First ever fanfic. Please be gentle.

Naruto'sRevenge on Kakashi

Stick a finger up in my ass. Naruto muttered. He has to pay. But how, Kakashi sensei is an elite jounin? Think naruto, think? I've got it. Since he likes that move so much, I'll make Kakashi will rue the day he crossed paths with Konoha's Master Prankster! Mwahahaha! But first some ramen.

Another normal day in Konoha. Kakashi is on his way to meet his cute genin team (3 hours late as usual) Walking to meet his team while reading his book he begins to notice something strange. All the people seem to be looking at something and snickering. He then saw Kotetsu and Izumo looking at the piece of paper everyone had and decided to ask about it. Hi guys, what are you looking at. They quickly hid the paper (all the while snickering) Oh hi kakashi, it's nothing just an advertisement said Kotetsu. Yup, just an advertisement. Opps we gotta go, guard duty waits for no one. See you later. Wait, can I see…. But the two disappeared. Now what was that all about I wonder? Kakashi muttered.

Kakashi continued on his, he spotted asuma who also had that same piece of paper but before he could even open his mouth. Asuma hid the paper and left. Sorry, kakashi My Gotta go he said snickering as he left. The same thing happened with Kurenai as well. What is it with that advertisement and why doesn't anyone want to show it to me? He wondered. Suddenly, a shout was heard. Oh my Eternal Rival, Oh no its gGai. What Now? What a youhtful thing you have done, once again you have beaten me, I must go run 1000 laps around konoha because of this. You are truly a youthful person, hugging Kakashi so hard he could hardly Breath. Gai yelled. And then he left. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON! Kakashi yelled out loud.

By the time he met his genin team he was peeved. Hi, kakashi sempai. Greeted NAruto. SENSEI! With fists of fury greeted sakura (missing him when he dodged). Finally, Sasuke approached him. Sensei, since it is obvious you won't have time train us in the future I demand you get us a new teacher. One who does not engage in such obhorrent sidebusinessess. Uchiha's are second to no one. What the hell, cried Kakashi.. Then he saw the advertisement in Sakura's hand and quickly grabbed It and read.


With my patented,ONE THOUSAND YEARS OF DEATH technique. You'll move things in no time. Satisfaction guaranteed.On call 24 hours, call anytime. Kakashi Hatake Human plumber extraordinaire.

"At the bottom of the Advertisement is a picture of Kakashi winking with his fingers in position"

WHAT! Suddenly, 2 anbu showed up, Kakashi Hatake, the Hokage wants to talk to you regarding your new business. And with that they take a stunned kakashi with them.

Naruto watches the anbu leave with a smile on his face. And walks of whistling at a prank well done. He muttered quietly, so worth spending my allowance and the night covering konoha with the advertisements he made last night….