(Damian's P.O.V.)

I sat down in my seat in 8th grade, home room. I greeted my friend Collin Wilkes.

A few moments later the teacher walked in and asked everyone to take a seat. Like we were not already sitting down! I swear some of the so called 'teachers' are imbeciles!

"Alrighty class. Today we will be having a new student joining the school! Please welcome Jasmine Quest!"

In walked a black haired, girl that would have been about the height of my nose. She had a fit body, yet lean with long bum-length black hair tied up in a simple high-ponytail. She was wearing the normal female school attire. A white button-down 3-quarter shirt letting me see the mussels on her forearms with a navy skirt that reached just above her knees, a navy vest unbuttoned, white socks that stop just above the ankle - even if they are supposed to go just below her knee - black laced shoes and to finish it off a loose red tie around her neck - Alfred would never let me show up to school with my tie and socks not proper, and definitely not without an iron shirt. Things this girl, this Jasmine does not have.

"Please take a seat next to uh... oh yes. Damian." I looked up from my sketch pad (no I wasn't sketching her. I'm not a pervert) where I was sketching a very detailed Robin bird.

'What?!' I mentally scream. Regardless, I put on a fake smile and greeted her with a kind-of shy 'Hello.'

She smiled back at me with dark ocean blue eyes that I looked at with my forest green ones.

As I walked to my locker to put my books away from my classes to go to recess I see a few of the ' very impressive' (not) school jocks talking to Jasmine while she was shoved up against the locker with a disgusted look on her face. She tried walking away but wasted shoved again while having two jocks standing on either side and one more standing in front of her with his hand was up against the locker next to Jasmine's head with his other hand on his hip. I smirk on his face while he talked.

"Hey!" I called walking over towards the group. "Leave her alone."

"Ohhhh I'm so scared!" Joked the one on the left.

"Whatcha gonna do 'bout it kid?" The one I presumed was the leader spoke.

While I was keeping the three occupied Jasmine tried to make a run for it but was stopped by the right jock.

"Now, now girly, no need to get rough." The one holding Jasmine spoke in a sickly tone.

That seemed to put Jasmine over edge.

(Jasmine's P.O.V.)

"Now, now girly, no need to get rough."

'Okay, that it!' I stomped on the guys foot the was eyeing me while holding me. he loosened his grip and I see my chance to get out of his hold I twist my hands out of his hold spin around faster than he porobably can even register, and I kneed him where the sun don't shine.

"Don't call me girly!" I growled out.

He fell to the ground in pain and as I looked back at Damian i see him sucker punch the 'leader' and the other school jock - more like school jerk - try and sneak up behind him. Before I can even think about what I was doing I moved forward, kicked out his legs like a breakdance move and stand back up with him still lying on the ground.

I step over the boy as I'm heading towards Damian.

"Uh, thanks for helping me out there mate. But, this doesn't mean we're friends. Got it Wayne?" I spoke as walked away from him. Hey don't judge I don't know if I can trust him yet!

"No problem Quest." I heard Damian whisper with wait, what was that in his voice? It was nothing like the tone those jerks were using. Hmm... Whatever.

After school I went to the public gym. As I was beating the crap out of a punching bag I round house kick it and the chain broke. Well that happens when you come to the gym almost everyday and every time you come you use the same punching bag.

I walk over to pick it up when I see a shadow behind me getting closer and closer. I act out of instinct and spin around punching the opponent in the stomach as they double over then stand back up 5 seconds later I see their face... Damian!

"What are you doing here?!" I asked a bit more harshly than I meant to let on.

"What? Are you not going to apologise for punching me?" He half joked.

"No. You shouldn't be sneaking up on people." I I dead pan, then I remember, "you never answered my question." I state curiously.

"I'm here to train just like you." He answered as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. It was then I noticed his attire. Forest green men's tank, and black exercise shorts that reached his knee and same green colour sneakers with his hair not gelled back, I have to admit it looks better loose. Compared to my own grey-bluey tee-shirt with skin-tight black exercise shorts that reached just above my knees, my hair in a high pony tails with my curls reaching my but, with black sneakers with green snakes on them. What, I like snakes and wolves.

I pick up the punching bag and take it over to the pile of them in the corner of the building. Picking up a new one and I walk back to the spot I was training before, reconnecting the chain, then I realised Damian was tailing me the whole time.

"Uh... Do you need something?" I ask wanting to get back to training.

"Um uh no, no. I'm going to train now. Bye." He stammered the start.

"Okay. See ya." I say turning back to the victim (punching bag) of me releasing my life frustrations out on.

My life is simple. Poor, but simple. My mother died with cancer when I was 3. 11 years ago. My dad got into drugs as soon as my mum was diagnosed. I was about 2. I basically grew up on the streets so I know the areas to avoid. I live in an apartment. My dad mostly isn't home. Comes home like once every 3 months. I have a job as an engineer, only girl that works there. Money only spent on paying the rent, school supplies and for food, sometimes material. I can make my own cloths with some sting, an old needle I have and material. I don't really like girly things. At all.

I go to Gotham Academy because I got a scholarship from Bruce Wayne. Schools hours are from 8:30am - 3:00pm. Of course Monday - Friday. I train everyday at the public gym for a solid 3 hours after school and on weekends for about 4-6 hours, depending on how I'm feeling I only don't train when something unexpected comes up or I have to work double shifts at work which is about every 1-2 months. I know basically everyone that works here at the gym. I've even met the owner a few times since training here for 4 1/2 years. I've been coming here since I was 10. I'm 14!

I'm beating the punching bag, kicking, jabbing, punching, hitting, ect.

I finish up at 6:30pm. I sit down on the bench unwrapping my knuckles when a shadow suddenly is over me as I'm looking down while I'm unwrapping my hands. While still attending to my knuckles I look up to see none other than Damian.

"I didn't know you were still here." I stated looking back to my knuckles.

"I can say the same for you." Was his reply as he sat down next to me unwrapping his own knuckles. I was finished with my hands and was packing my stuff up to go to the locker room to change and go home and put ice on my bleeding knuckles.

I am about to get up when, he starts to talk.

"So, Jasmine," he started while looking me straight in the eye, "you thinking of joining any school teams once you have settled in?" He asks.

I put my black duffle bag back down.

"Uh, yeah. I'm thinking of joining the gymnastics team and since I love the field, the football team." I replied. I like football, when boys don't brag about how good they are at it and one of the guys that come here regularly that I know really well, Mark has trained me in gymnastics for 4 years. He says I'm good for the olympics if I was older and wasn't so, you know poor.

"Wow." Was all he said.

"What? What's wrong?" I ask curiously.

"Nothing just, no girl has ever been on the football team before and every girl that has tried out, even though there's only approximately 2 girls have tried out, they didn't get on because they weren't good enough, well that's what coach said, they weren't good enough. Gymnastics team is cool. I have an older brother that used to be on the gymnastics team, he was an ex-acrobat. I'm on it too." He said while putting his bandages in his bag like I'd done earlier.

I thought for a moment before saying, "Yeah well I hope I can get on the team. At my old school, Gotham Public, I was one of the best on the team. But then again, this isn't Gotham Public."

Eager to change the subject I ask, "wait, you're on the gymnastics team?"

"Yeah, why?" He asked confused.

"No reason." I reply nonchalant.

"So, would you like to come over to my house on the weekend? We have an awesome gym and I would like the pleasure to get to know you better." He asks suddenly.

At first I'm shocked. "Uhhhhhhhh sure I guess." I reply not so sure.

"Okay, how about we meet up here on Saturday at 10:00am and I'll pick you up?" He asked.

"Sure." I reply more confidently than before. "But only as friends, right?" I ask/stated.

"Yes, completely just friends." He said with a smile.

"You need a ride home?" He asks.

"If it's not a bother yeah please." I reply growing more confident and more trust growing the more I talk to him.

"Ok, I'm just going to go get change," he said standing up heading to the locker rooms. I do the same.

"I should probably do the same." I say entering the girls change rooms.

As I walk out I see Damian leaning against a wall listening to music on his iPhone. The luxury of being rich. That I didn't have.

When he saw me he put his phone in his Jean pocket and put his earphones in His dark green back pack and slung it over one shoulder.

I looked at him as we walked. He was wearing black skinny jeans and a plain blood-red tee with the same shoes.

We walked out the front and I saw a black Rolls-Royce in perfect condition.

He opened the back door for means I slid in and buckled up while looking at the fancy leather seats.

(Damian's P.O.V.)

As we got into the car I introduced Alfred and Jasmine and for the rest of the ride we road in silence.

The ride gave me a chance to look at Jasmine fully. Long, black, free curls flowed down her back, a nave jumper on with a white symbol, white skinny jeans and bits of black coming out from the bottom of the hoodie, I'm guessing to be her shirt, black boots that went 3 quarters up her shin with a few buckles. Nice watch. No make-up and black duffle sitting in her lap.

"Just here." She spoke in her rough but sweet voice. Alfred pulled over on the side of the road.

Jasmine got out and I got out as well.

"You sure this is the right place?" I ask looking around at the rough neighbourhood.

"I'm sure, I don't exactly have much money, but it's home." Her reply was filled with comfort. Then she did something a never would have expected. She hugged me, I got over the shock and hugged her back.

Arms still wrapped around my torso I heard her say "thank you,"

"What for?" I ask.

She pulled out of the hug and looked me in the eye.

"For welcoming me, helping me and making me feel like I somewhat belong at Gotham A." She spoke with gratefulness and seriousness mixed together in her voice.

"It was no problem. Really." I say.

"Meet up tomorrow out the front of school?" She asks.

"Sure, but on 1 condition," I reply.

"What is it?" She looks worried.

"I can call you Jas." I say as she let out a chuckle.

"Only if I can call you Dami." I chuckle then sigh in defeat.

"Okay, just not in front of people." Was my answer.

"Deal. Bye Alfred! See ya Dami!" She said as she walked into a run down building.

I whisper to myself "G'Night Jas."

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