Turning Point

Author : 27x18

Warnings : Don't break the Tsuna rules~


All was quiet in the mansion, Squalo had gone back to bed after getting home, he would get more information tomorrow, after sleep, anyway. Xanxus would probably call him to tell him all about it. What he didn't expect was the brats all thundering into his room and dragging him out of his bed demanding info about Tsuna.

"What?!" Squalo growled slashing at them with his sword, but they were all too well trained to get hit by the lazy stab.

"Xanxus, Ken, Lussuria and Tsuna, where are they?" Mukurou growled glaring at Squalo with his trident in hand while Squalo swatted it aside with a growl.

"Damnit brats, I am trying to sleep, the boss kicked me out of bed at bloody who knows when and took the brat and the other brats to Italy. Something happened at the Vongola mansion." Squalo growled before kicking them all out of his room. "You don't like it you're welcome to go to Italy." Squalo as normal said that without even thinking, something he did often that got him into trouble, and he had a feeling this was another instance, but more importantly there was more sleep and the brats had shut up.

"Who doesn't have the money for a flight?" Mukurou asked of the group of children, most of them had income both from jobs and Tsuna paraphernalia sales over the years, Byakuran giggled waving over to the grumpy Mist.

"Forget that~ I've got a private plane, I'll even let you all come with me~"

"Are we telling Chrome or the others that don't live here?" Chikusa asked softly while Mukurou groaned, true, they needed to tell Chrome at the very least, Fuuta was going to freak out if he woke without Tsuna there.

"I'll call Chrome, but I'll get her to stay with the baby brats." Mukurou sighed quickly calling the small girl. "The other civilians can just deal, though we might want to tell birdy, he get's a tad clingy about Tsu-hime." Chikusa nodded and took out his own phone sending a text to Kyoya. He would be furious if he wasn't included in the coming trip to Italy. If he was too deep asleep to get the text then it was his own fault.

"Kyoya is coming." Chikusa murmured over to Mukurou who was still waiting on Chrome to pick up the call, Mukurou was surprised Xanxus managed to get into the Sawada house, up to Tsuna's room and take the girl out without either Chrome or Fuuta noticing.

"While we're doing the call around, shall we start heading to the airport, the longer we fiddle fart around here the longer our dear Tsu-hime is in Italy without us~ And if something happened at the Vongola mansion she's going to need some buffers from the Mafia stuff." Byakuran began to hustle them all out of the hallway and towards a car, while none of them were technically licensed, that didn't mean that they didn't have training on it. The Varia training didn't focus on age, only on ability and teaching any skills that could come in handy come an emergency or problem around Tsuna.

Chikusa was today's designated driver, mostly because he was the calmest and most careful driver among them, Hayato had an issue with speed and Mukurou didn't care what he hit as long as he got from A-B. Byakuran wasn't allowed to drive any of the Varia vehicles, he was completely barred from driving pending punishment from Xanxus if anyone let him.

When Byakuran drove he literally went from A to B without caring what was in the middle. The fastest way anywhere was to just go straight from one point to another.

"To Italy we go~"


The moment the plane touched down Xanxus began to move, heading for the door he all but tore it off its hinges and shoved Lussuria and Ken out ahead of him, grabbing Tsuna and jumping down after them.

"In the car, now." Xanxus ordered shoving them all into the limo that took off seconds later towards the Vongola mansion.

"Lussuria, take the brat and go to the medical wing, co-ordinate with the Sun's there and get my brother off life support." Lussuria nodded while grabbing Ken's shoulder with a look to tell him to stick close.

"Tsuna, you stay with me." Tsuna nodded taking one of Xanxus' fists and coaxing his hand to open so she could hold it, the young man taking a deep breath and focusing on the soft warm Flame between their hands.

Tsuna opted for quiet, Xanxus didn't need to talk, he just needed someone to stay with him and no one was better equipped than she was for that.

The second the car pulled in at the mansion Lussuria and Ken were gone leaving only dust in their trail, Xanxus tugging Tsuna with him as he got out of the car and headed for Nono's office to get an update and more information as to what happened. How the hell had someone gotten into the mansion and that close to Federico to be able to overpower the Sky, while he wasn't the strongest Sky in the world he was a trained Vongola Sky. This should not have happened.

Kicking Nono's door open Xanxus glared in at his father. "The fuck happened?!" Xanxus hissed, copping a kick to the shin but he ignored that, it had been light, Tsuna was just giving him a warning. It was getting harder and harder to find languages they could swear in, Tsuna seemed to know even if the language wasn't one they had taught her yet.

Mandarin Chinese was their Mafia talk language, they weren't teaching Tsuna that until a lot later in life, they needed one common language to speak around her if they ever had to mention Mafia dealings with the civilian girl around.

"We still using Chinese?" Nono asked getting a curt nod in reply from Xanxus. Nono sighed glancing at Tsuna before looking back at Xanxus.

"Massimo is investigating it." Nono sighed heavily rubbing at his temples. "We don't know who they were, but they were strong. They went through the defences like a hot knife through butter and Federico didn't stand a chance." Xanxus narrowed his eyes at that, while Federico was weaker then Tsuna, he was still a Vongola trained Sky, for someone to have overwhelmed him completely.

"How long was the attack?"

"Ten minutes." Tsuna looked up at Xanxus in worry when he tightened his grip on her hand, Tsuna strengthening her Flame just a tad to try and help calm him down.

"Someone got in the mansion, past trained guards maids and personnel and overwhelmed Federico in ten minutes?" Timoteo nodded in silence looking down at the scattering of papers, the reports from anyone that went face to face with these people and survived.

"There were seven of them." Timoteo explained, as if that made it any better. "By the time my Guardians got there it was already too late, they were gone."

"What the fuck." Xanxus hissed ignoring the kick to his shin again, didn't matter what language they used Tsuna knew when they swore. "How are Federico's chances?" the expression on Timoteo's face was all the answer he needed, it was that bad. "Will more Sun's help? I can bring the civilian brat over." Timoteo shook his head in response, piling on more Sun users wasn't going to help, it was hard enough getting the current ones to work together and match up to one another's Flames to keep the Sun Flames at the same level so as not to kill Federico.

"All we can do now is wait." Xanxus wasn't very good at waiting, while the constant barrage of brats had increased his patience by a clear margin he was still short tempered and impatient.

"So we sit on our hands?"

"Until we have a target, yes, we sit on our hands." Xanxus let go of Tsuna and began pacing while muttering to himself grumpily, how the hell was he expected to sit around and do nothing.

"Why don't you visit Fed, Xanxus." Xanxus' eyes snapped over to his other brother while Massimo set some papers down for Nono, the last of the witness reports. "It will give you something to do, and I'm sure it will help seeing his condition improved." Xanxus sent a glare to Massimo before grabbing Tsuna's hand and tugging her after him down towards the medical section.

"Has his condition improved?" Timoteo asked his hopeful eyes on his middle son, Massimo shook his head quietly, no, but it would get Xanxus out of his pacing the office mode and maybe give Tsuna a chance to calm him down a bit more.


"Sawada Basil, you better get down here fast, you're going to be late!" Nana called up the stairs with a quiet sigh, he had taken a real liking to sleeping in over the last few years. "Basil!"



Basil blinked down at the paper in his hands with wide eyes welling with tears. "Mama?" Basil managed to choke out finally while Nana smiled gently at the young child, while his mother may be uninterested and Iemitsu was an asshole, Nana wanted to officially take in Basil as part of the family.

"I've been working the details out with the lawyer, but if you like, I can formally adopt you, you'd officially be a part of the Sawada family." Nana explained while ruffling his sandy coloured hair gently. "Only if you want to." Basil could only nod the threatening tears spilling down his cheeks while he clutched the paper in a death grip.

"I-Is it okay with Tsu-hime?" Basil stuttered out, what if his sister didn't want to share him with her mother, not on paper, though it seemed against everything he knew about Tsuna the little fear still niggled that little what if.

"I asked mama about it." Tsuna smiled over at Basil, Nana hadn't thought about it until Tsuna brought it up, Xanxus had been teaching her about how his father took him in and Tsuna had immediately thought of Basil.

"Yes….I want...yes." Basil nodded as he hugged the paper to his chest tight and nodded to both Tsuna ana Nana, the two sharing a quick grin before descending on Basil for a big group hug.


"Coming mama." Nana smiled at her son as he grabbed his bento with a kiss to her cheek. "Thank you mama." Grabbing Chrome's hand Basil tugged her with him to head off to school, until Tsuna and the bulk of the children were back they were in control of the student council along with the sure to soon be sulking Takeshi and Ryohei, Basil was dreading the paperwork and even worse trying to explain Tsuna's absence to the civilians.


"Nii-san, slow down." Tsuna finally had to say something, she was trying to be quiet and just be a support to Xanxus but he was dragging her along behind him keeping her at a constant jog. Xanxus came to a full stop Tsuna running right into his back the tall young man looking down at her his hand tight on her own still.

"Sorry brat." Tsuna sent him a sad smile while Xanxus ran a hand over his face, what the hell was he doing? "I'm sorry, didn't mean to drag you….I'm worried about Fed." Tsuna sent her brother a gentle smile and hugged his waist, Xanxus ignoring the maids running around and hugging the small girl in return, please let her never grow up.

"Federico-nii will be okay." Xanxus narrowed his eyes looking down at the girl her brown eyes emitting a gentle gold light. "He will be okay." Xanxus could only nod and refer back to his own rules, rule 83 Xanxus, if Tsuna said it was okay, especially in her hyper dying will intuition mode, then Federico was going to be okay.

The brat had long since learnt to achieve hyper dying will, and with a lot of work on his behalf she was now able to get herself there without any crutches. Things like bullets and triggers to get her there. It had kicked in with her intuition more than once and it had long since been a rule, do not question Tsuna's intuition.

"Okay brat, okay." Xanxus wrapped his arms around her once more before taking a deep calming breath, Federico was going to be okay.

"Want to go check on him still?" Xanxus nodded letting go of Tsuna, taking her small hand into his own again and heading down the halls at a much more sedated pace, Tsuna trotting along behind him humming to herself.

Tsuna tightened her grip on Xanxus's hand when they arrived outside the door to the medical area, there was a lot of noise coming from inside and the girl stopped moving tugging at Xanxus' hand while the young man turned to look at her.

"What is it brat?"

"Whatever we see...just remember, he will be okay." Xanxus nodded before twisting the handle and stepping into the room. Tsuna was right he didn't like what he saw, there was a pile of bloodied bandages and a group of Sun users surrounding the bed their hands held out to the shakily breathing frail form that had been his older brother only a day before.

"Lussuria, take over." Tsuna's eyes flicked over to the tall man when he moved into the spot left by one of the Sun's around Federico, Ken was waiting behind him to take over from Lussuria the second the flamboyant but skilled man asked for it.

"Master Xanxus. I'm sorry, if you need something we have to ask you get it for yourself." Xanxus just waved off the tall but pale looking Sun that ran the medical area when his father's Sun Brow Nie Jr was busy, as he was at Federico's side. "We're collecting O - or A- blood if you can spare any." Xanxus shook his head at that, he was no help then as an O+, Tsuna however stepped from his side and held up a hand.

"I can help." Xanxus didn't move to stop her, the Sun looking between them before nodding and tugging the small girl over to an empty bed and getting ready to take some blood.

"Brat, keep your Flames at a minimum, don't let them taint the blood." Xanxus headed over to hold Tsuna's hand while the girl nodded up at her big brother, keeping a brave face though Xanxus could see the fear in her brown eyes, Tsuna hated needles, but Tsuna hated not being able to help more.

"Alright, you'll feel a little pinch." the doctor warned while Tsuna tightened her grasp on Xanxus' hand refusing to look while the doctor pushed the needle in her arm, staring instead at Xanxus' gun and memorising the features of the gun she gave him as a birthday present some years ago.

"No tattoo's in the last year? Or major illnesses or conditions?" Xanxus shook his head for her while he held her hand tight.

"Brat is clean and healthy." Nodding the doctor squeezed gently at the blood pack watching the blood flow. "What do I do with the brat after this?"

"Juice, she'll need some fructose or sugar, get her something to eat, anything with iron is good, red meat, fish, poultry, spinach. Take her to the kitchen and let them know she gave blood, they're throwing out iron rich meals for anyone that gives. Given her size and age, she can't safely give any more for some time." Xanxus nodded, he had thought so, the girl was tiny for her age, let alone taking blood from her tiny little body. Once this was done he was feeding the brat and putting her to sleep somewhere.

"How old are you dear?"


"Alright, so that's all we can take safely. Very small for eleven aren't you?"

"Mmm, nii-san said I'm not allowed to grow up, so I think my body listened." the doctor had to laugh at that, looking over at Xanxus whom shrugged.

"Don't blame it on me brat. Your being tiny is your own problem." Xanxus glanced over to see the doctor pulling the needle and getting a cotton ball on her arm.

"All done, go get something to eat little one, and thank you." Tsuna nodded with a bright smile, jumping off the bed while Xanxus glanced over at Federico once more before tugging Tsuna with him to go get her fed. Lifting the small girl up when she swayed slightly with a short bout of vertigo, "Alright kiddo, you're not walking." Tsuna went to complain but sighed heavily and closed her mouth, there was no talking to Xanxus when he was like this.



"We're going to the kitchen and getting some steak." Tsuna smiled up at him at that, she liked steak, eating it so often she had developed a taste for the finer types of steak too.

"Steak, fillet, two, med rare. One for the brat that gave blood and one for me." the chefs nodded and swung into action while Xanxus settled Tsuna on a chair. Watching as the chef's made an iron rich meal for Tsuna, sides of spinach salad and beans to help get her iron back up.


Lussuria sighed in relief, after that last blood transfusion Federico has started to stabilize, however he was near the end of his reserves, he needed at least an hour to charge some more energy, so calling over to Ken the tall man left the smaller almost teen in charge of his spot helping to push Sun Flames into Federico.


"Onwards to the Vongola mansion~" Byakuran ordered as he settled into the limo the Gesso had sent for him the moment he arrived, all the other children tumbling into the large car after him. "Tsu-hime needs her Byaku-nii~"

"She only calls you that because you told her to." Mukurou grumbled, if Byakuran hadn't asked, he maintained Tsuna would never had asked the little bastard to be one of her collection of nii's.

"Keep telling yourself that pineapple-kun~" Mukurou glared over at the white haired brat restraining himself from attacking on the indoctrinated Varia rules list.

"How far from the mansion are we?" Hayato demanded, a welcome distraction from Mukurou and Byakuran digging at one another over and over.

"About twenty minutes~" Kyoya huffed over at Byakuran from his seat kicking at the divider between them and the driver in response to that timeline.

"Hurry up! The little animal is alone."

"He's driving as fast as is legal Kyo-kun~"

"I don't care, hurry up." Kyoya kicked the divider again, he didn't give a damn about road rules, Tsuna was MIA in Italy and had no one but Xanxus right now, and he did not like that at all.

"We're all worried about her too birdy, just wait. She's been here before with Xanxus, all that happened was she brought Hayato home with her."

"Exactly." Kyoya growled, "She can't be trusted to Xanxus, she collects more crowding brats. The little animal is only safe when she is with me."

"Only because you scare away all potential friends~" Byakuran giggled, of course she wouldn't collect more with mr no crowding or I'll bite you to death.

"You saying you want to share her with even more brats?" Mukurou asked, it was hard enough to get some time with Tsuna as it was, did Byakuran really think it would be fine if she collected even more kids?

"That's why we're on our way~" Byakuran doubted she'd have much time to collect brats in the short time before they arrived, especially if the mansion was on high alert as it most assuredly was after an attack. They would get there before they started bringing brats into the mansion for some reason.

"Oh dear." Mukurou raised an eyebrow over at Byakuran while the teen pouted. "I've started thinking of children as brats….I blame Xanxus for this~"

"I've thought of them as brats from the beginning, they are just that." Mukurou shrugged, other children had been whiny little brats since the very beginning, even before Xanxus had taken them from the Estraneo.

"Yes, but I didn't." Byakuran sighed, "Guess that's just one more thing to add to the list of things that have changed~"

"Less talk, more getting back to Tsuna." Kyoya growled kicking at Byakuran as Hayato opened the car door letting the white haired teen tumble out of the car.

"So mean Kyo-chan~"

"I have to agree with birdy, less whining more moving." Mukurou slid out dragging Chikusa after him. "Let's find our Sky."


"Why can't we go to Italy too?" Takeshi had been pouting all morning, not only was Tsuna gone but everyone else had gone with them. It wasn't nice to be left out like this, everyone was off having fun with Tsuna and they had to stay home and mind the shop.

"We should extremely go to Italy too!" Ryohei decided with a bright grin bouncing to his feet. Hana and Kyoko blinked over at him in surprise from Tsuna's desk where they were slowly working through the masses of papers Tsuna had piling up.

Takeshi had no idea where they were coming from, Kyoya wasn't here to send all the papers to Tsuna from people he beat up but still the pile was teetering in the in tray.

"Can we do that?" Takeshi asked blinking over at the bouncing Ryohei while the young man grabbed out the phone that Xanxus had made sure to provide them all with so that they were able to contact and be contacted by Tsuna at all times.

"Do you even have a passport?" Hana sighed while signing the next paper and dropping it into the out tray, "Because to go international you need that first, plus money for flights, to go to Italy it's roughly 80,000 yen. That's counting coming back. You have that sitting around?" Takeshi blinked over at Hana before frowning in thought, maybe he could ask his dad about that, plus the passport thing. He was fairly sure he had one but his dad would know for sure.

"It will work out." Ryohei announced before turning his attention back to his phone call. ?"Squalo-san! We're extremely going to Italy, do you know the quickest way?"

"Does your brother ever think before he acts?" Hana sighed rubbing at her temples, even if there was a way for them all to pay to go to Italy, what happened to the school without any of the student council and no leader for the disciplinary committee.

"Not really….though if we all go what happens here?"

"Exactly!" Hana agreed while rolling her eyes over at the jabbering Ryohei, looking over at Takeshi she sighed, looks like he was all ready to go too, on his own phone to his dad about passports from the conversation.

"The last thing Tsuna or Xanxus needs, is all of us showing up while they're dealing with Federico-san being injured." Basil cut in trying to head off the trip to Italy, it was harder and harder to keep the civilians ignorant of the Mafia, with them and Tsuna all running around it was going to be impossible.

"Finally, a voice of reason." Hana finally had someone on her side of this, Kyoko wasn't really taking sides but both boys seemed determined to go.

"B-Basil-kun is-is right. Tsu-nee will have her hands full ta-taking care of Xanxus-san. It's bad e-enough that the others w-went after her."

"It's not a holiday." Basil reminded while Takeshi pouted over at Basil, they knew that, but it wasn't fair to be left behind.

"We know that, it's just…." Takeshi sighed looking down at his now silent phone, "What if the worst happens and Tsu-hime needs support to help support Xanxus-san. Dad said I could go."

"Squalo-san said we could extremely use the plane they have."

"..." Hana shared a look at Kyoko. "They have a plane?"

"I knew they were rich, but wow." Kyoko breathed her eyes wide, to have their own plane.

"Squalo-san said it was on the way back from Italy and we could extremely use it tomorrow to go over."

"We cannot just go to Italy!" Hana groaned, "More people hanging around at a sensitive family time, it's just ridiculous."

"But….everyone else got to go." Ryohei was pouting now, everyone else got to go to Italy with Tsuna except them, even if it was for a family emergency, it still hurt being left out. "Squalo-san said it would be extremely fine if we went."

"All I ask is wait, you want to be there if the worst happens, can we at least wait until we know if she needs us?" Basil finally cut in, if they were set on going if he could at least stall for a while.

"Two days." Takeshi stipulated. "If we haven't heard anything by then we go anyway." Basil reluctantly nodded, he had at least bought a few days for the mansion to work things out.

"C-Can I c-come too?" Chrome asked softly while Takeshi grinned over at her bouncing over to give the small girl a hug.

"Of course, we all can! Hana-chan, Kyoko-chan grab your passports, we get to go to Italy in two days~"

"He's been spending too much time with Byakuran, he's starting to sound like him." Basil groaned while Chrome giggled lightly, Takeshi had almost always been upbeat and positive, picking up on Byaukran's perky speech wasn't much of a change as Basil might think.

"I'm extremely going home now!" Ryohei yelled. "Kyoko-chan I'll extremely find our passports!"

"Alright nii-san." Kyoko smiled as her brother sprinted out of the room and headed home.

"He does know school hadn't ended?" Hana sighed while Kyoko giggled, that was just how her brother was, school was nothing when it came to helping out and being with friends and family. "Monkeys, they're all damn monkeys."

"I guess I'll let Xanxus-san know he has two days until the rest come." Basil grumbled while texting the young man, he wasn't going to like this, but two days was all he could manage to hold them off since Squalo had decided to make it easier for the kids by skipping the flight payments and offering the Varia jet as travel. Something he was also going to tell Xanxus, he doubted he would be amused by Squalo helping the civilians.


"Master Xanxus!" the tall young man turned sharply his narrowed eyes on the maid that had come running into the kitchen where he was feeding his brat. "Master Federico has stabilized." Xanxus had no words for the feelings he had then, the weight he hadn't known was on his shoulders suddenly disappeared.

Federico was stable.

"I told you." Tsuna smiled up at him before reaching up to pet his head. "Federico-nii will be alright."

"Yeah, you told me." Xanxus chuckled ruffling Tsuna's hair, the girl pouting up at him in response, he always did that, and her hair tangled easily to look like a birds nest every time.

"Tsu-hime." Xanxus growled when his brat was tackled by a group of children toppling her out of her chair and onto the floor while the group hugged his brat tight all talking a mile a minute complaining about being left behind.

"Why the fudge are you brats here?" Xanxus growled dragging off Byakuran first before pulling the rest of them off Tsuna so he could pull her back up and set her back in her seat to finish her food. "Brat gave blood, so let her damn well eat." Byakuran pouted but a tug at the back of his collar from Chikusa stopped him, if Chikusa was stepping in it was really time to listen. Chikusa only ever interfered when they were going over the edge of acceptable behaviour.

"You kidnapped our little Sky, we had to come make sure she was alright~" Xanxus tossed a glare over at Byakuran while the young teen raised his hands in surrender and shut himself up.

"It's our job to protect Tsu-hime, especially…..here." Hayato reminded glaring around at the staff, any one of them could be an assassin, as far as anyone knew Tsuna was Xanxus' daughter, that made her a target, especially if someone was attacking the heirs. Federico might only be the beginning, what if they were going to work their way down the list of potential future decimo's.

"Under an illusion or not. Isn't it safer to have guards she won't mind sticking close?" Mukurou gave Xanxus a firm stare, he should have thought this through more, while he was strong enough to defend Tsuna should anything happen, there was still the chance they might get separated and then it was just Tsuna. Tsuna was strong, but she was also reluctant to fight unless she had a reason to.

"Tch." Xanxus glared at the collection of kids all glaring back at him in return, bar Chikusa who was getting Tsuna another glass of juice. "Whatever, just don't make trouble, any fighting with one another, any at all, you're all out of here understood?"

"Sir yes sir~" Byakuran saluted Xanxus before grinning and bouncing into the seat beside Tsuna. "Shotgun~" Hayato went to yell at Byakuran but Mukurou slammed his hand over the kids mouth.

"What did Xanxus just say brat?" Hayato silenced his shoulders falling. "You bugger up we're all gone, control your damn temper." Hayato nodded, Mukurou letting go of his mouth finally with a frustrated sigh, this was going to be annoying, any fighting and that was it, they were all going to have to control their volatile tempers.

"Well birdy, how do you want to do this?" Mukurou asked off the side to Kyoya, they had gotten used to working with one another over the years, they still didn't enjoy it, but if Byakuran had done anything in his extended stay it was get the two used to cooperating.

"Shifts, at least two with her at all times. You and your brat, Byakuran and the other brat."

"Oh? And you?" Kyoya sent a glare over at Mukurou, he didn't do crowding.

"I'll be around." Mukurou rolled his eyes at the grumpy Cloud, Kyoya didn't play well with others, but when it came to knowing where Tsuna was he was an expert. Even when Xanxus couldn't track the girl Kyoya seemed to be able to find her, thanks to him she hadn't been able to increase her collection of brats on those occasions she had managed to wander off on her own.

"Why do I have to be with this guy." Hayato whined glaring at Byakuran, Hayato had never warmed up to the Tsuna glomping bastard. Every chance he got he was latched onto Tsuna and nothing annoyed Hayato more than people all over Tsuna.

"Just deal with it." Mukurou growled over at the silver haired child. "We don't have many options, one fight and that's it, so behave."

"So, what do we do now?" Tsuna asked pushing her empty plate aside, she felt a lot better now that she had something to eat in her stomach, blinking over at the other preteens and teens. "Nii-san?" Xanxus sighed softly glancing over the collection of kids.

"All of you stay inside for now. Brat, show them to the kids room here." Tsuna nodded with a bright smile tugging on Byakuran's hand as the teen glomped onto her again.

"This way, Hayato-nii do you remember the way too?" Hayato nodded heading after her while the rest of the kids followed, Kyoya hanging back so he wasn't too close to the group, it had been frustrating enough being on a plane with them then in a tiny car, he was at his crowding limit for the day. The things he did for the little animal.

Pausing Tsuna turned to look at Xanxus while the collection of kids all came to a standstill as well. "What about nii-san?"

"I'm going to check on Fed and father, I'll send the dog brat your way if he's done. As for the rest of you, stay close to Tsuna." Mukurou nodded to Xanxus before coming up on Tsuna's side, the one not taken by Byakuran at least and tugged the small girl away from Xanxus.

"Come on Tsu-hime. Leave the adults to adult, we'll just be in the way." Tsuna nodded taking Mukurou's hand and trotting off towards the kids room her collection of Paladins following close behind, at a reluctant truce as always in Tsuna's presence, even more so for some of them with temper issues right now.


"Nono." the elderly man's head snapped up the second someone arrived at his door with news, regardless of what it was he needed to know, even if it was what he dreaded. "Master Federico has stabilised." Timoteo nearly burst into tears at that his hands gripping so tight on the papers on his desk they crunched up completely.


"Yes sir, Brow Nie Jr just announced that the young master was stable. That's all we know for now." Timoteo slowly let out a breath he hadn't known he had been holding slowly letting his grip on the papers release.

"Thank you, have you told Massimo?"

"I am heading there now, excuse me." Timoteo waved the young messenger out before sagging over his desk his face in his hands while he held back his sobs. Timoteo had been sure for a while there he was going to lose another son, to find out Federico was stable, even though he knew that might change, for him to be stable right now.

"Thank Primo." If he hadn't know someone might burst into his office at any moment he would have cried.

"Tsuna said he'd be okay." Timoteo's head snapped up while he studies his youngest son. "Brat knew." Timoteo wiped away even the slight existence of tears while focusing on his grumpy son, he didn't get to see him enough since he lived in Japan now, when had his son gotten so mature?

"Her intuition is the strongest I've ever seen, stronger than my own, or any of my sons." Timoteo couldn't hide the small smile, if Tsuna said it would be alright, then Federico would continue to be stable.

Tsuna had spoken so it would be.

"You know I don't think there has been intuition like hers that borders on precognition since Primo, the strong little thing that she is."

"Doesn't matter what language we swear in now, brat knows even if she has never heard the language." Xanxus grumbled moodily, they had all had to stop swearing in conversation even in other languages now, Tsuna knew, even if she wasn't in the same building. "Slowly that spider sense of hers evolved to other things. Brat's intuition is a menace."

"But she hasn't collected any more children. Technically" Timoteo reminded, in a few years she collected all of the strong little elements that now surrounded her, but since Byakuran and the baby Lightning arrived she had only collected fans at school.

"We're not even going to talk about them, the brat has had four stalkers in the last six months, and that was before getting into middle school with teenage hormonal male brats."

"The little darling is growing up isn't she?" he got a glare for that, Tsuna was never growing up, Tsuna was going to stay his little girl forever. "You can't keep her a little girl forever, she's going to start noticing boys in return one day." Timoteo could see Xanxus' eye twitching at the thought, Tsuna taking interest in any male other than a new nii-san. He was going to have to quietly kill a lot of brats from here on out.

"Like hell she will." Xanxus grumbled while huffing slightly. Since the news about Federico the old man was teasing him. Maybe he shouldn't have told his father about Tsuna's assessment if Federico's condition. "I assume you know most of her pets are here?" There was no way those children got into the Vongola mansion when it was on high alert without Timoteo getting a report. A nod was his answer.

"It's a good thing they came really. Until we know how they got inside so easily or take the attackers into custody any defences we can put in place for the girl are welcome." The last thing any of them wanted was Tsuna possibly being hurt if these people came back to try finish the job, or to find and kill another possible heir while they were all gathered in one place.

"The arcobaleno Storm is on his way to join the brats. I called off his holiday early, he should be here soon." Xanxus has called the Storm on the plane, he hadn't been going to leave Tsuna defenceless unless with him as the glare Mukurou gave him suggested the brats thought. He had called for the strongest guard available.

"Reborn is about two hours away as well. Since Fed has stabilised I'll ask he also join Tsuna."

"Brats have organised two man shift teams to be on the lookout. Getting one Arcobaleno in each to keep an eye on things would be safest." Xanxus reluctantly agreed, Tsuna's safety was his priority regardless of pride and protectiveness. He didn't like having to trust Tsuna to anyone but he also knew that it was safest. For Tsuna's safety he would do anything. "Has Massimo, your guardians or CEDEF uncovered anything new on the attackers?"

"Not yet, I'm in the middle of reading the reports, did you want to join me?" Xanxus grumbled but sat down anyway, taking a small pile of the paperwork and beginning to comb through it for any helpful details.

"Nono, there is someone here from the Bovino to talk to you." Timoteo sighed, he really didn't have time to be talking to the Bovino right now, in fact they had been starting to push the limits of his patience with their famiglia's current activities, there were also rumours that they had started using children for experimentation, as soon as any of those rumours were confirmed he was going to be sending Xanxus over there to stop things.

"Now isn't really the-"

"Sorry to barge in like this Nono, but you need to hear what I have to say." Timoteo blinked in surprise when a tall woman pushed past the messenger into his office, Ottavio Bovino had separated from the Bovino after the death of her brother and his wife, and then their little son went missing. The son that was currently living with Sawada Nana.

"Ottavio, sorry, had I known it was you-"

"Sadly I don't have time for formalities, I know who attacked your famiglia." Xanxus narrowed his eyes at the woman then, she knew who had tried to kill his brother. "I've distanced myself from the famiglia as you know, but there are still some there that give me information. The Bovino famiglia joined up with someone called the Simon and it was them that attacked the mansion."

"The Simon?" Timoteo frowned deeply that name sounded familiar from somewhere, he was going to have to look into it.

"The head of which is a kid about the same age as that little girl that's helping take care of my little nephew." Xanxus twitched at that, how the hell did this old woman know about his brat being involved with the baby brat, that was meant to be secret. "Oh don't look so pissy, I kept up to date on my little nephew, had to make sure he was well taken care of. In thanks to both the girl and her mother taking care of little Lambo all information pertaining to those two has gone no further than me."

"What concerns me is who gave you that information." Xanxus growled, messengers could be caught and tortured, or someone close to Tsuna had given out information about her.

"That's not important, the information was secured and no one but me ever heard it. Don't worry, I'm not about to risk my nephew either." The security of the information wasn't what bothered him, it was that someone had to be giving out information from within the Varia and brats, or someone was watching them without any of his men catching them which was another concern.

"Xanxus, we can talk about that later, for now we have another matter to focus on." Xanxus reluctantly dragged his mind away from whoever was giving out information about Tsuna and back to the people that had attacked the mansion with such ease. "The Bovino didn't have anyone I know of powerful enough to get into the mansion so easily, I assume the attackers were from the Simon?"

Ottavio nodded while she pulled out a folder and handed it to Xanxus so he and Timoteo could read it. "The Bovino supplied the information about layout and best places to find someone worth killing."

"Should I take care of the Bovino? Bel's sulking about not being included in the brats Italy invasion, he'd be happy to have an excuse to come to Italy and assist."

"I can give a list of those that are not involved with the current regime." Ottavio offered, she really didn't mind if the famiglia was destroyed, it would give her a chance to restart it properly, how it had been before the not so mysterious death of the previous head. "There's about two hundred people that would even help out whoever you send."

"We're not going to wipe them out, not yet, they're our only connection to this Simon famiglia at the moment, we need them, for now." Timoteo was reluctantly to take out the Bovino, not because he didn't want to, but so that these Simon didn't disappear into the wind without the Bovino and they would never be able to find these Simon until they came to strike again.

"The little one, she's got adequate protection right?" Ottavio asked while Xanxus glowered at her, was she questioning his ability to make sure the brat was well taken care of, "Don't give your knickers in a twist grumpy, just checking. Regardless of the reasons, we just packed all the top Vongola family into one building that was broken into easily before."

"The brat is fine, some of the other brats came to be with her, and we have two arcobaleno on their way."

"This does however substantiate this report." Timoteo sighed pulling out one folder, he had not been sure how to take this one. "The only sightings we have of the attackers were reports of children seen in the halls, before Tsuna arrived."

"They didn't take action when they saw children because they were children?" Xanxus found that ridiculous, in their world children were just as dangerous as adults, the brats he was raising were clear examples of that, Tsuna would be able to take on Massimo and win should the two go head to head for some reason.

"I know Xanxus, that is a matter for later, more importantly right now we need to get the information to all staff. Have pictures of the children with Tsuna handed around, anyone they don't recognize is a threat. Actually-" Timoteo frowned, while they weren't here that didn't mean they wouldn't be. "All of the kids, pass around pictures of all of them, in case."

"Will do, Basil stalled them but the other brats want to come over in a few days if Tsuna is still here. They go into withdrawal without access to Tsuna." Xanxus sighed, he had hoped not to involve them, but it didn't look like they had a choice, Xanxus wasn't going home yet and there was no way Tsuna would leave him.

"I'll see what I can get on the Simon from my contacts." Ottavio promised with one nod to Nono before leaving them.

"Are you able to talk to Massimo while organising identification for all the children with the staff?" Timoteo asked, his son nodding in response before heading out.

Nono frowned deeply down at the reports when he was finally again alone. "Now why do I know the name Simon."


After making sure they knew all the exits and entrances to the room Kyoya took over sitting on the windowsill to watch outside while Hayato kept an eye on the doors. Chikusa was babying Tsuna since she had given blood while Byakuran tried to feed her marshmallows, though Tsuna had long since learnt not to take them.

Mukurou was sending out illusions around the house to listen in for any warnings coming from around the mansion that may give them a heads up on something coming for Tsuna.

Chikusa, having settled Tsuna down with some German to learn, the small girl having taken a liking to languages, tried to run interference with Byakuran to let Tsuna concentrate by feeding him marshmallows.

"Tsu-hime, school's finished." Tsuna brightened at that grabbing out her phone, she had been waiting for school to end so she could check on the others, having disappeared on them.

First checking in with Chrome, then getting deafened by Ryohei while the energetic child yelled through the phone at her, they hadn't managed to teach him about inside voices yet, it went over his head.

"..." Tsuna blinked in surprise before looking over at Mukurou. "Everyone else is coming up in a few days. Squalo-nii said they were allowed to." Mukurou could have cried, why the hell had Squalo given the civilians permission to come to the headquarters of one of the largest Mafia organisations in the world, especially if that Hana girl came, she was much too sharp.

"Squalo's gonna be so deep in it when Xanxus get's back~" Byakuran giggled while popping another marshmallow into his mouth.

"Squalo-nii does it on purpose." Tsuna explained having finally escaped from Ryohei, she was taking a breather before calling Takeshi then the girls, she needed it after Ryohei's energy. "Ryohei-nii said that they're coming up in two days."

"Just what we need, more brats." Hayato grumbled moodily, if Takeshi and Ryohei came over as well it was going to be very difficult to not get into any fights, the civilians just rubbed him the wrong way, especially the grinning idiot.

"Oh come on Haya-chan, admit you're happy your boyfriend is coming~" Chikusa cuffed Byakuran upside the head before sending a glare over to Hayato that diffused the boy immediately, no fighting, if they fought it made Chikusa angry, no one made Chikusa angry, even Byakuran was wary of an angry Chikusa.

The only person that could never make Chikusa angry was Tsuna, even Mukurou and Ken had been given a glare of warning before when they had dug themselves into a hole with their behaviour.

"I know, I know, fighting means we get kicked out." Hayato grumbled pouting as he turned back to keeping an eye on the doors to pout for a while. Tsuna trotted over and pet his head for a moment to relax the child before heading back to her phone to check in with the rest of the people they left behind.

Chikusa doubted they'd get kicked out if they fought, but it was best not to cause trouble after just getting here. Especially with Tsuna probably somewhat sleep deprived and having given blood, he had no idea how it was allowed for someone so small to give blood. Either way the last thing she needed was Byakuran and Hayato fighting. He did sometimes get called out for mothering Tsuna, but that wasn't going to stop him, everyone was always competing for her attention and there were times she was just too nice to say she needed to stop, so Chikusa had taken on that role for her and quickly impressed on everyone that when he said enough, it was enough.

"Tsunaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~" Tsuna squeaked when she was tacked from her chair her papers flying around her from the knock while she giggled petting Ken's hair while he babbled at her, a few seconds later he proceeded to crash out snoring softly while Tsuna kept petting his head.

"Um, Mukurou-nii?" the young teen headed over to lift the snoring Ken off her.

"Hayato, closest room." Hayato nodded jumping to his feet and hurried to show Mukurou out, he wanted to get back ASAP so he needed to get Ken somewhere to sleep.
Byakuran helping to gather her paperwork together, while Tsuna jumped onto the couch with a yawn, thinking about it now, she was a little tired.

Byakuran turned to say something to her but Chikusa's hand snapped over his mouth while he inclined his head over to Tsuna, the girl had nodded off in her spot on the couch, grabbing a blanket Chikusa headed over to cover Tsuna. Byakuran headed for the door to silence Hayato the second they got back, if Tsuna was sleeping none of them wanted to disturb her "Should we put Tsu-hime in a room too?" Hayato asked softly before getting glared at by Mukurou.

"Do you want her out of our sight? Xanxus would have a fit if we all hung around in her room. This is the best way to keep that little Sky in our sight."

So instead the children all waited quietly watching entrances and exits while keeping one half an eye on the sleeping Tsuna, without Tsuna they all just went to their corners and waited quietly. No one willing to do anything to wake the sleeping Tsuna, not just because of the rules and grumpy sleep deprived Tsuna, because they all cared about her so much they would forgo all problems to let their most important Sky sleep.


"Father?" Nono waved in Massimo the young man heading in and taking the seat Xanxus had abandoned not too long ago with a heavy sigh. "I've got more information from Brow Nie Jr about Fed."

Timoteo dreaded hearing the news, from the inflection in his middle son's voice he knew the news was bad, but he also needed to know, as a father, and as Vongola Nono.

"He's completely stable now, Brow says that he should be conscious within days…..to be totally honest, he stabilized after a blood transfusion provided by Tsuna." Timoteo had to chuckle, that little girl, she had been more than a friend to his family, more then family, Tsuna had saved his family more than once. Tsuna had saved his relationship with Xanxus when his son had found out he was adopted, she had honed his, and both his true son's Flames during their short time at the Varia mansion in Japan, she had been by both his and Xanxus' side when he lost Enrico and to now have not only provided another Sun in Ken, she had also helped stabilize his son with her generosity in giving blood.

"I feel somewhat bad that for a girl that has done so much for us is going to be dragged into the underworld."

"Ex-fucking-scuse me?!" Timoteo and Massimo both squeaked in surprise looking over at a furious looking Xanxus glowering at them both his hands clenched tight, a hint of Flames sparking on his hands. "What the fuck did you just say?"


Mukurou blinked in surprise when Tsuna startled awake. "Bad nii-san." and with that she crashed out again, Mukurou and Chikusa shared a look before sighing together, Xanxus must have sworn.


"You want to do what with my brat?!" Xanxus was livid, he had spent the last six years keeping that girl out of the Mafia, and you want to drag her in?! Why the hell would you drag her into this shit?!"


"Nii-san." Mukurou sent Chikusa a look, the child sighing heavily and heading out of the room to go find Xanxus and tell him to stop disturbing Tsuna's sleep.


Xanxus couldn't help but start pacing again, he was furious, he had spent all this time keeping Tsuna out of the mafia, he had to sign a damn contract with his damn father about how he would continue to keep her out of it and he was talking about getting his brat into this disgusting world?

"Are you kidding me? After everything you made me do?! What the hell old man, why?!"

"Xanxus, this isn't really the time for us to-"

"That is my brat! No I will not just leave this alone. What the fuck are you-"

"Xanxus-san." the whole room froze looking over at the child while Chikusa looking in at them from the door quietly. "Please stop swearing, you're disturbing Tsu-hime's sleep." with that he disappeared while Xanxus sighed heavily growling but taking control, if Tsuna was asleep and his swearing disturbing her he had to stop.
"Tch." looking back at his father, "You going to talk old man or am I kidnapping Tsuna and hiding her from all of you?"

"Father?" Massimo asked while Timoteo frowned, everyone pausing again when the door opened, Brow Nie Jr having finally left Federico's side and come to report.

"There is a problem." everyone in the room stiffened dreading the news, they had been told he was stable, what the hell was happening now? "He's stable, he really is." Brow promised while the whole room breathed a sigh of relief. "However." There had to be something, they weren't that lucky to have escaped this with nothing. "He will wake, with time, and we believe a full physical recovery will happen." pausing the Sun sighed heavily, he hated to be the bearer of bad news but he didn't want anyone else talking to Nono about this, his friend for so very long. "His Flames are destroyed." Timoteo felt like crying, while his youngest was never his strongest son, he had still been a Sky. "I don't know if he will ever be able to recover them, between the tatters they're left in and the psychological side of having them destroyed….I'm sorry Nono, but I don't think he will ever fully recover."

"What the fuck are we going to do?" Xanxus groaned, "Massimo is with CEDEF, with Federico down and me….well not an option. What the fudge are we going to…." Xanxus fell silent his eyes widening while he stared at his father. "You old….bugger." Xanxus growled angrily glaring at his father, "That's why you want her in the Mafia, you want her to take over as heir?!"

"Hell no old man, if the brat wasn't sleeping I'd….How can you do this after forbidding me to tell her anything about the Mafia?!" Xanxus was rightly so, furious. "Darn it old man. You want to...I have no words, you bastard old man, sorry brat." Xanxus muttered, he had sworn once, but hopefully Tsuna would forgive him. "You want to do this, after all that time of telling me I had to lie to my damn brat? Do you have any idea how hard it is to lie to Tsuna?!"

"Xanxus-" the young man cut his father off, he was not taking a single part of this from his father right now.

"No don't you dare!" Xanxus hissed. "You...manipulative….." Xanxus just shook his head storming out, he couldn't deal with them right now. Xanxus needed Tsuna, the same Tsuna he was tempted to kidnap and run away somewhere away from the Mafia. Seriously this father was doing this now? He was doing this at all?!

"I don't think Xan likes the idea." Massimo sighed glancing at his father before sobering. "What about Fed now?"

"Same as before, once he recovers, he would be a good advisor."

"Nono." looking over to the door Timoteo smiled over at Reborn, it was nice to see his old friend at the end of this very long day, he could use the support. "Did I hear right? Sawada Tsunahime is finally going to be joining the Vongola?~"

"You don't have to sound so excited." Massimo grumbled, "Xanxus is pissed off."
"Of course he is, that boy is completely sexually frustrated, he's bound to be grumpy." Reborn was given a look from Timoteo who just shrugged over at him and a sigh, pulling back his snark Reborn focused back on Timoteo. "How is Federico?"

"Stable, thanks to Tsu-hime." Reborn breathed a sigh of relief before his eyebrow cocked, thanks to Tsuna?

"Thanks to the 11 year old?"

"Long story….Fon is coming, but are you at all able to watch over Tsunahime in shifts with him and the brats, we need her defended in case someone comes." Reborn nodded, he would get more information once Fon was here to take over Tsuna watching duty. "The kids room." Reborn headed off while Timoteo heaved another sigh, there was going to be a long conversation later about Tsuna with both Xanxus and the Arcobaleno watchers and tutors.

"You think Xanxus will calm down?" Timoteo asked while Massimo shrugged, that was a hard one to call, Xanxus was very different when it came to Tsuna.

"It will very much depend on what Tsuna says I think." Massimo mused. "If Tsuna takes it in stride he'll be okay, if Tsuna shows any sort of rejection or horror he's going to freak right out."

"So Xanxus going rogue and stealing Tsuna away is all based on Tsuna's mood? We'll be fine then." Timoteo chuckled. "Tsuna is the most mellow civilian I know, and adding to that she knows about the guns and all sorts, she'll be fine." Timoteo nodded to himself, the girl was perceptive and he knew that, she had to know there was something going on that was different from normal.


Xanxus quietly opened the door to the kids room, while he felt like slamming it open, he wasn't about to wake Tsuna if she was still asleep, and from a peek over at the couch she was still crashed out. Without waking her Xanxus headed over to sit on the floor next to the couch, he was so angry with his father right now.

"Something's up." Mukurou murmured over to Chikusa, the eleven year old nodded watching Xanxus, he looked angry. Not sad, but angry, so nothing was wrong with Federico then, something had pissed him off.

"Something involving the little animal." Kyoya tossed over quietly his eyes narrowed at Xanxus, he had come here and gone straight to Tsuna, it had to involve that little girl.

"Nono wants to bring Tsuna into the Mafia." Xanxus growled over at the quietly gossiping brats, every one of them freezing, did Nono know that meant breaking the rules? Did Nono get punished for breaking the rules too? "Worse than that, wants to make her the damn Vongola heir." Chikusa had to snap a hand over Hayato's mouth when the boy went to cheer, he had been a devout believer that Tsuna should be Decimo.

"You want to tell her? Or kidnap her?" Byakuran asked because he could see those two choices flipping over in Xanxus' mind, either way they would probably end up following as well, none of her little Guardians or Paladin's whatever they wanted to call them, none of them were going to be able to let Tsuna go. Xanxus take her away and they'd follow right after.

"You should tell her." Chikusa noted softly, "It's Tsu-hime, she will understand. She wouldn't care." Kyoya snorted in amusement at that, Chikusa was dead on, Tsuna wouldn't care about something like the Mafia, as long as she could be by Xanxus' side, be with her family.

"Wouldn't care about what?" Tsuna asked with a yawn the whole room freezing and looking at the little girl while she rubbed at her eyes groggily. "Ah, nii-san, hello, how is Federico-nii?"

"Stable, he's going to be alright." Xanxus explained somewhat hoping that she had forgotten about hearing anything while waking up.

"What wouldn't I care about?" Xanxus groaned internally, shit, what did he do now?

"Brat. Tsuna." Xanxus corrected, "There is something important that I need to talk to you about." Tsuna just tilted her head at him with a confused blink, he was being very serious. Tsuna didn't feel like anything else bad had happened, so at least no one was hurt. "Brat we...me and the brats and my father and brothers. We're in the Mafia." Tsuna just blinked at him before she smiled.

"Oh, I knew that." Xanxus broke, staring at Tsuna blankly while the girl smiled at him. "You seemed not to want us to know so we didn't say anything."

"We?" Mukurou clarified while Tsuna looked over at the dual gaze of Mukurou.

"Mmm, Mama and me."



So here's the updated rules list, over the next few chapters you'll find out how some of them came about~

Varia Revised Rules

Rules 1 to 4 are absolute, upsetting of Nana, Chrome or Fuuta counts as upsetting Tsuna : Punishment for any perpetrators is removal from Tsuna's presence for minimum one month.

Breaking of any one rule is a week of training with Xanxus.

Breaking of any two rules in a week = a week without Nana or Tsuna's bentos.

Breaking of any three rules in a week = a week without Nana or Tsuna's cooking, at all. Nor inclusion on the Take-sushi lunch day.

Breaking of any four rules in a week = a week of being Lussuria's dress up doll.

Breaking of any five or more rules in a week = a week of no contact with Tsuna.

1. Do not ever upset Tsuna.

2. Do not ever upset Nana.

3. Do not ever upset Chrome.

4. Do not ever upset the Ranking Prince.

5. No swearing around Tsuna.

6. In any language.

7. Or at all.

8. Do not mention the Mafia around Tsuna.

9. Do not let Tsuna play violent video games

10. Do not let Tsuna watch violent movies.

11. Or horror.

12. Do not train Tsuna without Xanxus' permission.

13. Do not go near Tsuna without Xanxus' permission.

14. Do not communicate with Iemitsu.

15. Ever.

16. Do not allow Iemitsu near Nana or Tsuna.

17. Ever.

18. Do not introduce Tsuna to any new brats.

19. Do not take Tsuna anywhere near other brats.

20. Do not let Tsuna go anywhere on her own.

21. Do not give Tsuna coffee.

22. Ever.

23. Do not give Tsuna large doses of sugar

24. Ever.

25. Do not feed Tsuna marshmallows.

26. Never wake up sleep deprived Tsuna.

27. There is to be no fighting at all in the Sawada house.

28. Do not let Ken in the kitchen.

29. Or anywhere near fire.

30. Hayato too for that matter.

31. Hayato is not allowed to use explosives in the mansion.

32. Do not let Mukurou and Kyoya fight inside the mansion.

33. Do not let Hayato and Byakuran fight in the mansion.

34. Do not let Mukurou and Byakuran fight in the mansion.

35. Any damage caused by fights in the mansion will be charged to the brats that caused it.

36. Do not let Byakuran answer the phone in the mansion.

37. Mukurou is to give animal ears to all the children when Tsuna is around.

38. No yelling after 9pm or before 7am.

39. All brats will sit when eating.

40. No fighting in public.

41. No swords in public.

42. No illusions in public.

43. Don't be stupid in public.

44. Do not let Tsuna anywhere near puppies.

45. Or kittens.

46. Or birds.

47. Or anything cute and abandoned or on sale.

48. If you whine about your student council duties being too much work you will be removed and your position given to Byakuran.

49. Do not give Ryohei sugar.

50. No one is joining the boxing club. Stop asking.

51. Byakuran is not allowed near Tsuna without a chaperone.

52. Byakuran is not allowed anywhere without a chaperone.

53. No marshmallows in the mansion, at school or in the Sawada house.

54. No one is allowed out at night without permission from Xanxus.

55. And definitely not allowed to go to the Sawada house.

56. Do not let Takeshi or Ken play baseball inside.

57. Do not let Takeshi throw a baseball at any of the baby brats.

58. Do not ask the ranking prince for rankings without permission from Xanxus.

59. Especially about who is Tsuna's favourite.

60. Or who she likes more.

61. Just don't.

62. No male children other then Fuuta or Lambo are allowed to cuddle Tsuna at any time.

63. Or share her bed.

64. Or look at her.

65. Or think about her.

66. No males are allowed near Tsuna.

67. There is to be no fighting with Flames at school.

68. Hayato is not to leave his bombs in the hallway.

69. Do not cuddle Tsuna.

70. Especially Byakuran.

71. No illusions are allowed inside without permission from Xanxus.

72. No one is allowed in Xanxus' room except Tsuna.

73. No swords inside.

74. Including Squalo.

75. Especially Squalo.

76. Tsuna must always have at least one Paladin with her at school.

77. No photos are to be sold to the Tsuna Fan Club.

78. Nor her address.

79. None of them are allowed near Tsuna unsupervised.

80. All male brats are to now sleep in their own rooms during sleepovers at the mansion.

81. Do not get between Mammon and photo opportunities of Tsuna.

82. Do not get between Mammon and money.

83. Never question Tsuna's intuition.

84. Do not use Flames inside unless training.

85. Official training with your Varia or Arcobaleno tutor.

86. A fight with Byakuran does not count as training.

87. No guns inside.

88. Do not ever argue with Xanxus about Tsuna, you will lose.

89. Do not allow Byakuran to drive any Varia vehicle.

90. No alcohol is to be served to Tsuna.

91. Or the other brats.

92. Or near the brats where they might get their hands on it and give it to Tsuna.

93. There will be absolutely no smoking permitted inside.

94. Ever.

95. Do not tell ghost stories at sleepovers.

96. Any students or persons found to be stalking Tsuna are handed over to Mukurou and Kyoya for discipline. All brats are to report suspicious behaviour.

97. No one is to introduce Tsuna to annoying perky songs that get stuck in your head.

98. Do not speak or argue with your mouth full.

99. All brats bar Tsuna are forbidden from calling Xanxus nii-san. Rules 1-4 punishment for Byakuran if he breaks this rule.


"So boss, what's rule 100?" Squalo asked while Xanxus glared at the long list of ever growing rules.

"I don't know yet, but it will be a special one."




36. Do not let Byakuran answer the phone in the mansion.

"Tsu-hime's boytoy's and bitches, how may I direct your call~"

"Ex-excuse me?" the giggling voice of Nono came over the line, the old man trying hard not to lose himself to the amusement, whoever was answering the phone was really tickling his fancy.

"Don't touch the phone you little shit." Xanxus growled grabbing the phone off the brat. "What do you want old man?"


"Varia babysitting service how may I help you~"

"Oh hello, Byakuran isn't it, is Xanxus there~"


"Congratulations, you're the one hundredth caller~ You win a Tsuna~"

"Oh lovely, is Xanxus there Byakuran?"


"Welcome to the epicentre of the universe, this is God speaking~"

"Oh hello Byakuran, is Squalo there?"


"The number you have dialled could not be connected, please spin around in your chair 10 times and try again~"

"Hello to you too Byakuran, is Levi available?"


"Varia's BDSM dungeon, Squalo is all tied up by Xanxus right now. Leave a message~"

"Oh my….well are Xanxus' hands free for a moment Byakuran?"

"Of course Nono~" Byakuran giggled before bouncing into Xanxus' office to give him the phone, Xanxus grabbing it off the brat for a second before growling over at the child.

"That's it! Byakuran!? It's on the list, no more answering the fudging phone?!"



Rules 2

50. No one is joining the boxing club. Stop asking.

"You should all join the boxing club, Xanxus, you should extremely join!" Ryohei grinned brightly at the teen whom just glared back in return.

"Hell no brat. Stop asking."

"But you'd extremely love it!"

"For the fifth time, no!" Xanxus slammed his office door in Ryohei's face the child pouting before his eyes set on his next target and he bounced over to Mukurou.

"You should extremely join Mukurou!" Mukurou swatted the boy away like an annoying pests.

"For the last time, no!"

"But you-" Xanxus' head popped out of his office at the yell still coming from Ryohei just outside his door, his eyes narrowed on Ryohei before he growled, enough was enough.

"That's it, it's on the list. Stop asking or face the punishments." Grabbing out a pen to add it to the ever growing list of rules.

"I extremely won't stop!" Mukurou snorted in amusement rolling his eyes at the overly energetic child, he said that now, after a few training sessions with Xanxus that would change.



Rules 3

58. Do not ask the ranking prince for rankings without permission from Xanxus.

59. Especially about who is Tsuna's favourite.

60. Or who she likes more.

61. Just don't.

"Fuuta~" the child blinked over at Byakuran as the white haired child bounced into Tsuna's room and sat with him. "Can I ask for a ranking?~"

"Mmm." Fuuta agreed, he was happy to do rankings for anyone of his mama's friends. "What should I rank?"

"Who does Tsu-hime like more~ Me or Mukurou~"

"I want one too!" Ken all but pounced on the kid "Who is Tsu-hime's favourite, me or Chikusa!"

"Stop bugging the kid you little brats, get out!" Squalo had to drag the two children out of the room and toss them outside. "Ignore them kid." Squalo nodded over to Fuuta once before going to inform Xanxus of what had been going on, they would need to add this to the list. "Consequently….who does Tsuna like more, me or Xanxus."


"Nevermind." Squalo sighed giving up, he would only get in trouble with Xanxus, and he knew what the answer would be, it would always be Xanxus, unless it was Xanxus vs Nana, then it was Nana.


More omake's to come around the other new rules that Xanxus has added to the reshuffled rules list~

Currently the civilians have an edited version without the mention of the Mafia and guns so liberally, but they also know about the rules, everyone needs to know the Tsuna rules~


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