Rose could only watch as the clunky, awkward metal men walked closer toward them, stomping ever-so-loudly in their approach. Adorning what seemed to be their head was what could only be described as handlebars. They had a completely emotionless face, set off only by the odd teardrop-like design protruding from what she assumed to be their eyes.

"Upgrading capacity has been disabled. All other life forms are now subject to deletion," said one who was near the front.

"Deletion?" asked Rory, sheer terror pasted onto his face.

"If Blaze isn't going to kill us, it's definitely going to be one of these." She glanced up at Blaze, who looked just as horrified as they were. The new arrivals stopped, and just seemed to stare off, except for one, who Rose could swear was directly staring at her and Rory.

"Delete," one said suddenly, and Rose bolted away, Rory hobbling as best he could. It seemed to be working. These things didn't seem to move very fast. Rose presumed they could go on for quite a while, so relying on speed to capture a victim doesn't seem like the highest priority.

Blaze shifted his gaze back between Rose and those things. "Take her instead!" he yelled in desperation. Rory mustered up all the courage he had and limped over to Blaze. "Oi, mate, what are you playing at?" Rory didn't care about the big knife Blade was holding. Rory put up his fist, and punched Blaze in the face.

"Don't you dare hurt her," he said, and then punched Blaze again. Blaze fell back and landed on his backside. Rose couldn't help but feel a bit better seeing Rory defend her like that. Not that she couldn't take care of herself, but seeing that Rory cared enough about her wellbeing to risk being murdered by Blaze was humbling. Blaze however, didn't appreciate it in the slightest. He kicked Rory in the stomach from the ground. Rory had gotten the wind knocked out of him, and Blaze smirked, then grimaced at the intense pain in his jaw. Rose ran over and helped Rory up, and Blaze glared at them and grabbed his knife off the ground.

"No, wait, look!" Rose cried, pointing at the metal men. They had stopped their approach. They just stood there, watching. Or at least Rose assumed that's what they were doing-what she perceived as eyes might simply have been decorative. Blaze jumped to his feet, and had turned to directing his knife at those metal men instead of Rory or Rose.

"Any idea what those things are?" Blaze asked. Rose shook her head.

"I don't recognise them," said Rory. Suddenly, one of the creatures turned to face him.

"Rory," it said. He turned around.

"You- you know my name?" Rory said, frightened. "Can you remember yours?" he said, regaining his cool. Rose looked at the chest plate, and with horror, processed what this meant. Engraved on it was the number five. For District Five.

"Amelia. Amelia Pond," it said. In the moment, Rory suddenly died. Not physically, that would've hurt much less. Rory Williams died emotionally. It was bad enough losing Amy the first time, but knowing that she'd survived, as this metal, empty thing was too much. He didn't cry. He was beyond crying. He was done with the arena and wanted out.

"Rose," he said, looking into her eyes. "We can't both win, you know that." Rose shook her head, she didn't want to hear what he had to say. She knew where he was going. "We're the only ones left. Let me go. Let me go and take Amy with me."

"I don't know how to stop one of those things!" Rose choked, "and I could never bring myself to hurt you Rory! I care about you!"

"I'll do it then," said Blaze, charging at Rory with the knife. The knife pierced through Rory's flesh, driving him to his knees. He screamed in pain as the light left his eyes. Metal-Amy reached forward, grabbing Blaze's shoulder. She shocked him, and he dropped dead. Rose was horrified. She just watched two people die.

Boom. Boom.

A triumphant trumpeting echoed throughout the arena, and the metal corpses of the fallen tributes turned around and stomped away. At first, Rose didn't understand what that meant, but then she realised; she had won.

The horrific cyborgs turned around and walked away, and Rose dropped to her knees. She just cried. Partly out of relief, but mostly out of exhaustion. She couldn't believe it. By some miracle, Rose Tyler had survived the Hunger Games.