Chapter 9- A Frank Discussion

Kurt slid the files into a neat order, smoothing them out on Alicia's desk. He popped a post-it note on top so no follow-up would be necessary. He fixed his tie.

Tonight was date night for Kurt and Cary, some restaurant Cary had been looking forward to going to had just opened and it was Cary's turn to treat, insisting that Kurt bring along Santana for their proper introduction. Cary knew how important Santana was to Kurt and figured that he'd probably like the girl; at the very least he'd learn something new about Kurt's life before the firm.

A knock on the glass door startled him. Everyone was supposed to have gone home for the evening. Kurt looked and tried his hardest to keep his face as passive as possible.

The man entered briskly, hands in his pockets, nodding almost politely. Kurt narrowed his eyes just a fraction.

"Peter Florrick. Alicia isn't here, but I can take a message or call her if you'd like."

Peter shook his head dismissively. Kurt figured it came with the territory. "I came to see you."

Kurt nodded. He wasn't going to try and play dumb with this one. Peter was far from stupid, he knew that Kurt knew that he knew about what happened. "I figured you might. I thought you were going to say something at dinner."

"I wanted to meet you first. I figure it'll make this less awkward."

"Agreed. So you know?"

"I do. I know that you're not directly implicated, but it's enough."

Kurt nodded again, trying to gain some control over the flow of the conversation. "She's here with me. I told her to go home, but she wants to ride it out. Any chance it'll be over soon?"

Peter took a step forward. "Kurt, this isn't going to be over in the way you think. I kept my mouth shut this long, but I have a responsibility. As a former State's Attorney, I can't let this slide."

Kurt needed to know whether he was bluffing or not. "Are you sure you even know the full story?"

Peter chuckled, the sound unpleasant. "You know Kurt, I don't think you're as smart as you give yourself credit for being. You have a law degree, but you missed some vital steps along the way. You forgot the witnesses."

"There were none."

"That you knew of," Peter shot back. "Someone saw you, Kurt. That's enough to set this whole thing in motion."

Kurt swallowed heavily and leaned on the desk behind him. "And what would you stand to gain from exposing me?"

Peter took another step forward. "Your wrongdoings could hurt everyone around you. For some reason, my wife has decided to trust you. I won't let her come under fire for your mistakes."

Kurt laughed bitterly. "Isn't it too late to play the protective husband card?"

Peter screwed his face up angrily. "Don't you talk about that. You have no right."

Kurt shrugged. "Public knowledge. I happen to know one of your girls. I went to law school with her. Alyssa Frank?"

Peter gritted his teeth.

"We lived together, you know. We stay in touch pretty regularly. You probably know this already but she's a big talker."

Peter knew when he was being beaten. He came in with the upper hand, and he was about to leave with his balls on the floor. "Stop."

"Does Alicia know?"

"I told her everything."

Kurt smirked, nodding. "Right. Everything. State's Attorney or not, I'm sure you don't want more of your lies on the front page. We could call a truce."

"Our indiscretions are nowhere near to being on the same level."

Kurt paled slightly. "You're right. I made a tragic mistake many years ago and I'm living with it every day. But you're still the same no-good cheater you've always been. I don't enjoy making threats, Mr Florrick, I find it to be vulgar and the lowest form of wit. But if you breathe a word of what you know to anyone, Alicia finds out everything."

Peter stood very still for a moment. "What I think you know would hurt her."

"I'm willing to do whatever it takes. I like her a great deal, but I'm sure she'd forgive me. You, on the other hand, I'm not so sure."

"Fine. You got a deal. We both stay quiet." Peter turned and walked away.

As soon as he was out of earshot, Kurt deflated, his defensive countermeasures shutting down inside him.

He fixed his tie once more, startled as his phone rang loudly from atop the desk. He glared at the Caller ID and paled.

"Not you," he whispered desperately, despite it having no impact on the situation at hand. He cleared his throat and accepted the call. "Hello? Yes. Not yet. I'm trying. I assure you Mr…oh, you are? I'll have it done. You're a real piece of work. So you keep reminding me. I haven't forgotten. Okay, goodbye."

His eyes fluttered closed he pocketed his phone, now running late for his date with Cary. He took a breath, inhaling for four counts. He held it for six and released it for eight. Suddenly he felt his hands stop trembling and his chest loosen up.

Nodding to himself, Kurt, double-checking his to-do list before dashing out of the office.

Santana Lopez sat back in her chair, hands laced behind her head. "So, James Dean, what's your deal?"

Cary grinned boyishly, leaning forward. "What do you mean?"

She sighed, reality swarming over her. Ever since she'd known Kurt, his taste in boys had been the same.

First, there was Finn, his misguided crush on his future step-brother that was the results of confusing feelings about relationships and a subconscious attempt to manifest feelings for someone who didn't abuse him. Finn wasn't good for Kurt, she knew that now. Before she had passed it off as adolescent infatuation, but Kurt had just wanted a guy his age to bond with.

Enter Sam.

If she was being fully honest with herself, Santana thought that Kurt and Sam should have ended up together. As soon as Evans had reared his pretty head at McKinley, Kurt had been besotted with him. The duets competition had been but a stepping stone in his potential relationship with Sam. Santana had sensed the bisexuality before most people, Kurt excluded and thought that he was the type of guy that Kurt needed. Sensitive, yet strong. Beautiful, yet humble. A mixture of the best qualities of Finn, Puck, and Mike, but with a resilience that was so uniquely 'Sam'.

When Kurt had confessed his deep feelings for Sam, despite the latter's brief fling with Quinn, Santana hadn't been surprised. Sam had been, which made her realise just how little the blond thought of himself. Sam didn't see himself as worthy of Kurt's affections, even though he had been harbouring feelings for the boy right back in secret.

By the time Sam had confessed those same feelings for Kurt, the timing was off. Graduation was imminent, Sam had been seen publicly courting Mercedes, something Santana knew to be a ploy to try and stir Kurt's feelings, it just wasn't their time. Sam had posed the idea of them being a couple, but Kurt was headed to Columbia and then on to Yale Law School with one goal in mind. Sam had wanted to follow him to New York, but Kurt had recognised that for what it was; Sam forgoing his own goals so that he could be with Kurt. Kurt hadn't wanted him to compromise himself a potential relationship, although part of him was begging himself to let Sam be an option. Sam, tail between his legs, fled to California, promising to stay in touch, leaving Kurt to jet off to New York to start his promising life and career.

Then there was Blaine Anderson.

Santana thought that the less time she thought thinking about Blaine would be better for her mental health and wellbeing, but he was an important fixture in Kurt's romantic history. After Sam's saccharine duet with Quinn, Kurt had briefly considered moving to Dalton Academy. It wasn't one of Kurt's best ideas, but he needed to escape the loneliness he felt at McKinley.

That's what he had met Blaine.

Santana had thought right off the bat that something was off with this dude. He looked smarmy and arrogant even from a distance. But she knew that Kurt had attached himself to the first openly gay guy that he ever met in real life.

She supposed Blaine was conventionally attractive, although much too short and strangely hairy for her liking. Kurt's rose-coloured glasses had looked past that and fallen so horribly deeply for him that she was surprised he hadn't noticed until Valentine's Day when Kurt had to spell it out for him. That should have been his first clue.

She was happy that Kurt was happy when she found out that had started dating, even though they were at different schools with different schedules and Kurt was still probably in love with Sam. She made it clear to Kurt, who had fast been becoming her best friend back then, that she didn't like Blaine, but it wasn't in her remit to approve or disapprove. Kurt took that on board with a dismissive smile.

When Blaine cheated on Kurt, Santana hadn't been surprised. Blaine was an attention-seeker at heart, and if Kurt wasn't paying him enough attention, he would cause a scene and scout it out from someone else, usually a witless Tina or Rachel. She had done an internal celebration when Kurt had broken up with him but was sad that Kurt's first relationship had ended like that.

And now there was Cary Agos.

Santana didn't quite know what to make of him, but what she knew she liked. He was gorgeous, driven, intelligent, and had a killer ass. Even a lesbian could appreciate that.

So Santana made it her goal to get to know him while Kurt was otherwise occupied. She wholeheartedly loved and appreciated Sam (who Cary wasn't entirely unlike), but Blaine had been a dangerous territory for her. Kurt had been wrong before, though she wasn't sure that he was this time.

"I mean," she stated, "Kurt's had a pretty rough life with some questionable love interests. What makes you worthy of him?"

Cary frowned. "The fact that he chose me."


Cary smiled. "I'm not going to explain Kurt to you because you know him far better than I do and in a completely different way. You know how special he is. You know what it feels like for him to choose you. If he thinks I'm worth it, I'm going to ride that wave as long as I can."

"Wanky," Santana purred. "Good answer. Because if you're just in this for the sex, you've got another thing coming."

Cary shrugged. "The sex is mind-blowing, but I'd go without it if it meant keeping him."

Santana frowned. "You're good, Agos, but if I find out you're just giving me the answers I want to hear, I'll rip your balls right off."

Cary believed that she would. Her relationship with Kurt ran deep, deeper than perhaps even they knew. Adolescence was a ripe opportunity to form everlasting bonds. Cary had one best friend from high school, though they hadn't spoken in a fair bit of time. Seeing Kurt and Santana together made Cary want to pick up the phone. He made a plan in his head.

"I'm not just saying that, Santana. I promise you. You're crazy if you think Kurt wouldn't know if I was up to something."

"You're right," she replied, holding her hands up. "Just…he's been hurt before. Badly. I gotta protect him from people."

"From me?"

"Maybe," Santana folded her arms. "Depends on how things go. But you gotta promise me something."

Cary nodded.

"If shit ever hits the fan and you think things are lost, listen to him. There's likely a good explanation for whatever it is."

Cary frowned. "That sounds specific."

"It's not. Kurt just has a history of being blamed for things which he had no control over. He's strong so he won't admit it, but it'll break him if you blame him too."

Cary pursed his lips. "Are you guys okay? I saw his face when you showed up. He looked pleased to see you, but also a little haunted."

Santana brushed her hair from her face. "It's me. I'm going through some stuff right now, Kurt's been helping me through it."

Cary smiled. "You can talk to me, you know. Free legal advice if you need it."

"Really? You don't know me."

Cary sighed. "It sounds corny, but I know Kurt. If he considers you his best friend, you must be worth getting to know."

Santana smiled weakly. She didn't know if Cary would still be saying that even a week from now. She was teetering on the edge of something bad, precarious, and she didn't know if it was wise to place her trust in Cary just yet. Kurt was blinded by men far often than he cared to admit, so it was up to Santana to scope out Cary and understand whether he was going to have Kurt's back pending the fallout. Falling in love wasn't prevalent in their current situation. Sure, she had Brittany back home, but that was different. Brittany wasn't a lawyer who had direct access to some of the most powerful people in the country.

If Santana was honest with herself, she would admit that Peter Florrick's presence unnerved her. He had too much power and probably knew much more than he was letting on. That wasn't good news for anyone.

Santana made a note to do some much-needed oppo research.

Grace sidled up to her mother as she emptied the dishwasher, deciding to lend a hand to the menial task.

Alicia looked at her suspiciously. "What do you want?"

Grace shrugged. "Who said I wanted anything?"

"You're helping unload the dishwasher, there must be something that you want."

Grace pursed her lips. "Well, now that you mention it…I wanted to know if we could have another dinner soon."

"You mean so you can see Kurt again," Alicia smirked.

Grace pouted. "Mom! It was just nice to feel like a grown-up for a night."

Alicia smiled at her daughter, who was becoming such a thoughtful young lady. "Well, maybe we can sort something out when your Dad has a night free. Although you might have to share Kurt with Cary."

"It's not about Kurt!"

Alicia raised an eyebrow.

Grace caved immediately. "Okay fine. He's just really pretty."

"Never call him that," Alicia warned, having learned that lesson when she passed along Zach's comments from the previous dinner. Kurt's face had hardened and Alicia knew she had stepped in it.

Grace nodded. "So that's a yes?"


Then Grace remembered something. "You might not want to invite Dad to these dinners."

Alicia frowned. "What?"

"He doesn't like Kurt. I could tell all through dinner that they were avoiding eye contact with each other. And I've never shown Dad any of Kurt's videos. What's going on?"

Alicia looked away just for a second, to compose herself.

"Mom..did…did Dad? And Kurt?"

Alicia's eyes widened as if she hadn't entertained that same possibility. "No! Grace, no. I will say that something is going on, but it's not my place to pry. Can you just trust me with that?"

Grace nodded. "Everything is okay though, right? Dad hasn't done anything wrong?"

"No, sweetie, this isn't about your Dad."

Though the more she said that, the less she believed it. She knew that Kurt's secret affected him and Santana, but she wasn't sure that Peter wasn't involved. He had said he knew about the cover-up because of a random tip-off, but Alicia was certain that Peter was involved in another way. By retaining the knowledge, he was aiding a cover-up, so there had to be another reason why he would keep the knowledge a secret.

As Grace ran off to her room, Alicia knew that she had a phone call to make, one that she probably should have made a while ago.

She pulled out her phone and dialled a familiar number.

The voicemail tone beeped.

"Hey Kalinda, it's Alicia. Can you give me a call back when you get this? Thanks."

Alicia put her phone back in her pocket and blew out a deep breath.

Whatever this was, she knew that it wasn't going to be good.