Erik Destler

My story had never yet been told.

Still rumors were spread among young and old.

Soon I left quiet as a shadow, afraid to tell her

What I had hidden beyond the cellar.

On smoke and noise I wasted time

Yearning for love that would never be mine.

When at last she came to me

Over the land, across the sea

Towards me, her arms were open wide.

Then it was there in mine she died.

A father now I had to be

But my son was shaken and hastened to flee.

It didn't take long for him to adjust.

It was me he came to trust

With sorrows and tears, happiness and dismay

Until my years took me away.

Christine Daae

Father once said an angel would come

And lead me like the morning sun.

A voice as smooth as silk,

A heart as pure as gold.

I was naïve to believe at first

But found that after years I still would thirst

For just one more time to hear his voice.

Still we both had made our choice.

When through a ruse we met once more

At an island attraction, just near the shore.

A wonderful show was put on stage

My thirst for music now assuaged.

Rushing to the pier,

A gun was held up with a sneer.

As tears were filled in both our eyes,

I said, remember, love never dies.