Turning Point

Author : 27x18

Warnings : Xanxus and Squalo's terrible potty mouths, deadly levels of Tsuna cuteness and fluff~

Disclaimer : I don't own KHR, that joy instead goes to Akira Amano-sama~


Timeline : This is a few months before Xanxus finds out he's adopted. He's only just taken over Varia recently. Ages are as follows for our main stars of this chapter~

Xanxus - 15

Squalo - 14

Tsuna - 5


Tsuna was lost, she hadn't meant to wander off but she had seen a really cute little yellow bird and followed after it without thinking, now the five year old was lost, and not just lost, lost in a country where she couldn't speak a word of the native tongue.

Tsuna's little legs had kept her moving as she searched for the way back even as tears welled in her brown eyes and sniffles escaped her. The five year old Japanese child continued to fight back tears while weaving around under the legs and feet of much taller people.

Stumbling over the shoe of someone Tsuna fell down onto her hands and knees, tears threatening to spill while she carefully pulled herself back up, looking down at her hands and knees to see she had scraped them and they were bleeding. Then the pain hit, sniffles and sobs escaping her while the five year old stared at the blood not knowing what to do.

"Don't tell me the brat's going to start screaming for it's mother." a voice snapped from up above her, Tsuna had no idea what they were saying, but the tone the person took made her threatening tears begin to fall over

"You knocked it over you deal with it trash." another voice growled while Tsuna sniffled sobbing quietly to herself while staring at her hands still, fat red droplets making trails across her hands to drop down on the ground

"Uh...well shit I don't know how to do this!?" the first man shouted out while Tsuna went to rub her hands on her pants to wipe the blood off, tears falling faster when that hurt even more "Hey brat." someone roughly petted (smacked) her head while they fumble for words "Uh, stop crying." they ordered her brown eyes lifting up to the person only to squeak and trip over her feet in her hurry to get back from them. Tsuna began to cry then, this person was scary, they had short spiked silver hair and they were glaring at her angrily

"You're making it worse trash." her brown eyes darted over to the other big person, Tsuna wasn't any good at picking people's ages but they were older then her but younger then her mother. This man was even scarier, he was tall and he had angry red eyes that were currently glaring down at her. Tsuna could only cry harder

"I think we're scaring it." the first one noted while Xanxus snacked Squalo upside his head

"No fucking shit trash." Tsuna silenced when she saw him hit the other person, clapping her hands over her mouth while tears continued to fall down her cheeks. What if he hit her for being loud too?

"You're making it more scared now, shitty boss." Squalo growled over at the Vongola brat while clutching his sore head, the teenager could hit fucking hard as hell. Xanxus' answer to the still crying child was to grab it by the back of the overalls it was wearing and lifting her up to eye level to glare at it from up close.

"Stop crying brat." he ordered while the child just blinked at him with her huge brown eyes "How do we tell if it's a girl or boy?" Xanxus asked Squalo whom shrugged in response

"No way in hell I'm looking." the silver haired swordsman hissed while Xanxus smacked him over the head again

"It's not a dog." while they were bantering all Tsuna could do was freeze and whimper, holding back her tears from the scary man that was holding her high up off the ground. Tsuna hated being up high like this, her father always grabbed her and threw her up and down like it was some game, it was a game that terrified Tsuna ever since he had not caught her once while distracted.

"We'll just ask it." Xanxus nodded in agreement while looking back at the teary eyed brat in his grip

"You heard him brat." Tsuna just continued to stare at him with her hands over her mouth "Answer brat!"

"Kid looks foreign, probably doesn't speak Italian." Xanxus growled in annoyance while glaring at the kid whose enormous brown eyes teared up again, shit….kid looked like a puppy that had just been kicked, how the hell did its eyes get that big?

Xanxus began cycling through languages he knew waiting for the kid to make some sort of sign that it understood, finally when he got to Japanese he got a reaction. So, kid was Japanese

"Brat, you lost?" Xanxus asked while the child blinked at him with wide teary eyes her hands pressing harder at her mouth. Xanxus sighed in response, seems the kid had assumed her crying was making him angrier. While it was true, he wasn't about to hit a child because its sobbing was pissing him off "You can talk brat." slowly the hands pulled away from her mouth while the child sniffled and blinked at him again with those huge eyes

"Ts-Tsuna g-got l-lost." the child whimpered while Xanxus sighed, they were right then, it was a lost kid

"How long ago?" Xanxus asked while glancing around, depending on how long ago this happened they could start to extrapolate a perimeter for how far away this kids parents might be. The kid just blinked at him confused while Xanxus sighed, of course, the kid would probably have no idea how long ago

"Do you remember where the sun was?" Squalo interrupted while the child squeaked and flinched looking over at the silver haired teen, Xanxus reluctantly pulling the kid into his grip properly and propping it on his hip. Hanging her in the air was drawing a lot of unwanted attention

"S-Sun?" Tsuna mumbled before looking up at the sky with a nod pointing. Xanxus and Squalo were both very surprised, judging from where the kid had indicated, if that was correct the brat had been lost for almost half the day now.

"Why didn't you just cry and get attention?" Xanxus voice had noticeably softened now, had to admire the kid to have made it this long without just standing and bawling for its mother

"Ts-Tsuna doesn't understand….the words….Tsuna had to look by herself." Squalo peered at the kid, seriously a kid this age had just wandered around on her own for half the day and not one person had stopped her, nor had the kid stopped and cried until she had tripped over Squalo and scraped her hands and knees

"Brat, what's your name? And how old are you?" Xanxus asked, though he was fairly sure she had been referring to herself by her name. But his Japanese was a little lacking still so he may be wrong.

"T-Tsuna is five." the girl wiped her nose on her sleeve (making the two assassins cringe) before looking back at her hands "Tsuna hurt her hands." Tsuna whispered while Xanxus nodded and sent Squalo a look

"We'll take you to get patched up brat, then we'll work on finding your family." Tsuna's face immediately brightened while she grinned at Xanxus with a wide smile

"Mmm, thank you-"


"Nii-san." (Big Brother) they both spoke at the same time, Squalo of course snickered to himself behind his hand at the expression on Xanxus' face. Seeing the surprised look Tsuna immediately saddened again while blinking at him tearily "T-Tsuna can't call you nii-san?"

"Tch." Xanxus sighed while looking back at the kid sitting on his hip "Fine brat, call me whatever." Xanxus was then further startled when two arms wrapped around his neck and the kid hugged him tightly

"Thank you, nii-san, and ojii-san too." (Grandpa) it was Xanxus' turn to snicker in amusement at the expression on Squalo's face

"VOI! I'm younger then that bastard!" Squalo roared while Tsuna squeaked covering her ears at the loud noise

"B-But….mama said that hair goes grey when you're old." Tsuna explained pointing at Squalo's hair while Xanxus could no longer hold it back, he had to laugh at the completely gobsmacked expression on the new sword emperor's face

"It's silver! Not grey! And my damn name is Squalo, remember that!"

"Shut up old man trash." Xanxus snorted in amusement while he smacked the teen upside the head, Tsuna burying her face into Xanxus' throat to hide her giggle while the youngest child of the Vongola head, and newest head of the Varia, smirked at Squalo while he kept walking towards their hotel so they could patch up the kid and see if they could get her home.

"You know brat, I think we might get along just fine."

"VOI! Stop ignoring me you shitty boss!"

"Nii-san, what does shitty mean?" both of them silenced then while exchanging a glance, the brats parents were not going to be at all happy with them teaching the kid how to swear at five. Since having found out the kid was Japanese they had been speaking only in her native tongue to calm the kid down, now however that might be a bad thing considering every second word out of Squalo's mouth was shit or shitty.

"It's a very rude word, and you shouldn't ever say it again." Xanxus explained while the kid blinked at him with wide curious eyes before nodding in understanding and instead nuzzling into his neck and snuggling into his arms.

This nii-san had a scary face, but he was really a good guy, she could feel it and Tsuna knew she could trust that little warm feeling. It had helped hide her from bullies more then once.

Squalo was only moments from laughing out loud at the super scary Xanxus, the arrogant teen that bowed to no one and had more power then Squalo could imagine. The strong new leader of the Varia that had made all the most powerful people in the group agree to serve him loyally. That Xanxus, was currently being hugged by a five year old brat whom looked to be completely at ease in his hold.

No one said a word to either of the teenagers when they entered the prestigious five star hotel carrying a kid, the staff knew better then to say a word to anyone booked into a room under the name of the Vongola. If you got away with using that name you were among the top echelon of the organisation, otherwise assassins would be a problem to those so casually flaunting the name of the immense Mafia organisation.

Xanxus just strode through the reception area as if he owned the joint, Tsuna's brown eyes peeking around at the lobby with her jaw dropped, this place was really shiny.

"Ne, nii-san, why is everything to shiny?" Tsuna asked while Xanxus paused his eyes flicking around

"It's called marble, it's a type of stone." Tsuna blinking at him, not completely understanding but she nodded anyway while looking around still.

The two assassins got back to their suite, Xanxus setting the kid down while Squalo went to grab one of the med kits that they both carried in their luggage in case of injury on jobs. Xanxus took the offered basin of water and cloth from Squalo while he pinned the little girl with his crimson eyes

"This will hurt brat." Xanxus noted while Tsuna nodded while biting her bottom lip with tears already welling "You walked around for half a day on your own, you're not going to cry about something as small as this. Understood?" Tsuna nodded in response to his order while Xanxus began to clean the scrapes while Squalo followed up behind him and put bandaids on them once Xanxus had cleaned them with water then antiseptic

Tsuna cringed but sat through it all without any tears falling. Xanxus sighed as they bandaged the last scrape on her hand while nodding

"Alright brat, that's all of them right?" Xanxus growled while Tsuna nodded shakily his eyes narrowing "You better tell me right now brat." Tsuna's brown eyes lowered

"Tsuna's feet hurt." Tsuna mumbled while Xanxus cocked an eyebrow, the kid had been waking for half the day, of course her feet would hurt

"I think it means blisters." Squalo noted while Xanxus pulled off her shoes and had a look, there had been blisters on her heels at some point, most of them had popped. How the hell had the kid kept walking on these feet and only started to cry once her hands and knees were scraped.

"What the fuck are you made of kid?" Xanxus muttered while Tsuna blinked down at him

"What's fuck nii-san?" Squalo bursting into laughter at Xanxus, this time it wasn't him teaching the kid how to swear

"Uh….another bad word." Tsuna blinked at him curiously while the teen stared back at her, seriously, this kid shouldn't be able to open her eyes that wide at anyone, how was it physically possible?

"N-Nii-san….Tsuna needs….toilet." Tsuna mumbled while Xanxus nodded in understanding, lifting the small child off his bed and carrying her to the bathroom

"Don't tell me you need help brat, I'm not helping." Xanxus growled setting her on the floor and closing the door behind himself on his way out. The kid looked old enough to be able to use a toilet on her own? Looking over at Squalo Xanxus voiced his question the younger teen shrugging

"How the fuck would I know?" Xanxus growled and knocked at the door after the silence inside had held for a while

"You fall in kid?" a cheerful voice answered them

"Tsuna is okay, Tsuna's a big girl." Xanxus and Squalo shared a look

"Brat's a girl?" Xanxus was a little in awe, a brat, and a female one at that, had wandered around all day without just screeching for her mother like most brats would after only a few minutes alone

"Kid has balls." Squalo noted while Xanxus snorted in amusement at that interpretation of how well the kid had done at being on her own today

"Nii-san….Tsuna can't reach the taps." Xanxus opened the door finally and lifted the kid up so she could reach the taps while the little girl washed her hands. Putting the little girl down Xanxus strode back out to the living area Tsuna following on his heels like a cute brown haired puppy smiling up at Xanxus like he was the coolest person she had ever met. Squalo was only seconds from laughing at Xanxus while he watched the girl trotting after him

"Alright, so, how exactly are we going to get the brat home?" Xanxus sighed while sinking to sit in the giant armchair while he studied the little girl looking at him with huge brown eyes still "Brat, do you know what Hotel you were staying at?" Tsuna just blinked at him, Squalo running his remaining hand through his hair with a heavy sigh

"This is going to be difficult isn't it?"

"We're the fucking Varia, scum, you trying to say we can't get one shitty kid home- Hey, what was that for brat?" Xanxus snapped when Tsuna kicked his shin

"Nii-san said bad words." Xanxus glared darkly at her, but seems his glares were no longer effective now that she had decided he was safe. Tsuna was glaring back at him though it looked more like a pout that just made Xanxus roll his eyes. His glare turned to Squalo only seconds later while his second in command continued snorting and snickering behind his hand

"Looks like you're going to have to behave shi- uh Boss."

"Stop giggling like a school girl and help figure out how we get this kid back to her parents." Xanxus growled while Tsuna looked between the two with big eyes "Trash, contact the authorities and see if any foreigners declared a missing brat." Xanxus ordered while Squalo nodded and went to make a call, Tsuna blinking up at Xanxus while the fifteen year old stared back at her in return

"Do you know your family name kid?" Tsuna blinked at him "What about your mother and father, what are their names?"

"Mama is mama, papa….Mama calls him…." Tsuna pouted "Papa's not home much, Tsuna doesn't know, sorry." the girl scuffed her feet on the ground while Xanxus rested one hand on her head and ruffled her hair

"You did your best kid." Xanxus frowned in thought while studying the girl "How many days ago did you get here?" Tsuna brightened at that, something she could answer

Counting on her fingers Tsuna ticked off the sleeps since they had gotten to Italy "Four sleeps!" Tsuna announce proudly while holding up her fingers, Xanxus snorting softly, she had three fingers up, not four.

"Good job brat." Tsuna grinned up at him happily. Squalo storming back in while muttering curses to himself in Italian

"Nothing." Xanxus blinked over at him


"No report to the police, there is no flag up about a missing brat." Xanxus switched back to Italian to answer his strategic commander

"You have to be fucking with me. None? Who the hell doesn't miss a five year old brat?!" Squalo shrugged at his boss equally as confused "I checked boss, no missing kids. I checked from kids like….three to ten, no foreign missing kids, no local missing kids." Xanxus frowned down at the little girl blinking up at him still, looking between them both in confusion

"Do another search, check kids that arrived in the country from Japan three days ago." Squalo nodded and went back to make another call. Xanxus frowning down at the little girl even as a monstrous sound tore from her middle. Tsuna blushed and looked down at her middle

"Tsuna's hungry…." Xanxus ruffled her hair again with a lopsided half smile

"Me too brat." He switched back to Japanese for the girls benefit "What do you feel like eating?" he picked the girl up and sat her on his knee while he dragged out the hotel menu, Tsuna just blinked at it in confusion

"Nii-san, Tsuna doesn't know the words." Tsuna reminded while Xanxus ruffed her hair again

"I'll read it out to you brat." So Xanxus began listing off the food on the menu one item at a time, describing it to the Japanese child so she'd understand what each item was

"Xanxus, got a hit." Xanxus looked over at Squalo with a nod, standing he set the child on his chair with an order to wait for him and followed after Squalo. As soon as he got that look from Squalo he knew it was a discussion to have away from the brat, even if they could change language it was still best to have this conversation elsewhere "You're not going to like it." Squalo noted while Xanxus glared at him

"Stop fucking around and tell me scum."

"The kid belongs to Iemitsu Sawada." That was surprising news, no wonder no alert had been sent to the police, this was the head of CEDEF's kid. If any group got wind of the kid being lost she was free game for leverage against the independent organisation

"How the fuck did that moron manage to breed?" Xanxus growled while Squalo snickered in amusement, the collective opinion of the Varia was that the CEDEF commander was a total moron

"Who knows, either way it's his brat." Squalo peeked over at Xanxus "We gonna contact CEDEF?"

"What's that meant to mean trash?" Xanxus growled while Squalo shrugged

"Just...you seem mighty taken with the brat, thought you might be entertaining the idea of keeping her." Xanxus hit him upside the head for the umpteenth time that day, Squalo snarling at him with a glare "The fuck was that for?"

"How the hell would the Varia take care of a brat huh? Are you stupid?" Squalo glared back at him with a low growl

"It was just a thought you shitty boss, the brat likes you and you seem happy with the brat, I just call it as I see it asshole." Xanxus looked back into the room where Tsuna was kicking her legs from her place sitting in the massive chair that dwarfed her small frame

"If it was just Iemitsu I'd do it as a giant fuck you to him, but the brat has a mother." If Squalo had learnt anything about Xanxus in the six months they had known one another, it was that he had a soft spot for mothers, he had been raised by his mother alone in the slums before Vongola Nono had found out about his fourth son.

"So what do you want to do now?" Xanxus kept his eyes on the little girl that was sitting so calmly in the chair while waiting patiently for them to return

"Contact CEDEF, get the news to that moron." Squalo nodded and reached for the phone, Xanxus catching his hand "Tomorrow, let the bastard sweat for the night. I guarantee he would have lied to his wife and told her everything was fine. Seems like something that bastard would do." Squalo smirked, there he was, his temperamental boss. Squalo had wondered for a few minutes if he had gone soft on him "We're having pasta for dinner." Squalo could only stare, since when did Xanxus not order steak "Brat wanted it." Okay, maybe the teen had gone soft on him after all.

Xanxus ignored Squalo and strode back into the other room to talk to the brat, petting her head again while he lifted her off the chair and sat himself back down the child sitting in his lap. His eyes sparked with an idea while he looked down at the humming girl that seemed quite happy to just stay with these strangers

"Want to see some magic brat?" Xanxus chuckled while huge brown eyes widened even further

"Magic?" Xanxus nodded down at her while holding out one hand, the dark Sky flames bursting to life, his Flames of Wrath. Tsuna's eyes were locked on the flames as she reached out with an excited squeal "Wait!" Xanxus went to pull his hand away but her small hand had already touched them.

However, unlike what he had expected there was no burning, no screaming and crying. Just a giggle, Tsuna reaching with her other hand to cup the flame

"Holy shit!" Xanxus could only nod in agreement with Squalo who was staring at the girl touching the Flames of Wrath with no ill effects "What the actual fuck is that kid made of?" Squalo breathed in Italian, a giggle from Tsuna his answer

"It tickles nii-san. The fire is pretty. Teach Tsuna!" Xanxus was still busy staring at the girl

"The brat is a Sky, she had to be." Squalo all but yelled, the med kit sitting near Xanxus' hand still flying across the room to smack Squalo in the head

"Don't yell trash, you're scaring the brat."

"The brat just shoved her hands in your Wrath Flame and fucking giggled!" Squalo snapped back while a small shoe hit him that time, wide eyes of both assassins turning down to the kid sitting in Xanxus' lap

"Bad word." Xanxus burst into raucous laughter at that while petting the girl proudly on her head

"Brat, you're hired. We're keeping you!" her bright eyes turned up to him again while Tsuna smiled at him

"Nii-san, make the flame again!" Tsuna begged "Please." Xanxus caved when those big eyes began to water, nodding down to her he held out his hand again and summoned the flame, Tsuna clapping excitedly while reaching for it again "Teach Tsuna, please nii-san, teach Tsuna to make fire too." Xanxus frowned slightly while looking down at her. Teach a brat about flames? Then again this same brat was shoving her hands into his Wrath Flames without a twitch, even Nono had burnt his hands on these flames while training his son.

"Okay kid, let's see what you've got." Xanxus agreed while he pet her head again "Okay….how to do this…." Xanxus blinked down at her while Tsuna just stared back up at him. He had never been taught how to get started, he had been able to conjure flames as far back as he could remember

"Resolve." Squalo called over as Tsuna blinked at him

"Grandpa-nii?" Squalo twitched slightly but it was better then straight grandpa, he would put up with it for now.

"Resolve, you have to make up your mind and just do it." Xanxus looked down at the child whom blinked back at Squalo

"Brat, is there something you want to protect? More then anything?" Xanxus asked while Tsuna blinked up at him again her head tilting in thought

"To protect mama! Tsuna wants to protect mama." Squalo nodded, that should do then

"Alright, brat, focus on that wish, how serious are you about protecting your mama."

"But Tsuna's dame." Xanxus's amused expression disappeared instantly "All the kids say Tsuna is dame. Tsuna can't protect mama."

"So just because someone said you can't you won't try?" Xanxus cut off the child while knocking his knuckles against her head gently

"So….If Tsuna wants to protect mama Tsuna can do the magic?"

"You have to believe you can do it brat. Don't just want to protect her, protect her." Tsuna frowned deeply while thinking about it. Frowning down at her hands a small pure orange flame flickered for a moment before disappearing. Tsuna smiling brightly up at the two teenagers, Xanxus ruffling her hair proudly

"Good job brat." the bell for their room ringing while Xanxus waved over to Squalo "Get the food trash." Squalo grumbled under his breath in Italian so he wouldn't get caught out swearing again by the surprisingly ballsy kid.

"I still can't believe you ordered pasta." Squalo muttered while they moved over to the table, Xanxus kicking the back of his comfortable armchair to send it skidding across the floor to rest at the table for him. Tsuna jumped into it before he got there while the Varia commander growled lightly picking the kid up by the back of her overalls again and sat down settling her in his lap

"Alright brat, dig in, after this we go back to working on your Flame."

"Thank you for the food!" Tsuna chirped before digging into the pasta that Xanxus had ordered, he had to order the same because the kid had given him that big teary look. Tsuna wasn't sure if she'd like it, so he had ordered the same to show it was good. "Nii-san this is good!" Tsuna chirped a smile taking Xanxus' lips while he pet her head gently.

The brat was growing on him, he wasn't sure if that was a bad thing or not. At least she was a Vongola by blood so he knew that it was highly unlikely he would ever have an order to kill her. Anyone else, civilian or Mafioso was free game for the Vongola Independent Assassination Squad.

After they had eaten Xanxus kicked his chair again sending it back to the lounge area and sat back down, lifting Tsuna onto his lap again to continue going over how to summon flames. Xanxus was impressed, the kid was a natural. A little push and some explanations and she was soon summoning a small flame in her hands. It only came to life for a few moments before it disappeared leaving her panting with exertion.

But for a five year old with no previous experience with flames or any body conditioning to get used to the strain of flames on the body she was doing really well. Xanxus pet her head yet again proudly while grinning down at her while the child smiled sweetly back up at him.

Squalo who had been quiet for a little while now had headed into the bedroom area and grabbed out the camera they had used for the investigation to plan out routes etc to their target and took a picture of the pair.

Xanxus' lips turned down in a scowl seconds later while he glared over at the smirking Squalo who just took another photo with the camera. "Not every day I get some blackmail material on you boss."

"Whatever, trash, just make sure to give me a fu-" Xanxus glance down at Tsuna "A copy."

"Nii-san." Xanxus looked down at Tsuna while she tugged at his sleeve "Is Tsuna going home soon?"

"Tomorrow brat." Xanxus assured while ruffling her hair gently "You want to leave?" Tsuna shook her head with a bright smile

"Tsuna likes nii-san, and Grandpa-nii." Xanxus ruffled her hair again

"Good. Squalo." Xanxus called while the snap happy swordsman stopped taking photos for a moment to look at his boss "Get a clean shirt or something she can use as bed clothes." Squalo nodded and went to raid his bag, there was no way either of their shirts would fit the kid, but his shoulders weren't as broad as Xanxus' so it would be a better fit even if only slightly

Managing to find a clean one Squalo began to roll the sleeves up, they were going to drag on the floor if he didn't the kid was tiny for a five year old. At least he thought she must be, she seemed very small

"Alright kid, you want a shower or a bath?" Xanxus asked looking down at the girl in his lap when Squalo returned with the shirt, Tsuna was starting to yawn as the day caught up with her

"Bath!" Tsuna cried out with a clap of her hands, jumping off Xanxus' lap she hurried to the bathroom and grinned brightly back at both assassins while Xanxus followed after her to run a bath for the kid.

Nearly having a coronary when he turned from the taps for a moment to see her stripping down for her bath. Fumbling for a towel he held it out to her "Wrap in that brat!" Xanxus ordered his cheeks flaming, was it normal for kids to just strip like that in front of near total strangers?

This kid was going to get molested one day if she wasn't careful.

Tsuna took the towel from him and wrapped herself even though she was confused, watching while the dark haired teenager ran the bath for her

"Alright kid, done." Tsuna tugged on his sleeve as he stood to flee while blinking up at him

"I need help getting in." Tsuna explained while looking at the high edge of the bath, she was going to hurt herself if she tried to get in herself. Xanxus' face darkened all over again. Well shit.

"Put your hands up brat." Xanxus compromised while he closed his eyes and hefted her into the bath by her wrists before fleeing the bathroom, the door slamming behind him while the teenager looked over at Squalo

"Are all kids like that?" Xanxus demanded while Squalo shrugged, not at all envying his boss for what he had just been through in the bathroom with a five year old girl. "Oh shit." Xanxus muttered while Squalo tilted his head in question "What about when she wants to get out?" Squalo paled

"Voi….I think...I uh have something important to do over here." Squalo made to flee but a firm grip on the back of his shirt from Xanxus caught him

"If I have to go in there you do to shark-scum."

"Voiiiiii, I'm no pedo, not going to happen you shitty boss!" Xanxus growled at Squalo in response

"You trying to say I'm a pedo?" Xanxus snarled while the pair began a short scuffle that of course ended with Squalo covered with left over dinner and a full bottle of juice they had ordered for the kid dripping from his hair

"I fucking hate you."

"Feelings mutual scum." Xanxus growled even as a small voice called out from the bathroom

"Nii-san, Tsuna's done." Xanxus grabbed Squalo by his shirt and bodily dragged him into the bathroom with him, a brightly smiling five year old grinning at them from the bath "Ah, Grandpa-nii needs a bath too." Squalo refused to look anywhere near the tub while Xanxus grabbed a few towels

"You hold this one out. I'll grab her by the wrists again and drag her into it." Squalo nodded and held out the towel to hide the child while Xanxus grabbed her by her wrists with his eyes tightly closed and pulled her out of the bath into the towel, Tsuna giggling at her strange new friends. They were really weird about baths

Xanxus ushered her out of the bathroom wrapped in the towel while he grabbed the shirt off Squalo and kicked the silver haired swordsman into the still full bath, Squalo falling in head first with a splash, the door slamming closed behind Xanxus just in time "VOIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!"

"Alright brat, get into this and we'll get you into bed." Xanxus handed the shirt to the kid before turning his back while the five year old blinked at his back, these teenagers were weird, she didn't understand why they kept turning their backs on her.

Pushing the confusion aside Tsuna quickly did a rub down before dropping the wet towel and tugging the shirt over her head, she didn't want to attempt the buttons, she knew she'd never get them done up right again.

"Nii-san." Xanxus turned with a nod looking down at the tiny five year old with a much too big shirt hanging off one shoulder and the sleeves covering her hands even rolled up as far as Squalo had rolled them.

All in all, a deadly cute sight the little brat made

Wonder how effective she'd be as an assassin…. Xanxus quickly tossed that idea out of his head, he liked the innocence of the brat, though he had to admit, with her innocent cute look she'd easily get underneath a targets guards. Somehow though, the idea of making this innocent child bathe in blood, even though Belphegor was similar age to her, to do it to this child was unforgivable. Tsuna needed to remain innocent, Xanxus couldn't help but think that while he lifted the small girl into his huge king sized bed to rest

"I'll be back soon brat." Tsuna nodded at him from the nest of pillows and sheets she was surrounded by, her tiny frame dwarfed by the massive bed making her look small and fragile to his dark eyes.

Xanxus stormed into the bathroom and kicked out a dripping half naked Squalo to take over the shower, ignoring the swearing coming from his silver haired right hand man.

Having washed and dressed in some loose fitting drawstring pants ready for bed Xanxus headed for his bed, eyes catching on the tiny child in the centre of the huge bed while he snorted in amusement and flicked the blanket up and slid in, turning his back on the child and instead finding his tall frame a spot on the free bed space to one side of Tsuna


Xanxus woke the second the clock ticked over to half past seven out of sheer habit, a growl escaping his lips while he looked down at the kid attached to his chest. At some point in the night the brat had snuggled into him when he must have rolled towards her and was now attached to his chest sleeping without a care.

Xanxus did note the brat was drooling on his arm but he didn't want to wake her to free his arm, so he just had to put up with it and instead watch the brat snoozing away without a care in the world.

The click of a camera drew his attention while Xanxus glared over at Squalo, the swordsman also awake thanks to their training habits, had decided a photo was needed of their boss in another reputation destroying moment with the brat.

"I'll kill you later, trash." Xanxus growled lightly shutting up when a soft noise escaped the kid and watching quietly while she wriggled before settling down again.

Both assassins let out a breath they hadn't known they were holding when they saw she hadn't been woken by them and was still snoozing peacefully. Squalo took another few snaps before heading off to order breakfast up for them. He wasn't going to contact CEDEF until Xanxus said he could, but food was a good plan since the brat would probably wake soon.

It was only a short while after that the kid began to wriggle in bed before rubbing at her eyes with a sleepy yawn, big brown eyes blinking at Xanxus while the teenage assassin studied her in return

"Morning nii-san." Tsuna yawned while Xanxus sat up and grabbed over a towel to wipe the drool off his arm from the kid

"Get up brat, breakfast will be here soon." Xanxus ordered while he slid from the bed and headed for the bathroom, the five year old blinking after him from her place still nestled amongst the sheets of the bed.

Tsuna crawled the length of the huge bed and slid down to her feet, peeking around the huge room curiously even as her small feet walked her towards the bathroom, the child hopping from foot to foot while waiting for Xanxus to be done. As soon as the tall teen opened the bathroom door Tsuna pounced past him to his surprise and slammed the door behind her. Xanxus snorting in amusement while he went to grab the clothes they had sent to be cleaned last night for the kid. The small set of overalls and shirt having been delivered early that morning.

"Contact CEDEF after breakfast." Xanxus called over to Squalo, the silver haired swordsman nodding in understanding while he changed into clothes for the day his boss following suit.

Tsuna calling out to him from the bathroom again led him back to lifting her up to reach the taps on the sink before handing over her clean clothes and fleeing again to let the little girl get changed.


Iemitsu wasn't exactly sure when it happened, but while he and Nana had been out with their daughter seeing the sights at some point they had lost sight of the tiny brown haired girl.

Nana had been the first to notice, having spotted a vendor with gelato in cones Nana had turned to the girl that followed them all over to ask if she wanted some. Iemitsu had picked up on the note of panic in Nana's voice immediately and turned to see that indeed Tsuna was no longer following them

Iemitsu had immediately calmed Nana and made an excuse about one of his co-workers had caught sight of her and was with her. Calming his wife down and getting her back to the hotel had been step one, then the new head of CEDEF had contacted his organisation and put out a red alert. Mobilising all resources to look for his missing daughter.

As much as it shamed him he had no idea when they had been separated, the pair had been in their own little world and had just expected that Tsuna was still following after them up until Nana had looked back and there was no small child behind them.

Iemitsu had organised a group to work back along their path right up until the morning when they left the hotel, almost every CEDEF agent in the city was mobilised looking for some sort of evidence to where the girl had gone. There was an agent in every police station listening and watching for someone to bring in a lost child, but going on four hours now there was nothing. Iemitsu was in full panic mode. His five year old daughter was missing in Italy and didn't know the language or the location. Somewhere in this city there was a tiny child all alone probably crying and missing her parents, and they had been so busy staring into one anothers eyes and looking over the sights to notice their daughter was gone.

Iemtisu had been scouring the city all night and was truly at the end of his tether come morning tea time and still no witness' to a five year old Japanese girl wandering the city, his daughter had been alone all night in a strange city, or even worse, she may have been picked up by all sorts of terrible types that lived in cities. The things that some sort of pervert could have done to his daughter, or she might have fallen into human trafficking hands, or organ trafficking.

Then finally, his phone rang, someone had contacted CEDEF


"Sir, we received a call from the Varia commander." Iemitsu growled lightly, he didn't give a shit what the spoiled brat wanted, he was busy "Xanxus-sama and Squalo-sama picked up a five year old Japanese girl in the city yesterday afternoon." his knees gave out on him in relief while his hand gripped the phone tighter

"Where is she?" Iemitsu asked while the person on the line clicked at some keys on her computer

"They're en route to the hotel where Nana-sama is." Iemitsu paled, Xanxus and Squalo meeting his wife?! Shit, Xanxus and Squalo had his daughter?!


The sight before him was like something out of the twilight zone, there was his wife sitting and drinking tea at a table with Xanxus and Squalo, his daughter sitting on Xanxus' lap quite contentedly while she sipped at a chocolate milk her mother had given her. The three were talking calmly as if two of the men weren't bloodthirsty assassins for the Varia.

"Ah, Iemitsu!" Nana smiled over at him while Xanxus spared him a glance before dismissing him and going back to his coffee, Squalo pinning the blond with a glare before taking his queue from his boss and turning his attention back to his coffee as well "You didn't tell me Tsu-chan was with your bosses son. Such a kind boy taking care of Tsu-chan for us." Kind and Xanxus had just been uttered in the same sentence, this truly was a sign of the apocalypse

"Can nii-san and grandpa-nii stay with Tsuna?" Tsuna asked while blinking at her mother with her wide brown eyes "Nii-san is teaching Tsuna magic!" Iemitsu was on the verge of passing out, his daughter was calling Xanxus her brother and sitting on his lap and the temperamental bastard wasn't kicking her off his lap or growling at her, in fact the red eyed bastard looked comfortable with his daughter in his lap.

"Magic?" Nana asked sweetly while Tsuna nodded bouncing in Xanxus' lap while she held out her hands

"Nii-san showed Tsuna how to make the pretty flames." Tsuna explained as a small spark came to life in her hands, Nana squealing happily and clapping while Tsuna's flame went out. Iemitsu pinning Xanxus with a glare even as Tsuna grinned at her mother "Nii-san's is prettier."

"Well, that is amazing." Nana giggled while Tsuna grinned up at Xanxus, the teen ruffling her hair before shooting Iemitsu a glare, a smirk twisting his lips before looking back at Nana "Tsu-chan has definitely grown attached, it's so cute, isn't it Iemitsu." the blond could only nod with a forced smile his brown eyes on his daughter in the lap of an assassin that had taught his civilian daughter how to make flames.

"It's….definitely something." Iemitsu noted his eyes narrowed on the Varia brats while Xanxus sipped at his coffee calmly "Xanxus, may I have a word?" Iemitsu growled while Xanxus sneered back at the man, but he grabbed Tsuna by her overalls and handed her off to Squalo to follow Iemitsu outside the room for the CEDEF head to have his freak out "What the fuck are you playing at boy? Teaching my daughter how to harness flames? Are you fucking insane?" Iemitsu snarled slamming Xanxus against a wall, red eyes peering back at him calmly while the Varia commander extracted the hand from his shirt and threw it back at Iemitsu

"The kid is a natural." Xanxus noted "And I'm going to keep teaching her so you can fuck off." Iemitsu looked far from pleased by the response of the fourth son of Nono.

"You are not teaching my daughter another thing you little shit."

"How long did it take for you to realise the girl was missing?" Xanxus shot back while Iemitsu paled "The kid was walking around on her own for nearly twelve hours before she ran into Squalo and I, and you're trying to take the morale high ground?" Iemitsu found himself unable to meet the judging red eyes "I'm going to teach the kid to manage her flames, because the kid has a high density of pure Sky flames. If left up to you, you'd do something stupid like shutting them away inside her and screwing up the kid for half her life." Xanxus growled while Iemitsu continued to avoid looking at Xanxus' eyes "By the way, the kid likes me and Squalo more then you." Xanxus admitted internally that was incredibly childish, but he didn't really care right now, he was enjoying the look on Iemitsu's face way too much.

As soon as Xanxus sat down back in his chair Tsuna was scurrying off Squalo's lap to sit on his lap again, smiling brightly up at him. Tsuna was really attached to the man, and it scared Iemitsu, his daughter had adopted an assassin as her brother. Not just any assassin either, Tsuna had Xanxus, the most temperamental child of the Vongola Nono eating out of her hand.

"Oh I know, would you boys like to join us for sightseeing?" Nana asked brightly while Xanxus and Squalo shared a look. Technically they should be heading back to the Varia mansion to fill out reports and such, but looking down at the hopeful face of Tsuna Xanxus caved

"It would be our pleasure." Nana smiled happily at him

"Isn't that fantastic Iemitsu?" Nana cheered even as her husband scowled over at Xanxus

"We're probably inconveniencing them Nana, thank you boys for bringing our daughter home but surely you have other commitments." Get the fuck out of this hotel you little shits the message came across loud and clear, and Xanxus openly ignored Iemitsu instead looking down to Tsuna

"Would you like us to come along brat?" Tsuna brightened immediately bouncing happily on Xanxus' lap from the excitement

"Tsuna wants to stay with nii-san." and that was that, Xanxus would be sticking around until Tsuna no longer wanted his presence, which was not going to happen any time soon.

"Aren't they adorable Iemitsu, Tsu-chan's never looked so happy before." Nana cooed while pulling a camera out of thin air and taking some snaps of the adorable sight, Iemitsu was having trouble wiping the scowl off his face. Spending his holiday with two assassins was not what he had signed up for. Tsuna looked so damn happy though, it was conflicting with his urge to kick those two brats out of the hotel and send them home.

During the afternoon of sight seeing, in which Tsuna was carried around by Xanxus, Nana somehow convinced Iemitsu to have a romantic dinner evening and let the boys take care of Tsuna. When faced with the watering big eyes of his wife Iemitsu had no defences and had caved easily, even though the idea of Tsuna spending the evening with the Varia didn't sit well with him.

It was decided eventually that Xanxus and Squalo would take care of Tsuna, but they were to do so at the Vongola mansion in town so that Iemitsu could have a few people watching over them to make sure that Tsuna was taken care of properly.


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