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I struggled to my feet. My head spun and I nearly fell back down. The air was thick with dust, but I could still make out the form of Lockwood lying on the floor a short way away.

"Lockwood?" I asked, a terrible fear gripping at my heart. I staggered over to him, knelt down and turned him over. He was covered in dust and blood was seeping from under his hair.

"Lockwood?" I shook him. "Snap out of it! Wake up!" I pulled up his sleeve and felt his pulse. Yes! There it was. Faint, but there.


I pulled Lockwood into my arms. It didn't feel quite right having him there in my arms.

"Lucy." Lockwood coughed.

"Lockwood I'm here," I assured him. He smiled. It was a mere shadow of his former fabulous smile. Then his smile became fixed and his eyes lost their shine. H went limp.

"No! Lockwood!" I sobbed. "No!"

"Lucy! Lucy! What's happened?" George came lumbering over. But I hardly noticed. Nothing mattered.

Lockwood was dead. And I realised that he had been more than just a friend to me, he had been so much more. Now he was gone and would never know how I felt.

I cried writing this! Sorry, sorry!

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