Hey guys, really sorry this isn't an actual chapter, but I promise you that I'm hard at work on it. Now, I'm taking this time to answer questions, and to give you guys some news. But first, the reviews.

zZ Sky Ninja Zz: I would, but I did say that I would be going in order. Still, I'll be sure to make the first creepy one they get to stay with them for a long time.

New Universe Returns: I have never watched any of those. Are they on Netflix?

dan45000: I have not heard of that, but I will be watching it when I get the chance to see if I can fit it in.

infernoXray: Same as dan45000, but thanks for the compliment.

The guest: My thinking for that was that she wouldn't be her usual self when it came to the extinction of animals, but I see your point and am happy you pointed out something I did wrong. As a writer, I need your guys help to become better.

Now that the reviews are out of the way, I will get on with the announcements:

First, the chapters of this story will not be regular, as now that I've gotten over the writers block for my two other stories, which you can find on my profile, I will be writing for them as well. And for the other stories I plan to make as well.

This next piece of news is related to stories, specifically this one, as in I intend to create an alternate reality one, where instead of just DVD's of shows, video games and the consoles to play them on will have been sent.

Please tell me what you think, and see you guys next time. And the next chapter should be out by late Tuesday night.