Deep inside one of the White fang's hide out located in a remote part of Remnant. A girl awoke in her quarters to the sound of light knocking on the door to her room. She sat up in bed and flung the thin scratchy blanket off of her, she was already dressed, wearing the uniform of the White fang. A simple white tunic with their symbol a red snarling wolf head with three slashes on it, draped over black tights, she had gotten dressed a few hours ago and decided to get a bit more sleep before her mission started.

She stood grabbing the final piece of the uniform off of the bare nightstand beside her bed, a grim mask that covered the top half of her face, she put it on as their was another knock on the door, this time louder then the last.

"Hold on I'm coming." she said her voice flat, as she pulled the black hood over her raven colored hair and black cat ears. She would rather wear her normal clothes but this mission was important and she was told she needed to show her support by wearing the uniform. She hadn't had to wear it since she had been a grunt. She sighed as she opened a weapon create by her bed and pulled out her weapon gambol shroud, and its sheath and placed it between her shoulder blades before heading to the door.

She pulled it open and her partner Adam, stood there, also dressed like her, she felt the corner of her lip pull up in a grin at the sight, she had never seen him out of his usual outfit. "oh, seeing you in that brings back memories, Blake." he said, his voice was light but rough, his right hand rested on his weapons Wilt and Blush, she knew them well, Wilt was a red bladed Japanese chokuto, and Blush was a rifle.

Blake rolled her eyes, even though she knew that he couldn't see her eyes behind the mask. "Shut up Adam," she said walking past him into the main hallway of the white fang barracks.

"I don't like this anymore then you do, but orders are orders." he said walking after her as she headed towards the double doors at the far end of the hallway that exited the barracks. She scoffed lightly but didn't say anything, she wasn't agitated by the fact that she had to wear the uniform, but by the fact that a new recruit would be joining her and Adam on this mission.

She hated when the higher ups wanted to pin a new member on them so they could judge how they did on the field. A new member meant that the mission would be even more stressful on her since she didn't know the person fighting beside her, or if they would be trustworthy enough if they got in a pinch.

"not eager about the new blood?" Adam said as if reading her mind as they reached the double doors. She nodded pushing one open and walked through into a large room, the central hub of this compound, from here you could reach any part of their base, people milled around and the noise level was a steady thrum of low voices.

"Yeah," she responded dully, she didn't need to say much to him, after being with him so long he understood her pretty well.

"This newbie's interesting, you'll like her." he said, "lets go, she's waiting outside." he added leading the way through the crowd to the front doors.

'So the newbie's a girl.' Blake thought, this was the first information on the newbie she had heard. "I doubt that I like her." she said following after Adam.

Adam smiled as he navigated through the crowd on his way to the front doors. He knew Blake was cold and reserved so he was very curious about how she would handle this new blood, besides he had been the one to set it up, partly to see how the two would react to each other and partly for other reasons. He grinned coyly beneath the mask as he reached the doors. Another member walking in held the door for them as they walked out, he nodded his head in passing.

Once outside it didn't take long to spot their new partner, the girl was bouncing nervously up and down. "There she is." He mumbled to Blake.

Blake looked around him and spotted her easily, she was dressed like them, but her hood was down showing short messy black and red hair, Blake's eyebrow raised curiously, unlike them, the girl was wearing a red hood.