Strange I feel weightless again, peaceful, no pain, am I actually dead now, is this still a dream. I want off this roller coaster seriously I want off. - :)

As I come around I hear the humming of machines next to me, something's on my face, groaning, my eyes still closed, reaching up to my mouth I feel a device covering it, cool air wafting around my noise, tickling

"Argh" I groan out, clamping my eyes shut, my side aching but bearable, opening my eyes to white

"shit not again" I croak out as I try to move, my throat dry and raw, my body slow to respond, white still in my vision fuzzy white, struggling to sit up I start to get angry, something pulling on my right hand, looking down trying to focus, no longer blurry but double vision, looks like a IV line, I think but nothing I've seen before, sitting up now, pulling the mask off my face I closed my eyes tight, opening again trying to focus, my vision combines into one, taking a few deep breaths, coughing, looking down at myself, a white night robe covers my naked skin with a white sheet on a white bed, looking around at my surroundings, alone, shivering slightly, it's not cold it's just the white starkness of it all.

"Where am I?"

Looking around I see, what looks like a doctors room, shelves lining walls with several brightly coloured bottles and jars, no windows, all the walls white a shinny white, a hospital room but somehow it was different, there were things that just didn't make sense, tanks on the walls, my bed in the middle a chair either side of me, a water jug on the left side of the bed on a high table the container white with a grey liquid, looking like id just washed a paint brush, looking around I see above my head on the back wall a 3D screen with no back to it, like its floating in mid air like a hologram projecting several diagrams, blinking lights noises, like a heart monitor, the iv line from my right hand leading straight up to it, as well as the mask that was once over my mouth, now resting under my chin, the cool air flowing out on my neck.

Sighing loudly

Wondering how long I had been here, and where here was, I mean the last things I remember where to crazy to think where real, this has to be a dream, pinching the inside of my arm,

"Argh that hurt" I say out loud to the empty room

"Ah good you are wake I see" I hear a female voice and footsteps coming in thru the door

"Oh... my fffucking... gggod" I stammer out as I see the person no alien approaching my bed, blue skinned with piercing black eyes, with horn like tentacles from the top of her head and flowing down behind like two pony tails, gapping at her, un moving.

Never had I been so scared in my life

"Are you all right young one" she says softy coming towards my bed

My hearts beating a mile a minute, pounding in my ears, sweat starts to form on my forehead, breathing fast I start to panic, frantic noises coming from behind me blurring in my mind

"Stay away from me" I try to scream out but it comes out hoarse

"I won't hurt you I am here to help, I am a master healer, please" she says reaching for me slowly


I scream

" DON'T TOUCH ME, PLEASE DON'T HURT ME LEAVE ME NO" I scream out, scrambling back on the bed away from her, she stops mid stride looking at me, an un readable emotion on her face, gritting my teeth together as the pain on my right side shoots up and open, grabbing my side with my right hand I breath out

She takes a step forward, my head snaps up at the sound, thrusting my right hand as defence in front of myself, the blood dripping from my fingers, I don't notice

"Ok I won't hurt you but you have to calm down" she says again softly hands up palms facing out

"STAY AWAY FROM ME PLEASE DON'T TOUCH ME" tears start to stream down my face, noises start to go off behind me as I start to gasp for breath, winching as my side starts to throb, my vision now blurry thru my tears, pain rips thru me as I scramble to get away from her, sheet tangling around my legs my stomach shifting violently, bile at the back of my throat, making me choke

"DON'T TOUCH ME PLEASE DON'T HURT ME I JUST WANT TO GO HOME PLEASE LEAVE ME ALONE" I cry out scrunched up in a ball at the head on the bed, I couldn't go any further as I met the wall, my head pounding, wetness on my side, grabbing it with my right hand, I feel the warm liquid thru my fingers once more, feeling my strength leaving me is slump forward, my vision turning black

"Hold her down she's going to hurt herself even further" I hear a scream

"NO" I yell as several other aliens approach my bed holding down my limbs, I struggle further but there grips tightens, my limbs won't respond, heavy, so tired

"please let me go, please don't hurt me please, Anakin" I cry out in a whisper, my voice raw almost gone, as I see a needle in the aliens hand, my chest heaving now, my side screaming at me, the grip on my limbs getting tighter, gasping for breath, feeling like I'm drowning, tears flowing still, all sense now gone so scared

'Anakin, I'm so scared'

Why can't this nightmare end?

'Anakin please help'

'(Y/N)' I here is voice call back to me, my eyes slowly closing

Feeling a sting in my arm, pressure on my side, heavy arms of mine I try to move, slowly stopping

Through the noise of the raised voices, alarms, and yelling, I feel my arms and legs no longer restrained, free, for how long?

The scent of earth and musk hits me as I feel myself pulled into an upright hug, hitting something solid and just soft, warm arms around me as I feel soothing circles rubbing on my back thru my thin cotton robe, burring my face into his tunic, my eyes stinging with tears still slightly flowing, my body shaking, I breath in his scent deeply, fresh rain and earth soothes me

'Shh, (Y/N), it's ok I'm here, your fine it's ok' I hear his voice in my head soft and soothing

'Please don't let them hurt me ani, please don't let them hurt me' I say back whisper in his thoughts,

"Don't worry I won't let them hurt you, but you need to calm down, it's all right I'm here" he says back his voice hushed in a whisper

My breath hitches with the small sobs escaping my lips, shaking I grip my fingers into his shirt tightly, knuckles going white, the pain in my side unbearable, I just want to go home

Voices in the background go unheard

'(Y/N), can you here me'

Speaking thru the force, so gently, caring, I don't know this person, well in this reality term I don't, only in a movie but, I felt safe, I didn't want him to go

I hiss out a breath as I feel pressure on my side

"Its ok you just ripped your injury open slightly I'm just putting pressure on it ok, don't worry"

His voice was soothing, I dared not to look up but curiosity was getting the better of me, my eyes still clamped shut opening them slowly I see his chest in front of me the fabric of his tunic with his chest rising up and down, looking up I slowly focus thru my tears on his face, a small gasp escapes my lips as I finally look upon his face, beautiful deep almost sapphire blue eyes meet my (E/C) orbs, his fair skin on his face slightly dirty with a slight frown on his forehead, concern flowing from him as I stared, this was not Hayden it looked like him but no it was Anakin, it was hard to describe the moment what I was seeing and feeling, a few stray tunes of the long ago love song on a harp play thru my head as I continue to look at him, his smile reaching his eyes, from his soft full lips, his dark blonde almost brown short air slightly ruffled, with his Padawan braid hanging over his right shoulder, emotions flicking thru his eyes as they continued to lock with mine, wiping away a few stray tears from my cheeks with his right thumb, cupping my cheek slightly as I lean into it

'(E/C) he whispers in my head

His arms go around me as puts his chin on top of my head, his right hand still rubbing my back in patterns, my eyelids growing heavy,

"focus thru the force, you will know they mean no harm, (Y/N) please let them help you, your hurt and need to rest, I'll stay with you ok" he says back slightly rocking me as we both sit on the bed, the feeling of warmth flows around me as I feel a pricking inside my head,

'Anakin, what's going on?'

'Don't worry, it's just me, just relax and let yourself go, you need rest just relax shhh'

Taking a deep breath and letting it out, letting go I feel the warmth surround me more, it was tender, soft, the feeling of sleeping rising with it, feeling groggy, it was him

Humming to myself inside the force, the same tune, it came soothing like a lullaby, across the stars, god I don't want to wake up from this dream, in this moment, with this man in his arms, real or not I was enjoying it, it has been so long in any world that I have felt this way, safe

Slipping, I let go and I succumb to darkness