Hi everyone.

Now I know this won't come as a surprise so most people, seeing as I haven't updated this story in (checks)...7 years.Wow...ok, I feel old now.Anyway, I could rattle on a million excuses as to why I lost my muse for this story. I guess one of the main things was this was a challenge fic idea.

The initial challenge and stipulations set forth over time wrote me into a corner and impacted what I could do story wise.

The original poster of said challenge who wrote the initial idea for this used the 2006 Live Action Death Note films and the sequel film 'L Change the World' as the basis for the Death Note material in the fic to be used going forward. (Now I am in no way shitting on those films, they are really good, and leagues above the shitty horrible Netflix american adaptation...the only good thing about that piece of shit movie, was Willem Defoe as Ryuk. He was perfectly cast, a diamond casting in a turd of a film)

Anyway, regardless of how much I liked and still like the 2006 Death Note films, they do have L take down Light in a different manner (he still is killed by Ryuk using the death note, etc. But in the films L purposefully wrote his name down in the death note, as he knew Light was going to try killing him that way anyway, and knew that by writing his own name down first, it would eliminate any chance of the notebook being used against him later, and this is how he tricks Light into revealing himself as Kira)

Later after Light's death, L has 22 days left alive (due to him writing his own death in earlier) which is detailed in the spin-off film, 'L Change the World'

Anyway, as I said, using the film plots as the precursor to this fic, did limit characters I could use anime wise (as Near does appear in the L Change the world movie, but Mello doesnt, etc)

Looking back, I should have just gone with the anime basis from the start and ignored the OG challenge posters restrictions. Or blended in *some* movie stuff, with mostly anime stuff, etc.

So that brings us to the reason for this note. (hehe, note)

I am putting this story up for adoption.

I don't want it sitting here stagnant until the end of time, and know so many people followed and favorited it, and still to this day I am receiving favorites and follows every now and then.

And I want you to know I appreciate every single one of you.

If people are interested in adopting this, PM me and I will look over your profiles before making a decision. I want to be discerning and only let this be adopted by someone who has previously written fanfics, and whom I think can carry the idea well.

(And again, if people want to re-work the idea slightly into more anime leaning, or fully anime in terms of the backstory, that might be a better way to go moving forward)

I just want it known this isn't a ''first comes first serves'' type of adoption, just because you PM me doesn't mean I'll give the story to anyone without taking things into consideration.

So yeah, here you have it, after 7 years I am letting this story hopefully find life again.

And again, thank you to everyone who has shown interest and love for this fic, as short as it was.