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"So... other worlds exist." Russel broke the silence that had resounded throughout the room for the past 5 minutes. They'd just finished reading that note in the box, and suffice it say they were going through many emotions; shock, amazement, wonder, and curiosity all at the same time. Unlike team RWBY however, they weren't so quick to accept it at face value.

"Possibly." Dove stated. "Or this is some elaborate prank made by someone to make them delusional."

"I don't know, these look pretty authentic." Sky grabbed a disc case from the box and held it up in the air to inspect it. "It'd be way to much work for a simple prank; especially if they don't buy it."

"Sky's right, no sane prankster would commit so much time and effort to a prank like this." Russel pushed the box with his foot. "I mean, there's quite possibly hundreds of DVD's in this box."

Dove grunted. "Fair enough." He snatched the disc and walked toward their living room. Russel and Sky followed after him and went to sit down on the couch, taking up the opposite ends of it. "Cardin, you finished in there?"

Cardin walked into the living room with a proud smirk on his face. "Ok, our beds and bookcases have stacked against the our door, and all of the little things we had scattered around the dorm." He took a seat in the middle of the couch. "Ok Dove, pop the disc in and lets get started."

"Ugghhhh..." The groan that came from the boy's lips was filled with pain and anguish, his body was bruised and battered, and both of his eyes had been blackened.

"Where's the box!?" Yang reared her fist back and her eyes turned crimson red. The boy could see a fire burning violently behind them, and it made him shake in place. Around him, his team mates could do nothing but groan and moan from the pain of their own beatings.

"I don't know!"



"Just tell her damn it!"

"But I don't know!"

"Should we stop her?" Blake asked her two teammates. All three of them stood to the side of the room and watched on as Yang performed what she called 'Persuasive Interrogation'. As they recently learned, that meant her violently beating people until they either blacked out, or gave something up. As they recently learned, the latter usually happened first.

"No; she does this all the time." Ruby stated. "Once, I saw her destroy an entire club trying to get information out of the bartender."

"Wait, wasn't that the same club that she and Neptune-"

"Yes." Ruby interrupted. "For some reason she thinks that this method works on people."

"Well, while she works off her repressed anger," The boy shouted in pain again. "we should go over everyone we've interviewed so far."

"Team JNPR didn't have it." Weiss stated. "It's not likely that they'd be able to hide it either; Nora would probably tell someone about it within five minutes of finding it."

"CFVY didn't have it either." Blake began walking out of the students dorm room. Weiss and Ruby followed her and left Yang to finish her interrogation. "They let us look through their dorm, which was nice."

"And we know Emerald's team doesn't have it." Ruby had a grin as she thought of her foreign friend. She was so nice and chatty; she'd have to meet the rest of her team before the tournament began.

"And none of the other's we've talked to have had it." Much to the chagrin of Yang; now that they thought about it, that might have been why Yang had exploded s soon as this new team didn't tell them anything.

"So that only leaves-"

"CRDL." Yang dusted her hands off and shut the door behind her, silencing the pained groans coming from the boys dorm. "They're all that we have left to ask."

"What if they don't have it?"

"If they don't, then we start checking the teacher's rooms." Yang stated. "Besides, it's CRDL; chances are pretty high that one of them stole it."

Weiss sighed. "Well let's just hope they actually do have it; I don't want to have wasted an hour searching through dorms for nothing.

"Well... this Earth place is pretty fucking awesome." Cardin grinned and ejected the disc from the DVD player.

"Yeah! I mean, weapons straight out of Sci-Fi; paranormal military projects that put Atlas to shame; ancient curses; and haunted places that would be awesome for fighting ghosts? This place sounds like a Hunter's paradise!" Russel shouted.

"It is possible that some of these things were made up." Dove stated. "Though I do agree; it is a fascinating place to learn about."

"Yeah! Wish we could keep these though; it's a shame that we have to sneak this back into RWBY's dorm."

"Hey, at least it's better than them finding us-" Sky was interrupted by furious banging on their dorm door.

"CRDL, open up!" The voice that emanated from behind it was the blonde one's, Yang, voice. And it sounded furious.

"Go away! We're in the middle of something!" Cardin shouted. Somehow he managed to hide the worry he had in his voice, and the glare he sent Sky told them all how he felt right then. "Why'd you have to jinx it!?" He whispered beneath his breath.

"I'm sorry!"

"If you don't open up right now then I swear, I will break this door down!"

The boys all shared a look with each other and gulped. "Ok, we'll open up! Just give us a few minutes to uh..." Russel stammered as he tried to find a good reason to make them wait. The other three all stammered as well, and they could tell that Yang's anger was growing. "Ok, fine, we'll open the door! Just don't kill us when we do open it!"

"I make no promises!" All of the boys went and began moving the stuff stacked against the door as quickly as possible, minus Sky who was currently trying to shove the large box of DVD's into their closet.

Once everything was cleared from the door, they swung the door open and were greeted by the sight of an angry Yang and her uncomfortable teammates.

"Can uh- can we help you?" Russel was shoved aside as they all stormed into the boys room. They saw the pile of furniture piled in the side of the room, but ignored it for the moment.

"Where's the box?"

"Box? What box? We don't have any box; do we guys?" Russel sent a look towards the other boys for their help.



"I hate the concept of boxes."

Blake sighed. "Come on guys, just tell us where the box is and we'll leave."

"But we don't have any-"

"Quiet minion number 3!" Yang shouted at Sky.

"Minion? I'm not a minion you dumb- oww!" He flinched as Cardin elbowed him in the side.

"Look, we don't have your box; feel free to look around, but when you don't find anything, be sure to show yourselves out of our room." Cardin told them all.

The girls all nodded and began to frantically search the room. The boys all shared worried looks with each other every time one of the got close to the closet, but they thankfully seemed to ignore it altogether for some reason.

"Ok, we're sorry for barging in here." Weiss sighed. "That box is just really important to Ruby; her dad sent her that and we want to make sure se gets it back."

Not a single person on CRDL bought that lie, but the nodded their heads along in a sympathetic way regardless.

"Well, if we see any sign of a box that could be hers, we'll call you right away." Sky told them with a smile. "Now, if you'll excuse us, we have t get back to rearranging our room, so if you'd all kindly leave we'd appreciate-"

"Hey!" Yang shouted. In her hand was one of the discs from the box opened and showing that it'd been used.

Cardin, Russel, and Dove turned and glared at Sky.

"I'm sorry! I thought I got all the cases!" The boys all turned toward the girls and began to slowly back away from the now angry team of girls.

"Now girls," Cardin attempted. "we already watched a lot of these discs, so hitting us until we black out from the pain won't do you any good. In fact, we will spread the word around Beacon about the box if you do." The girls stopped in their advance and shared a look at each other.

"Fair enough." Weiss admitted. "Just give us the box and we'll leave."

"Or, we could always watch the discs together..." Russel shrunk back at the stares sent his way. "What? It's bound to be more enjoyable than watching them alone!"

"You know... he does have a point." Ruby stated. "I mean, we all know about it. This could be a good chance to get to know each other while we enjoy learning about this new place."

Yang sighed. "Ruby, as nice as that would be, I don't think that would work out to well."

"But why not? I mean, this could be good for all of us! Plus, I'd really like to get to know them as more than the typical school bullies." The silence that greeted her statement went on for nearly a minute as both teams shared glances with each other.

"Well..." Cardin started. "I'd be willing to watch it with you guys, if you'd let us?" A murmur of agreement came from the rest of the members of RWBY, and all of CRDL sighed. "Ok, we'll take the box back to your dorm, and we can put in the one we were about to watch."

RWBY and CRDL all sat on RWBY's large couch, though the tension in the air was noticeable to everyone; it was especially noticeable whenever one got close to Blake, who would narrow her eyes at them and inch her way deeper into the couch. As the intro began to play, they all let out an internal sigh that they could focus on the video now.

*Que Airglow*

An animation of a large, spherical object appeared spinning. It was dark blue and with large brown land masses covering it in various formations that were eerily familiar to the two teams present; it was an animation of the Earth spinning. The thing that made it eerie however, was the large yellow cracks rapidly spreading around the center and moving as Earth moved as though it was about to explode into a giant ball of fire and rubble. Even the background was dark and depressing, featuring dominantly dark shades of brown and black mixed with specks of yellow stars, and a giant white star in the background.

The words '5 Experiments that could have Destroyed the Earth' in bold, white letters.

"You've gotta be kidding me." Weiss sighed. "Why does more and more evidence that the people of Earth are morons continue to pop up?"

"Yeah; you'd think people that could make literal Science Fiction reality would be much smarter than that." Dove stated.

"Oh come on you two, are you honestly telling me that we've never done the same thing ourselves?" Yang asked them.

"Not as many as five times; I actually think the few times that we could have possibly 'destroyed' Remnant had such a small chances of it happening that Grimm turning into human lovers is much more likely." Weiss told them all.

"And what possibly have-"

"Atlas tried to create a weapon that controls the weather, which had a small minute possibility of creating a hurricane that would have spread across all of the continent and lasted for an estimated one hundred years." Dove told them. "Thankfully it failed and Atlas stopped funding the project."

The group sat in silence for a few moments, before Yang spoke up again. "Atlas is pretty dumb sometimes huh?"

Russel nodded. "Yep; it's a wonder they're so scientifically advanced and powerful."

The words '5. Kola Superdeep Borehole' appeared on screen in big bold words.

"Kola... Superdeep Borehole." Russel trailed off as he read the words aloud. "How the hell is a hole in the ground world ending?"

"Maybe they almost drilled to far down and into the core of the planet, potentially causing it to explode?" Blake suggested. Everyone turned to stair at her in wonder as to how quickly she came up with that answer.

"That's oddly specific for an answer Blakie." Yang tilted her head. "Where'd you hear that?"

"I don't know; it just came to mind out of nowhere."

"You know, I actually read that in a book once." Cardin stated. "It was all about space exploration, and how this team of scientists tried to warn a company that was destroying the colony with its mining that if they dug to deep they could destroy the planet."

"Huh." Blake seemed surprised at Cardin's answer, though she did manage to restrain her comment on how she was surprised he could actually read a book with no pictures.

"What was the book called?" Ruby asked with a tilt of her head.

"'A Colony's Demise' or something along those lines." He responded with a shrug. "It's been years since I last read the book."

A picture of a lone white pillar in the middle of a grassless, brown-ish red field appeared on screen. The pillar was large and rectangular, coming to a point at the top of it. The pillar appeared to have a small amount of rust beginning to form on the corners of it.

Dark5: Located within the Arctic Circle in the far Northwest corner of Russia is the deepest hole ever drilled into the Earth.

"I still don't see how a hole being drilled into the planet can destroy a planet; it's just a hole and a concept for an obscure book." Russel mumbled to himself.

"Yeah, I don't see how it does that either." Yang stated.

"Well," Sky started. "It's possible that they know why more about this stuff than we do; I mean, as it stands they've got more awesome technology on Earth, so the chances are pretty big that they may know what happens if you drill to deep."

"He is right; I mean, we haven't drilled so far down to notice any planet destroying changes as of yet." Ruby agreed. Sky smiled at her for a brief moment, but retracted it shortly after.

"Well there's a good reason for that; no one on Remnant is stupid enough to dig that deep." Dove responded and leaned back.

"As of yet; there's always the possibility that someone from Atlas will decide it's a good idea to dig that deep." Cardin stated with a grin.

Weiss narrowed her eyes. "And what's that supposed to mean?"

Blake sighed. "Much as I hate to agree, he is right; the chances are high that Atlas could attempt something like this, given their past history." Weiss huffed, but acknowledged that Blake was right about that one. Cardin meanwhile sent a smirk Blake's way in thanks, but quickly retracted it when he saw the glare she was giving him.

Footage of some kind of mining machine appeared on screen in black and white. It looked very crude in design from its appearance, but highly effective as it moved the dirt and rocks through its complex machinery. It appeared to be made of a tough metal, likely steel, and was presumably big and bulky. To the people present, it made them think of the mining machine's of the past which were very dangerous and required multiple people to work them.

Dark5: Soviet Scientists began drilling the hole in 1970, eventually reaching a depth of 40,230 ft (12,262 m) in 1989.

"Is that supposed to be impressive?" The confusion in Sky's voice was plain for all to hear, and everyone couldn't help but shrug in confusion as well.

"I don't know." Cardin tilted his head. "I guess we'll just have to look it up later."

"I'm more interested in these Soviet's." Weiss stated. "Why were they so interested in digging a hole that deep?"

"I think the more important question is why they're called Soviet's." Russel said. "I mean, what would their kingdom be called for them to be called that?"

"Sovenia maybe?" Ruby suggested with uncertainty.

What appeared next was something that was likely used in many Earth class rooms. The picture was of the Earth, in all its blue, green, and brown glory, but with much more detail given to the layers of the planet itself. While they couldn't see what the outer layers were called, they could see the three most important parts if the way it was showed. The red layer was called the lower mantle, a mix between yellow and orange made up the middle layer called the outer core, and the inner yellow layer was called the inner core.

Dark5: The Soviet's wanted to bore through the Earth's crust and into the upper mantle, though no one knew what would happen.

"Probably nothing good since you're drilling a hole through layers of your planet." Yang stated.

A video of a bridge collapsing appeared on screen. The bridge looked average in every way, without a single unique feature of its own that made it noteworthy. The bridge was collapsing into large chunks of cement as the support pillars holding it up cracked and fractured into multiple pieces. It was lucky that there were no people around at the time to be caught in the disaster. The video would then cut to multiple short flashes of city's destroyed in an earthquake. Cars were caught between pieces of rubble, police drove by in search of people to help, people ran screaming through the streets.

Dark5: Fears of unleashing seismic disaster upon the world or even demons from hell proved unfounded...

The sound of Weiss's palm smacking her face echoed throughout the room. "Seismic disaster I can possibly believe considering how far they wanted to dig." She let out a frustrated sigh. "But seriously? Demons from hell? How moronic do you have to be?"

Sky shrugged. "Maybe demons are real on Earth and it was an actual possibility?"

"I highly doubt that, Sky." Dove responded with a slight shake of his head.

A video of a seemingly never ending stream of dirt pouring into a hole appeared on screen. It wasn't of the best quality, and from the perspective it was always from a view port on the side of the hole as the dirt was poured into the massive hole beneath them.

Dark5: ...and the project was abandoned due to temperatures in excess of 350F (177C) which allowed rock to flow back into the borehole.

The animation played once again. This time the words '4. Trinity Test' appeared on the in big bold words.

"Trinity test huh?" Russel titled his head to the side and hummed. "What could this be?"

"Who knows?" Yang leaned back and sighed. "I hope this isn't another dumb test involving digging or something."

A video of bright light played across the screen. It was a blinding light that obscured everything in the video for a mere few seconds, but it was enough to give the impression of either something very powerful and destructive, or an up close image of some light. It dimmed soon however, and it cleared up to reveal a giant mushroom cloud of fire and smoke in the background. The sky was a dim grey red, and though it wasn't clear from the video, there was a massive shockwave spreading outwards in all directions.

Dark5: Conducted as part of the Manhattan project by the U.S. Army on July 16, 1945, the Trinity Test was the first ever detonation of a nuclear device.

"Man, these nuclear explosions are pretty big." Sky said. His eyes remained firmly on the screen, taking in every inch of the sight before him. "Makes you wonder just what they used to build a weapon like that..."

"I know!" Ruby exclaimed. "How do you think they could have done it?"

"Well, maybe they packed as much fire Dust, or whatever their equivalent is, inside of a bomb and saw how big of an explosion it caused." Sky had a smile on his face the entire time throughout his explanation. "Or, maybe they're better at building bombs and chemistry than we are and discovered some kind of highly explosive element."

"Or maybe they-" As Ruby and Sky continued on and on about how the bomb could have been made, all their respective teams could do was sigh good-naturedly. It was then they saw what they each did and huffed, moving further away from each other as possible.

A black and white image of a giant, circular device appeared on screen. It was crude and unappealing, wires of all kinds and lengths covering its surface connected to each other through small devices that kept from entangling, or large panels of where they originated from. The device was in some kind of make-shift metal shack, and sitting beside it was a man with a blurred face, obscured by the hat he wore on his head.

Dark5: The bomb's initial development was slowed by fears of project scientist Edward Teller...

"That is one weird looking bomb." Russel stated.

"Too be fair, none of us have ever even built or seen a bomb under construction have we?" At Cardin's statement, all Blake could do was nervously chuckle to herself and begin sipping on her glass of water near-bye. Team CRDL either didn't notice, or didn't care about that weird moment for now.

The black and white image of... something appeared on screen. Despite how hard they wracked their brains, none of the people present came even close to putting a name to what was on screen. As best they could, if asked to describe it, all they would be able to say was that there was a shell of some sort covering smaller things beneath it. Even that was ineffective considering it looked as though it was all one organism.

Dark5: ...who speculated that a fission bomb might ignite the Earth's atmosphere with a self-sustaining fusion reaction of Nitrogen nuclei.

"...Weiss would you mind explaining that science in normal speech?" Yang asked the heiress.

"Yeah, what exactly does all that mean, Dove?" Cardin asked his blonde teammate.

The two respective people shared a look with each other and shrugged.

"Well," Weiss began. "to put it simple enough for everyone to understand it. If they were to detonate the nuclear device like this scientist suggested then-"

"-then the Earth's atmosphere would ignite itself and destroy all life on Earth."

"That uh... that's not good." Russel said.

"No, no it is not."

The screen faded to black, and words appeared on screen as though they were being typed up then and their.

Dark5: Further calculations showed that the odds of such a reaction were incredibly small, and development continued.

"So they risked destroying their planet, just so they could have a destructive bomb?" Dove sighed and ran his hand down his face. "Why do we only hear about the dumb things about Earth?"

Weiss sighed. "Agreed."

Red and black picture of a nuclear explosion appeared on screen. There was really nothing remarkable about it in any way, aside from the nuclear explosion in the background. In the sky, the clouds appeared to be shaded red from the light of the explosion, a contrast to the mostly pitch black image.

Dark5: The resulting bomb produced the explosive power of 21 kilotons of TNT, prompting project scientist J. Robert Oppenheimer to recall a line of Hindu scripture:

"That's a very powerful bomb." Ruby whispered in wonder and amazement. If her guess was right, which she likely was, then their TNT and Earth's TNT likely weren't that different from one another in terms of destructive power.

"Yeah." Sky mumbled. "Man I want to see how they built this thing."

A black and white picture of a man sitting in a chair appeared on screen. He wore a fancy suit and gave off the air of a man of science. His eyes were set on the camera in front of him, and he was sitting in a presumably nice house pristine walls and strange decorations hanging from them. He had a small watch on his wrist, and a lit cigarette in his hand.

Dark5: "Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds."

"That's a pretty drastic statement." Russel stated. "I mean, nothing about that gave off the impression of 'world destroying' or them 'becoming death'."

"Well, if you really think about it then you'll see that it does make sense." Blake responded.

"How so, Kitty Cat?" Yang titled her head to the side.

"Aside from the massive explosion and resulting shockwave of the bomb itself, that was what the entire section of the video was about: this device having the capability to ignite the Earth's atmosphere and kill everything on it."

"Even without it doing that, the explosion could probably level entire cities and more within mere moments of its detonation." Cardin agreed. "I mean, as useful as a weapon like that may be for us against the Grimm or other monsters Humanity faces," it went unsaid the fact that he was referring to groups like the White Fang. ", I haven't seen any indication that they need a weapon like that."

Blake grunted. "Thank you, Cardin, for the support." The thanks was stiff and emotionless, giving the impression that she didn't mean it at all. Despite the surge of annoyance he was feeling, he beat it down with a sigh and leaned back against the couch.

The animation played once again. This time the words '3. Large Hadron Collider' appeared across the screen in big bold words.

"The fuck is a Hadron and why were they trying to make them collide with something?" Russel scratched his head and stared at the TV with a very confused look plastered across his face.

"A hadron is a composite particle made of quarks held together by the strong force in a similar way as molecules are held together by the electromagnetic force, in particle physics." Weiss explained.

"Oh... still have no idea what that means beyond being complicated science." Weiss sighed at Russel's reply and could only shake her head at him.

The video cut to an image of very complex machinery and devices of multiple colors connected by the wires running across the wall. While in no way sleek or slim, they were able to guess that the device being shown to them was quite possibly the most advanced piece of technology any of them had ever seen, on Remnant or from Earth. Exactly what it did beyond propelling hadrons together was unknown to them all at this point though.

Dark5: When it went live on September 10, 2008, some thought the Large Hadron Collider would end the world.

"Ok... how exactly?" Blake thought aloud. "Specifics would be nice."

The image of a long, metal pipe device inside of a tunnel appeared on screen. The device was long, potentially miles long, ad ran through the length of tunnel toward son distant end that they couldn't see. The device itself was very strange, somehow managing to look both highly advanced yet simple at the same time.

Dark5: The $6 billion particle accelerator was designed to accelerate proton beams around a 17 mile loop before crashing them together...

"That doesn't sound very safe." Dove mumbled.

"That's cause it probably is." Cardin shrugged. "Who knows, maybe it had the chance to cause an explosion so big the entire planet itself was atomized in the blast."

"Maybe." Blake sighed. "Why they would use the device if there was a possibility for that though, I've no idea."

The screen cut to pitch black with only one strangely ominous sentence plastered across the screen.

Dark5: simulate the microscopic black holes that were formed during the Big Bang.

"Ok, what the fuck is a black hole, and what the fuck was the Big Bang?" The confusion in Sky's voice was evident to all present, and they shared the same feeling.

"I don't know; we've only had these videos for a day now, and none of them were science centric when we watched them." Weiss sighed. "Still, at least now they're showing us some evidence of how intelligent they were with experiments like this."

"Is it really intelligent to take risks like this?" Ruby questioned.

"I said intelligent; not cautious."

The image that appeared next was one that fascinated them and filled their minds with wonder. The image was that of space in all its glory, hundreds of stars shining brightly in the background of the image. At the forefront however, was a beautiful swirling disc of bright blue and almost bling white with a beam of light piercing through the middle of it; and giant blue ball of fire being sucked slowly but surely into the swirling thing.

Dark5: Some thought these black holes would grow to consume the Earth...

"Ok... that's not the least bit terrifying." Sky shivered. "How can something grow so big that it could consume a planet?"

"I don't know how; but whatever these black holes are, let's hope that they don't exist here. Or t the very least that we never mistakenly create one." Weiss responded.

Dark5: ...but scientists dismissed this idea, calculating that any black holes formed would evaporate due to a phenomenon known as Hawking Radiation.

"Hawking what?" They all turned to the respective brains of each team, Weiss and Dove.

"I've got no clue what that is." Weiss sighed and shook her head. "Let's just categorize that as yet another thing Earth has that we don't have any information on."

Dove nodded. "Yeah... I really want a video where we can just say 'Well we're better than them in every way'. Just one." The rest of them all sighed and nodded at the answers. They couldn't really blame the two; Earth seemed to be the dream of a science-fiction writer brought to life. It'd probably have made a good book at that, if it weren't a reality.

The animation played once again. This time the words '2. Starfish Prime' appeared on screen in big bold words.

"Why does something at the number 2 spot have such a stupid name? Why couldn't it have just had a cool name?" Yang groaned.

"Earth seems to have a 50/50 track record with naming things; I mean, some of the things they named sound awesome." Russel responded.

The first animation to appear on screen was that of the sun, bright and shining as always. However, it soon shifted to a miniature version of the Earth being protected from beams of light by a strange circular force-field that forced the strange rays over or below the Earth. When it passed, the circular force field would shrink, and the back end would enlarge shortly after and tower over the tiny blue planet.

Dark5: Earth's magnetosphere is an important layer of charged particles that protects the atmosphere from solar wind.

Blake nodded. "We've got that as well, I think."

"We do." Weiss affirmed. "It protects us from, like the video says, from the solar wind from the sun."

"Oh come on, how dangerous can something called solar wind really be?" Yang asked.

"Dangerous enough to destroy the world, which makes me wonder just what they did to their own magnetosphere." Cardin responded. While he may not have been the smartest person in terms of science, he understood perfectly well just how important that was. He also didn't ever want to find out first hand what would happen if it was destroyed or damaged in any way.

The video of a missile launch appeared on screen. It was a lone, slim missile that kicked up giant clouds of dust all around it. As it emerged from the dust surrounding it, the most notable feature about it was the large beacon of light from the tip of the missle that illuminated the night sky all around it as it flew higher and higher into the sly.

Dark5: So what would happen if a large nuclear bomb was detonated there? The United States decided to find out in 1962.

"Damn it, United States." Weiss let out a frustrated sigh and face palmed. "Why? Why would you do something so stupid like that?"

"How do you guys think that particular conversation went down when they discussed it?" Russel asked.

"Probably a bit like this." Yang readied her voice a bit and closed her eyes in preparation. "'Hey, you know that thing protecting us from the sun?' 'Yeah, what about it?' Wanna see what happens when we use our most powerful weapon on it?' 'Sure; not like anything bad is gonna happen from a test like that.'"

Russel burst out laughing at that and sent her a thumbs up. "Yeah, that's probably about the gist of how that went."

The missile in the video exploded in a burst of white hot fire that filled up the entire screen. There was nothing truly remarkable about this explosion; it didn't form the mushroom cloud they associated with a nuclear bomb, nor was it large in and of itself. Really the only thing of note about this was the dark outline of smoke in the middle of the bomb that sort-of resembled an ancient extinct animal none of them could name.

Dark5: Seeking to find ways to disrupt missile systems, a thermonuclear warhead was detonated 250 miles above Johnston Island in the pacific ocean.

"How is detonating a bomb with that much destructive capability supposed to disrupt missile systems!?" Blake exclaimed. "It doesn't make any sense!"

"More Earth science?" Sky suggested with an unsure chuckle. "I mean, at this point nothing I'm shown involving Earth surprises me at all; they are literally scientific geniuses compared to us in every area as far as we've seen."

A video of three separate images appeared on screen, each of a separate sky. The first one was of a calming serene blue color encompassing a massive bright light on the horizon. The second was an image of a much brighter sky, with vibrant reds and oranges encircling the same bright light as before. The third and final image was that of the same sky, only this time dark clouds had blocked almost all of the light from before.

Dark5: The 1.4 megaton explosion could be seen 900 miles (1450 km) away in Hawaii where the electromagnetic pulse damaged streetlights and phone lines.

The entire room was silent for what felt like hours as they took that in. Finally, Ruby was the one who broke that silence.

"That is so... awesome!" Suddenly Ruby was in front of the TV with stars in her eyes as she stared at the TV as though it were the most incredible thing ever.

"How is that awesome?" Dove asked the rest of RWBY. "I mean, something capable of doing that from 900 miles away sounds horrible!"

"That's just how Ruby is." Yang responded. "Whenever she see's a new weapon, she get's like this. And if it's new facts about one she already knew about, she gets like this."

"Sky's pretty much the same; though not to the same state as this." Cardin nudged said boy with his shoulder. "Only difference is he tries his best to keep it a secret, unsuccessfully I might add."

Sky groaned and ran his hand down his face. "Well come on, weapons are awesome!"

As everyone calmed down and Ruby sat back down at the couch with the group, the video cut to another animation of the Earth. This time, everything had a green hue to it, and the magnetosphere surrounding the Earth in the animation giving off the green light. Even the tiny white circular thing circling the Earth had a green ting to it as it made its trip around the Earth time after time.

Dark5: And an artificial radiation belt was created around the Earth which lasted for 5 years and crippled one-third of all satellites in low Earth orbit.

"That doesn't sound good at all." Cardin thought aloud. "Least of all the part about artificial radiation belt; I don't even know what radiation is and I get the feeling nothing good can come from it."

"And it's a shame about those satellites." Weiss sighed. "Too think, all the work they must have put in making the technology for them to stay in space was wasted because of one experiment.

"I'm just curious about their magnetosphere." Blake stated. "What condition must it have been in after those 5 years were up?"

The animation played once again. This time the words '1. SETI' appeared on screen in big white letters.

"You guys have any idea what SETI might be?" Ruby asked the others.

"I've got absolutely no idea." Cardin admitted. "Honestly, all I know is that it's got a very long name if it's called SETI."

A video of a research facility appeared on screen next. The facility was placed in the middle of nowhere as far as everyone could tell, but it was hard to determine the exact specifics due to the fact that was late at night in the video. The buildings and machines were all blocky and large in their build, a trait that they had all learned to accept as a simple Earth architecture. The buildings and machines were all spinning in a circular motion planted firmly on the ground. What gave away the true purpose of the project however, was night sky filled with a countless amount of bright and shining stars.

Dark5: The "search for extraterrestrial intelligence" is the collective name for a number of activities searching for intelligent extraterrestrial life.

"I honestly have no idea how this is potentially world destroying." Weiss shook her head. "I hope this is something with an actual intelligent answer to it."

A black and white picture appeared on screen. Like the last black and white picture they saw, this one was also of an incredibly intelligent man. Like the last person they saw, this one was also wearing a suit, but this one seemed to be fancier and added to the air of supreme intelligence this person already exuded. In fact, everything about him have off this air; from his bushy mustache to the fancy hair meticulously combed atop his head, even the stare of his eyes told the two teams that this man had a brilliant mind.

Dark5: As early as 1896, Nikola Tesla theorized that radio could be used to contact alien life. In 1899 he observed signals thought to be from Mars...

"Mars is a pretty cool name for a planet." Russel stated. "Kinda makes you wonder why they called Earth, you know, Earth if they had cool name's like Mars on their minds."

"I don't know; when not taken literally, Earth is a pretty cool sounding name." Yang responded.

"She's right." Blake agreed. "Plus, it is a fitting name for it given what we've seen."

Two images appeared on screen. At first, it was an image of space. The picture was filled with countless stars yet again, all ranging from a bright glowing white or orange. Then it cut to an image of a red planet. The planet was a complete contrast to Earth; where Earth had vast oceans of blue sea water and large sections of land covered with dense forests and jungles, this planet looked as though not a single drop of water had ever been present on it; where Earth's greatest scars would only be noticeable on the ground, this planet's damage could be seen hundreds of miles away in space.

Dark5: ...and the U.S. declared a "National Radio Day" between August 21 and 23, 1924 to allow scientists to listen for transmissions from the red planet.

"Did they honestly think they were going to hear anything from a planet that looked like that?" Blake didn't want to believe it; she really didn't. No one could be so stupid to believe a planet that looked as dead as this Mars did would actually have life on it or send them signals.

Unfortunately, it seemed people of Earth were this stupid.

"Maybe they were simply being optimistic and thought that there were aliens living beneath the surface of the planet?" Not a single person believed what Cardin said.

"Or maybe it could be they were just gullible enough that they really did think that." Weiss sighed. "Honestly, next we'll be told that they think their moon is hollow."

That got a laugh out of everyone, and even Weiss herself cracked a smile at the thought of that. The idea that anyone could believe the moon was so moronic to them all that they couldn't help laughing at it. All anyone had to do was look up at the moon and, aside from the act that it was fractured, they'd see that it was far from being hollow.

The video cut to an image of a large white satellite dish in the open. There wasn't anything really anything remarkable about this at all, aside from the fact that the clouds in the sky would speed across the sky and out of frame.

Dark5: Current studies involve ground and space-based telescopes, large radio telescope arrays and distributed computing.

The video cut to a black screen, with only one sentence in white letters occupying the screen.

Dark5: But some are wary of the efforts, and worry that we may alert hostile alien civilizations to our existence...

The video cut to one final image. This time, the image was of a small group of people enclosed in some kind of aircraft helping one man floating through the air with a wide smile on his face. They all wore navy blue uniforms with unreadable names scrawled across them. On each uniform were two emblems; one of the presumed company who employed the people, and that of the United States flag.

Dark5: Stephan Hawking who cites mankind's own history of harsh treatment when encountering civilizations with a significant technology gap.

"Well with that context, I understand how this could have destroyed the world." Blake admitted.

"What do you mean?" Cardin asked.

"Well, all we have to do is look at the Humanity of Remnant; every time they encountered a civilization, or race, that wasn't as advanced as them they attempted to conquer and assimilate them." Blake narrowed her eyes slightly at the group of boys. "Among these many groups are, needless to say, the Faunus."

"Ah..."Cardin quieted down after that and made sure to stay silent after that. Much as he and his team had improved, they still couldn't get rid of the feelings they had toward Faunus entirely. The best they'd been able to do so far had been attempting to help people and keeping to themselves; not easy when a lot of people hated them for what they'd done and made sure their lives were worse off when they were given the chance. Still, they'd taken it all and were determined to improve themselves no matter the cost.

Of course, the fact that the two most liked and famous teams at Beacon were almost entirely unable to spend time with them. Except Ruby of course. She was so nice, and had been willing to let their two teams watch the discs together.

"So," Cardin asked after a minute of silence. ",what should we watch now?"

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