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Chapter 1: Fury Rising

He stood at the edge of cliff, looking towards the oncoming storm.

"We have been forgotten young one,"

Harry turned to see a woman walking towards him, draped in clothing that looked to be made of a thick, shimmering fog and her hair was the color of a blazing fire. Her youthful face looked at Harry with the eyes of someone who had seen much in life. As he looked closer he could see that they changed colors. Constantly shifting between an emerald much like his own, sapphire blue, and steel gray.

"What do you mean?" Harry asked.

"Our civilization is gone, our power a shade of what it once was, Alera has fallen into the realm of forgotten memory, not even remembered in the stories of legends. You are the only one who can restore us to what we once were, you must ensure that Alera rises again,"

Harry looked at the woman incredulously, "How can I possibly do something like that? I'm nobody, I'm just a boy a…a freak!"

The woman looked at him, "No, you are much more than that. In you runs the blood of kings, some of the most powerful beings to ever walk the planet. In time, you will become the greatest of them all, wielding power not seen since the gods of old."

Harry shook his head, "There's no way! I can't be the one you're talking about, you've got the wrong person!" The woman walked towards Harry and placed her hand on his head,

"You are descended from the line of Gaius, and when your time comes, your power will eclipse those who came before you. You must believe in yourself and your strength, and FLY!"

As she finished, she pushed Harry back and he fell off the cliff, plummeting to the ground hundreds of feet below…

Harry awoke with a start, wiping the cold sweat off his face and looking around wildly taking comfort in the familiar surroundings of his cupboard.

'It was just a dream,' Harry thought, 'Thank goodness, that was just flat out weird,'

A loud banging on the cupboard door shook Harry from his reverie; he braced himself from the inevitable shouting that always followed his not so gentle alarm.

"Get up boy! You've done enough lazing about for one morning! You have chores to get to and so help me, if they aren't done by this afternoon it'll be the strap for you! Now get up!"

Harry sighed and began shuffling around to prepare for the no doubt difficult day ahead of him. He glanced at the clock on the wall reading 7:30am and sighed again.

"Yes Uncle Vernon," Harry said, 'Heaven forbid Dudley ever get up before 10:00am on a weekend, and I'm up at 7:30am,'

He changed into his hand-me-downs from Dudley or what he liked to call his "work clothes" and made his way into the kitchen to begin the first of his chores: Making breakfast for the Dursleys. Vernon and Petunia were already sitting at the table, with Vernon giving Harry a look most people would reserve for a cockroach or a rat.

"I see you've finally gotten off your lazy behind," Vernon said, "Now get started on the breakfast, I don't want my Dudley to have to wait too long for his food. Growing boys need their nourishment you know!"

"Yes Uncle Vernon," Harry replied. 'Dudley could actually use less food, the great lump,'

"And be sure that you don't burn the bacon like you did last time! That food is expensive and I'll take it out of your hide!" Vernon shouted at Harry's retreating back.

'It was one rasher! You need to eat less anyway,' thought Harry, "Yes Uncle Vernon,"

Vernon looked at Harry, examining him for any signs of impudence, finding none he turned back to the morning paper.

"Hmph, very well then, make sure you get to Petunia's garden after this, she mentioned a large number of rocks in the flower bed, clearly you haven't been vigilant enough, isn't that right Pet?"

Petunia glowered at Harry, "It certainly seems so Vernon, dear,"

Harry said nothing, simply keeping his back turned and focusing on avoiding burning the bacon. Once finished preparing the breakfast, Harry laid it out on the table, taking the two pieces of toast and the one rasher of bacon he was allowed every breakfast, making a sad facsimile of a bacon sandwich.

After eating his breakfast on the go, Harry made his way out towards the back garden. Harry normally didn't mind working out in the garden, he felt more connected with nature and much more at peace than he ever felt with the Dursleys. He also had much more time to spend with his thoughts, thinking of ways he could eventually escape the Dursleys and his dreams for a life of his own. He would think of things that any normal 10 year old would, things that he would never be allowed to speak of around his Uncle Vernon…like magic. For some reason, any hints or notions, even the word magic would set him flying into a rage. So in the safety of his own thoughts, Harry lived in a world where he could do almost anything. He could fly across the sky, fight in epic sword battles, and even use magic.

Harry began working in the flowerbed; he let his mind wander as he normally did, thinking of the magical world in his mind. As he worked, he began to think of the dream that he had the night before; it stayed vividly in his mind causing him to dwell on the mysterious woman that spoke to him.

'Who was that woman? Why did it all seem so real? She said that I'm descended from kings, that can't be right at all…' Harry started digging the bigger rocks out of the soil, '…and what was she talking about when she said I can have great power? I'm a ten year old boy who lives in Surrey, I'm nothing special…' Harry didn't notice but some of the earth next to him began to shift, '…why did she push me off the cliff? I can't fly, except in my dreams, but when I fell, I felt…strong for some reason, like I could do anything,' Harry felt something rough rub against his hand, thinking that it was a critter of some kind he went to sweep it away from him only to stop as he came face-to-snout with a small earthen bear cub, it's eyes glittering emeralds looking right at him…

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