Ruby lay in the clouds. She blinked in the sunlight and watched four doves fly over head. I must be dead.

She tightned her hand into a fist then relaxed it with a sigh. This is fine. She closed her eyes and listened to the wind. For awhile it was soft and distant, and for the first time forever she felt at ease.

This is fine.

Do you really think peace is what waits you in the next world?

Ruby sat up and looked around. But no one was there but her on the tiny cloud. Just her and the wind, the wind that changed from a soft breeze that turned to a screaming roar. A hole opened in the clouds in front of her.

This is what awaits you.

Ruby looked below in horror a world of darkness and blood bodies writhed on its surface screaming and reaching towards her.

She screamed and scrambled backwards away from the hole but she could feel herself sinking through as the cloud dissipated beneath her. She struggled with no avail and fell through the cloud. But someone grabbed her hand

She looked up into reaper's mask that was shrouded in a red cloak.

You, you're the cause of this. Ruby growled tightening her hand on the reapers.

The reaper chuckled. Am I

You're the reason i've killed so many people, why i've hurt those i've loved. The reason why I, Why I killed my sister!

Funny things about masks. The reaper stated reaching with her other hand to the mask and pulled it off. When you take them off. Your the one left standing there.

The reaper let go of Ruby's hand and let her fall. Ruby stared upwards at her own face.

Blake didn't pray, not to Oum, the god of light, or to the god of darkness. None of them had ever helped her , But as she sat by Ruby's hospital bed. She prayed to anyone that would listen.

The smaller girl seemed so small, her eyes closed with a feeding and breathing tube down her throat. Blake held her hand careful not to disturb the iv needle that was there. Fear clung to her throat, it had been there since she had seen them carry her out of the airship, there had been so much blood and she had been so pale she thought she was dead.

The bullet had shattered two ribs and punctured her right lung. If doctor Bob had been here it would have been a rather quick surgery with barely any recovery time. But now it had been three days with no sign of her waking while her Aura slowly healed her.

Blake swallowed the lump in her throat what if she didn't ever wake up? She shook her head and pushed the thought out of her head, she couldn't think like that.

"No sign yet?" Adam asked from the door way. Blake didn't turn to look at him. "Get out." she growled anger in her voice.

"Why are you mad at me?" He questioned.

"You sent her out there all alone, if you had just sent me…"

"You'd what Blake." Adam interupted her. "You don't kill people, don't think i don't know that Ruby does it for you."

Blake froze, she thought they had been hiding it well.

"Just tell me when she wakes up." He added and walked on down the hall.

Blake took a shaky breath, he was right. Ruby fought to protect her, and she was useless to her.

She reached out ran her hand over Ruby's hair, something she wouldn't let her do if she was awake, her hand barley pushed against her horn and it fell off.

Her blood froze. 'Oh my god I broke it!' She grabbed it of the pillow and tried to put it back, it went into place with a small click. Her ears perked up. 'Wait, what?' she pulled it off and looked at the horn closely a small metalic disc was in the bottom. Everything clicked into place, a female deer faunus with antlers the way she smelled different, a human friend that was military, and that question. "If i had anyway to get out of here would go with me?"

Blake sat back in her chair. "Your human." she breathed into the silent room.


Blake walked out of Ruby's room. 'She lied to me.' Blake thought as she headed back to the room they shared. 'About everything.'

"Looks like you figured it out." Adam said from behind her.

"You knew." Blake stated confused.

"Of course I knew, they were stupid to think a human disguised as a faunus would be a good spy." He stated.

"Why do all this, if you knew why let her stay all this time?" Blake stated confused.

"She stopped being a spy for them before you two even met. I saw to that."

"The scars." she said dread filling her. "You monster."

Adam cocked his head to the side. "She loves you Blake, but everything she has said is a lie, But i'm the monster?" He asked passing her in the hall. She stared after him her body shaking slightly. "Adam." She called after him.

He looked back.

"Why did you do all this to her."

He grinned. "She thought she could be a hero, Im making her a villian." and with that he walked away. "Oh and don't go to far, we both want to hear how her mission went.

Blake burst through the room that her and Ruby shared. She knew what she needed to do. She had to find out about Ruby anything she could so she could get her out of here before she was too far gone.

Blake knew that her girlfriend was slipping, she had caught her talking to no one several times.

Blake packed a few essentials in a bag. There was only one person that might could tell her about Ruby, since she didn't trust her to tell her the truth anymore.

That blonde soldier that knew her name. She saw the way she had looked at Ruby. Was she really a friend or something more to Ruby.

She hesitated as she thought the blonde might be in love with Ruby too but she pushed the thought from her head and zipped the bag shut.

First thing was to escape the white fang and head to vale. She threw open the door and headed out.

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