ATTENTION! This is a trigger warning! There is rape in this chapter. Hopefully, this isn't too gory.

Things were going good for the next couple of weeks. Sonny and Will found it hard to keep Will's pregnancy a secret.

Will headed to the dimly lit pier. It was strange that his source wanted to meet this late at night. He looked around and heard footsteps behind him. Before him, stood a tall, lanky man in his early forties with sandy blond hair.

Will smiled politely. "Hi. You must be my source."

"I am." The man replied. He extended his hand. "Alan Harris." Will suddenly backed away and glared at him in fury. Alan chuckled softly. "I'm guessing by your reaction, you know who I am."

"You have a lot of nerve showing your face here." Will said through gritted teeth.

"Hmm. How's your mother?" Alan asked, casually.

"You don't talk about my mother. Not now, not ever." Will pointed a warning finger at him.

"And I was so hoping we could be civil." Alan shook his head slowly. He punched Will to the ground.

When Will came to, he realized his foot was tied to a post near the water. He felt Alan tying his hands above his head to another post. "Wha…what are you doing?" Alan straddled him. "Get off of me." He tried to free himself, then tried to throw the older man off to no avail.

"You know…" Alan sighed, then unzipped Will's coat. "After I left Salem all those years ago, I was arrested for grand larceny. I was inside for twenty-five years." He ripped open Will's button-down shirt, and lifted the coat and shirt off above his head. "I spent every day plotting my revenge on Sami Brady. After I got out, I did some research." He pushed Will's wife beater above his head. "Found out that apparently, your mommy is married to a DiMera and currently lives in Europe. Naturally, for my revenge, I'd go after your sisters, but, they're with your mother- nowhere to be found. And your daughter-"

"You so much as look at my daughter, I will kill you." Will declared, glaring at Alan.

"Oh, don't worry- she's too young to understand, anyway. Then I found out she has a gay son. I thought this is great! I can't be with women, but I can be with men. I wish I got out when you came out of the closet, though. It would have been perfect!" Alan replied. He caressed Will's face, then stroked his chest. He started rubbing Will's nipples with his thumbs and tickled his flesh with his free fingers. "I also found that article you wrote for TruVista. Wow. You really don't like your mom, do you, Will?"

Will started whimpering. "Please…I'm pregnant."


Sonny headed to the Pub and ran into Adrienne. "Hey, Mom."

"Hi. Where's Will?"

"He's meeting his source. I thought you knew." Sonny replied.

"Oh, yeah! He's at Pier 17 by the docks." Adrienne nodded in realization. "That's a strange place to meet."

Sonny shrugged. "Well, maybe he wants to keep a low profile. Did he get a name?"

"No, he chose not to disclose it." Adrienne shrugged.

"Seems a little sketchy." Sonny's heart started pounding and shivers ran up and down his spine. "You know, maybe I should head over there just to make sure everything's okay."

"Okay, just don't spook the source." Adrienne said.

"I won't."


Alan sighed, stood up, and pulled his pants back up. "And now…for the grand finale…" He picked up Will's cell phone and called Sami.

Sami sat on her couch and smiled when she saw that Will is calling. "Will."

"Hello, Sami." Sami froze in horror at the familiar voice. "It's been a long time."

"No." Sami gasped in horror. "It can't be."

"Oh, but it is." Alan chuckled. "I was just getting to know your son. Both in the general and biblical sense."

Sami fumed. "Alan…so help me, if you touch my son…"

"Ooh, you're a little too late for that." Alan replied, grinning. "See, I'm at the pier…with Will. You know…the same pier where you shot me?"

"You son of a bitch!" Sami yelled through the phone. "Your fight is with me. Leave my son out of it!"

"Hm. Too bad I didn't." Alan snapped a picture of Will and sent it to Sami.

Sami nearly had a heart attack when she saw Will completely naked and looking dead in the eyes. Sami shook with rage and screamed. "YOU BASTARD! YOU ARE NOT SAFE FROM ME, YOU HEAR ME? YOU ARE NOT SAFE FROM ME!"

Alan just laughed and pulled out a gun. "And now…your son will suffer the same fate you bestowed upon me. Never having sex again. Bye." He hung up.

Sami screamed in rage and threw her cell phone. She collapsed and started sobbing. She took deep breaths and called Lucas.


Back on the pier, Alan aimed his gun at Will's groin. "Sweet revenge. At last." He cocked the gun and was about to pull the trigger, when he was tackled into the water. Alan ended up shooting one of the crates as he fell into the water.

Will lifted himself up as best he could and saw his husband in the water, grabbing Alan by his shirt and punched him, hard. Alan punched back, and the two grabbed each other and pulled each other underwater. Will pulled himself up to untie his binds with his teeth. Once freed, he pulled his wife beater, shirt, and coat back on. He saw the gun floating in the water, then someone's hand shot up from underwater and grabbed the gun. Will quickly moved to untie his foot when he heard two muffled gunshots.

"Sonny!" Will screamed. He saw a body float up to the surface, which was now blood red. Sonny resurfaced, gasping for breath. Will sighed in relief, untied his foot, and pulled his pants back on. He helped Sonny out of the water. Sonny took his coat off. Will took his own coat off and put it around his husband's shoulders.

Sonny pulled Will into a hug. Will started sobbing. "It's okay, baby, I'm here. It's over. You're safe now."

Will grunted in pain as he felt a crap in his lower abdomen and felt blood trickle from his bottom.

"Will? What's wrong?" Sonny asked. Will continued to moan and cry. Sonny stood up, pulled Will up, and half-dragged, half-carried him to his car.