Prompt 2: Side Effect

I thought of this and can't get it out of my head. It seems like a humorous story with a lot of blushing and teasing (and maybe moreā€¦):

Shinichi finally gets the antidote, but there's a nasty side effect: oversensitive to touch, even more to people he likes. KID knows that Conan is Shinichi and is extremely pleased when the detective decides to continue attending the heists. On one of the heists KID changes Shinichi's clothes in a cloud of smoke and he can feel the thief's roaming hands and clamps a hand over his mouth to keep himself from moaning which catches the thief's curiosity. KID wants to find out what's going on, Shinichi tries his best to keep it a secret and a lot of teasing (in more ways than one) ensues.

An appearance of Haibara is obvious (I love her sarcastic side), because she knows of the side effect and has to answer Shinichi's questions. Any other appearances are up to the author. The rating is surely going to be at least T, but M is preferred. xD


- For everyone without a Wattpad account (like me): On AO3 I added the link underneath the prompt, which redirects you to the story and will allow you to read it, although following or reviewing the story is still not possible.