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Spoiler Alert: None the piece/plot is all my creation. Zuniga, the big bad in "Knights of the Road" - Season three Episode nineteen - is referenced here as the brother of my O.C. Calderone'. Sanchez is also an O.C.

Author's Notes: Someone finally gets a name.

Summary: Murdock fills Face in about the rescue and a bit more.


Getting Face Up to Speed - By LAGC


Once the women left, Murdock approached Faceman. He had a goofy grin on his lips which confused Face under their current conditions.

"Murdock, why on Earth are you grinning?" he asked a bit impatiently.

"Cuz I think Doc Sullivan finally found the right name for our girl. Tiger-lady. Yep I think that's a keeper. Matches her real name too." the Pilot explained.

"Lily. Goes with Tiger just right. Tiger-Lily." chanted the Captain.

Face chuckled thoughtfully, "Hmm, you might be right. She certainly showed a ferocious tiger will today." Then thought to himself that only Murdock could find any glimmer of whimsy in this mess, then cling to it for dear life.

Murdock carefully perched on the foot of Face's bed, after an assessing glance over his buddy he asked,"So how you holding up?"

Face relayed all of Maggie's findings and diagnosis. He even admitted to the expected headache and nausea from the concussion. Then after a pause he confessed that he was still trying to wrap his brain around what happened in the room with Calderone and how Tiger-Lily responded.

"I still can't believe she took that sort of risk for me. Murdock, please fill me in on the details I missed. Last thing I recall is Calderone dragging her off and ordering his goons out. Next thing I knew BA was wrestling me down on this bed."

"Sure thing, Muchacho"

Murdock went on to explain that he and Hannibal acquired the location of Calderone's ranch from Sanchez. They quickly deposited Sanchez at the State Police Barracks on the way to rejoin BA.

They used Sanchez's car. By the time they had reached BA, the Big Guy had changed the tire and was ready to go. They left the thugs tied up in the shade with a disabled car. As they sped to the ranch they had alerted the Troopers to the location of the thugs.

They were about an hour behind Face. Sanchez had been surprisingly accurate with his directions. Once at the ranch they pulled a recon and determined that Calderone was most likely holding Face and Lily in the back end of the house. Perimeter guards were sparse, easily overpowered, and subdued.

As they entered the house they had seen the two goons exiting the room in which Face was being held. The goons had glanced at the room on the other side of the hall and laughed lecherously. BA and Hannibal had quickly pounded the goons unconscious. Murdock stood guard in the hall, BA went in after Face. Hannibal, following a gut instinct, stormed the room the goons had sneered at.

BA had found Face minimally conscious and clearly injured. The Big Guy had freed Face and carried him out of the room. About a minute afterward Hannibal and Tiger came charging out of their room. She looked battered but was running on her own steam. She had nearly panicked when she saw BA carrying a limp Face, until the Big Guy assured her that he was breathing. Together all of them escaped to the van and sped off. The ranch was just dropping out of sight in the rear view mirrors when they heard the sirens of the state police. They had triaged Face and called Maggie to alert her to their hot arrival.

"Thanks, Murdock. Thank God you guys got there when you did." Face said once Murdock concluded his tale.

"Every time, any place, Buddy. You know that." Murdock replied earnestly.

"I haven't felt that screwed and helpless in a very long time. Not since Nam. She was gonna get abused and I was powerless to stop it. Knowing that was worse than anything Calderone had planned to do with the battery." Face confessed in hushed shame filled words. "I would have never be able to live with myself if Calderone had succeeded in assaulting her."

" I know." Murdock commiserated patting Face's leg. "She was hell fire bent on protecting you."


"Aw come on Faceman. You know why, but you don't believe in yourself enough to see and trust the obvious. Muchacho that lady to head over heels, one hundred percent in love with you."


"Damn it, Face. YES! I've seen it and she's admitted it to me."

"But, ... but, she's never said anything? "

"No? Maybe not out loud. She knows you well enough not to ... She loves you enough not to."


"Face, I'd blame the concussion for your loss of speech here. But I know better. Lean back and rest. Let all this info digest in your brain for a bit."

"But?" Face stuttered and gripped his forehead as a stabbing pain shot through his skull.

"Look Face, you're concussed, so now is not the time for heavy discussions. I'm sorry I laid this on you right now. I let my frustration get the best of me. Lay back and grab some sleep. We can talk later." Murdock apologized as he adjusted the drapes and made his way out of the room.