1. Prologue

First came the darkness. A writhing sea of nothing, a whirl of shifting shadows and something unseen yet to be seen.

Dark, so dark...

Then came the cold. Tendrils of ice pulling at the skin, frostbite tearing at the senses and a numbness creeping over the -

Cold...cold, so very…cold.

Next came the hunger. A constant ache ripping into the stomach, an unbearable gnawing at-


But then came the help. A safety, a comfort, a chance at salvation. A rescu-


And came the isolation. An incurable pain, a curse to the yearning heart and a fear of what will come.

...Alone...so alone...forgotten...ABANDONED…

Well...what does come next? When your repentance has been consumed? When your spirit is devoured? When your mind is spat out like a bone?

What hope is left when the darkness engulfs? What hope is left when the cold ensnares? What hope is left when help is gone forever?

What hope is left when the hunger comes?