Okay so.

I don't really have anything to say for myself.

It's been almost four years - I don't have a good reason, nor do I even really know myself why I haven't updated in so long. The best I can offer you guys is the very sorry apology that life got in the way and I didn't have nearly as much time as I would have liked to write.

So what next? I don't really know. I am going to go back and edit this story so that it fits more with my current style of writing and the ideas I have for this storyline. I hope to continue it eventually because I know that many of you have been looking for an update for a while. When I get this story back to a place that I enjoy it, I promise that I will start posting again. Until then, the old chapters will be left up, so feel free to reread and leave reviews if you would like.

The amount of ideas I have written in my google docs for this story is ridiculous. I hope that one day I will get to share them with you guys. I really love this story and it, along with my other story on this site, truly did shape me as a writer.

I hope to be back soon. Love you all for your support and criticism - you guys are amazing.

Sorry again!