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/ 'When someone isn't treating you right, no matter how much you love them, you've got to love yourself more and walk away' /

Carisi sighed as he climbed yet another flight of stairs and came another floor closer to his younger sisters dorm room. He very well knew the conversation to come wasn't going to be an easy one and he dreaded the thought of it. Lia was the youngest of the four siblings' and she was the one he'd always gotten on with the most. Gina and Teresa had gone through their fair share of issues, and Lia had always seemed to have everything held together.

But even as the most sensible, she was incredibly harsh on herself and that was something his two other sisters had never understood. Their parents hadn't either and had never been able to push or support Lia in the right way.

She'd taken that to heart.

Making his way down the hallway of her floor, he found himself smirking at the state of the place, the stained carpet and noise that echoed out from each closed door was definitely not Lia's scene. She had however, spent one night in her first month of college convincing him that it was now considered home. She was now in her third month of her chosen course and he'd hardly heard from her. She was the girl who used to call him every few days to ask about his day and tell him about hers.

It was his mother who had called him the previous day, expressing her concern about her youngest daughter, who'd perhaps become a little too involved with her first boyfriend.

He had been charming, spoken at the right times and smiled, but there was a look in his eye that Carisi's mother hadn't liked. The way he gripped her daughter's hand a little too tightly, told jokes about Lia that embarrassed her.

He's just like that mom. I don't mind. It's all for the right reasons. He loves me, he told me.

Do you just not want me to be happy at all now? Because he makes me happy.

Lia's plan for life had been perfectly constructed since she was young and there was absolutely no room for mishaps. That however, was before she'd fallen in love with Dan and perhaps, chipped the pretty china teacup that she was on her way down.

He looked up from his thoughts to notice a brunette struggling with a stack of books and for a moment he was taken aback, thinking it was Lia, only realising it wasn't when she smiled at him, eyelashes fluttering at him from behind her glasses.

Distracted by his presence, the textbook at the top of her pile slipped to the floor and as she juggled with the rest, he quickly bent to pick it up, and passed it to her with a polite smile of his own.

She eyed him for a moment before speaking, "Lia's brother right? I'm in the room next to her and well she's a closed book, talks more about her family then herself."

The girl laughed as he nodded. "Yeah, I'm her big brother. She's room 47 right?" He continued the conversation and the girl turned back down the hall.

"Yup. Haven't seen her much lately though."

"That's why I'm here. You know anything about her boyfriend?" He asked quietly, shoving his hands in his jacket pockets.

"Dan Houghton. He's a pretty boy, popular… A bit older than her I think… Charming fellow, but looks can be deceiving." She shrugged and looked at the floor.

"She could just be busy with her course work, she takes it really seriously. On that note, I best be off, I have a ton of my own work to finish."

"Thanks for your help." Carisi smiled, despite the small amount of dread forming in the pit of his stomach.

"You're welcome, the name's Chloe, by the way." She gave another grin before stalking off down the hallway and with a shake of his head, he continued on toward room 47.

With a knock on the door, he leant against the frame using the time to figure out something to say. It was a sensitive subject, and one that he'd become rather acquainted within his time at SVU. The number of victims he'd talked to echoed through his mind as he tried to remember the words he'd spoken to them, sincerely. This however, was his baby sister and that changed everything.

Nothing seemed sincere enough.

The door opened quickly and he stood up straight as Lia glared at him from her place inside the safety of her room.

"Mom called you." She stated numbly and before he had the chance to speak she cut him off abruptly. "I'm busy, and I'm fine."

"What, so I can't visit my little sister anymore?" He tried and with an eye roll, the 18 year old stepped aside, and held the door for him.

"How's work then?" She asked as she shut the door and locked it behind them.

"Same old. How's the college life treating you?" He moved a small stack of books off her desk chair and didn't miss the glare she shot his way as he sat down.

"Like I said, I'm really busy and I have someone coming over this afternoon, so…" She trailed off and any idea of conversation Carisi had thought of had long disappeared.

"Lia, you know why I'm here, and I can't help you unless you talk to me. Mom called me the other night, said you had a boyfriend, Dan? she had a bad feeling about. Do you want to tell me about that?"

Lia shrugged and crossed her arms over her chest defensively, "What do you want me to say Sonny? Nothing has ever been good enough you know? I shouldn't have to spend every second of my life trying to live up to their expectations, or lack of, and for your information, Dan's great and I was just with him this morning."

She was with him that morning and from what she'd just said, it sounded as if he was visiting again that afternoon. Carisi sighed, "Your friend Chloe said she hadn't seen you in a while." He stated quietly and the girl blanched.

"None of your business."

"You're my baby sister, so technically it is my business." She glared at him with wide eyes at that, and he'd quickly realised this was proving more difficult then he'd first expected.

"Tell me about this, Dan, then? I thought the prince was supposed to come after the career?" He asked with an encouraging smile.

"Plan's change." She spoke curtly and after watching Carisi's expression turn to one of quiet frustration she sank to a sitting position and absentmindedly refolded the blanket at the end of her bed, smoothing out every little crease. "Dan, is great. He's like my best friend, and I'd do anything for him. I honestly think I love him." She paused and looked away. "We were talking about our relationship the other day and decided we're going to move into a small apartment after I'm finished with this semester. So we can see each other more often. He works now and well, I'm here… He told me he wants to start a family with me, that he wants to get married."

Lia glanced up and for a split second, she reminded Carisi of the eight year old girl who'd come into his room one afternoon to tell him all about the prince she wanted to sweep her off her feet. How he had to be handsome and kind and have a good heart.

The fact, Dan had pushed her right off her feet she was clearly oblivious to; simply seeing stars from the fall.

"Are you sure that's what you want to do?" He asked simply, trying not to anger her too much.

"Nothing's ever good enough for you is it? Or Mom, or Dad?" She snapped and stood, pacing the length of the room.

"I'm not saying that Lia. I'm just thinking that you should talk to someone about this."

"Mom?" She laughed and then continued, "Teresa and Gina don't want to know about me, they're too busy with their own 'perfect' lives to hear about mine."

"I'm here now, Lia." He pressed and she ran a hand through her hair, "I'm not gonna leave until you sit down and talk this through with me."

"I'm scared okay?" She cracked, and for a moment Carisi thought she was going to tell him everything that they all suspected but with a shake of her head she spoke in a quieter tone.

"I just don't know what to do, you know? I thought I'd made the wrong decision coming here… I had it all planned out and I just started doubting it and myself."

"Lia, if you need help, with anything, all you have to do is ask" He reached forward to take her hand.

"No it's okay. Dan told me that it will work out, that when we're married it'll all be okay. He said that whatever happens, he'll be there for me and I trust that."

"You don't trust me?" Carisi raised an eyebrow, slightly hurt. Lia went red and spoke in a dismissive tone.

"You should go. I need to clean and stuff. Dan's coming over later, and he hates it when it's messy. It wasn't up to my own standards this morning, so I want it to be perfect."

Carisi stood and quietly cast an eye around the small dorm room. It hardly looked like anyone was living in it. Aside from the books, a pencil case and her laptop that were sitting at her desk it was lacking any kind of personality. That very well may have been the way that Dan liked her, without her serious and witty personality, but simply for her body. It disgusted him and he'd seen it time and time again, even in his short time at SVU. He wanted to fix the situation, make sure his sister was okay, but he knew he couldn't. Lia had to want help, for whatever was going on.

She tugged her sleeves over her hands nervously and cleared her throat as she made her way toward the door.


"Please go. I don't need your help, and I don't need saving. I'm no victim."

It came close to breaking his heart as he took a step toward the door and when he noticed his little sister was on the brink of tears he instinctively pulled her into a hug.

She didn't hug him back at first, seemingly surprised at his actions but when she finally did, she didn't move for a minute and despite the visit feeling like it had done more harm than good, he was glad she was able to accept some act of comfort even if she hadn't wanted to.

After realising what she'd done, she pulled away and focused on opening the door and in the nature that Carisi didn't really want to leave, she didn't particularly want him to go.

"Promise you'll call?" He asked and she gave a small nod before glancing up at him.

"Maybe that's a bad idea. I mean Dan told me he want us to create our own family... We went to Mom and Dad's for the weekend a while back and they didn't get on. He and Dad got into a fight and we had to leave early."

She shut her eyes for a moment, as Carisi spoke, his words cutting dangerously close to her heart.

"This isn't about Dan, Lia. This is about you. Please, promise you'll call."

Lia sighed. "I'll call you." After another moment she added, "I promise."

Still less than satisfied with her answer, he finally moved out the door into the hallway.

"Take care of yourself Lia." He said sincerely as she shut the door. He didn't miss what sounded like his sister crying on the other side of door and with a heavy heart and nothing more he felt he could do in that moment, he retreated back to the stairs.

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