Laura took several deep breaths through her nose, breathing in and out. She had been so close to orgasm, brought there by Carmilla's relentless teasing and erotic spanking, only to be then brought back when Carmilla very deliberately stopped stimulating her. Clearly, her punishment wasn't over. She should have known.

"Now all four of your cheeks are pink," Carmilla observed. She lightly stroked Laura's ass, letting the tips of her fingernails scrape the flesh. It stung Laura's sensitive skin, making her whimper. "It's a cute look on you."

Laura felt her facial cheeks become even more pink. What little dignity she had left was draining away. It was increasingly obvious that she was little more than Carmilla's plaything for the night.

"Nothing to say to that?" Carmilla teased. She patted Laura's ass.

Even the light tap hurt now. Worse, her skin hurt just being exposed to the air. It just stung.

Laura wanted to tell Carmilla that, though it probably wouldn't make a difference. Carmilla wanted her to suffer, after all. She settled for raising her head and looking pleadingly into Carmilla's eyes.

Carmilla grinned in response. "Aww. Did the mean old vampire give you an owie?"

Laura nodded automatically. She mentally kicked herself soon after. Carmilla was clearly mocking her.

"Aw, she did? Poor girl!" Carmilla used the sort of tone one might use when talking to a small dog.

Laura sighed. She clearly wasn't going to get any respect until this night was over.

"That must suck," Carmilla said with an air of indifference. "That must really, truly suck. Probably not as much as it did for me, though. I too was inflamed with lust, about to indulge my passions with a delectable morsel that made herself available to me, only for an ignorant rabble to beat me up and deny me my pleasure as they restrained me. Can you see how frustrating that was for me?"

Laura had apologized as soon as Carmilla expressed how upset she was over the incident. She apologized repeatedly since then. In a sense, she knew it was upsetting to Carmilla, but she hadn't realized the extent. Now that Carmilla made her all kinds of turned on, gagged her, made her helpless, painfully spanked her, and made her so frustrated she didn't know how she was going to cope if Carmilla didn't satisfy her soon, she understood what it was like to a degree she never could have before.

Nodding, she tried to catch Carmila's eye and communicate that she got it now. She whimpered. Please fuck me, Carm. Please.

"I think I've warmed you up enough, my extremely moist sponge cake," Carmilla said, cracking her knuckles. She smirked and looked down at Laura.

Laura's hopes flared. Would Carmilla finally give her what she needed so desperately?

Carmilla instead gave Laura's ass one more solid smack. "Time to sit still and mind your manners, you bad, bad girl!"

Ouch! Laura squealed. Her hopes died. Carmilla wasn't going to let her off easy. Laura had practically forgotten about the chair. At least Carmilla wouldn't be able to spank her there.

Carmilla wrapped her arms under Laura's body and lifted her like she weighed nothing. She carried her across the room, turned her until she was vertical, and placed her down firmly in the chair.

Laura's ass hit the seat hard, making her grunt from the pain. More than just the impact, sitting hurt. It wasn't an uncomfortable chair, but her ass was just so sore that the pressure of her body weighing down on it and pressing it into the seat actively hurt. It was like a dull, constant throb. She tried to wiggle into a more comfortable position, but Carmilla held her in place.

Carmilla lifted Laura's taped arms and slid them behind the chair back, effectively pinning her in place while she sat. Carmilla then took the bundle of rope and set to work tying Laura to the chair. When Laura tied Carmilla up, Laura was just going for restraining the massively strong vampire and had covered Carmilla's torso with rope. Carmilla, however, was under no such restriction. It didn't take a lot to restrain Laura, so Carmilla's bindings were more sparing and creatively placed.

Carmilla first made a simple loop around Laura's taped arms to fasten them to the chair back. She then pushed Laura's knees apart and individually tied Laura's ankles to the chair, effectively trapping her on the seat in a very exposed position. Carmilla paused to inspect the bonds and then continued to tie Laura down, placing rope very deliberately to reduce Laura's range of motion without tying her as tightly nor as thoroughly as Laura tied Carmilla.

"It is not my intention to restrain you wholly," Carmilla explained as she worked. "You are not a threat to me. You never were, really. Weak... soft... helpless... If I ever did want to eat you, I would. You'd just be warm blood in my belly. Nummy..."

A chill went down Laura's spine. She knew Carmilla was just trying to scare her. It worked. It also merged with Carmilla's natural sex appeal and came out disturbingly hot. Laura knew her fearful shiver was partly arousal and that was just so unnerving.

Laura tested the bonds, trying to pull away from Carmilla, who just for a moment looked like a vicious killer vampire. Her bonds were slack enough to let her shift a few inches from Carmilla's hands, and then they held fast.

"You see?" Carmilla grinned wickedly. "I allow you do that much. You are allowed to squirm just a little. Am I not thoughtful?"

Without waiting for even a grunted answer, Carmilla continued tying up Laura. She carefully wrapped rope across Laura's chest without covering her breasts, even looping and knotting to make a sort of rope-based bra to emphasize them. As much as this was Carmilla's revenge for Laura's wrongdoing, it was a meticulously constructed erotic act.

While Carmilla wound the rope around her, Laura had to take a moment and admire the work Carmilla put into this moment. Carmilla must have spent some time preparing. She likely thought about this long before bringing it up the previous night. Laura even noticed that the rope was smooth and felt relatively gentle against her skin. That was strange. Rope was not comfortable. It was rough, scratchy and hurt her hands just putting it on Carmilla. Carmilla must have done some special treatment on the rope to prepare it for Laura's skin. That meant Carmilla cared and this wasn't just the manifestation of her anger.

In a strange way, this scary version of Carmilla was sweet. She was very, very sweet. Laura might have smiled if not for the duct tape.

Carmilla gave a final tug on the rope and stepped back to examine her handiwork. She licked her lips and winked. "My, my, don't you look like a trussed up turkey!"

Author's Note:

HolliStein: I have to say, it sounds like you have a trans girl fetish. I'm not writing Carmilla as trans, though. You might get something out of the free online story Tales of MU by Alexandra Erin (talesofmuDOTcom). It's an erotic fantasy story a bit like the Carmilla web series in tone and has a trans girl character top the protagonist. (Anyone else reading this, I recommend it just in general.)

As for the other suggestion, well, Carmilla is a sexy dominant vampire. It would stand to reason she would get bitey.