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It was a beautiful night at Beacon academy, the broken moon that hung in the sky shining brightly. The day had been normal as usual, with Jaune trying, and failing, to flirt with Weiss, Jaune being completely oblivious to Pyrrha's advances, CRDL getting their ass's handed to them by Yang, and Professor Port making long winded speeches about how 'great' he was.

Currently, RWBY were in their room getting ready for bed, as they had a test in the morning. They had gotten used to a certain level of normalcy in their lives. Wake up, go to classes, train, kill Grimm, go to sleep, rinse and repeat.

Unknown to them, their lives were about to get a lot more interesting.

All was silent in team RWBY's dorm, with the girls all dressed in their pj's. Weiss was currently sitting at the desk in their room, going over her notes from professor Ports class with Zwei sitting at her feet.

Blake was sitting on her bed, reading her favorite, book Ninja's of love, which she hid by holding a history book in front of it.

Yang was reading an X-Ray and Vav comic, showing no interest what-so-ever in studying, or even making it look like she was studying.

And Ruby?

"Ow!" She was currently lying on the floor dazed, a large box having appeared above her head and fallen on it.

Yang, Blake, Zwei, and Weiss all stopped what they were doing and rushed over to Ruby.

"You alright sis?" Yang asked, offering Ruby a hand.

Ruby accepted the offer and stood up. "Yeah, but what hit me?"

The girls all then looked at the box behind Ruby. Yang hesitantly picked it up and put it on the couch that the girls had bought a few weeks ago. They had gotten it so they would all be able to relax and hang out together. It was small enough so they'd still have space in the room, but still large enough for four students to sit comfortably.

Thy had also gotten the latest DVD player, courtesy of Weiss, and a 60 inch HD TV which hung on the wall. They also gotten a dog bed for Zwei so that he wouldn't have to sleep with any of them, specifically Blake.

"What do you think's inside the box?" Yang asked. The box was very strange, being an un interesting large brown box, with the letters UPS on the side of it.

"I don't know, should we open it?" The uncertainty was clear in Ruby's voice.

"It appeared out of no where and fell on your head. Why would you want to open it?" Weiss asked, criticism written on her face.

"Well, what if it's a new weapon, or something just as cool?" Ruby had stars in her eyes just thinking about what could be in the box.

"You think that a box that just appeared out of thin air would have a weapon in it?" Blake questioned her logic on this.

Ruby scratched the back of her head. "Well, maybe not the weapon's thing, but there still could be something else cool in it!"

"I highly doubt that." Weiss deadpanned.

"Well, the only way to find out is to open it." Yang pointed out. The girls all then looked at each other and shared a quick and silent conversation. Blake then grabbed her weapon, Gamble Shroud, and carefully cut open the top of the bow with the speed and precision of a ninja.

Opening it up, they saw that inside the box was hundreds of DVDs in separate cases meant to hold one disc each, along with 14 cases normally used to house movies or seasons of a TV series. They also saw that on top of these disc cases, was a note.

Picking up the note, Ruby read it aloud, unaware of the sad news that she would receive and give to her teammates.

"To whoever finds this box and note, know that I do not have enough time to explain what is happening, and why I have sent you this. To put it simply, my world, a beautiful and wonderful place called(or formerly depending on when this box reaches you) Earth is ending. It will eventually perish due to a nuclear war that we brought on ourselves. I don't even know if you'll be able to understand this note, or if this machine I'm using to send it to you will work, but if it does, I will take solace in knowing at least some of the things Earth has made will live on. In this box are three of my favorite shows, one of which is an internet series of videos with interesting facts about my world. If you wish to know some things about my world, watch the discs in the cases meant to house one of them. If you don't believe me, or you believe this is some kind of stupid prank, I don't care. I don't blame you however, as if this happened to me, I would feel the same.

Signed, one man from a world on the brink of destruction.

P.S, Know that some of the facts in a few of the signal disc videos will be false, and that some of them will keep you up at night, especially if you watch them alone."

When she was done reading it, Ruby was completely silent, a shocked and upset look on her face, her eyes watering. The others were no difference, as Weiss looked close to tears, Blake was the same, and Yang had a look of disbelief and dread on her face.

After a while of just standing there, they all calmed down, Ruby, Weiss, and Blake wiping their faces of the tears that fell.

An entire world, wiped out over the course of who knows how long. They didn't know what a 'nuclear war' was, but if it was bad enough to wipe out an entire planet, they were glad they didn't have anything that could cause that.

They all slowly started forming a plan to watch everything in the box, in honor of this 'Earth' and whoever sent these. While they were all surprised that whoever sent this wrote, and probably spoke, Remnantian, the main language of the kingdoms. They all guessed it was just some coincidence, and they were happy this was the case, as they otherwise most likely would have either thrown the box out, or given it to Professor Ozpin so he could tell them what it was.

"So, what should we watch first?" Ruby eventually asked.

"I think we should watch these single disc ones, as the person did say that these things held some information about his world." Blake suggested.

"Agreed." Blake and Yang said.

"Alright, then let's put one in." Ruby reached into the box and pulled out a single disc DVD case, labeled #1. They were so glad that these were in DVD form, as they wouldn't have been able to watch them otherwise.

They had all finished studying before this, so they had the rest of the night to do what they wanted. Sitting on the couch, Weiss, Blake, and Yang all waited for Ruby to put the disc in. Walking over to the DVD player, she inserted the disc and say on the couch, waiting for the disc to begin.

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