. Alright. I'm going geez you don't have to be a stick in the mud about it.}

("Ok Pinkie I guess you can't help it but don't you dare break the fourth wall again when I'm trying to finish this chapter.")

(No promises Leafy.)

"Ok how is she talking to us and how can she see us for that matter?" said Timegazer. "You know what I think it would be better not to question what she is doing." said Stargazer.

"For once I agree with you." said Timegazer.

Then out of know where Pinkie appear right behind Timegazer and Stargazer. "What you are you talking about?" said Pinkie.

Then both Timegazer and Stargazer froze and screamed "AAAAAAAAAAAH!"

"WILL YOU STOP THAT! " said both Timegazer and Stargazer at the same time.

"Oh sorry about that I just wanted to wake up Yuya since everyone else is awake." said Pinkie with a smile. "Um, ok but how did you get in?" said Timegazer.

"Through the door silly." ;) said Pinkie. "That's not what I meant!" said Timegazer starting to be a headache from Pinkie. "You know what whatever I don't care." said Timegazer giving up on questioning Pinkie's randomness.

"Do you know what I don't think I ever scene Timegazer lose his cool before he was always so well calm and collected I guess that pink pony broke him." said Stargazer said to himself.

"But whatever back to the matter at hand we know why you want to see Master Yuya right now but he needs his sleep he had a rough night last night and both of us figured that the Master would need a few more hours to sleep." said Stargazer.

"Aaaaaaw but Twilight said it was fine and besides everyone else is waking up so it shouldn't hurt nothing." said Pinkie about to open Yuya's door. Then Timegazer snapped out of his funk and noticed that Pinkie was about to open up his Master's door and he knew he had to stop her.

"You will not lay a hand on our Master." said Timegazer with a serious gaze. "Yes we will protect our Master no matter what." said Stargazer with the same serious gaze as Timegazer.

Then Pinkie put her hoof down away from the door knob and said "Ok I guess he could use a little more time to sleep."

Then Stargazer and Timegazer lower down there defensive positions. Then Timegazer said "Thank..." Then Pinkie interrupted Timegazer and said "NOT!" as Pinkie opened the door.

"Oh no you don't as both of them grabbed her but they were to late as Pinkie already had the door opened.

Back with Yuya and Yuto...

'Hey, Yuya can I ask you something?'said Yuto.

"Sure what is it Yuto?" said Yuya.

'Do you think that I'll ever get my body back? I know that Dark Rebellion's leader is trying to help find us a way to separate us again, but what if she can't what if I never get my body back.' said Yuto.

"Of course you will if not will just have to find another way to try to get your body back." said Yuya.

'Thanks Yuya.' said Yuto with a small smile appearing on his face.

"No problem." said Yuya.

Just then Yuto heard something at the door. 'Yuya, I think I heard that there someone at the door.' said Yuto.

"Really maybe its Stargazer and Timegazer?" said Yuya. 'It could be does hurt to check it out.' said Yuto. As both were about to check it out. The door opened to Pinkie, Stargazer, and Timegazer.

Outside the doorway with Stargazer and Timegazer Magician Guarding Yuya's doorway...

Then Pinkie, Stargazer, and Timegazer saw Yuya and Yuto staring at them. This lasted a few minutes.

That is until Timegazer said something "We are sorry if we interrupted you Master Yuya and Yuto. We will be going now." as Timegazer was pulling both Stargazer and Pinkie out of the room.

'What do you think that was about?' said Yuto turning his head to. Yuya just looked at him and said "I have no I idea."

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