Chapter Five

I'll save this dance for you

I hope it lasts forever

So let one star shine through

And make my wish come true

I'll save this dance for you

We'll make it last forever

So let this love shine through

Let me be with you

Clary gasped mid step when she looked in the mirror, and saw her Uncle Meyer sitting up on the Grand-Father clock. At first, Clary was scared nearly to tears. Then when she realized it was simply her godfather playing a prank, she laughed nervously before telling him to come down and stop trying to frighten her. But her thoughts were distracted for she started to hear squeaking sounds all around the room.

Then, looking back at Meyer on top of the clock, the man looked at her mischievously before opening his cloak in a flourish and sending golden dust to every corner of the room. Mice then appeared at the base of the clock and started to run around the parlour, but Clary was in so much shock she could not make a sound.

Then, a sword cut through the long cloth that covered a small table by the clock, making Clary jump again, and a giant malicious looking rat appeared, laughing madly as if he were a mad scientist having just created Frankenstein. His eyes were red, as if blinded by crimson hatred.

He climbed onto the lounge chair and cried to his minions to salute their monarch, to which the smaller mice began to cheer long live the Mouse King, long live the Mouse King! Then, Clary turned and noticed that the gold dust had hit the doll cabinet as well, and that the dolls and toys were coming alive one by one.

"Where am I?" Asked the Nutcracker, from where Clary had replaced him in the cabinet.

"Get up!" Mrs. Fitz, an older doll, cried. "Get up, you're in danger!"

"I've shrunk!" He whispered, not hearing the servant doll and looking at his hands in disbelief.

"Hurry!" Mrs. Fitz cried again. "The Mouse King is after you!" Then he laid eyes on Marie-Ange for the first time. Her blue eyes were wide with fear and her pale violet hair shone like star light. She looked at once familiar too he yet also a complete stranger

"Tonight, we will get our revenge!" The Mouse King roared to his cheering underlings, who appeared to be armed with whatever they could find in the kitchen. "Yesterday; King of Mice! Tonight; King of Träumen! Tomorrow; King of all!" Letting out another malicious laugh, he rallied his troops to form a thin line before him.

"I don't remember anything after that Queen put a spell on me..." The Nutcracker said.

Another doll, Claire, scoffed. "You are The Prince of Dolls, aren't you?"

"Please Nutcracker," Mrs. Fitz pleaded. "Do your best."

"Hey, Nutcracker!" The Mouse King taunted from his place on the chair. "Come on and meet your fate, Prince of The Dolls!"

The Nutcracker gasped at the magnitude of the Mouse King, he was huge. Then looking from Claire, to Mrs. Fitz, and then falling to Clary. The girl nodded to him, a silent way of saying she would fight with him. "I'll do my best." He announced, then jumped down from the second level and cried out. "Attention! Everyone in the toy cabinet! We must defend ourselves against the Mouse King and his followers."

"Nutcracker, you don't have a sword." Clary remarked, helping Mrs. Fitz and Claire down from the cabinet.

"Sword or no sword, he still has to save us." Claire yelled.

"Troupes, to the front!" The Nutcracker ordered.

Hi, little side note. These lyrics aren't mine, they're from the movie The Nutcracker Prince, but I tweaked them a little bit to match the story :)