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Like you all probably saw back in the first and third chapter, he is starting to grow a small sense of morality. When he decided to spare Asuma's life after he saw the picture of what he thought was someone waiting for Asuma back home in the last chapter, it was him feeling pity for Asuma. With time, he will grow to be just like the actual Deadpool in the comics. From a coldblooded killer to a not too coldblooded killer with a small corrupt sense of morality, who in a way, cares for his few friends and has a good heart.

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Yes, Deadpool spared Asuma's life, but nobody knows that, for all Team 10 knows, Asuma was defeated, lost an arm and almost die while fighting a powerful S-Ranked missing-nin, I don't know about you guys, but if somebody I care got his arm cut off, I would be fucking piss with the person who did it.

Just to make it clear, Deadpool has a Byakugan in both eyes, but he is not related to the Hyuga. How he got them?, it will be revealed later. Deadpool may become a bigger pervert than Jiraya with those eyes, he he.

Also, Deadpool has only three Chakra affinities, Suiton/Water, Doton/Earth and Futon/Wind. Any other abilities like Genjutsu, Fūinjutsu or Medical Ninjutsu, and his limitations (Yes, Deadpool has limitations, he is a bad-ass but not an OP-bad-ass) will be revealed when its time comes.

In his fight with Asuma, like most of you may have noticed, Deadpool used only Taijutsu and Kenjutsu, and didn't use any Jutsus. To put it simple, he didn't fight with his full strength. He was not using any special techniques during the fight, just using his swords and a giving a few kicks in the face.

Deadpool is like any other Akatsuki member, he has his own reasons for joining Akatsuki, and doesn't know anything about the organization's true goal.

I decided that I'm not gonna give Deadpool an animal contract, while I find the idea really cool, it could also make Deadpool too OP, just having him raiding a giant animal and destroying anything on his path is too much, 'shivers'. Also, it just won't suit him, I mean, Deadpool is more of an assassin type, killing with skill and awesomeness, even if he does loves big booms, he is more dedicated in getting the kill.

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I do have a list of hot ladies waiting in line, but is not that long. Deadpool will progress in multiple relationships at the same time, but at some point only one will possess our little Wataru's heart, but that will be up to the readers. Sorry but I will not reveal who the lucky ladies are, I want to keep them secret until their time to shine comes, but many of you may have probably guessed a few already.

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"The Calm before the Shit Storm"

Not too long after their confrontation with the Konoha Shinobi, our favorite immortal duo were called by none other than their leader, to fulfill one of the many responsibilities they have as part of Akatsuki.

Extracting the Tailed-Beast from their Jinchūriki host.

Inside what could be describe as nothing more but a very dark cave, were the holographic images of some of the Akatsuki member inside the organization (who were currently alive of course), standing in the fingers of a very weird-ass creepy looking statue, that would probably let you wondering, 'what the fuck was the artist thinking?'.

Standing in each of the statue's fingers were the blurry images of some of the most dangerous people in the Elemental Nations. All doing the same hand sign that activated the jutsu that was extracting the Tailed Beast from none other than Nii Yugito, the Two-Tails Jinchūriki, who was currently flouting in the air as the Beast and her life were being taken away from her body, and going right into the statue.

These people, while they were all different in their own personal way, they all possess one thing in common. They were all Hardcore Bad-Ass S-Ranked Shinobi.

First we have Hoshigaki Kisame, also known as the Monster of the Hidden Mist, former member of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist, and the wielder of the sentient blade Samehada, a scale-covered sword, that shaves flesh instead of cutting it, which is also capable of detecting and absorbing chakra. He also looks like a shark. Neve talk about his strange colored blue skin near the guy, he gets depressed.

Then we have Uchiha Itachi, one of the last members of the Uchiha clan, and wielder of the Sharingan. He was once known as a natural prodigy back on his village. He joined the ANBU ranks at a very young age, but become an international criminal after murdering his entire clan. He also has brother issues, but he doesn't like to talk about it.

There is also Deidara, a dedicated artist and master of explosions. Need a big boom?, he is the perfect guy for the job. He also has mouths on his hands, kind of let you wondering what else he does with those things besides eating clay all day.

Kakuzu, an extremely powerful ninja and as old as your grandma's grandma. He works as Akatsuki's treasurer and is also a hearts thief. He also doesn't like to be called Stitches.

Konan the Angel of Amegakure, a founding member of the original Akatsuki. A very powerful Kunoichi and a renowned master of the Paper Ninjutsu. She is also very hot, but she is always so serious and does not like to talk that much.

Pain, or at least that's how he presents himself to the rest of the members. He is Akatsuki's current leader and probably the strongest in the entire organization and also has some weird eyes, not sure why. He also has a small problem of god complex, poor dude.

And finally, Deadpool.

"Soooo, is anybody gonna said something or what?, we been here for like almost two fucking hours and nobody has said even a hello", said the hologram of the masked Shinobi, "Are we just gonna stand here and say nothing until this thing it's done?, come on guys, live a little, this place feels like an antisocial club".

Kisame raised an eyebrown, "That…doesn't have any sense, how can there be a club that is antisocial?".

Deidara's image sighed, "Oh man, not again".

Ignoring the bomber's comment, Deadpool looked at Kisame, "Hey Jaws", said Deadpool to Kisame, earning the swordsman's attention.

"What?", responded the shark looking man.

"Do you mind if a barrow your sword for the rest of the week?, I always wanted to try it out and give it a couple of swings, you know, the stuff you always do, pleeeeese?". Said Deadpool almost begging. And he was saying the true, what else could you do with such a thing?, to say the true, he was getting tired of always seeing his blue coworker carrying such a bad-ass sword, and not being able to try it himself.

At seeing Deadpool's hopeful eyes, Kisame grinned, "Only if you can wield it", said incredulously the former swordsman of the Mist, "Samehada is not a regular sword, it's a sentient weapon that eats the chakra of others and as such, it's conscious and it chooses its own user by itself, so hardly anyone can wield it, if you try to even grab it and it doesn't like you, you may lose your hand", said Kisame with a sadistic smile.

Deadpool stared at Kisame with a deadpan face, "Is that a yes or no?".

Deidara hologram facepalmed, not caring for the mouth on his hand.

Kisame was taken back by the answer, to say the true. He knew how Deadpool was, and while he didn't exactly like the guy that much, he didn't hate him either, in fact, Kisame finds him amusing and likes the change of atmosphere the red masked man gives to the to the dark organization. Even so, he didn't expected such a stupid answer, but hey, he is Deadpool, what did you expect?. It didn't take long before Kisame turned to face the image of Kakuzu, looking at him with a questioning look that said 'is this guy for real?'.

Kakuzu just sighed, "I don't want to talk about it", said Kakuzu, making clear to the swordsman that he didn't wanted to pursue the topic any further.

Deadpool looked at his partner, "You are an antisocial jerk, you know that Stitches"

"I'm getting tired of this", mumbled an annoyed Deidara under his breath.

"And seriously, what's with the hologram thingy, do we have bad reception or what?, this is worse than Star Wars hologram", said Deadpool.

"Star what now?", said a confused Kisame.

"That's it!", yelled the mad bomber, "When are you gonna stop blathering all that nonsense!, do you ever shut up you stupid clown!".

Deadpool shrugged, "I may if you pay me, but don't expect any special discount, even if you look like a girl".

A tick mark appeared on Deidara's forehead, "I'm gonna show you my art if you don't shut up!", yelled the artist, before turning to the old Shinobi, "Seriously Kakuzu, how do you stand this guy?".

"I just do", answered the immortal, already annoyed.

"Deadpool", called Konan's image, getting Deadpool's attention, "Please be quiet, this ritual is already very stressful for many of us, and you are not helping at all, so please avoid disturbing the others and continue the extraction", ordered the blue haired woman.

The blue haired Kunoichi give a deep sigh, because as she suspected, her words probably didn't get into Deadpool's head.

"Konan my girl!, long time no see, how you been?", greeted Deadpool, ignoring the glares he was receiving from the other members, especially from the Akatsuki leader, "Have you been working out?, cause you look gorgeous!".

Konan narrowed her eyes at Deadpool, but decided to ignore him as he continue talking, and talking, and talking. She was already use to her coworker antics, especially the 'comments' directed to her. While she does find Deadpool's attitude quite annoying sometimes, she cannot doubt the results the man can provide, he truly was a shinobi whose strength should be respected, she does not know his true capabilities at all, nobody does, not even her friend Nagato, or as he prefers to call himself in front of the other members, Pain, knows for sure, the closes one to know more would be probably his own partner, Kakuzu. With no doubt, this was probably one of the reasons why the man known as Madara appointed him as one of the primary candidates to acquire to join the organization.

She closed her eyes, remembering the day she first meet the man, the day she first meet Iruson Wataru.

(7 years ago)

On a small town near the Iwagakure, in the land of Earth, certain red masked Shinobi was inside the local canteen, leaning against the bar with part of his mask up, revealing only his scarred mouth, taking a drink from a glass full of sake.

As everyone could guess, this was our friendly neighborhood Shinobi, Deadpool.

He was not the only one on the canteen, the people on the other tables were staring strangely at the masked shinobi, which was not surprise, considering his current attire. You could hardly tell if he was a shinobi or not because of the skin tight red and black suit he was wearing, the kind of suit no one else besides certain 'green youthful man' would wear. Accompanying his red suit were multiple pouches, scattered all over his body, all carrying either kunai, shuriken or ninja scrolls. He was also carrying a katana on his back.

Finishing his drink, he didn't waste time to ask for another one, "Hey bartender, another one, problems don't disappear by themselves you know?, at least not without a good drink", said the Deadpool.

The bartender did as he was ask, and fill the glass, "What brings a guy like…well…like yourself to a place like this, if I may ask?", said the bartender in his stupid voice.

"Meh, nothing especial, just getting a well deserve break, just finished a job and I already feel like the Tsuchikage's grandfather, even killed some people on my way here actually", said Deadpool taking a sip from his drink before continuing, "Man, this sucks".

"Hmm, must be tough, you are a mercenary right?, a shinobi, mind telling what happen?", said the bartender, now leaning on the other side of the bar.

"Hmm, now that you mention it, it's kind of a funny story actually, you see, I was…".

"Iruson Wataru...".

Deadpool stooped, as everyone's attention suddenly turned to the newcomer. A cold current of wind pass through the room, and the temperature soon drooped.

"…or as some people know you, Deadpool, the Kuchi to shinobu, (The Shinobi whit a Mouth)".

Feeling the killing intent that was filling the room, everybody inside the canteen didn't wasted time a leaved, even the bartender rushed to the exit in fear, knowing full well how a battle between Shinobi's could end.

Deadpool didn't bother to turn around, and choose to rather pull his mask down and stay in his place on the bar. But that didn't stooped him from asking.

"Where did you hear that name?", Deadpool turned his head around, only to face a blue haired woman, wearing a long black cloak with red clouds.

It was Konan.

At any day he would have given her one of his best lines, and try hitting on her, but now it was different, SHE knew something!.

"You came here to kill me?", said Deadpool.

Before she could answer, in nothing but an instant, Deadpool had his katana in hand, and was next to Konan, the sword only a few centimeters away from her neck, "Talk", demanded Deadpool in full seriousness, "Who are you?, and how do you know my name?!".

No fooling around this time.

Konan didn't seem fazed by the sudden move, or the threatening tone his voice took, "My name is Konan, and I've come here to invite you to Akatsuki", she said, her voice showing no emotion.

Grunting in confusion, Deadpool's white eyes made contact with hers, "Aka-what?, what is that?, some kind of band or something?".

Ok, maybe just fooling a little.

"Akatsuki", she corrected him, "We are an organization made entirely of S-rank missing-nin who have nowhere to go, just like you, and we need your power at our side to help us complete our goals, so come and lend us your strength".

"Yeah, I'm sure you say that to every guy you meet", said Deadpool, not really caring about that, "But I'm no missing-nin, I'm not even sure from what village I hail from, but you probably know that, after all it seems that you know about me, which brings me to my first question".

Getting his Katana closer to her neck, "I never told anybody my name, so tell me, how do you know my name?", he said, with venom on his voice.

Still unfazed by his threat, Konan replied, "Akatsuki has vast spy network covering all of the Elemental Nations, and some of the best informants working for us, any information we may need is bound to be found sooner or later".

"And how much do you know about me?".

"Not more than you do, Iruson-san, aside from your name, your reputation as a mercenary and the special ability that you possess, we hardly found anything at all".

Deadpool stared at her eyes once more trying to see if she was lying, but after a few seconds he found nothing.

"Fuck!", he yelled in anger, taking his sword away from her neck and put it back on its sheath, all while cursing on his breath.

'Every fucking time, dammit!', thought Deadpool, as he was feeling very frustrated, 'Every time I have a clue for my past, or something with some relation to it, it slips away!, no matter how many times I try, or how hard I try, I get nowhere, and now that someone who claims to know my name appears, it ends up she doesn't know a fucking damn thing!'.

Konan, watched with interest, but not losing her serious expression, at the masked man as he kicked a chair in anger, breaking it, and flipped a table around.

She knew about Wataru's lack of memories, it wasn't hard to find out, she also knew that he has been looking for information about his past all over the great five nations for years now during his travels, all while doing jobs, but with no luck, so it was no surprise seeing him like this.

She wasn't sure why Madara send her for the masked shinobi, his speed was something else, even if she could easily have turned into paper and escape his grasp, she was still impress. Still as she continue observing the red masked man in his fit of rage, she could't help but wonder one thing.

How would it be like to have no memory of her past at all?, she could only wonder. While she knew pain and suffering very well, she wasn't able to imagine herself forgetting her friends Nagato and Yahiko. It was true that there was no greater pain than losing a love one, but to not remember the people you care for at all?, to forget those moments that you spend with said person, those memories that makes them so special to you?, while Yahiko may have died, his memories still reside inside her, so if she and Nagato somehow died, who would remember their friend?, who would remember them?, nobody, they would just ceased to exist, forever. That was the only thing that she feared more than dead, complete forgetfulness.

To forget the people you care about is the same as losing them. No, it's the same as never having them at all.

And to make Wataru's case worst, he could't end his suffering even if he wanted to, all because of the special ability he has. The curse he has.

Staring once again at the masked shinobi in front of her, as he finally ceased his fit of rage and was now seating on a chair while holding his head with both hands, repressing the storm of emotions he must be feeling at the very moment.

In a way, she felt sympathy for him. Don't misunderstand, he was an assassin, a cold blooded killer, a shinobi, just like her, but that didn't mean she could't sympathize with him at all, while he probably didn't know the pain of losing a lost one, he obviously knew the pain of not having anyone at all. To being all alone and know nothing of himself at all.

That's why she waited for the moment he would calm down, before finally deciding to speak.

As she walked closer to Deadpool, he didn't fail to notice her, "What do you want now, can't you see I'm fucking depressed?".

"You didn't let me finish telling you my offer", she said, earning a look from Deadpool, "In exchange for you joining Akatsuki, we will gladly help you in your quest for the answers of your past, and any information related to you Iruson-san, will be given to you immediately", said the kunoichi..

Deadpool's white eyes were as big as watermelons, this offer was too good to be true, 'This is…this is…man, I can't even say what this is!, but whoa fuck it, I'm in!, this can't get any better', thought Deadpool in joy.

"Also, as long as you complete your work, anything else you care to do is your own business"

In just a few seconds, Deadpool attitude suddenly changed from a sad one to a cheerful one, his eyes making the figure of a half moon, as a show of happiness. Nodding happily, Deadpool crossed his arms, "Ok, you convinced me, but I'll join in one condition", he said, raising a finger to make his point.

Konan could't help but raise an eyebrow, "And that would be?".

"Let me invite you to dinner", he said, pointing at himself with a cheerful grin behind his mask.


It was barely noticeable, but Konan's eyes widened a little.

She didn't expected this, not at all.

Getting a hold on herself, she let out a deep sigh. 'Well, at least dinner is better than a fight, unlike every other Akatsuki recruitment, this was going way better than the typical "I'll join if you beat me" thing', she thought.

Looking back at Deadpool, excitement evident behind his mask, she just notice that he was actually a bit taller than her. But ignoring that, she just nodded in arrangement, "If that's how it is, then I see no problem".

"Then count me in angel eyes!", yelled Deadpool happily.

Not surprise by Deadpool's reaction, and ignoring his little compliment, Konan nodded again to the masked man, "Then its settle Iruson-san, welcome to Akatsuki".

"Oh, and that's another thing, please call me Deadpool when we are in front of other people, I have a reputation to keep, you know, and when it's just the two of us, call me Wataru".

Konan just stared at him, emotionless, "Very well, Wataru-san".

"Nice!, now back to the future!"

"Excuse me, what?"

"Don't worry, just stand there and look cute".


(Back in the present, or the future if you like, I don't care)

Back in the present, Konan opened her eyes and glanced towards Deadpool's hologram image, who was still talking. An annoyed Deidara not too far behind.

Recalling the topic from before, Deadpool's background was still unknown, even for him, the only information known about him was his name and nothing more. Even that was hard to find.

He may not use any flashy Jutsus like many other Shinobi prefer to use. Unlike them, he used his skills to permanently define his place in the shinobi category, where he became a professional in one specific thing.


She had witnessed his abilities at first hand in some of the missions they have done together, he was a soldier, a real shinobi, there was no doubt, but he was also a professional assassin. His regenerative abilities were truly frightening, combining them with his extremely unconventional way of thinking and unpredictability, makes him a dangerous enemy, and a powerful ally.

In another note, between the Akatsuki members, Deidara was the most bored of all of them, his eyes half closed, were only staring at the darkness beyond the cave. He then glanced at Itachi, who stayed quiet almost the entire meeting, never saying a word.

'God, I hate that guy, almost as much as the masked freak', he thought, now staring at Deadpool, who was still talking to himself.

'Deadpool', he growled at the thought of the name. While he did had small tolerance for idiots, Deadpool didn't have any at all, his annoying remarks and stupid comments were the bane of his existence, at least Tobi just acted stupid but almost never said anything offensive, but this guy was a completely other story, he was an asshole and a complete maniac, so yeah, he didn't like the guy at all.

"Hey Itachi", called Deadpool, staring at the Uchiha's image, "You been awfully quiet all this time, what?, did you finally got a girlfriend?, Oh I'm so proud of you Itachi-kun!".


"What, nothing to say?".


"Seriously, say something, you are creeping me out".


Seeing that he was getting no response, Deadpool narrowed his eyes at Itachi and then turned to the Uchiha's partner, "Hey, he can hear me, right?".

"Yes", responded the swordsman of the mist, grinning while looking at Deadpool's annoyed face, "He is just ignoring you".

Deidara laughed, "The better question would be 'does he even care about anything you have to say?'".

Deadpool just grunted, "Alright, have it your way Itachi, but you are officially uninvited to my birthday party, so I'm totally gonna invite your little brother instead, so suck it", continue Deadpool, "Anyway, changing to a more super important subject, have any of you guys consider my idea of turning this into an only profit organization?, let's forget all this 'plotting world domination' business and do something a little less creepy, let's just focus on the money like we been doing all this years, why change?", he said, earning a nod from Kakuzu, who could't help but agree with his partner, as rare as it was.

"I don't know about you guys, but I fail to see why sucking someone's soul would even help us anyway, yeah, we got a tailed pet so what?, I like money, everyone likes money, even Stitches sleeps with money all the time, so what gives?", said Deadpool, looking at the dying Yugito that was flouting in the air, than at the image of their leader, Pain. His ringed eyes and emotionless face staring back at him. "Also, we are not gonna do anything to her body right? Deidara, I'm looking at you"

"Fuck off!".

"Deadpool", called the Akatsuki leader to the masked shinobi, "Regardless of your personal opinion, you and Kakuzu have been doing a good work in getting more money for the organization, since we require a large amount of money to help us complete our goals".

"Why thank you Leader-sama!".

"But do not forget your place, working with us means working for us, if we achieve our goals, yours will be met that much faster, is that clear?", said Pain, still looking at him.

"Wait?, there is actually a fucking reason for us to do this shit?", said Deadpool, actually surprise, "I thought we were only doing this for the money and for the sake of fucking with people, at least that's what I thought until a few minutes ago".

It was in that moment that everyone's attention focused in the sole image of their leader.

"It's true that right now we have a pressing need for money, however, like I mention before, your efforts along with Kakuzu's have helped us have an economic stability far greater than what we had hoped for, even so, Akatsuki's true plans have always lain elsewhere".

Kakuzu grunted, "So all this time, the money was never intended to be that much of a necessity, am I right?".

Deadpool sighed, "Well, now that's what I call bullshit, all that money gone for nothing", he said with a fake tear on his eye.

Pain glanced towards the image of the two masked shinobi, "We merely needed a vast amount of money to accomplish our goals, I can guaranty that all the money has been put in good use".

Deidara's eyes narrowed, "If that's the case, then what are our true goals then?", asked the mad bomber.

"All of Akatsuki's goals lead to the same path, to specify things, it can be broken down into three steps", said the leader, "The first is to amass money, just like we were doing all this years. The second is to use the money to create the first true mercenary organization the shinobi world has ever seen".

"Sorry dude, but I'm going to tell you the same thing I told to the guy who thought he invented the toilet paper, it's been already done, ninja villages remember?", said Deadpool.

Pain only stare at him, "I am aware of how similar it sounds to the current shinobi system, but the countries with large and powerful ninja villages, get the bulk of their capital through the shinobi business by fighting battles both within and beyond their borders, these villages earn large amounts of money, essentially acting as the foundation of the country's economy".

"And so they can keep going, they need war", continue Kisame, already familiar with how things really work on the shinobi world.

The Akatsuki leader nodded, "Exactly, but nowadays, most missions amount to small skirmishes, the large destructive wars have all but disappeared, and as a result, many shinobi have lost their place as the countries continue cutting expenses, shinobi who lived only to fight and risked their lives for their nation, and were thanked by being abandoned".

Kakuzu could only growl as the memory of his village come in mind. He hated that place.

"The Five Great Nations are in no danger, and while both the countries themselves and their villages are well respected, they have many clients, within the country and others past their border, but doesn't work for the smaller ones", he said, getting more into detail, "It cost a lot to maintain a shinobi village, and those cost remain the same in both war and peacetime, but if those smaller villages reduce their forces too drastically, they won't be able to survive if a war breaks out".

Deadpool could only stare, trying to grasp what he just heard, "Ok, you lost me there, what do any of that have to do with us?, I thought we were just supposed to fight and kick-ass, why should we care about all this politics bullshit?".

"Because what Akatsuki is doing, what we all are doing, will change everything, including the way the shinobi world works", declared the Akatsuki leader.

"Hmm, how so?", asked Deidara.

"Simple, unlike any other shinobi village, Akatsuki will have no allegiance to any country, mobilizing only when necessary, using our shinobi only when required", declared Pain, looking at the rest of the Akatsuki's images, "We'll build up our forces through those small villages and countries, and create an army to bring war".

"In the beginning, we'll fight any war for a minor cost, single-handedly gaining control of the war trade, and as word spreads, we'll start using the Tailed Beast to manufacture our own wars, ones as big or small as the market requires, before long we'll have a monopoly on war".

"Oh I love that game!", yelled Deadpool, earning a glare from each member.

Ignoring Deadpool, the leader continue, "The entire ninja village system will fail, and the Five Great Countries will be forced to use Akatsuki, then, and only then, will we have achieved our true goal. That is the second step".

"Man, that's one a hell of a step", interrupted you-know-who.

Extending his arm in front of him, looking at the palm of his hand, the Akatsuki leader continue. "The third, and final step…".

"…we will control the world".




"You know I was joking when I said 'world domination', right?", deadpanned Deadpool, "Seriously, you could have skipped all the cliché 'villain dialogue' crab and just say, 'Conquer the mother fucking world maggots!' or something, it could have save us a few minutes".

Once again ignoring his partner's idiotic gambling, Kakuzu's image closed his eyes, "Hmm, it's really ambitious", said the old shinobi, before opening them again "I like it, seem like there will be a lot more money in this".

Kisame's hologram just grinned. The shark looking swordsman didn't really care about conquering the world or whatever, but knowing that there would be a lot of fights in the future kind of exited him. Deidara was the same, as long as he could show his art to the world, he didn't give a damn.

The only silent ones were Konan and Itachi.

While Konan didn't comment, as she already knew Akatsuki's true goal, Itachi's thoughts were unknown, people could only guess what the Uchiha was thinking.

"Hey Leader-sama", called Deadpool, "Now that you finish your evil monologue, mind if I ask how much longer will this thing take before we finish?".

"Three days".

"Oh, ok…wait!, three days!?, but Kakuzu and I are standing in the middle of a fucking rain!".

Kakuzu just grunted, "Deadpool, shut up".

"Oh come on Stitches!, how can you stand this?, weren't you the one that always says 'time is money'?, were you serious or you were just fucking with me?", he said with a mocking tone, but got no reply.

"Oh man, this sucks", complained Deadpool as he could only sigh, but then I thought crossed his head, "Hey, where is the rookie anyway, Tobi was it?, I like the guy, he seems really nice, oh and that shitty walking plant too".

The Akatsuki leader's image didn't bother to look at him, "They are on a mission right now, so they cannot join us…".

"…Lucky bastard…", mumbled Deadpool, getting a small laugh from Kisame, amused by the masked shinobi's childish attitude.

"…in other news, we are also gonna have a new member joining us soon", said the leader, getting the attention of some of the present members, "Seeing that Deidara still needs a new partner for his next Jinchūriki hunt, he will be paired with him, so I expect good results".

Deidara hologram sighed, "Oh great, another weirdo", he said sarcastically.

"Says the guy with the mouths on his hands that looks like a woman", joked Kisame, getting an annoyed look from the artist.

"Shut your mouth shark boy!, nobody asked your opinion!".

"My, my, do you kiss your mother with those mouths, young lady?", said the Monster of the Mist with a small chuckle.

Deidara just grunted, "Man this can't get any worse".

"Hey guys, want to play a game?", said Deadpool.

Kisame grinned, "Yeah why not, three days it's too long, may as well kill the boredom".

Deidara sighed again, "I hate you guys".

"I know you mean love!".

Far away from the Akatsuki hideout, back in the Land of Fire.

At the time when the confrontation with the Akatsuki members ended, Shikamaru, Izumo and Kotetsu carried an unconscious Asuma and brought him as soon as they could back to the village. They were fearing for Asuma's life, but no one was more afraid than Shikamaru, especially after seeing the monsters that were the two Akatsuki members they fought, and finding Asuma's body lying on the ground and bleeding to death with a missing arm, he could't find the words to describe how he felt in that moment.

'Dammit, how could this have happen?, how could I have been so careless?', those were the things Shikamaru was thinking inside his head with frustration.

Even now that he was standing next to Asuma, who was currently lying on a bed of one of the many rooms from the village's hospital, he still feel like wanting to scream in frustration at his mistake, since he felt that it was his fault that things ended the way they did, especially since he knew that today he almost lost his sensei. But he could't do that, now was not the time, the Hokage, Senju Tsunade, was present and still processing the information he just gave her about their confrontation with the Akatsuki.

Looking at Asuma's direction, he could see Shizune injecting some kind of medical serum in his sensei's arm, they were the only people in the room. Izumo and Kotetsu were checking up in one of the other rooms in the hospital, so they were not there neither.

Also, they already send a messenger to Kurenai sensei, if he had to guess, he would say that she will arrive soon.

He turned his gaze back to the Hokage. She looked stressed, there was no doubt. He could not blame her, this days were truly troublesome and the Hokage was paying the price, so he decided to keep waiting for a response.

For his luck, he didn't needed to wait that long.

"I see then", she said, looking at Shikamaru with her arms crossed, "I expect a detailed report about everything that happen during the mission, and I expect it before tomorrow".

"Yes Hokage-sama", nodded Shikamaru.

"But before that", she said, "Tell me more about the Akatsuki that Asuma fought, the one with the red mask with black spots, for what you said, you manage to get more information about him than the other one".

Shikamaru nodded as he put his hands behind his back, "The Akatsuki that Asuma fought was the first one we encountered, he would easily pass at least as an Elite Jōnin level or maybe even higher", said Shikamaru, recalling the events that took place a few hours ago, "He was also very skilled in Taijutsu, possessed great speed, high reflexes and strength, he was also a Kenjutsu specialist, as he showed a great deal of skill when using the two Katana swords he carries on his back".

Tsunade just stared at the Chūnin for a few seconds before signaling him to continue.

"Aside from a Water Clone, he didn't use any other Jutsu during the fight, so I don't know what kind he uses", said Shikamaru, before staring at the ground with his eyes narrowed, "Also, I'm not sure but…he seems to possess some kind of high level healing ability".

"Healing ability?, how so?", asked the Sannin, raising an eyebrow in surprise by the news, "And how far does his healing goes?".

"I'm not sure about the limits myself, we stabbed a kunai on his head but he just stood there like if it was nothing", said Shikamaru, as he remembered the Akatsuki that almost killed Asuma, "Also, from what I was able to see before they escaped, the man's right arm was missing, so my only guest is that it was Asuma who did it".

Tsunade nodded, "I see, so Asuma was able to wound the man".

Shikamaru looked down, "I'm not sure about that Hokage-sama", said the Chūnin, gaining the female Sannin's attention, "While it is true that the man's arm was cut off, just like before, he didn't seem to mind that at all, I'm not sure, but there is something about this man that I really don't like", he said in full seriousness.

Tsunade frowned, while she was familiar with the concept of healing Jutsu, especially since the only healing Jutsu made for battle she knew was her own creation, so to know that there was something similar out there was intriguing, especially if Shikamaru was correct about there being something else about it, but also worrying, as it was an enemy shinobi the one who possess it.

But in any case, seeing that this was related to her field of expertize, she could't help but feel very intrigued by the subject.

"So I guess the only thing left to do is to hunt down those two Akatsuki", said the Hokage, still looking at Shukamaru, "We will assemble a team to track and eliminate the two Akatsuki, and since you seems to have collected a lot of information from them in your encounter, I'm gonna put you in charge Shikamaru".

Shikamaru's eyes winded, "Me…me Hokage-sama?".

The Hokage nodded, "I'm counting on you Shikamaru".

Shikamaru wasn't sure about this, especially since if it was not for his mistake in dispelling the Jutsu, maybe things could have gone differently, but still, there was no time for that kind of thoughts. Looking back at the Hokage, Shikamaru nodded, "Yes Hokage-sama".

The Hokage turned to Shizune, who just finished attending Asuma, "How is he, Shizune? ".

The young woman looked at her master with a face of relief and answered, "He is ok now, he did lost a lot of blood but I manage to stop the bleeding and his wounds aren't infected, he will recover in a few weeks".

"Good, in that case you will be accompanying Shikamaru too, Shizune", declared the Hokage.

Both the Chūnin and the Medic-nin eyes winded, "Eh…may I ask why Tsunade-sama?", asked Shizune, surprise by her sensei's orders.

The Hokage glanced at her student, "Cause the Akatsuki Shikamaru and I were talking about may prove to be too much trouble, and physical attacks may be worthless against him, so in the case of that, maybe poisons or sedative serums could be the other best option".

While the Hokage said this, Shizune wasn't sure what to make of the situation, she was a very capable shinobi, but she wasn't used in going into missions since she normally stayed and helped Tsunade-sama in paperwork, as she was her assistant, but seeing that she was making a very valid point about how important her assistance could be in the mission, she choose to continue listening to her master with a determine look on her face.

"Shizune, you have a vast knowledge in poisons so it may work, but since we don't know how his healing abilities affect his immunologic system, it may be better if you go and prepare as many as you can, make different types of poisons or sedative serums, use everything I taught you", said the Sannin, with now Shizune and Shikamaru seeing clearly her point, "Also, if its possible, I want you to acquire his body or at least a sample for further study, since I'm actually curious about this man and how his healing abilities works, we may find something interesting".

Shizune could't refuse to that, in a way, she was also intrigued by this man too, so without objection, the Medic-nin bowed, "As you wish Tsunade-sama".

Tsunade smiled a little at seeing her student attitude at the subject, knowing full well that her student was also interested, but before she could say anything else, the room's door opened, reveling none other than Yūhi Kurenai, who without any word quickly approached the resting Asuma, who was still sleeping on the bed.

Everybody knew that the Jōnin needed a time alone, so they left the room without saying anything, leaving a crying Kurenai behind.

The orange masked man contemplated the information Zetsu just brought him.

"Iruson Wataru, his past and origin village still remains unknown, but we were able to find something that was related to his name" said the black half, gaining the attention of the masked man.

The white half continue, "He was part of some sort of secret project made by a private organization, from what we heard, they were experimenting on many kinds of things, more than anything, they ware working in manipulating the genes and the DNA of the human body".

"Everything with the goal of creating the perfect shinobi, if we had to guess, its probable that Iruson was somehow involve in that secret project too", said the black one.

"A subject in said project perhaps", said the masked man, his dark and sinister voice void of emotion. "Is that all the information you manage to recover".

The white half grinned, "Sadly yes, you wouldn't believe how hard it was to find anything related him, especially if the only thing we know is his name".

"And are you sure that the snake has nothing to do with this", asked the man, knowing full well that this was Orochimaru's field of expertize.

"There could be a possibility, but we don't think that is the case", said the black half, "This secret organization seems to be older than Orochimaru, maybe even from the time the First Hokage was still alive".

Now the masked man was even more intrigued.

"Keep searching for information about Deadpool, and this 'Secret Organization' too, anything you find report it to me immediately", he ordered.

"Are you gonna tell Iruson-san about our recent founding?", asked the white one.

"No", said the masked man, "At least not all of it, he is a valuable piece, give him too much information could risk him leaving Akatsuki, but it's also too risky to not tell him anything either".

Zetsu nodded, "I see, then we will take our leave", said the black one.

Zetsu then disappeared in the ground, leaving the mysterious figure alone in the dark cave.

Back in Konoha, in one of the many training grounds that Konoha has to offer, was none other than our favorite blond whiskered, Number One Unpredictable Ninja and one of the main protagonist in this story.

Uzumaki Naruto

The young Jinchūriki was currently in the middle of a very special training, chakra manipulation, one of the hardest thing that only a few shinobi manage to achieve. His goal?, to perfect the Rasengan and create a technique that by far will surpass it, something that not even the Yondaime Hokage was able to do.

Even so, the Nine-Tails Jinchūriki was having a hard time, but even with all those difficulties, he will not stop, not until he achieves his goal.

Still, he was not alone, his sensei Hatake Kakashi was also there, helping him and supporting him every time he could. Oh, and not too far away, Captain Yamato was also there too, kind of forgot about him.

In anyway, the fact was that they were making a lot of progress, Naruto already manage to apply chakra manipulation to the Rasengan by using a third clone, and the technique was already turning into a new form.

Everything seemed like it was going fine.

But it was then that things turn out differently.

A Konoha shinobi suddenly appeared besides Yamato, gaining the attention from Naruto and Kakashi from afar.

While the shinobi was talking to Yamato, Naruto could't stop himself from asking, "Hey, Kakashi-sensei, what's wrong?, why is that guy here?".

Kakashi was also staring at the new arrival, "Hmm, I'm not sure", said the Jōnin, "But in any case, you stay here and keep practicing, I'm going to see what is all this about".

Naruto just nodded and continue his exercises while Kakashi walked towards Yamato and the other shinobi. But just when he arrived, the shinobi quickly left, leaving only him and Yamato.

"Kakashi-senpai, I have some…news…about the recent mission with the Akatsuki".

Kakashi blinked a few times, "I see, then I guess is better that Naruto hear about this too", said Kakashi, with Yamato nodding in agreement.

"Hey Naruto", called Kakashi, getting the attention from the blond shinobi, "Come here for a moment", he said, signaling with his hand for him to get closer.

Naruto moved towards his sensei, "What is it, Kakashi-sensei?", he asked, curious about what his sensei had to say.

Kakashi pointed at Yamato with his hand, "Yamato here say that he has some news from the mission with the Akatsuki, I guess you may want to hear them too, after all, well, you know".

Naruto just nodded, before he and Kakashi turned towards Yamato, "Captain Yamato, what is the problem?".

"Well, it seems that the mission to eliminate or capture the Akatsuki members that were spotted entering the country didn't work out very well", he said, getting a worrying look from both the Genin and his sensei, "But don't worry, nobody die during the mission, everyone is ok, or well, everyone except for one person", said Yamato, staring at the ground.

Kakashi now looked more concern, even Naruto, knowing that some of his friends were there too, "Who?"

Yamato raised his eyes back at the two, "Asuma-san is in the hospital", he said, getting a shocked look from Kakashi and Naruto.

"What?", said Naruto, his concern reaching higher levels.

Yamato raised his hands, "Don't worry, from what I hear, he is ok and fine now", said the Mokuton user, managing to calm Naruto a little, "But he…he lost his left arm, it was cut off during the fight and lost a lot of blood on his way here, he is alright now, but he is going to stay in the hospital for a few weeks", he said, looking at them with sad eyes.

Naruto's eyes were wide open, not believing what he just heard. Asuma was one of the strongest shinobi he knew, and he was happy that the man was still alive, but still, to lost his arm?, he could't help but wonder just how strong the other Akatsuki guys the fought were really like. Another reason for him to grow stronger!.

"I see, then I guess I better see how he is doing", said Kakaski, before turning to Naruto, "Naruto, you stay here and continue you're training", ordered the Jōnin.

"But Kakashi-sensei-…".

"I know you are worry, but you hear what Yamato said, Asuma is ok now, I'm just going to see how he is doing and come back one I'm done, on the other hand, you are getting closer to completing the Jutsu, I know it", said Kakashi, trying to convince his student, "You continue working in the new Justu, I know you can do it".

Naruto could only stare as Kakashi waved at him with an eye-smile and left in a 'Shunshin no Jutsu'.

Naruto stared at the spot where his sensei was standing a few moments ago, but with a confident look on his eyes, he turned to face Mokuton user, "Captain Yamato, lets continue with the training, Kakashi-sensei is trusting me with this!, so I'm not going to fail, dattebayo!", he yelled raising his arm to the air.

Yamato only nodded, as they proceed to continue his training.

It was already late at night and Shikamaru was walking in one of the hospital hallways on his way to see Asuma one last time before leaving.

When he finally reached his sensei room and opened the room, he was surprise to see Shizune.

Said person just notice his arrival, "Oh...hey Shikamaru, I already finish checking Asuma's condition one last time, I was already leaving", said Shizune, her hands carrying some medical tools in a plate.

"Its ok, I was just on my way out, but I wanted to see Asuma one last time before leaving", responded the Chūnin, a little surprise at seeing the woman at such hour.

"Well actually, I was also looking for you", said the woman.

Shikamaru raised an eyebrow, "Yeah?, what for?".

Shizune put the plate on a table, a grabbed a stack of papers, "Since I'm gonna be part of the team in charge of eliminating the Akatsuki in your next mission, and because of what Tsunade-sama asked me for, I wanted to confirm some things you said in your report about the red masked man", she said, getting a nod from the young Nara before looking at the papers in her hands, "In your report you said that the man, or as he calls himself, 'Deadpool', aside from his childish behavior and strange ways of talking, he showed signs of not being in his right mind, or stupid in some way, but you also said things that seems to be the total opposite, can you explain that?, also, there are some other things that I want to ask too, but that can wait for later".

Shikamaru only sighed, 'Too troublesome, I should have left when I had the chance'.

"Before anything", said Shikamaru, "Is everything ok with Asuma-sensei?".

Shizune nodded, "He is fine, he just need some rest".

Shikamaru sighed in relief, "That is good to hear".

"But he did said something in his sleep".

Shikamaru looked at Shizune with some interest, "Really?, what did he said?".

Shizune thought for a moment, "I'm not sure, I didn't really understood him, but I did catch something he said, I don't know why but I think he said…".



Back in the Akatsuki hideout. It's been a few hours since the ritual started and everything seemed awfully quiet, with the only exception being Deadpool, who thankfully, was talking to himself about something called taco or some nonsense like that, he didn't care.

Looking at Deadpool's image, Deidara just notice something, "Hey, Baka-pool, what happen to your arm?, why is it so small?".

Deadpool stooped his inner conversation and glanced at Deidara's hologram, "What, this?, oh yeah, I lost my arm a few hours ago, complete chopped up, but its growing again, see?, so no problem", he reassured with a goofy smile on his face.

Deidara just sighed, "Yeah, I know the feeling".


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