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The Mission Everyone Refuses to Complete

By; Ninggay

It was another bright and peaceful day in Konoha. Everything was finally repaired after the war and all settled down. But in the Hokage's office another headache was brewing for Tsunade as a very old and troubling mission came across her desk to be assigned. Just great, who can I get to this mission now. The last 2 teams who did this are still in the hospital from the mission and I can't assign this to the new genin teams, they might be traumatized, it was easier before the additions were added to this mission. What to do, what to do.?

Baachan….., and suddenly the door slammed as Naruto yelled while entering the Hokage's office. . Brat, how many times did I tell you not to call me that, Tsunade yelled as she threw a glass at his head. Getting slow in your old age granny, ducking his head as the glass shattered upon hitting the wall behind him. I need a mission, Kakashi sensei is still out of the village, Sakura is busy in the hospital and sasuke is busy handling uchiha affairs. A mission huh, Tsunade grinned suddenly realizing the solution to her problem just came to her.

All right, Uzumaki Naruto I have a special mission that only you can accomplish. Yahoo, what is it granny, do I have to rescue someone important, or a treasure to retrieve.. what is it? Cried Naruto. Madame Sinji has asked us to go retrieve Tora and her 3 kittens, they got loose again. Got it baachan, retrieve to- WHAT? Retrieve Tora and her 3 kittens. That…that…thing reproduced. Oh hell no, not on your lfe.. Naruto, your Hokage has assigned you a mission. Uhhh, what do I do I gotta get out of this Naruto thought, wait…. I can't… I just remembered I received some info from Jiraiya's spy network important stuff… gotta check it out… bye… Naruto, stop you will do this mission now.

NO WAY BAAACHAN, I am not doing it. I'll release kyubi first before I go after Tora and her kittens. See you and with that naruto sunshinned out of the office and vanished. Wait Naruto, dagnabit, get back here and accomplish this mission…