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Harry Gibbs

Chapter One

Gibbs sat with an arm around his wife, bouncing his knee. Earlier that week, Shannon had fallen down the stairs and she has had a pain in her abdomen ever since. They had finally had someone to watch Kelly while they went to the hospital to get her checked out and were now awaiting the news. When the doctor walked in with a grave face, Gibbs' heart sunk.

"Mrs. Gibbs, I am sorry to tell you that you had a miscarriage." Shannon's hands shot to her mouth, tears forming in her eyes. "And I hate to be the one to tell bad news but you will not be able to bare an more children ." Gibbs tightened his arms around his wife as she buried her head in his chest. "I know that you are grieving, but if you were wanting to have more children, there is always adoption. There is this orphanage down the road that specifically deals with children under the age of 10. I would recommend going there. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to see to my next patient."

The marine held his wife as she sobbed, but his mind was going over what he had heard. Did they want to adopt? Sure, he would love to have more kids, but was Shannon ready? "Shan, do you want more children, even if they aren't ours?" After looking down at her tear streaked face, Gibbs smiled when he saw her eyes glistening with hope.

"Could we?" Shannon asked. He nodded.

"Why don't we go and pick up Kelly from the sitter and go and see that orphanage the doctor was talking about?"

1 Month Earlier

"Hurry up, Petunia, we need to get to dinner. Our boy is hungry. Oh, and bring the freak. We can drop him off later." A large mustached man wrestled an overweight baby into his carseat before yelling into the motel. "Why do we have to leave a letter anyway?" A tall, horse-faced women came out to the front yard, a black haired baby on her hip and a letter in her left hand.

"Because Vernon, he's 17 months old. They are going to look for his parents and we can't risk them tracing him back to us. I will not have the freak contaminating my Duddykins with his unnaturalness." Vernon snorted.

"Like they could trace him to us. We will be going back to Britain tomorrow morning. I must say, Pet, it was a fantastic idea to leave him in the states. Ingenious, really."

"Yes, I know. Well, let's get on with it."

Ms. Gloria Glandbags of Glandbags orphanage hated being woken up in the night by the door. Screaming children she was fine with, but what type of inconsiderate person stops by for a visit at 2 in the morning? All signs of anger vanished from her face when she saw what was on her steps. A small cardboard box lay on the mat, with a tuft of black hair just visible. She grabbed the child and brought it into the front room, before sitting the bundle on the couch in front of the fire. Searching through his blankets, she pulled out a letter.

This is Harry. He is 17 months old and his birthday is on July 31. His parents were murdered by terrorists when he was 15 months old and I do not feel safe with him around my family. He is a target and will be a danger to any family that for whatever reason decides to adopts him. Take care of the freak and I hope he doesn't cause you any trouble. I legally give up any all guardianship I had and I never want to see him again.

Hoping you are well.

Gloria had tears running down her face at the end of the note. To lose one's parents so young was a tragedy. And this women was completely vile! To think- she was startled from her thoughts by a sharp cry that rang through the room. Immediately she spun around and pulled the child, Harry, into her arms. She stared into his beautiful green eyes and melted. How could someone hate a baby so sweet? Now, in the light, Gloria could see that his hair was much more than just a messy black. Black, yes, but she could see streaks of red throughout his curly locks, making his bright green eyes really sparkle. Grabbing a bottle and pressing it to his lips, Gloria smiled.

"Well, Harry, I hope you like your new home."

Present Day (Two weeks after Shannon's doctor appointment)

"C'mon guys, hurry up!" Shannon laughed as she allowed her 7 year old daughter pull her up the stairs to the orphanage, her husband trailing behind, smiling. They were greeted at the front door by a slightly plump women with dark hair and kind eyes.

"Hello, I am of Glandbags orphanage. Are you looking to adopt today or later down the road?" After sharing a look with his wife, Gibbs nodded.

"Today, if possible." Smiling, the matron beckoned them in.

"Well, then right this was please. Now, are you wanting a boy or a girl? Younger or older?"

"I want a little brother, Daddy!" Kelly was bouncing on her feet, not seeming to be able to sit still.

"A boy. And under the age of 3, if possible." Shannon responded. smiled.

"Of course. Follow me, please." The older lady led them into a brightly colored room full of toddlers reading, running around, or playing with blocks. Kelly's eyes grew big and after a glance up at her parents, she ran across the room to a little boy that was bouncing a blue ball. Shannon folded her fingers into Gibbs', smiling up at him.

"Do you see anyone you like, or do you need more time?" Ms. Glandbags watched the slightly stunned couple as they looked around the room, pausing at each little face. Suddenly, a blue ball hit Gibbs' head, and he grabbed it out of the air. Shannon watched as a black haired little boy, who couldn't be more than 2, toddled up to the marine, reaching up for the ball. Smiling, Gibbs' placed it gently in his hands, bending down to run a hand through his hair. The little boy smiled brilliantly at him.

"Tank you!" He said, before running back over to Kelly and placing the large ball into her hands. Shannon stared after the little child. She noticed that his hair wasn't only black, it had streaks of red in it, making his big green eyes even prettier. She sucked in a breath.

" what is his name?"

"Harry. His name is Harry."

"Gibbs, he's the one." She looked up at him and noticed that he had been watching Harry, too.

"I know, Shan. I think so, too." He turned to the owner of the orphanage but frowned when she wasn't there. He saw her standing by a door to an office, beckoning them in. Once everyone was seated, she started talking.

"Now, are you two serious about adopting him?" At their nod she continued. "Then there is something that you should know, first." reached into her desk drawer pulled out an old envelope, pulled out an envelope and handed it to the couple. Gibbs sat shocked for several seconds before his mind started racing. Murdered, terrorists, potential target, abusive relatives? This was crazy. All that happened to the sweet dark haired boy out there? Could the kid not catch a break? Glancing over at his wife, he noticed that he was just as confused as he was. He gave the letter back to the older women.

"Okay, does this mean that there is going to be more paperwork involved in adopting him?" ' face lit up.

"You mean you still want to adopt him?" Shannon looked at her incredulously.

"What do you mean, of course we want him! My husband is a marine, he can protect us. There was never a doubt that we want to adopt Harry." The matron let out a breath.
"Thank goodness. You would not have any idea about how many couples have originally wanted that little boy, but backed off when they read that letter. I was beginning to think that he would never get adopted. Well, now that we've gotten that out of the way, if you would sign here, here, and here."

Two hours later Harry Sage joined the Gibbs family. Reaching the house they showed the newest addition his room that the adults had been working on for the past few weeks. The walls were green with trees and animals painted on them, while the ceiling was a dark blue with the night sky painted on it. Harry's crib, dresser, toy chest, and changing table were all white, and there was a light brown carpet on the floor. Later, all four of them spent hours at the park before going out to dinner. Harry and Kelly spent the entire meal laughing and giggling about who knows what, while the adults watched as the two bonded with a smile. That night, Gibbs fell asleep with a smile on his face.