Okay, so, this is a complete AU fic where Sonny was already on his way home when he got Will's message. You'll understand once you read. Not connected to any of my fics, btw.

Sonny went over paperwork for the new club Le Lune et Les Etoiles. His mind wandered to Will and Ari. He found himself missing his husband. What was Will doing now? Was he scheming to get him back, or is he still moping and pining? He found himself wishing that they would work things out.

"Don't stay away too long."

"Don't wait too long to make a decision, or it will be made for you."

Sonny remembered his dad and uncle telling him those things. He also remembered a conversation with Alex when he visited him in Phoenix.

"You can't keep running away from your problems, baby brother." Alex said. "They'll just keep following you until you deal with them."

"Alex is right." Sonny sighed to himself. "What am I doing here?" Almost without thinking, he pulled out his phone and was about to dial Will. "No…I'll surprise him." Instead, he called his uncle. "Hey, Uncle Vic! I was just calling to tell you that I'm taking a few days off. The clubs are doing real well. I can work remotely."

"Okay. I trust you." Victor replied. "Where are you going?"

"Back to Salem." Sonny smiled.


Twelve hours later, Sonny took a cab to his apartment. He unlocked the door, and walked in, but the apartment was completely dark. He turned the light on and saw a note on the table.

"Will- I dropped Ari off at Brianna's house. I just have to head to the station to talk to Rafe about something. I know you were at Ben and Abigail's apartment going over wedding stuff with them, but would you mind picking Ari up if I'm not back? Thanks! –Gabi"

Sonny pulled out his phone and realized he got a voicemail. Strange, he didn't hear his phone ring. "Sonny, hey. Um, um... it must be the middle of the night over there." Sonny chuckled. If only he knew… "I just wanted to hear your voice, um, and I wanted to say to you that, um... that I've been blaming just about everyone for what went wrong with us. But I'm finally able to admit to you and to everyone else...that I'm the one who screwed up. And all of this talk that I've said about taking ownership of my mistakes-I wasn't. And, um... I'm just finally able to accept that this was all my fault." Sonny's heart melted. He's heard all that before, but this time, it sounded like Will really meant it. He heard Will sobbing over the voicemail. "I love you so much, Sonny. And even if I never get a chance to get back together with you, I have to make this right for you. I love you. Good night- um, good morning." Will chuckled and the voicemail ended. Sonny blinked away tears and took a deep breath. He knew now that he made the right decision in coming back to Salem. He dialed another number.

Gabi pulled away from Brianna's house as her phone rang. She was surprised to see that Sonny was calling. "Sonny! Hey, this is a surprise."

"Hey, Gabi." Sonny replied.

"But, isn't it like four in the morning over there?" Gabi asked.

"It is, but I'm in Salem." Sonny smiled.

Gabi gasped in surprised. "Seriously? Oh my god! I wish I'd known that a few minutes ago. I could have just left Ari with you."

"Oh, well, I wanted to surprise Will. Um, I saw your note." Sonny said. "Is he still at Ben's, do you know?"

"I think so, yeah." Gabi nodded. Her phone beeped. "Oh- I just got a text from him. He says he's waiting for the cable guy while Abigail looks for Ben or something. His dad was just arrested for drug-related crimes."

"My stabbing included?" Sonny surprised even himself. "I…have no idea why I just said that. We don't even know who tried to kill me."

Gabi cringed slightly. "I don't know. You were mugged for drug money. Maybe Ben's dad is responsible…"

Sonny nodded, then remembered Gabi can't see him. "Yeah. Well, anyway, like I said, I was going to surprise Will, but, since he's at Ben's waiting for the cable guy, I think I'll run a couple errands first."

"Okay." Gabi shrugged. "I have to go to the station to talk to Rafe about something. Abigail and Ben might still be there. I'll pick up Ari when I'm done."

"Great!" Sonny smiled. "Thanks."



Sonny's first stop was Club TBD. So far, everything seemed to be going well. He headed out the door and ran into Paul.

"Sonny! Wow, I wasn't expecting you back so soon." Paul smiled broadly.

Sonny smiled politely. He hesitated his response, because he knew Paul was still in love with him. "I'm here to make things right with Will. He's over at Ben and Abigail's apartment right now, so, I'll stop by there."

That hit Paul hard. He took a deep breath and put on a smile. "Okay. Good luck. Um…I'll see you around."

"Okay. See you."

Paul waited until Sonny left before sighing heavily. "God, Sonny, why do you keep running back to someone who's hurt you over and over again?"


Sonny's next stop was the hospital. He bought a bouquet of flowers and a "Get Well Soon" balloon from the gift shop and headed to Caroline's room with a smile on his face. He walked up to Caroline's door, and heard her yell out in fright.


Sonny burst into the room and saw Caroline sitting straight up, eyes wide open in terror and worry. Sonny rushed over, set the bouquet on the table, and gently grabbed Caroline's shoulders. "Caroline, Caroline. Hey, it's okay. It was just a nightmare."

It took a few seconds for Caroline to recognize Sonny. "Oh, I'm glad you're here. Will's in danger!"

"Okay, just calm down." Sonny said calmly. "It was just a nightmare. Will is just fine. He just called me about an hour ago."

"No, see I had a very vivid dream about Will being attacked!" Caroline exclaimed. "He was in this small apartment with a blinking red and green light coming through the window. This man was coming towards him with a red and gold necktie over his shoulder."

Sonny sighed quietly. He had heard of this Necktie Killer that's been going around killing women. "Caroline, I'm sure Will's safe. The Necktie Killer only attacks women."

Caroline was confused. "What Necktie Killer? There's been attacks on women?"

Sonny's stomach dropped in dismay. "Caroline, have you been kept up-to-date on the goings on in town?"

"No. I haven't even picked up a newspaper since coming here." Caroline shook her head.

"Okay. You said the small apartment had a blinking red and green light?" Sonny asked. 'Oh, Aunt Kayla's gonna kill me slowly and painfully for this…'

Caroline nodded. "It's dark in the apartment…wait…you believe me?"

'Well, I'm humoring you. Not sure if I believe fully yet.' Sonny thought. "Yeah. Um…what did this man look like? Is it Chad?"

Caroline shook her head. "No. This man is slightly shorter and more muscled than Chad."

Sonny's heart hammered in his chest. He recalled Abigail complaining about this annoying, blinking, red and green light coming into her apartment window at night. "Um…Caroline, have you been to Abigail's and Ben's apartment before?"

"No. Why?" Caroline shook her head. "What does that have to do with Will?"

Sonny felt an overwhelming sense of dread wash over him. How can Caroline have a very detailed and specific dream about a place she's never even been to? Unless…did she have a psychic vision? "Caroline, when was the last time you saw Will?"

"Yesterday afternoon." Caroline replied.

This was getting more worrisome by the minute. Is Will really in danger? "Okay, one last question: in the dream, what was Will wearing?"

"Uh…" Caroline closed her eyes in concentration. "A light blue button down shirt, the sleeved rolled up to his elbows and a white strip of fabric above the left pocket, black pants, and black shoes."

Shivers ran up and down his spine, and his heart continued hammering. "Okay. Um…don't worry, I'll-I'll get help for Will. Everything's going to be fine."

"Okay. Hurry!" Caroline urged.

"I will." Sonny ran out the door and almost knocked Kayla over. "Aunt Kayla!"

"Sonny! Oh my god, I didn't expect to see you!" Kayla hugged her nephew. "How's Paris?"

"Great! Um, I'm sorry to cut this short, but I-I have to go. We'll talk later." Sonny made a beeline for the elevator, which was about to close.

Kayla looked after her nephew with concern. "What on earth…?"


As soon as he was out of the elevator, Sonny pulled out his phone and called Will.


Will tried not to act nervous. He just discovered a red and gold tie in Ben's trash can, and an alarm bell went off in his head. Why would he have that tie? And why would he throw it away unless...he had something to do with the murders and the attack on his grandmother?

Will figured that it would be better to reason with him. Ben was holding the necktie and staring down at it. "Ben? You okay?"

Ben jumped slightly as if snapping out of a trance. "Yeah, yeah. I just…I'm getting so sick of everybody talking trash about my dad. I mean, when you wrote that article about him, did anyone besides that lying loser say a single bad thing about him?"

"No." Will shook his head. His phone started buzzing. He figured it was best to ignore it so as to keep Ben calm.

"You gonna answer that?" Ben asked.

"Uh, no. I-I'll just ignore it." Will cleared his throat and tried to hide his surprise at Sonny calling when it's the middle of the night in Paris. He hit the answer button, then hung up, hoping it would send Sonny the message that he might be in trouble.


Sonny pulled out of the hospital parking lot. "Come on, Will. Pick up the goddamn phone!" The call was picked up, then dropped. Strange. That never happened! Will always picked up his calls! That could only mean one thing.


Abigail walked up to JJ and Gabi, who were talking. "Hey. Hi."

"Hey, Abs." JJ greeted.

"I heard about Ben's dad." Gabi spoke up. "How's Ben?"

Abigail sighed. "Not well. He's taking this pretty hard."

Gabi was about to respond, when her phone rang. "Oh. Sorry, I gotta take this. It could be about Ari."


Gabi walked away from the Deveraux siblings and answered her phone. "Hey, Sonny. Is everything okay?"

"I don't think so." Sonny exhaled sharply. "Gabi, listen, I know this is kind of weird, but I need you to tell me exactly what Will is wearing."

Gabi was puzzled at his question. "Uh…a light blue button down shirt with a little white stripe above the pocket, black pants, and black shoes."

A huge alarm bell went off in Sonny's head. Will is in danger! "Oh my God…"

"What?" Gabi asked, concerned.

"Gabi, I think Will might be in danger." Sonny replied.

"How do you mean?" Gabi asked, eyes widening.

"I went to visit Caroline in the hospital, and she had a very detailed and very specific dream about Will being attacked by the Necktie Killer- Ben." Sonny replied.

Gabi frowned in bewilderment, then sighed. "Sonny, Will told me that Caroline has dementia. It could just be a nightmare."

"Have you ever had a dream- or nightmare- about a place you've never been to before? A real place?" Sonny asked. "She said Will was in what she described as Abigail's apartment, but she's never been there before! She even mentioned the blinking red and green light outside their window. And she said that the man coming towards Will had a red and gold necktie over his shoulder."

"So, she could be worried that the Necktie Killer is coming after Will next." Gabi supplied.

"That's the thing: she didn't know about the Necktie Killer when she had that dream! That tie was very specific as well." Sonny replied, stopping at a stoplight. "Plus, she said he was wearing a blue button down shirt with black pants- the exact outfit you described Will wore. Will didn't visit Caroline today. How would she know what he's wearing?"

"Coincidence, maybe?" Gabi shrugged.

Sonny was losing his patience. "Okay, how about this: when I called Will, the call was picked up, then he hung up and didn't call back. He never does that!"

Gabi exhaled slowly. He was right- Will never does that. "Sonny…if what you're saying is true…then…that would mean that the Necktie Killer is…is Ben."

"I'm really hoping I'm wrong." Sonny admitted. "I'm actually on my way to Ben's apartment right now. I need you to keep Abigail away from the apartment for as long as possible."

"Wait- what's your plan? What if you're right about him being the killer?" Gabi whispered.

"I'll call the police." Sonny said simply.

Gabi exhaled sharply. "Okay. Be very careful, Sonny."

"I will." Sonny promised. "Don't tell Abigail yet. She might not believe you."

"Okay. What if she suspects?" Gabi asked.

"Then tell her the truth." Sonny replied.

"Okay." Gabi sighed. "You know, I sort of imagined you guys pulling something like this on me when I was dating Nick."

Sonny chuckled softly. "I'll talk to you soon."

"Okay. See ya." Gabi hung up, sighed, and turned around to see JJ in front of her. "Oh!" She laughed. "You scared me."

"Sorry." JJ replied sheepishly.

Gabi looked around. "Um, where's Abigail?"

"She left to go find Ben." JJ said.

"How long ago?" Gabi asked, slightly panicky.

"Just a few seconds ago." JJ replied. "Why? What's wrong?"

Gabi considered telling him, but, JJ's been through enough drama lately. She just smiled and shook her head. "It's nothing. Um…I better go. I'll see you around."

JJ stared after her in bewilderment. "O…kay, then…"

Gabi rushed out of the station and saw Abigail dialing on her phone. she heaved a sigh of relief. 'Oh, thank God!' Clearing her throat, she walked over to Abigail. "Abigail!"

Abigail turned around and smiled at Gabi. "Hi again, Gabi."

"So, how are you doing? How's Ben?" Gabi asked.

"Well, I haven't been able to reach him." Abigail shrugged and sighed. "I'm just wondering why he isn't answering my calls. It's so unlike him."

Gabi's heart hammered in dread. 'Probably because he's too busy threatening Will…' Aloud, she said "You know, it's been my experience that when someone doesn't answer their phone, they're either busy or don't want to talk to anyone. Maybe you should just give him some time alone."

Abigail huffed slowly. "I'm just concerned. I mean, I feel like I'm the only one that can calm him, you know?"

Gabi nodded. "Tell you what: Ari's with the sitter, Will's at your apartment. What do you say we have a girl's night? We can grab some ice cream or frozen yogurt, talk…I'm sure Ben will call you back eventually."

Abigail sighed and gave in. "Okay. There's something I need to do first."

"Do you need a ride somewhere? I didn't see your car." Gabi offered.

"No, it's okay. I'll take the bus." Abigail replied, averting her eyes.

Gabi could sense what she meant by that. "You think Chad had something to do with Ben's dad's arrest, don't you?" Abigail didn't respond. "I don't believe Chad is the killer, by the way. I've known him a long time. He would never hurt anybody unless they really deserved it. I mean, I hired Andrew and he ended up kidnapping Chad's girlfriend. Why didn't he kill me?"

"Good point." Abigail smiled. "If you wouldn't mind keeping this between us, I would love a ride."

"Of course. What are best friends for?" Gabi shrugged and smiled. 'Well, Sonny, I just bought you a couple hours. Make it count.'


Chad sat at his laptop in thought. Abigail just came by to make sure he didn't have anything to do with Clyde's arrest. She told him Ben did not take it well. He also remembered Andre telling him Clyde wasn't arrested for the murders of Paige and Serena and the attack on Marlena. He thought back to when he saved Marlena from the killer. The man dressed in black from head to toe didn't have the same build as Clyde now that he thought about it. In fact, that build was more similar to Ben.

Wait…Ben does hold a huge grudge against him…but…come on, he's not smart enough.

…Is he?

He had to check that out.


Paul briskly walked through the park. He stopped when he heard rustling. "Is someone there?"

Chad came out of the bushes and stopped suddenly when he saw Paul.

"Awfully bold of you to show your face here." Paul said. "I would have thought you'd left the country by now."

Chad raised his hands. "Paul, I'm not the killer."

"Tell that to the cops." Paul pulled out his phone.

"Wait!" Chad exclaimed. Paul looked up. "Why haven't I attacked you?"


"If I was the killer, I would have killed anyone who saw me." Chad replied. "So, why haven't I attacked you?"

Paul thought about that. He had a point, but… "Marlena said she saw you holding a red necktie in your hand after she was attacked."

"Do you see a red necktie on me?" Chad threw his arms out. "I'm being set up!"

"By whom?" Paul raised an eyebrow.

"Ben Weston." Chad said simply. "He's out to get me because I'm in love with his fiancée!"

Paul scoffed and shook his head in disbelief. "Ben? Seriously?"

"I know. I don't fully believe it, either." Chad sighed. "But, come on, his huge temper, his grudge against me- it makes sense!"

"That's what you're basing this on?" Paul asked.

"I'm on my way over to his apartment right now. If I'm right…" Chad sighed.

Paul's eyes widened. If what Chad was saying was true… "No. Sonny…Sonny's at Ben's apartment…and Will."

Chad's eyes widened. "We gotta go. Now!"

Welp! Sonny, Chad, and Paul are all on their way to Ben's apartment. Will they save Will? Stay tuned! Next chapter's going to be action packed!