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Chapter 24

Robin was standing in the doorway. "Hello David. I think that's the best idea anyone's had for a while. Not sure of the legal percussions from it, especially if they end up killing each other because of their stubbornness. Where are Don and Alan?"

"We have set up a rotation between Colby, Ian and myself to make sure the rest of the Eppes men keep taking care of themselves. Otherwise they have shown they won't. Then they will all be in the hospital!" replied David frustratingly.

"I'm not sure how you guys are doing it but I don't care. Thank you for being as stubborn as them. Don's not taking this well from what I overheard? I know Charlie lost his clearance but I can't help but think I'm missing much more than this." Said Robin

David shook his head. "I'm sorry Robin but you are going to have to talk to Don about this. It's not my place to tell you. I think right now he needs your support but you are going to have to be the one to go to him. You know how he is, won't ask for help himself."

"Can't blame me for trying but I understand your point David. You said they went to the cafeteria?" asked Robin.

"Yeah but they probably will be back here shortly. The doctor has to come back to talk to them about tests that Charlie had done." Replied David.

"Okay I will go out to the waiting area and try to catch them." Robin said as she left the room.

'Charlie you really need to wake up.' David thought.

Down in the cafeteria Don sat with his plate just pushing the food around. "Don you need to eat it or we are going to take longer to get back to Charlie. At least half of it please." Pleaded Alan.

Don looked at his father and reluctantly ate a little of his dinner after about 10 minutes he got up and threw out what was left on his plate. "Come on I had enough to eat and I want to get upstairs."

Alan saw no point in trying to fight with Don about his eating habits right now and just followed him.

Ian shook his head. 'Nobody is going to get through to him I swear.' He thought.

When they got upstairs Robin saw him get off the elevator and walked up to him. "Don Eppes do you think I didn't want to be here for your family? Why did I have to hear about this from Amita?"

Don reached over and pulled Robin into a hug. "I'm sory Robin I really didn't mean to leave you out. I just haven't been thinking of anything but Charlie right now."

Robin reached over and put her finger under his chin lifting his head. "I will forgive you this time but don't let it happen again or your gonna really hear it!"

Don turned to his father. "Let's go see what the doctor has to say then I'm going to come back here and tell Robin what has been going on."

"Oh Don I forgot to tell you Amita and Larry will be coming in about an hour. They had to cover extra classes. Millie tried to get other professors to cover but it was to short of notice. After today they won't have to though." Said Robin.

"Thank you Robin. We're gonna see what's going on. and I'll be back. Maybe they will be here and I won't have to repeat everything. I'm going to have David call Colby and Ian too if they aren't around here somewhere. See you in a few minutes." Replied Don as he followed his father into Charlie's room.

Dr. Stephens walked into the room. "Hello gentlemen. I'm sorry to have kept you waiting. At least this time I have good news. The scans show that the swelling has almost completely gone away."

Alan turned to the doctor. "So he should be waking up, right?"

"It may still take some time but yes. His body is still healing from all the injuries. It was a lot of trauma in a short period of time. All we can do is wait now, fortunately I have not seen anything else to cause problems at this time. We will continue to monitor everything and if you need anything at all I want you to call us. Do you have any questions?" Asked the doctor.

"With the swelling he had, is he gonna have problems from it?" Asked Don.

"I don't see anything really on the scan but we won't know anything definitely until he wakes up." Replied the doctor. His pager went off at that moment. "I must go now but if there is anything further you can have the nurse contact me."

Don walked over and sat next to his brother reaching over to grab his hand. "Dad, all I want is for him to wake up. It's been too long. What do we do?"

Alan sat down on the cot. "All we can do is wait Donnie. Do you want me to go tell the others what the doctor said? I can send Robin in to talk to you?"

"Yeah give me a few minutes before you send Robin back please? I want to talk to Charlie. They say that he can hear us right?" Asked Don.

"That's what they say and I tend to believe them. Besides it can't hurt anything to try." Responded Alan.

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