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AN: Written for the MMORPG Virtual Writing Challenge by yamiyugi23. This is stage 1.

Su Li tapped her fingers nervously as she looked out over the all so familiar grounds of Hogwarts.

The night looked deceptively peaceful from up here in the Astronomy Tower. Barely a hint of the storm that was threatening to break upon the walls of Hogwarts Castle. The castle was busier than normal at this time, but there was a silence that made it seem calmer than it really was. Everyone knew what was coming, who was coming and why.

Behind her, she could hear the sounds of two of her fellow fighters talking nervously behind her. One was a Gryffindor pretending that he wasn't afraid, the other a terrified Slytherin girl who thought she was going crazy. Ordinarily the two would be at one another's throats, but these are far from ordinary circumstances.

Su Li kept tapping her fingers, a rhythm emerging from the chaos. It would be interesting to study further. She can hear the other two behind her trying to engage her in their conversation, but she can't bring herself to reply. Speech is just too much to even try and even if she did, what would she say?

Su Li's fingers keep tapping and she counts the order they come in, one, two, one two three, one two, one two three. If she survives this insanity, she swears that she's going to have to study this further.

The war is coming to Hogwarts and Su Li is waiting.