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Chapter 29: The Plot Begins

Everyday, his duties would start at 5 am. He would wake up the servants, cook the meal, and ready the tea with a side of milk just in case his master wanted one or the other.

But when he entered the room, he stiffened.

He knew that his master was awake, just like she always was whenever anyone opens the door. She just didn't bother getting up properly, so he would get her out of bed.

If she didn't wake up at all, he would open the lid for her to smell the warm meal prepared for her, and she would immediately waken.

But this time, his master was just lying down on the bed, wide awake. And this time, he smelled blood.

"Young Master!" He called out in alarm. She only looked at him, and covered herself more, which she always did whenever she had a minor scratch that she thought wasn't worth bandaging.

But this time, there was too much blood and his master was an idiot to hide that. So he flung the sheets away from her body, ignoring her indignant shout before realising what has happened.

He chuckled and gave her a mocking smile. "It looks like spring has come." He said, ignoring her glare.

He got her out of the bed and handed over her daily milk, directing her to the bathroom.

"Don't worry, I got this." He soothed her, as she was practically red in the face, full of embarrassment.

"It almost seemed like you peed on your bed." He couldn't help but make one last comment and caught the mug that was now void of milk that was thrown at him.

"Shut up!" She screeched before slamming the door shut.

He chuckled before rolling up his sleeves and prepared to gather up the sheets and replace it with a plastic one.

It was fine, after all, it wasn't like it was the first time he washed out blood from clothes and furniture.

He gathered the nightclothes his Young Master had dumped to the side and told Meyrin to clean it up while he handled his blossoming master.

After that, he went towards the bath where she was likely hiding in.

"It seems like you would have to tell them now. I had to reassure Meyrin who was worried about you being harmed."

The Little Earl grumbled, her arms crossed before sighing like she always seemed to do. "I have no choice, do I?" She almost seemed to whine.

"I shall gather them then, before directing Meyrin to you." He said. He took the silence from his Young Master as an answer and left.

He gathered the servants, with Revera who had adapted well into the Phantomhive life, into his master's office.

Tanaka seemed to figure out what he intended to do, and chuckled.

"I shall prepare the products needed" Tanaka said and walked off. Sebastian was clueless on how a woman dealt with their monthlies so he left it to Tanaka.

"Is the Young Master injured?" Finnian was the first one to burst out. Baldroy glanced at him. "No way! It meant that somebody managed to get in if the Young Master is injured." He tried reasoning, but it seemed to be making them even more negative.

"We failed in our duties!" Revera cried, dropping to the floor to her knees. It made Meyrin and Finnian started crying.

"Calm down. You will be informed on what is happening when Tanaka comes back with the Young Master." Sebastian said calmly.

The idiotic quads glanced at each other before pacing around in worry.

A few minutes later, Tanaka came back in his normal form behind the subject of worry.

"Don't worry, you buffoons." Ciel sighed out. "I'm fine."

"But then, where did the blood come from?" Baldroy scratched his head in confusion, biting on his cigarette.

Ciel headed to the desk and sat down, wincing as she did. She took a deep breath, lacing her fingers together to rest her chin on it and looked up at them.

"I'm a girl." It took a few minutes for three of them to get it, and got red in the face. But Finnian was clueless.

"Um...what does that have to do with the blood?" Finnian raised his hand to ask a question. Baldroy, Meyrin and Revera pounced on him to cover his mouth.

"We'll explain it to you later, yes we will!" Meyrin whispered, a bit horrified at having to explain things to Finnian.

"Young Master, do you need any...help?" Revera asked, which made me shake my head furiously.

"It's fine. Tanaka had secured it for me already." Revera glanced at said man who was now in his chibi form and calmly drinking tea while going 'Ohoho'.

She nodded slowly before chasing after Meyrin and Baldroy who had dragged Finnian away.

I sighed as I rubbed my temple, annoyed that everything like this had to happen a bit too fast.

"Young Master?"


"I think I spot a white hair." I looked at him in alarm, immediately covering my head with my hand.

"Don't take it too seriously, I was just jesting." I glared at him and elbowed his thigh as hard as I could as it was the closest I could reach with my elbows.

The next day, it seems that Finnian just had the talk as he didn't dare look at any females without turning red.

I chortled every time I saw his ears turn red when he looked away, the blondness of his hair not helping hide it. It didn't help that he kept on blushing at every female for about a week.

Today, I had to cater to Damian, and the next day, I had to cater to Uncle Klaus, who finally had more than enough evidence and opportunity to just get rid of the italian menace nestling comfortably in the AoE.

Damian was a given, as he fucking sold of the company I had made in India so there would be more dealings there.

And he had the fucking nerve to ask for money from me? That parasite.

Everything went as cannon. But instead of him running away with a broken leg, he really got cooked. But luckily, he became of good use to finally replace the oxygen he had waster just by breathing by being a good source for the plants; becoming a fertilizer.

Like they all say, the grass is greener on the other side, and when I take a walk during my breaks, I would see the plants healthily basking under the sun, a lot healthier than the other time I saw them.

But what had Baldroy and Sebastian complain was the smell of burnt pork and the fact that the oven is busted, so we had Baldroy burn things more with his flame thrower.

I quickly changed the oven as soon as possible. It stank to high hell and wow was I glad that I managed to get someone to get over here and replace the stinking oven.

When Uncle Klaus came, he handed me a game that had all the papers needed for evidence as well as a key that he found in the head boss of Vanel's office drawers that were locked. He still didn't know what it was for but since it was a key, he handed it over to me.

Preparations were good as always, Meyrin was as clumsy as always, but this time, Baldroy didn't burn the meat!... But the one thing wrong was and not cannon was that Finnian took one of Revera's poisons by accident, and sprayed it on the plants. Who knew it had such unexpected results.

We ended up having gigantic leafy bois. The lemon was bigger than Sebastian's ego, the watermelon was almost up to my height, the trees made us look like tiny ants, and the servants ended up having to cut through the grass like it was some kind of character cutting through the grass to get money, i.e Link.

From my window, the grass looks like a green sea.

Good thing that it was when Uncle Klaus came in, so we were able to make sure he avoided the parts that were not done.

But Sebastian felt as if it was a good thing since we didn't have any shortage of food. We donated most of the food -that was of course cut so nobody would know what happened- to the people living in my territory.

He made Revera make the same poison in order to keep up with the results but made sure to restrict the amount needed for the plants to Finnian.

I think that out of everyone, he was the happiest with the results.

For me, the best thing that came out of this was that I wasn't kidnapped on time.

In fact, because of the sea of grass, the intruders were captured by Sebastian who was patrolling for the day.

We instead just barged into Vanel's mansion, threw the ripped limbs as well as the screaming bodies into the house, then wreaked havoc.

I interrogated Vanel on what the key was for. It turns out that it was a storage near a place where they made their drugs and illegal deals. Oh noes, I have to contact the Queen in order to get the Yards to do the heavy duties. After all, I am a delicate little child.

Lastly, we burned the mansion not before looting it. He has surprisingly several valuable items that I kept or in fact, sold through auctions, or maybe given it to Lau due to some of them being a Chinese artifact. He might appreciate it because I certainly can't take care of any valuable items due to the servants, or the constant threats to the Phantomhive.

Other than that, wanted to harvest organs of the bodies to hand over to Lau as a present as he pretty much needed it due to his job, but unfortunately, they are all contaminated with drugs and alcohol and several other things that shouldn't be mentioned because of how Revera poisoned them.

Was I a monster, yes I was. And I would continue to do so if it meant that I would be able to live and get my revenge.


It was that one weird time where Sebastian decided that I should take a whole day as a break, meaning that I didn't have any paperwork to finish, lessons to continue nor did I have to do my Earl duties.

I was humming nostalgic theme songs that I would never forget due to how catchy it was before I had the urge to play it on my violin.

So I did. I played Megalovania, Legend of Zelda main theme song, Fairy tail main and slow theme song, and last but not least, Kuroshitsuji's Danse Macabre.

When I was done, I heard a clap. I looked towards the door to see Sebastian striding towards me.

"Well done, Young Master." He said. "Was it from before?"

I nodded, bringing down my violin.

"What do you say to a duet?" He asked.

That made my fangirlism in me practically pounced at him. Some of the theme song needed a duet or just the piano.

He only needed to hear me singing it once before he did it perfectly, much to my glee. It went to the point where I ended up making him do 'Bitch lasagna' or the Wii Mii Music.

"Is this really the song of your generation?" He asked me, a bit disgusted. I snorted at the blatant insult.

"Yup, wait until memes come up. You'll love it." I said, no regrets. I can't wait until this old guy gets to the era full of memes and vines.


Fun Fact! The first time having a period doesn't really hurt at all. I remember ever laughing at my sister for having cramps while I didn't. But even if I did get cramps, its just the normal stomach ache feeling for me while some girls needed to lay down for a moment because of how much it hurts.

Well, I get stomach ache too often. But anyways, having a period cramp hurts about the same as getting kicked in the stomach by someone who holds a red belt or above in Taekwondo, and I have been kicked by my teacher who personally taught me cause I was a stubborn little piece of shit. I still remember the pain of having my teacher lift my leg across her shoulders and tiptoeing all whilst stepping on my foot and straightening the bending leg. Well, at least I got flexible enough to the point where I could kick above my head.