We Pretend it's Alright

Chapter Three

The Feeling is Mutual

Words- 6,360

We Pretend it's Alright

"Hey Angel." Anakin smiled, grimacing in pain as he got to his feet, before drawn into a tight hug by Padme, though as he was in handcuffs, and he was unable to fully return it. "Told you I'd see you today, didn't I?" He chuckled at Padme's amused expression.

"Anakin if I wasn't so happy to see you right now…" But then she smiled back, honestly just so relieved to see him okay. Well, mostly ok. He was sporting a fresh black eye, and the corner of his mouth was bruised and discolored.

"Who did this to you Anakin?" She asked, touching his injures gently.

"It's nothing Padme," Anakin shook the words off, giving her reassuring smile, "Just a little roughing up from the interrogators, since I wouldn't speak to them."

"You haven't spoken to them yet?" She reiterated, raising a thin eyebrow.

"Not a word." He confirmed, still smiling and taking the hand on his face in his, and both walked over to the cold metal table, Anakin pulling the chairs next to each other so they could sit side by side.

"That's good. As your lawyer, I'm telling you that you not say anything to anyone in till I have the team of lawyers worked out, and you have one of us with you. I'm meeting with several tonight, and we will start your case tonight." Padme explained, thinking over in her head who she was set with to meet later, and that she should probably head straight from here to her office after this.

"Padme, just please don't overdo it." Anakin started, you are very pregnant, and with twins too. Please don't take on most of this yourself, and please take care of yourself Angel. You and the twins are number one for me."

Padme rolled her eyes, but beamed. "I'll be fine Anakin, it's you I'm worried about." Her smile then turned to a grimace as the babies started kicking again.

"What's wrong?" Anakin asked immediately, looking concernedly at her.

"It just the babies kicking." She smiled, placing his hand on her stomach so he could feel as well. "See? They must be excited to be with their daddy." She jested, looking down at her pregnant belly as well

A wide smile broke out over his face, and he staring mesmerized at her abdomen.

"I'm still amazed that there are two little people in there." He confessed, and Padme giggled at his expression, the reality of their situation lost to them for just a moment.

Anakin leaned in and kissed Padme lightly, before laying a kiss on her stomach as well.

"Padme I need you to promise me something." His eyes looked intently into hers, and he grasped both of her hands in his. "I need you to promise that if I don't make it out of this-"

"Anakin stop."

"If I don't make it out of this I need to know that you are going to move on, that you will do whatever you need to be happy-"


"And I want you do whatever must be done to protect our kids and yourself, distance yourself from me-"


"Just please promise. Promise you will step away from me if need be, please. You and the twins are more important." There was a look of utmost sincerity and need in his eyes, and Padme found herself unable to speak. What could she say? She honestly couldn't think of a future without him in it, and that scared her more than she could say. But if that were to become a reality, could she really handle it? Anakin was her life, her other half… her family. Could she ever really move on?

No, didn't think she would ever completely move on, but she knew that if she had to, she could find happiness once again, for the sake of her children, their children.

"Padme?" He questioned, no idea what she would say, but hoping she would agree. It was a lot to ask, but if the worst did happen, he needed to know she would be able be manage, that she wouldn't limit or hold herself back because of him.

"I can't promise that I would ever really move on-"


"Let me finish Anakin." She stopped him softly, and he feel silent immediately, his eyebrows scrunched worriedly.

"I don't think I would really ever move on, but I promise I could be happy again. But I will never hide or disguise you from our family's life, ever. Our children will grow up knowing the great man their father is, even if you aren't there to show them."

Small, sad smiles meet her words and now it was Anakin who found himself unable to reply.

"Alright?" Padme prompted, looking into his slightly clouded eyes.


"Okay, well we should probably go over a few things because I don't think we have that much time left." Padme glanced at the door, before looking back at Anakin. "Now because you are a Jedi, and Jedi were involved in this case, you cannot be tried before being tried by the Jedi counsel as you know. This means you should not say anything to anyone here before then. Do not react to anything no matter what they say. Their goal is get you to say what they want, so don't let them get to you. Can you do that?"

"Of course." Anakin answered at once. He was going to do what Padme told him, as he knew it was his best chance of getting out of this mess.

"I'm not sure what is going to happen with the Council, as I doubt you will be allowed to leave the justice building, but they will also want to start this trial soon, so I would expect it soon. Now during your Jedi trial, I think you should tell them everything."

Anakin looked confusedly at her. "Everything, Padme what exactly does that mean?"

"I think you should tell them everything about that night, the chancellor and everything."

"Oh." He was quiet for a few seconds, before asking, "What about us?"

"What?" she looked confused, then it dawned on her. "Oh, you mean about your relationship?"

"How am I going to explain why I went back to stop the Jedi from killing Sidious without telling them about our relationship?"

"I…" Padme was lost for words. If Anakin told them he would surely be kicked out the order, but could they really expect their family to be a secret forever anyway? "I can't answer that Ani. The decision is yours to make, I support you either way."

A silence fell over the two, and Padme pulled Anakin into her arms once again, and Anakin focused on remembering what her embrace felt like, as he didn't know the next time he would get to see her.

"I'm going to miss you so much Padme in here. I love you." He whispered in her ear, squeezing her even tighter.

"Don't worry Ani, we won't be apart long, I promise." She murmured back, running her hand through his tangled hair. "And the feeling is mutual." She giggled, smiling as Anakin let out a laugh as well, both remembering the first time that phrase had been spoken.

"Snips, since you worked so hard on this last mission to the Outer Rim, and because we were gone for a month and a half, you will have the rest of the week off. Enjoy your two day break, and don't bother me." Anakin finished quickly, before tuning and starting back down the temple stairs, leaving his young Padawan at the top.

"What?" Ahsoka called after Anakin in astonishment, hurrying to catch up to him, and falling in step beside him. "What do you mean by 'Don't bother me'? Where are you going?"

"I am going somewhere you may not accompany me, and my instructions are for you to rest up. We have been on a mission for a month and there are some things I need to take care of now. Surely you have friends to visit or something." He quickened his pace, but so did she. Ahsoka wasn't going to be let herself be shaken so easily. She had only been his Padawan for three or so months, and she was still trying to figure him out. They got along really well, but he was just so secretive about something. Ahsoka had noticed he made private calls quite a lot, and she was quite curious as to who he was talking to. She couldn't help but wonder if that had anything to do where he was going.

"Master I am in no rush to get back to the temple, surely you could use some company." She smiled as he rolled his eyes, but she could see the amusement in his eyes too.

"Alright Snips, you can come with me know, but after this you are going back to the temple, understood?"

"Of course Master, thank you for bestowing this great honor upon my unworthy self." She laughed, a spring now in her step.

"Unworthy indeed." Anakin agreed, smirking at his padawan.

After a few minutes of walking in silence, Ahsoka asked nonchalantly, "So master, where are we going?"

"Don't call me master so much."


"I'm not a master, I don't own you."

"But technically you are my Jedi master, teaching me through your wisdom and experiences-"

"Well then technically I can tell you to call me master less often."

Ahsoka snorted. "Well anyway, you still didn't answer my question." She pointed out.

"We are going to the senate building, which you would have realized if you hadn't been so talkative."

"How would I of known that?" She retorted incredulity.

"Because we're here."

Ahsoka looked in front of her, actually taking in her surroundings, and did indeed notice he giant senate building about a hundred feet away.

"A Jedi is always watching Snips, always observing silently." Anakin stressed the last word, laughing at his padawan's unamused expression. "Now come on."

They walked to the building, and up the stone steps leading to the doors. Once inside, Anakin lead them over to a lift, pressing the button to bring it down to them.

"So, why exactly are we here anyways?" Ahsoka questioned, looking around the vast entrance hall.

"I have a meeting with a senator."

"Which Senator?"

The elevator had arrived, and the metal door slide open. The Jedi stepped inside, and Anakin pushed the button for floor seventeen.

"You ask a lot of questions Snips."

"Well, I wouldn't have to ask so many questions if you weren't so mysterious master." She noticed his face twitch at her use of master again and was intrigued, but didn't press the issue right now.

"I am visiting the Senator of Naboo if you must know."

"Padme Amidala?"

Anakin looked curiously at her. "How did you know that?"

"I've seen her seen her on the news before I guess." Ahsoka shrugged, "Why are you meeting with her."

"Jedi business, none of your concern."

"I'm a Jedi too, so that would make it-"

"Snips you are pushing it." Anakin interrupted, giving her a pointed look that clearly said "stop talking".

The elevator dinged and the door slide open once again, and both stepped out. In front of them was a long network of hallways that would have been very hard to navigate if you did not know your way around Ahsoka observed.

"Follow me." Anakin said, taking a right, and staring into the maze of hallways. He walked quickly, almost excited Ahsoka thought. He certainly knew his way around, and she couldn't help but wonder what he of all people would need to discuss with The Senator of Naboo.

After a few minutes they reached the end of a hallway with a single white door going off the left side of it. It was a corner office, and next to the white door a window stretched from floor to ceiling.

"Wait for me outside Snips, ok?"

"Alright." She answered, though she was still very interested in what "Jedi business" Anakin had with Senator Amidala. Without another word to her, Anakin typed in a code on a small panel next to the door, swiftly opening the door, and stepping inside, the door closing behind him, leaving Ahsoka alone in the hallway.

Deciding not to worry about the fact that his padawan was right outside, Anakin looked around the large office for Padme, and was surprised to find it completely empty. Frowning, Anakin glanced at the clock, and with a sigh realized Padme must be in session right now. Well, guess he would be waiting then.

The blond Jedi walked over to his wife's desk, and sat down on her cushioned chair behind the large desk. He glanced over the surface, looking for a schedule, and was not surprised to find one on top right hand corner where Padme always kept one. Picking it up and scanning over it, Anakin saw that she was currently in a full senate session, and it would be over a little under an hour, a perfect amount of time to meditate. He closed his eyes, and let his mind empty, his body becoming one with the force.

Outside the office, Ahsoka had plopped herself down on the ground, and now an hour after since her master had entered the Senator's office, she was staring to regret her decision to come along on this trip. She stared out the window, watching speeders and ships zoom past.

"Excuse me, can I help you with something?"

Ahsoka jumped, startled by the voice, and turned to see a young, slender, brunette woman looking at her concernedly. She felt like she had seen her somewhere before, but she didn't know where. The woman was dressed in an elaborate gown, and her hair was twisted into a tall updo. "Are you lost?" The woman asked, a friendly smile on her young face. "I know these halls can be hard to navigate."

Ahsoka quickly got to her feet, and replied brightly, "No ma'am, I'm not lost. My name is Ahsoka Tano and I'm a Jedi Padawan. I'm waiting for my master to come out of a meeting with Senator Amidala, though he has been in there for an hour at least."

The woman smiled at her words, and then looked curiously at her. "Ahsoka did you say? Are you Anakin's Padawan by chance?"

Ahsoka was surprised this woman was on a first name basis with her master, and even more that she seemed to know who Ahsoka was as well. "Um, yes ma'am, Anakin Skywalkers is my master, and-" She broke off, and suddenly realized why this woman looked so familiar to her. "Wait a minute, aren't you Senator Amidala?"

Padme chuckled lightly, still smiling at Ahsoka. "I am, and you don't need to call me ma'am, Padme is just fine."

"Alright then." Ahsoka responded, and then something else dawned on her. "Wait, but then if you are out here, who is my master meeting with?"

"Let's find out." Padme beamed, typing in the entrance code, and then opening the door for herself and the young Jedi.

Ahsoka followed Padme inside, mildly confused, to find Anakin sitting at Padme's desk, his eyes closed and his eyebrows scrunched, as if he were deep in thought. Padme giggled, and one of Anakin's eyes peaked open. Ahsoka saw the smile that spread over his face when he saw Padme, but then saw it fall when he saw her. Rude!

Anakin swiftly stood up, and walked over to the two women, a looked of forced calm on his face.

"Ahsoka, I believe I asked you to wait outside, seeing as you were so intent on coming with me, I didn't believe it would a challenge for you."


"Regardless, you are here now. I take it you have meet Senator Amidala?"

He was looking at Padme all throughout this exchange, unable to look away. He hadn't seen her in two months, as he had gone from mission to mission, the last being a month and a half. She looked just as beautiful as ever with that radiant smile. He also curious as to what exactly had conspired between his wife and Padawan.

"We have met." Padme confirmed, smiling at Anakin, and he could see the laughter in her eyes. "Ahsoka was just telling me how you let her in the hallway an hour ago to have a meeting with me, even though I was clearly not here."

Anakin looked away from her, a little sheepish. "Well I decided to just wait for you." Anakin defended himself. "I saw your schedule and figure it would be better to just wait then to come back at a later time."

"And that plan included letting he rot in that hallway?" Ahsoka added, giving her master a death glare.

"Snips you were the one who wouldn't stop asking questions-"

"Only because you are so secretive!"

"I am not!

"Are too!"

"Alright that's quite enough." Padme cut in, giving each of the Jedi a look that neither dared to challenge, though she was truthfully quite amused. "Ahsoka, Anakin and I do have some, um, business to talk about, so I would appreciate it if you did wait outside for just a little longer, and please take a chair with you to sit on. I can't imagine the ground was all that comfortable. I promise it won't be too long."

Ahsoka smiled at the Senator, and nodded. "Sure thing Padme. Thanks for the chair!" Padme laughed as the Padawan grabbed a chair from the corner, and exited, the door closing behind her.

Padme rounded on Anakin, who was looking at the door with his eyes narrowed.

"So that was Ahsoka?" Padme commented, smiling and walking over to Anakin. She pressed her body against his, and kissed him passionately, her hands in his hair, which she noticed was longer that it used to be.

"Yes it was." Anakin answered when they separated, Padme still in his arms, and he smiled down at her. "And she was being particularly noisy today so I decided to teach her a lesson."

"And that lesson was making her wait outside on the floor for over an hour?" Padme asked, laughing.

"It certainly was." Anakin grinned, kissing her again.

They walked over to a couch, and sat down, Padme in Anakin's lap. They talked for almost an hour, so wrapped up in each other the completely forgot about the annoyed young Togruta waiting outside. In their defense, they hadn't seen in each other a two months, and had only spoken for a few minutes here or there. The life of a Jedi was certainly not designed for relationships, for many reasons.

"Sorry I wasn't here when you got here. I've been so busy lately, I'm thinking of hiring an assistant."

"Feel free to take Ahsoka anytime you want."

They both laughed, and Padme pulled his arms tighter around her.

"I've missed you so much Padme." Anakin murmured, his chin resting in her shoulder. "I hate being away from you for so long."

"I missed you too Ani." She agreed, her hand holding his, her eyes closed. "Hopefully the once the war is over you won't always be so far away."

Anakin nodded, squeezing her hand gently. He honestly didn't think he could have gone much longer without seeing Padme, though he knew he would be away for longer soon. Back to back missions didn't leave much time to be with Padme, though it was always his top priority when he was on Coruscant.

Anakin's comm link on his right wrist started buzzing and he groaned. Another mission already? He glanced at I, as did Padme, and saw a message from Obi-Wan.

Come back to the temple now, we need to leave.

He looked at her apologetically, as they both stood up. "I'm sorry Padme, I thought we had the rest of the week off. Something big must have come up."

She nodded, her expression full of worry. "Just promise you'll come back, okay? I don't think I could stand to lose you."

"I'll come back, I promise." He hugged her briefly, adding, "I'll always come back."

"Thank you, and I'm holding you too that." She smiled, but he could still see the apprehension in her eyes. "I love you Anakin Skywalker."

He grinned back. "I-"

"Skyguy we got to go!" Ahsoka had burst into the room, one hand holding the chair, and holding up her other wrist, where her comm was. "Obi-Wan needs us now."

Anakin closed his eyes, and took a deep breath, earning a quiet laugh from Padme, before turning to face his Padawan. "Thank you Ahsoka I am aware, I was just about to come get you. Come on." He walked over to the door, and then stopped, turning back to Padme.

"Padme I, um, the ah- The feeling is mutual."

Padme laughed, as he turned and walked out, Ahsoka following him confused. Padme could hear Ahsoka ask Anakin what he was talking about, and Anakin promptly telling her to shut up and she laughed again.

Padme and Anakin were still laughing lightly when the door was thrust open. They let go of each other quickly, and two guards approached them, sneering. Each grabbed one of Anakin's arms, and they pulled him up, swiftly removing him from the room. They dragged him down hallways after hallway, down a dark stair case they had come up on the way to the meeting. Anakin was silent through these dimly light hallways, down the shadowed staircases, and back to the level he was held on. For the past four hours before he had meet with Padme, he had been held in an integration room, while he was subjected to many different interrogation techniques, recognizing quite a few of them himself. They wanted him to talk before lawyers stepped, and the Jedi council intervened, as the council had said they would when Anakin was arrested. They had wanted to take him straight away, but the Republic Forces had refused point blank, as they claimed this matter was beyond the Jedi. But Anakin had not said a word to anyone, beyond "I want my lawyer" once to the interrogator. When he had been laughed at and told no lawyer would ever take his case, Anakin had fallen silent, and had uttered another sound.

Now he was once again shoved into the dark heavily guarded cell he had sat in earlier, comprised of nothing but steel walls. His hands were cuffed in front of him, and he carefully sat down, crossing his legs and closing his eyes. Here he was finally left alone with only his thoughts, and his thoughts were about Obi-Wan Kenobi and the hours before his capture.

Anakin expected the temple to be crawling with clones by the time he reached it an hour later, but was pleasantly surprised to find every few, and they were only at the front entrance. Moments ago he had tried contacting Obi-Wan sending three short beeps, but not a message, as he didn't want to open up the line just yet. Who knew what company he could be in? Temple had quite a few secret entrances he had discovered over the years, and he swiftly made his way around to the back, and slipped inside through a hole hidden by a large hanger.

The Temple was dimly light, the halls deathly silent. Anakin crept through these halls like a shadow, as his years of training had taught him. The lack of Jedi in the temple was strange. He had encountered no one so far, and while the war had spread the Jedi thin, there was always a Jedi at the temple at any given time. But still, he had expected the temple to be busier than this. Anakin stayed clear of the wing designated for young padawans, the main group inhabiting the building now. He truthfully didn't know how a Jedi would react now if they noticed him walking about. Had word of the search for him reached the temple?

No matter what happened, he would not allow himself to be captured right now, there was too much at stake. What he really needed right now was a plan of action. What should he do now? All transportation in and out of the Coruscant had been halted, but Anakin didn't doubt his abilities to break through a blockade. But where could he go? No matter where he went, someone would always be searching for him there. Back to Tattooine, or some other outer rim planet? Even then, he would be living the life of a hermit, a prisoner, but on his own terms. Could he condemn his family to that life though? Padme and their children shouldn't have to suffer for his actions.

But then again, why should he be forced to hide either? He was innocent, and had arguable saved the republic from Sidious. This was something he should be given a medal for, not a death sentence. If he allowed himself to be arrested, could he rely on the justice system to prove his innocence? What evidence did they have on him, besides the fact that he had been in the room?

Anakin was now in the hall where is room was located, not that he had often stayed there, preferring to spend his time with Padme when he could. Walking towards the door, he pressed his thumb against a pad next to it, and it quietly slides open. The room was dark and empty. Anakin had never been one for many possessions, which had started when he was a slave. He learned never to get too attached to things, as he often didn't get to keep much, and was entitled to nothing. This had only been reinforced by his Jedi training, as a Jedi was selfless, and did not care for material objects. All a Jedi needed was his lightsaber.

After marrying Padme, Anakin had noticed he now kept a few items, but all were at Padme's apartment, where he knew they would be safe. And honestly, where his life was. He had never felt truly at home in the temple, only relaxing during meditation, when he had allowed himself to fully unwind. But he had never found a home with his peers, or real sense of belonging. He always believed he was meant for so much more than them, and perhaps that was his downfall. As a padawan, Anakin always sought to be better, to work harder. And that left very little time or patience for others often. He couldn't be content with being average, or slightly above. He needed to excel in everything, to be the most powerful, to rise above the others. That was his life goals, but was it now? After tonight, when his thirst for greatness had almost lead him so close to becoming the very thing he was said to destroy. The only thing that had truly held him back was the thought of his family, of what that would do to them. They were his anchor, and if he lost them…

But that wasn't going to happen. He wouldn't let it.

The room held a bed and a desk Anakin had brought in here when he had began studying the temple records to find out anything he could about prophetic dreams and stopping death. The only thing on the desk was a large black-bound journal, where he had kept all his notes over the past few months. He didn't want this to be lost or seized, as it had months of valuable research in it.

Anakin ripped twos blank page out of the back of it, and quickly scribbled down a note on one, explaining the journal's contents. He placed the first note, before stuffing it in his robes. He then grabbed the other and sat down, addressing it to Obi-Wan, and explaining everything that had happened, and all that was going on with him and Padme. He could only hope his friend would understand, and if he couldn't… well who's to say if Anakin would even ever see him again?

Anakin finished the letter hurriedly, expecting to be confronted by someone at any moment. He signed the letter, and folded it up, sticking in his robes as well. Just as he started walking towards the door, his com started to buzz, and Anakin looked to see obi-Wan's name on the screen. He quickly opened an audio link, and waited.


"Yes Master."

"Where are you Anakin?"

"Are you alone?"

"Yes Anakin of course."

"I'm in the temple, where are you?"

"I'm about to land in the North Hanger. Meet me there in five?"

"See you then master."

Anakin closed the link and activated the door again, and after glancing down the still empty halls, he slipped out the room, moving swiftly towards the Northern wing of the temple. All he had to do was give Obi-Wan the letter and book, and he could be on his way back to Padme's. There they would make a decision about what came next and most likely leave in till they would be able to find enough evidence to sufficiently prove his innocence. The one thing Anakin knew was that he would not miss the birth of his children, not for anything.

After five minutes the Jedi was nearly at the North Hanger, and was starting to become concerned with the fact that he still had not seen anyone else well walking from one end of the temple to the other. Why was this place not swimming with troopers? He was even more on guard now, and he needed to get out of here.

"I have a bad feeling about this." Anakin murmured as he reached the door to the hanger. Activating the door, he crept into the darkened hanger, looking around for Obi-Wan, one of the only people he knew he could trust.

"Anakin?" A voice called to him out of the darkness, and he saw a cloaked figure standing near the hanger's large opening.

"Master?" Anakin asked cautiously, inching closer to the figure, but his fingers reaching for his saber.

"Yes Anakin, Come over here."

Anakin recognized his voice, but moved still cautiously till he saw Obi-Wan's face. He relinquished his weapon, and moved swiftly to the ship the older Jedi was standing next to.

To his surprise, Obi-Wan drew him into a quick hug when he came close enough.

"I only just landed, what is going on Anakin? What's this I hear about the chancellor and you?"

"The chancellor was the sith lord Sidious. He murdered three Jedi and might have killed Windu too, I don't know. I killed him in a duel, but the details don't matter right now. Here" Anakin handed the His journal to obi-Wan, along with his letter to him. "I wrote every thin you need to know in the letter, and the book is full of my research."

"Anakin, I-"

"Sorry master but I don't have much time. Just please read the letter." Anakin smiled at his master, wondering when he would next see him. "I must go know, but I will be in contact."


"I'm sorry I have to go, they are looking for me everywhere." Anakin made to start walking back towards the door, but Obi-Wan grabbed his arm, stopping him.

"Anakin, I'm afraid I can't let you leave." His voice held certain sadness, but his grip on Anakin's forearm was firm. He had made up his mind.

"What are you talking about?" Anakin asked confusedly, wrenching his arm from Obi-Wan's grip. "I need to go before they find me!"

"They already have Anakin."

At his words, swarms of clones burst into the hanger, backing Anakin against the hanger's opening. Anakin quickly drew his lightsaber, yelling furiously at Obi-Wan, "What have you done?!"

"I had to Anakin!" His former master yelled back, drawing his own saber as clones filled in around him, and Anakin noticed other Jedi appearing too, their sabers going up as well. "You have to be tried by the republic!"

"How could you betray me?" Anakin called back, trying to figure out his options but completely blinded by this betrayal. How could Obi-Wan set him up like this?!

"Surrender and this will go much more smoothly." Obi-Wan's eyes meet his, and there was pain in both pairs. "Let me help you Anakin. Please."

"If you think this is helping me, you are sorely mistaken." Anakin spat, now backed against the large drop off onto the dark streets far below. He glanced down into the darkness. Could he survive that?

"Don't do it Anakin." The army advanced to Anakin, and stun rays where flew at him from all corners.

Anakin jumped.

Now, sitting in this dank cell, Anakin truly understood how Ahsoka must have felt after her arrest. That sense of betrayal, the sense that he knew would not soon leave him. And because of this, he had never wished more to speak with her as he did then. He wanted to apologize, to tell her how sorry he was, and that he never should of betrayed her the way he did. He should have believed and helped her, instead of leaving it to the corrupt justice system. At the time he thought he was doing what was best for, and in the end he had managed to find the evidence needed to free her in time, but what if he hadn't? Maybe he should of hide her in till he had been able to prove her innocence, guaranteeing her safety.

For the past three years, he was always going, not having nearly enough to time to meditate or relax, and letting his mind empty. Now, in the darkness, it seemed he nothing but time, and he sat cross-legged on the grimy floor. His arms where folded against his chest and now he could feel the force flowing all around him. The force washed over him, calming his mind and he could physically feel his muscles relaxing, the tension inside him dissipating. He ignored his steadily increasing thirst, and instead focused his mind on the moments of the force around him.

He didn't know how long had passed when he resurfaced (a few hours if he had to guess), and he didn't know what had pulled him out of such s deep meditation. It was almost as if the force had nudged him, telling him to be alert. It was then that he heard the footsteps and voices outside of his cell. He remained still, his eyes closed but he was fully aware of what was going on around him now.

He heard the door finally open, and the sound of heavy footsteps stomping over and stopping directly in front of him. He sensed four guards follow the first person inside, and they positioned themselves around Anakin, surrounding him.

"Anakin Skywalkers, or should I say prisoner 95746?"

The voice was arrogant and nasally, a rather unpleasant one to listen too. Anakin could not recall hearing it before, though he had had an unfortunate feeling he might be hearing a lot of in the weeks to come. But he made no response who he now guessed was a man standing in front of him. He would do as he was instructed. He would not speak.

"Oh, is the great Jedi master not going speak to me too?"

Anakin did not move a muscle, focusing on keeping his emotions in check as he had often practiced.

"Well this little mute act is not gonna work for me, 95746."

Anakin could feel hot breath on his face know, and he knew this man's face was about an inch away from his. Still, he did not react.

"Open your damn eyes." The words came out deadly silent, but seemed to vertebrate all around the small room.

Anakin smiled, slowly opening one eye to star into the small beady eyes of the man in front of him. He could see a vein throbbing in the man's long forehead, and his eyes burning with aggravation. Anakin's smile widened and he nodded to the man, before closing his eye once again.

"I WILL NOT BE DISRESPECTED 95746!" The stout man roared, still level with Anakin, and flecks of spit sprayed across Anakin's grimy face. Despite this, the Jedi's smile grew still lager, and he unfolded his arms. One hand now rested on his knee, and the other moved to his face, wiping off the spit. He then opened his eyes, his face returning to a blank state, and stared intensely at the livid man. Anakin really wished this man would take a step back, as the sight of him this close was truly hurting his eyes.

"I am in charge here, 95746, and you will obey me." The man cautioned, his voice returning to the venomous whisper.

Now Anakin smiled again, raising one eyebrow as if to question the statement. What he not expected the slap that followed this action. The hand hit him hard and fast and the force of it turned his head, but he had not been knocked off balance however. Anakin felt something wet on his check and realized a ring on one of the stubby fingers had left a small knick in his cheek. He half wondered if that's what the ring was for. This man seemed to be very temperamental.


But Anakin was not going to let this man win. He turned his head back to face the man, who had finally taken a step back. He smiled yet again, his eyes calm, but on the inside he was fighting the urge to throw this man against the wall behind him. But that certainty would not help his case, and would likely end him up in even more trouble, and honestly he was in enough hot water as it was.

The punch that followed this did knock him off balance.


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