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All chapters are in Your POV


'jedi mind speak'

inner thoughts

(E/C) eye colour

(H/C) hair colour

(F/C) favourite colour

(Y/N) your name

(F/L/C) fav lightsaber colour

(Y/A) your age

(F/M/D) fair, medium, dark skin tone


That's what I felt, and then the second emotion was…WTH (what the hell)

Seriously what was I thinking?

I really should be excited about this, I had been planning this for months now, I knew it was coming, and like the geek that I am, this year I was going to do it.

Took me about a month only a few hours at a time in my weekends, and I was done

What was I doing you ask well, I making myself a costume, not just any costume a Jedi costume, yes fan girling I am a Star Wars nut, nothing like being outside 10pm at night in bare feet with your lightsaber practicing stances and techniques the (F/L/C) blade glowing in the night, cool, I wonder if there is a word to describe that, maybe I should check out wookiepedia later.

But for now I was walking to work in my Jedi outfit, you see where I work is a big place, well known and we were having a dress up for a children's promo, I had been for the last few weeks telling, well boasting to my fellow co workers that I had made an outfit and I was going to wear it...

It was saturday and I spent all morning doing my hair, a small bun at the back of my head, getting my make up just right, not to dramatic just a natural look, putting on my outfit that I made, checking the mirror once again as I played Star Wars tunes from my laptop now sitting on my bed, in my bedroom mirror I stared back as I placed the foot long (F/C) padawan braid on the right side on the back of my hair, tucking it next to my bun, draping the foot long braid with black cotton wrapped over certain sections over my right shoulder. Laughing at myself as I did this man I'm a nerd.

Looking at myself in the mirror I was excited

Looking back at me was this (Y/A) year old, (H/C) (E/C) (HEIGHT), (F/M/D) skin weirdo and may I say I was BITCHING, well in a Star Wars way.

I made my outfit like Anakin's from episode 2, every since I saw it I was hooked with him, ah Hayden, he played in my books an awesome Anakin, very good looking, could you imagine what he could do and undo with that lightsaber, I know mind insert into gutter, focus girl focus, so I took his outfit and made my own, instead of the dark beige, black and leather, I made mine (F/C), since it was my favour colour made out of 250 count cotton bed sheets and pillow cases, from the local save mart, the outfit was a copy not a really good copy but still looked cool, I looked cool, and yes a (F/C) braid cos once again it's my favourite colour, I dont know if its the correct law to have a (F/C) braid with (H/C) hair, I know what a padawan braid is about and the ritual but hey it was my outfit in my lil fan girling world, so (F/C) it is love it.

Across the Stars, love theme of Anakin and Padme started to waft thru my speakers connected to my laptop, getting in the moment, looking over the outfit, pulling it down and straightening it out, looking form the top to the bottom, twisting to the left then the right critiquing it once more before I left. Getting into the right frame of mind, I mean you got to have theme music it's just the law.

A black high collared long sleeve thermal as a base, over that the tunic of (F/C), with big sleeves that where baggy and swung freely, sleeves long as they just went over the tips of my fingers, the leather over shoulders that ran over my chest and together parallel at my stomach, to mid thigh and crossed over the back, a black leather belt that split 4 times in strips around my waist, pulling it in, making my waist even smaller, not that I was fat at all but slim, to my stretchy jean that where a soft black denim with identical black leather patches on the thighs and then on the front of the shins, yeap pulling down the home made tunic around my hips, straighter I was ready to go.

Sitting on the edge of my bed, the heater going as the air was a lil chilly, I pulled on my plain black boots, they had a slight heel but not much, sighing I stood up, ready to go.

Getting up, grabbing my Sony mp3 player, I plugged in the (F/C) ear buds into my ears, grabbing the fake plastic retractable lightsaber off my desk, just for show I clip it to the side of my belt, it was a replica of and you guessed it, Anakin's, walking 3 feet to wardrobe opposite the bed I pull out the large and long black Jedi robe I also made, and yes this was also made out of a old bed sheet, and black well, I like the colour, oh just so you know SO ANTI SITH.

Pulling on my black leather gloves my outfit was complete, scanning thru my player now in my right hand I scan thru the playlists, clicking on the Star Wars one, The Force Theme starts to play softly in my ears, John Williams commanding the orchestra to those haunting memories, of a galaxy far far away, breathing in I leave the room, heading for the back door stepping out, locking it behind me.

Pulling my hood up over my head half covering my face I set out, into the cold July winter morning

And here I am walking to work

Being a Saturday not so much traffic on the roads, but the odd car that passed me as I walked down the footpath I got a few double takes, Star Wars theme playing in my ears loudly, pulsing through my blood, pride swishing thru me NERD yeah I know, my long robe flowing out from behind me, yeah this was cool... once it finish the familiar sound of Across The Stars love theme started to play again, as those romantic notes hit my ears I felt a sudden build up deep in my gut, you know the sick feeling that something is not right or a stomach bug, cramps even.

Pausing in a doorway of a shop I was passing, leaning against it I put by hand to my stomach, bile rose up into my throat pooling at the back of my mouth, my head started to pound, vision slightly out from a few unshed tears, swallowing it down grimacing as I do this of the bitter taste I carry on, shaking my head slightly, turning the music down a lil to help, my head now a dull ache that I can put up with. Something it not right.

"Must just be nerves" I say, but why it's just work, maybe cos once again my big fat mouth bragging about my outfit to my work mates, you know what I'm just over thinking things again, like I always do, yeah that's it nothing else, just nerves, no matter how I tried to talk myself into it in the back of my mind I didn't believe it pushing it way back I continued forward.

Crossing the road I see my work building standing out in the dreary grey cloudy sky, well this is going to being an exciting 8 hours I think to myself as I edge closer to the front door...

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